Top 10 Ways to Keep your Business Safe from Cyber Threats

The world is moving towards digitalization, and as reliable it sounds, it does not have enough security due to an increase in the number of cyberattacks. Yes, cyber threat is a real thing. According to recent research, cyber threats to businesses rose from 11% to 43% in just four years. Let us bust the myth

How The World Is Embracing The Work From Home Concept

Given the advances in technology nowadays, the idea of working from home is being embraced in all respects. Aside from work from home opportunities advertised on countless social media platforms, you can still get more on this site. However, given the recent hindrances and restrictions that have prevented people from going to work, it’s not

Reasons For Companies To Be Present In The App Store


It seems we all are a bit too much obsessed with technologies nowadays. We order food online, we read books on our phones, we do so much more today in the virtual world that sometimes things seem rather surreal. However, these developments should not cause technophobia or any other kind of rejection but instead have