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5 great ways to grow your business online

A strong online presence is essential for growing any business.

There are multiple ways to develop your business online, but it’s sometimes tricky sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Fear not — here are five of the best.

  • Know your audience

It’s crucial that you have a sound knowledge of your audience so that you can target your efforts.   

Begin by identifying their demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and location. Then dig deeper by researching their online habits, such a social media use.

The more specific you are in defining your target audience, the easier it’ll be to exercise precise online marketing.

  • Content

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To keep your audience engaged and attract new customers, you need to create regular, high-quality content.

Your content should also be personalized and created primarily for your target audience, not your business — use it to position your blog, social media streams or website as reliable information sources customers turn to when they want creative solutions to tricky problems.

For further info on personalized content,  find out more about digital marketing trends from

  • Social media

If you want to have a strong online presence, you’ll need to use social media.

And there are many channels, so you need to work out which ones your audience prefers.

Social media is a great place to publish your content and build up a community of followers — if approached discerningly, there’s potential for your audience to increase rapidly.

Whilst social media is important, it shouldn’t be your number one method for attracting leads because your primary goal is to direct people to your website, so social is simply a vehicle to deliver them there.

  • User-friendly website

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Any business that wants to thrive online needs a website and for most internet users, it’s a reliable indicator of the trustworthiness of a brand.

But a website alone is not enough —it needs to be high-spec and top of the search engines to attract maximum traffic.

So design your website so that it’s customer-centric, think about what they want from you and make it intuitive and accessible.

Maintaining your website’s position is an ongoing job which requires in-depth expertise, so if you don’t have this in-house, check out Attercopia to learn how an expert agency delivers effective web design.

  • Digital marketing strategy

A carefully developed digital marketing strategy underpins all of the above tactics.  

This isn’t as challenging as it sounds — simply defines goals and decide which digital media tactics help you score them.

Aligning your digital strategy with your business goals provides direction and useful metrics to measure your progress against.

Still not sure where to start? check out this five-step plan for creating a digital strategy from the Digital Marketing Institute.

Follow these five tips and your business will grow from strength to strength in the digital domain.

How else can you grow your business online? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Should you hire a digital marketing agency to take your business to the next level?


Digital marketing agencies have gotten pretty popular in the past few years, and there’s a good reason for it. If you’re a business owner or someone who wants to promote his campaign, these marketing agencies can really help you skyrocket your public visibility. If you’re not familiar with them or simply don’t know what services they offer, keep reading, we got you covered in this article.

Here are some reasons to hire an Agency.

They will save a lot of your time

Time is money


One of the biggest advantages of hiring a marketing agency is that you get to spend all your time running and improving your business, instead of dealing with the marketing process yourself. This means that you can focus on all the important parts of your job like getting new investors, closing deals and establishing partnerships. You can have peace of mind and do your part, while not having to learn how to advertise and run ads in the process.

They usually offer tons of different services

There are so many ways to advertise your business. Marketing agencies will utilize all of them in order to get you the best possible exposure. This means SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Video advertisements, paid Facebook and Instagram ads, webinars, social media planning, analytics, interactive content and much more.

You can have the best product in the world but if nobody knows about it, it’s just not going to sell.

Marketing agencies have many different ways to draw attention and traffic to your product. They will use paid ads or retargeting tools to persuade customers and make them stumble upon your product even when they’re not searching for that particular thing.


We definitely encourage you to hire a results-driven digital marketing agency.

If you were to do the marketing by yourself, you wouldn’t be able to do even half of these. Simply because it’s too hard to master them on the run while still having to operate your business.

They are basically “free”

You might be wondering why I wrote this since we all know marketing is a valuable service and it’s not really cheap. Well, here’s our opinion on it.

Even though marketing is not a cheap service to get, you should think of it this way.

Your business and exposure will grow so much that you will start earning almost twice the amount you were earning before hiring a marketing agency. Even in the first couple of months. This means that you will be able to cover the costs and still make more profit than before.


They will draw more traffic to your website and you can start earning more from simple things such as ads, or most importantly selling your products or merchandise.

Successful business owners and CEO’s from across the world say that investing in marketing should be a top priority for anyone that strives to have a successful business. So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, we highly encourage you to hire a marketing team.

Why Your Restaurant Needs an Email Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing, chatbot marketing, and live streaming are all so hot in digital marketing right now. However, trusty old email is still the most powerful way to acquire new customers and retain them.

If your restaurant doesn’t have an email strategy in place, the best time to start implementing one is right now.

Research shows that around 1/5 of the entire sales boost is because of email marketing. That’s because people are actively looking for deals and discounts, and you can easily take advantage of this by getting into their inboxes and making attractive offers. Aside from that, there are several other reasons why you need to get your email game up.

1.  Email is personal

Marketing experts recommend to segment your list of subscribers and send them separate emails based on what they’re interested in the most. This lets you address each person according to their interest and even by their names. For example, if you have a list of subscribers who are interested in your restaurant’s bar area, you can email them about a new commercial ice maker, commercial refrigerator, or walk-in freezer that you got to improve your services. By sending emails that you know they will be interested in, you can increase engagement and boost sales.

2.  Email is cost-effective

Unlike other marketing efforts, such as advertising on TV or social media, email marketing is extremely cost-effective. For every dollar you spend sending out emails, you receive a huge return of investment because of the higher engagement rate. The email also lets you provide follow-up information that wouldn’t normally be available to your audience when using other communication channels by letting you provide links to your website or social media pages.

3.  Email is action-oriented

People view emails as transactions. When people receive an email, they have to do something about it. Either they reply to the email, forward it, send it to trash, or open a link in it. You can take advantage of this by asking them to do something for you and providing a call-to-action at the end of the email. For instance, you can ask your subscribers to send the email to their friends if they find it helpful or direct them to your online ordering page where they can use exclusive coupons or discount codes.

4.  Email is everywhere

More people spend their time checking their email on their phones than they do browsing the Web or connecting with others on social media. That means it is easier for you to reach more of your customers because they’re almost always inside their inbox.

5.  Email is measurable

There’s a wide range of email marketing tools that are available for free or at a premium that let you send out mass emails to your subscribers. These tools have a lot of features, but one of the most valuable is the ability to track how effective your emails are. For instance, you will know who opens your emails, who reads to the very end, what links are clicked, and who unsubscribes from your list. This provides helpful data that you can use to improve your strategy and increase engagement even more.



Introducing Builderall – Kickstart Your Online Business

Are you seriously considering running an online business? Has the thought ever crossed your mind? Or are you already in the online business? Ok, here we go, as long as you keep poring into this masterpiece to feed your knowledge bank with vital information on what to engage to make it big on such a platform. By virtue of everything that one has to be versed, online business is simple yet a tricky venture to give a shot at. Why am I saying this? Going by the technicalities such as management of the marketing strategies, conducting sales and sometimes delivery you will get to understand why you need an advanced and high-end tech to streamline your dealings.

What is this high-end tech?

Builderall is the exactly what you could be missing to make your business stand out on this rapidly growing platform. With Builderall by your side, you have nothing to worry about with every process being taken care of amicably with little hustles and bustles. Getting all the giving factors in place to be able to execute every process, you will be better placed and advantaged to channel the resources that could be used on the activities now taken up the technology to other relevant departments of your business. Remember what we are talking about here is much much more than Alibaba, Amazon just to mention but few…

Summary of what it can do


One of the advantages of this platform is its versatility in dispensing its work. With Builderall no restrictions on where to apply it. The technology can be well fitted on any device, and you can be sure the task will be done. Far from compatibility, a critical feature with this kind of invention is its simplicity to navigate through ist well and self-explanatory programmed codes that require you not to be sharp to ever do business with it. What this means, therefore, is that if at all staff have to be hired, semiskilled type of employees that are not too expensive and unmanageable in terms of remuneration will still be a perfect fit to drive the vision of your company using this masterpiece kind of technology. Keep reading and grok what I am trying to make you understand…

Decision making

Information is power, right? This is precisely what Builderall will offer your business through its multifaceted analytical tool that is able to provide crucial data sense. With this type of data, sense gets to asses how the products perform on the market and get to do adjust variables that ought to be adjusted to attain optimum profit strategies.

Email marketing and Automation.

Using digital marketing strategies, get to automate the leads and conversion using Builderall. Here this technology plays the part of powering all the commands set to relay specific messages to specific target customers in different locations. Unlimited with population or the distance, this is one of the magic that this whole new technology can gift you.

Company That Can Take Care Of All Your Software Development – Inventive Byte

Inventive Byte is more than a software development company. They are an entrepreneur’s partner. With a team of designers, developers, intellectuals, experts, hackers and learners, they can help anyone who has an idea. The team is assembled after a careful and thorough search.
Every member is an expert in their field, and by joining forces with artificial intelligence, they are able to overcome any problem and bring you closer to making your idea a reality.

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They can offer to help you with more than just software development. They are there to contribute with their knowledge in digital marketing, talent recruitment, fundraising, and other necessary business processes.  Services they offer range from mobile and website development, to support, maintenance and help with staffing needs. They even explain to you how to get started!

Inventive Byte covers projects from various types of industry. Fashion, real estate, you name it!

They are a surprisingly new company, established in 2018, and yet they have a ton of experience already. With headquarters in Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, and New Delhi, it’s hard to imagine that this company is less than a year old!

They offer different services to entrepreneurs depending on your needs.  The first phase is guided project scoping during which they help you answer questions like what your unique value proposition might be, what’s your target audience and what would be the best way to achieve growth. This phase is important because here they make sure that you’re not taking any unnecessary risks and that everything will go smoothly and effortlessly.

After that, starts the strategic planning. This is the time to prioritize features, plan a dependable architecture, and set developmental stages.

That they are a hundred percent quality focused, proven by the fact that in case that you don’t like the demo they sent you, the changes they’ll make won’t cost you anything.

After the idea is launched, the team will make sure to stay with you during maintenance and development.

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If you’re a freelancer, Inventive Byte can be of help to you as well. They consider freelancers to be a source of technical expertise that any project can benefit from. You will be given a chance to work on innovative projects and gain useful experience. AI software helps decide relevant projects for freelancers based on their expertise and experience. They are very supportive of students, so don’t think you’re too young or inexperienced if you’re still a student. They say that there is no better way to learn than by doing.  Students can also get online courses from Inventive Byte in order to perfect the skills needed for a certain project and your successful future.

Joining their team as a freelancer will give you a chance to meet some amazing new people who are experts in their fields, and it’s going to be possible for you to make them a part of your permanent team. Networking and learning are all that young minds need to grow and expand their horizons.

Inventive Byte is also welcoming mentors in their team. Again, based on your expertise, the AI will assign you to a project that you can be most useful to.

This company is truly full of opportunities for anyone looking for them.

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Are Foreign Digital Marketing Agencies The Right Choice

You want your company’s website to pop out right there on the 1st page of Google search? Well, as you already known including SEO is the way to go. Search Engine Optimization includes bettering the visibility of one website by considering search engine algorithms, and thus including keywords, adding hot content or doing HTML coding. Nowadays, as mobile search became much more popular than the desktop ones, agencies are starting to rework their methods.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, and it is up to you pick the one that suits your needs. People tend to go for the marketing agencies that are in their country for numerous reasons, with the most important ones being easier communication, which in terms leads to easier problem-solving. Beforehand, most digital marketing agencies have been situated in North America or Europe, but now there are a lot of uprising ones coming from the Far East countries (Thailand, China, Indonesia, etc.), like for example SEO Heroes Thailand. A young company ran by a group of qualified people offering web development, SEO, marketing, analysis, and PPC is sure to do a good job. But before we get a bit more into why should you hire a foreign digital agency, let’s talk about some tips on choosing the right one.

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Tips For Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

  1. First of all, you should think about how you would want your marketing campaign to look like. Start by conducting research on what your target groups are, and what type of people would you like to see your content. After that, set out searching for different marketing strategies (either for a small or big business), and see what one would suit your needs the most. Do you want to focus on social media or email promotion? Also, be sure to use social media even before the marketing campaign starts as your weapon. In the end, compare the portfolio of multiple agencies that have done similar projects to yours, and see which fits your idea the best.
  2. Now, let’s list some of the mistakes that you shouldn’t make when hiring a marketing agency. Firstly, never skimp up on marketing agencies. Hiring a cheap agency might do the work 1 in 5 times, but is that really the risk you want to take? It is simple, with SEO services you get what you pay for. Next, always do thorough research before making a decision, and don’t go for the shiny presentations just because they look like they know what they are doing. Also, don’t go for the trick that one agency has many different methods than the other, because SEO is simple algorithm method, and if they know how to do it there is nothing mysterious about it. In the end, don’t go for domestic agencies just because there are local, and you believe in that more.
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Benefits Of Hiring A Foreign Marketing Agency

The thing is when hiring a domestic marketing agency the market is much bigger and it is much easier to find one, but on the other hand that might not be so good. This leads to the lack of quality as any agency finds its place on the market, with people generally being more confident about domestic, rather than foreign companies. We think that exactly the reason that a foreign company has less chance of being higher makes them invest more effort and do a better job. Of course, we are not saying that you should hire any foreign company there is, but with the right research, it is probably going to be more worth it. The fact is, international SEO is much harder, so it calls for more qualified members of the company. Asia foreign agencies have been doing an excellent job in this for the past few years, with SEO Heroes Thailand being among the top ones, both on their Thailand and international scene. One of the main reasons for that is the fact they offer more than just SEO – they are there if you need analysis, PPC, any type of social media or email marketing, they also offer to edit and add the right content for you. With excellent 24/7 available communication, even if it comes to a problem you are likely to solve it very fast.


In the end, it is your decision on hiring a digital marketing agency, while we just wanted to give you a few tips and show you the importance of doing a bit of all-around research, which can in terms lead you to excellent cooperation with a foreign agency!