How to choose your perfect engagement ring?

An Engagement ring is the quintessential part of your wedding and shares a part of your regular ensemble. It is the most special, significant jewelry that you wear and more than just jewelry. But choosing the right one is a bit tricky among the tons of available options.

Here are some issues you should consider before choosing the ring:

Try to shortlist first which one you want:

You have to know your desire. There are tens and thousands of varieties of jewelry with different gems, metals, and designs available in the market. You have to choose the right one for you. How do you do that? Focus on your preference. Like, the shape of the ring, stones, and the number of stones you want around it. Some people like a single solitaire, some prefer an assortment of other stones around it. If you are confused about all these, visit these diamond websites and shortlist your favorite designs. That will help you to choose your ultimate ring. Take time to choose your dream wedding ring.

Try to go for a classic one:

Different trendy designed rings erupt in the market now and then. They might be eye-catching, but it’s always better to go for a classic-looking one for choosing an engagement ring because it is for the lifetime and your spouse is not going to change it. If you buy a trendy one, there is a chance that you might change your mind later with the fading trend.

Metal is important:

For buying any jewelry, selecting the meta is equally important. Because metals hold the stones. It is always advised that for such occasions, gold or platinum should be the priority. Because they are stronger and hold the shine for a lifetime with little maintenance. White gold or yellow gold or combining both might be a good concoction. But better avoid sterling silver and other metals in your engagement or wedding ring.

Check the origin and specification of the ring:

C4 (carat, cutting, color, clarity) are the main four characteristics to determine the quality of any diamond. The more carat it has, the stronger it is. Diamond grading starts from D to Z . D is considered the best quality diamond. Cutting also determines the shine it holds. The carat, cutting, and color determine the price. Also, try to know the origin of the stones where they are collected from because prices vary from the extraction places.

Make a budget from earlier times:

Your engagement ring is probably the most special ring of your life, and you will wear it all the time. You spend so much time choosing the one. But budget should not be a constraint in buying the ring. It doesn’t imply that the budget should not have any boundaries, of course, there are boundaries to everything. But, having a budget specifies your path of choosing a perfect piece for you. Making a budget will help you manage other expenses for the wedding. Otherwise, the probability is high that you would spend much more than the actual budget. And try to save some money each month and accumulate those and spend them on the ring. Thus, you will have less pressure.

Buy jewelry from a recognized shop:

Buying diamonds is a cautionary task. You should always choose a branded and recognized outlet. Certification of the gems is important. Other than that, they must offer free servicing, exchange offers, and cashback guarantee.

Take tours to different stores:

After doing studies online, it’s time to visit stores physically and see those directly and try them on your beautiful ring finger. Don’t be rigid about buying from only one store. It is always better to visit different stores and compare the sizes, quality, and prices. Also, try to grab the opportunity of sales. Keep an eye on the stores when they offer sales. Try to be the first person to reach the store so that you don’t have the leftovers.

Try to buy and design the ring together:

No other one knows your story better than you. Try to choose or buy a symbolic one that relates to your story. You can customize a ring accordion to your wish. It is polite to include your spouse’s opinion and choices too. So that it becomes a choice of both. If only one person chooses the ring, that implies that the person is ignorant of the other person’s judgment.

If you want to surprise your spouse, then know his/her choice well. Follow her jewelry and patterns, if she wants simple or gorgeous ones, ask her family and friends about her choices. Study well first and then give it a shot. Better to take someone’s company while buying the ultimate piece. Because it is often rude to change the wedding or engagement ring.

You can work with a designer to make a customized ring:

If you have an exact picture of what you want and doesn’t match the available rings in the stores, you can customize the ring with a designer. Hold a big budget for that endeavor and that might not dishearten you. This will not be similar to any other ring. Tell your story to your jeweler, which will add significance to your ring.

Do assortments with other gemstones:

Why should you only go for the traditional carat diamonds? Try to complete your ring with other valuables. You can think differently, like assorting amethyst, sapphire, garnet, mystic topaz, and other gemstones. It will distinguish the ring from others and compliment your look. A mystic topaz ring is very popular nowadays due to its rainbow color shades which give a ring a different shine. Different jewelry shops are designing rings with a traditional look combining with mystic topaz and other gemstones. For fashionable and traditional-looking jewelry, we advise you to check

An engagement ring should match with wedding band:

You always wear the engagement ring and wedding band together, so make sure they make a great pair together. If they are mismatched, the chances are low that you could put them together.

Your wedding and engagement ring is the most emotional jewelry to you and will always remain close to your heart. Make it an eventful thing so that you can cherish the stories throughout your life. The little conversation you had, how you chose the perfect ring, and the story of that day. Make it a story.

7 Things You Can Buy Only With Cryptocurrency

So, here we are – you amassed yourself a small fortune in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency but don’t have an idea what to do with it? Don’t sweat over it as we are here to help you with these seven things you can buy only with cryptocurrency.

3D Printed Electric Violin

Let’s start with the most unconventional item. Even the most prominent music instrument enthusiasts wouldn’t remember this. But here we are. 3Dvarius is open to trading with BTC, and you can purchase one of their products with crypto. The violin you’ll receive is going to be custom made, with four or five strings, engraved just for you. The best model you can have from their collection is a high-end, pretty elegant, electric concert violin. The price set on their website is set at $8,150, which is close to 1.1 BTC.

Golden State Warriors Season Tickets

Are you a fan of both the National Basketball Association and cryptocurrencies? If so, then we have good news for you. Golden State Warriors are a franchise ahead of their time, and selling tickets for Bitcoin is something they already adopted. They’re trendy with their high temps shooting the basketball and on the financial market alike. Fans who are into crypto and this sport will be thrilled to hear this news. Season tickets are priced at $7,611, which is close to 1.02 BTC. It’s all up to you to take the crypt 3PT or go with passing cash.

Diamonds & Gold

As you know, ladies can have only one good friend, and they’re diamonds. But, you can also befriend them with cryptocurrencies. Some jewelry is offering their goods available for purchase with BTC and another crypto. REEDS Jewelers were the first to provide this benefit, and if you cash out $25,000 worth of crypto, you’ll even get it transported to your location with an armored vehicle. This jewelry place offers both diamonds and gold, which can be bought for 1.0 BTC. But, all of this begs the question – what shines more, diamonds and gold or Bitcoin?

Tesla Model X Wheel Package

You must indeed be a man of trends if you have both Tesla vehicles and are trading cryptocurrencies. Both are trending for a while now, and many people have jumped onto the hype train. So, if your car is ready for a tire change, you know what to do with your saved crypto. You can get yourself an entire set for a mere 0.91BTC or 6,800 in American dollars—fair trade, especially if you got your Bitcoin during one of the spikes.

Rolex Watch


Time is money is an old saying that holds to this day, and nothing screams time more than a Rolex watch. If you are into Bitcoin trading, you know things can change quickly over a short time. So, you might want to watch time passing by on an expensive luxury watch. Overstock offers already owned Rolex watches on a discount price; in a case, you haven’t yet earned a fortune on cryptocurrencies. Rolex for one BTC or $7,450 doesn’t sound bad now, does it?

Other Cryptocurrency

Most people don’t even think of this. Imagine if you managed to get your hands on plenty of BTC, but at one point, you don’t know how to invest further. One logical option is to look to diversify your portfolio by investing in other cryptocurrencies. Not all of them are recognized as BTC, but money can be made out of them. If you don’t know how or where to start, check out cryptorevolt and similar websites as they’ll provide you with help and information you might need for this endeavor. The desire to invest further in crypto needs to be backed by people who are knowledgeable in the matter on hands.

Gucci Coat

Autumn is almost upon us, and there’s no harm in having a coat. If you want it to be high-end styled, you should aim to make it a Gucci one. Don’t look too far as Farfetch is offering them in exchange for crypto. Buffalo leather or lambskin, you can choose, but twill comes with both pieces. Once you have one at your disposal, you’ll know that this coat is perfect for any and all occasions. All you need to do is to part with almost $8,000 or one Bitcoin; it’s all up to you.

Fly to Space

If you want to make all of your friend’s bucket list look ridiculous, add this feat to yours. Yes, it’s going to cost you a large chunk of your hard-earned cryptocurrency, but traveling to space is on another level, almost on another planet. Work hard to make this dream possible. If you haven’t heard of Virgin Galactic, check them out, as they are one of the companies that offer a space journey in exchange for crypto. Not only that, you’ll get out of our atmosphere, but you’ll also travel a bit around our planet. Now, you need to be quite good at earning and stashing crypto to afford this. The cost is no small fly, as you’ll need $250,000, which translates to 33.6 BTC. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have that amount right now, as they are booked up to 2021, so take your time and earn crypto for this purpose.


As you can see, this list is rather impressive, and with a reason – these things are peculiar and can be bought with cryptocurrencies. If you are a crypto enthusiast but don’t know what to do with your hard-earned fortune, take a good look at our list. There’s a bit for everyone, and you shouldn’t be an exception. Whether it is a Gucci coat, a Rolex watch, or space travel, you have it all. Our goal was to cover different spheres of life and interest of various people. We believe that we succeeded. Please, do tell us if we haven’t. This would mean that our list is going to expand for at least a couple of items.

Buying Engagement Rings Online? – Here is The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that it’s cheaper to purchase jewelry online than in a local store? Well, now you do. It’s also true that love doesn’t cost a thing and so you don’t need to break the bank to show it if you can do it most affordably and conveniently. This is where shopping online comes in.

Brick and mortar businesses usually sell more to cover for their expensive rental shops and salespeople, among other expenses. This, among many others, are the reasons why you should shop for your engagement ring online.

Don’t worry if this is your first time to order over the internet; we’re going to outline in detail how you should do it and have your ring just on time.

Get the Size Right


Congratulations, now that you have identified a woman of your life. Well, before you pop that big question to her, you need to learn a few more things. Firstly, before you buy her an engagement ring, you need to know its size, and that means you need to know the size of her ring finger.

If she’s already aware of your proposal, then getting the right size for her won’t be a problem at all, as you can always take her measurement. However, if you plan to surprise her, then it’s tricky but doable to know her size.

Tip: If she wears jewelry, you can take her ring secretly to the local jeweler to take its measurements for you. Alternatively, use a tricky game to be able to measure her finger without her realizing your motive. Or, get her friend or relative to help you.

Purchasing a ring online has the advantage of always exchanging if it doesn’t fit her. However, even if this will cost you no extra penny, it’ll surely cost you time. So, always try your best to order the right size.

What Does Your Partner Like?


Finding out what ring design your partner wants before you purchase her a ring is essential. It’s easier if she has many rings as you can always see their style. You can also opt to buy the color that best matches her wardrobe style.

The other way to find out her preference is to ask her girlfriends. She might have mentioned to them what she would prefer. Also, the next time to go out shopping with her, you could pass by jewelry stores and start conversations about such things.

You could ask something like,” Between solitaire diamonds and multi-stone diamonds, which one do you think is prettier?” By the end of that conversation, you will have all the details you need. Just be smart about it.

What’ Your Budget?


Different engagements rings have different prices. Make sure to work on a budget before viewing various designs to avoid overspending.

All the same, never mind if your budget is tight. You can opt for a basic solitaire ring or an emerald ring cut as they are much affordable.

You could also buy a loose diamond online and have your local jeweler customize it to suit your girlfriend’s taste and preference. This is like killing two birds with one stone; you will save some cash, and also have the exact piece that your partner likes.

Is it Safe to Buy Engagement Rings Online? Identify a Reliable Vendor


Gold rings and diamond rings are expensive, and the last thing you would want is to risk losing your hard-earned money to online scammers. So, always ensure you’re dealing with a reputable online jewelry company by doing thorough research about them. Check their online reviews on Google, but don’t settle with the ones posted on their sites.

A genuine jeweler will ensure their product such that in case they get lost during shipping, none of you will be at a loss, and they also offer a free return policy. If it is a reputable brand, you can be sure that they are doing their best to ensure that their brand remains trusted and so the likelihood of them scamming you is very minimal.

Another thing to look at is their availability. The support team should be reachable and responsive. A reputable jeweler will always want to address all your concerns and work with you as a partner rather than just a client. So if you can talk to the team, ask as many questions as possible until you are satisfied.

Again, a genuine online ring supplier should provide you with a GIA certificate to show that their stones are original. Always insist on this, especially when buying the Morganite diamond ring as it’s difficult to differentiate the original from the counterfeit.

Take Your Time to Select before You Place Your Order


Now that you know the size, the design, the color, and the shape of the engagement ring that you need, go ahead and browse through a reputable jewelry site to view varieties. You can also contact the seller for more clarification on questions that you may have before you order.

Like we mentioned earlier, a legit online seller will always make themselves available to answer any question concerning their product and do it on time. You ask them about the details of their GIA certificate. Have them explain how the cut, style, or clarity will affect the overall look and price of the ring. If all is clear, then go ahead and pay and wait for your ring patiently.

Always remember to buy the ring weeks before the big day. That way, you will have time to prepare for the big day and have everything polished up. Besides, if the ring isn’t what you expected, you will have time to replace it or tweak it.


Buying an engagement ring online is as simple as ordering any other product. However, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, there is a lot of emotion and meaning attached to it. So you have to get everything right.

With the steps above, you will be able to buy a quality engagement ring online that will show more than just your love and commitment. It will also show your attention to detail and how organized you are with both money and time. What more could a partner want?

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Diamonds vs. Pearls – What Is the Better Choice for Women?

Although comparing diamonds and pearls is like comparing apples and oranges, we find ourselves asking, what do women prefer? They feel so different, and it is hard to pit them against each other— but we will try. First, let’s dive into what sets the two classic stones apart, the pros and cons, and ultimately what is the better choice for women.

The History

img source:

Both pearls and diamonds have long enriched histories and have been coveted as valuable stones for hundreds of years. Jewels date back 7,500 years, and while now they can be easily purchased through retailers such as The Pearl Source, they once were so rare they were reserved only for the royals. On the other hand, diamonds don’t have quite as long of a history. One of the oldest diamonds known, the Beau Sancy Diamond, is only about 500 years old. Pearls were also harder to come by, making them incredibly rare and valuable. Mining efforts were increased to grow the number of diamonds available, whereas pearl diving was incredibly dangerous.

One of the most expensive pearl legend stories is about the great Cleopatra. Desperate to impress Rome with Egypt’s wealth, Cleopatra bet Marc Antony that she could host the most elaborate banquet in history. She took a pearl from one of her large earrings and crushed it, dissolving it into a goblet of wine and drank it. It is estimated the pearl would be worth 28.5 million dollars today.

The Beauty

Pearls and diamonds may be the hardest to compare in the beauty category as they are both well-loved for different attributes. People are drawn to diamonds for their ability to sparkle and catch the light. The rock is cut to enhance the diamond’s brilliance so that it refracts and reflects light to appear sparkly.

In contrast, pearls are loved for their luster and pearlescent qualities. That comes from light interacting with crystals in the pearl’s nacre and reflecting it to the eye. They are opaque in comparison to the diamond’s transparency. Both gems are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, although they naturally come in a broader range of colors.

They are unique in the fact that no two beads are exactly alike, which makes them extremely special. Both gems are natural, but they are sourced a little more naturally than diamonds, which are mined from rocks. They come out of oysters, ready to be polished and can be immediately used in jewelry, whereas diamonds must be cut, cleaned, and polished before becoming jewelry available.

The Fashion

There is a reason why pearl jewelry has always been prevalent in fashion and on-screen— because it conveys a classic, elegant look. Pearls have fluctuated in the fashion world over the last 100 years, as most trends do. They first rose to popularity in the 20th century after they started to become more accessible. Coco Chanel was a prominent designer that started incorporating pearls into her styles and brand and often promoted them as a must-have accessory. In addition to iconic designers, actors like Audrey Hepburn were often seen rocking the classic accessory both onscreen and off. The popularity of the pearl did drop for a while in the late 20th century.

However, in the past year, pearls have been a breakout trend. Designers are once again turning towards the classic gem to incorporate into jewelry. A strand of pearls is still seen as one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry.

Diamonds have not seen the same rise and fall of popularity and have been in constant favor of the public. De Beers began a marketing campaign in the 1930s; however, that propelled diamonds into the stone to turn to for engagement rings. To this day, diamonds are the classic gemstone people turn toward to complete their engagement ring. A pair of diamond studs are also seen as a staple piece of jewelry.

The Value

img source:

In general, a high-quality pearl will be cheaper to purchase than a high-quality diamond of the same shape and size. Before, when pearl diving was dangerous and rare, its value was extremely high. Scientists have figured out how to grow pearls in oysters, and their value has gone down on the market. There are still a few variations of beads that carry high demand and cost like the South Sea pearls, which are still incredibly expensive.

Diamonds are rare because of the supply in the diamond industry. The stone themselves are not limited to mine, but the industry creates a scarcity of them to maintain the higher value and price tag. Colored diamonds, however, are much rarer, with red, blue, and pink diamonds being the most unique in the world. The most expensive pearl necklace ever auctioned was designed for Elizabeth Taylor, and it was named La Peregrina. In 2011, it was sold for 11.8 million dollars. The Pink Star is the most expensive diamond auctioned off at 71 million in 2017.

The Final Outcome:

img source:

From a fashion standpoint, there are more creative advantages in styling pearl jewelry. It was one of the standout jewelry trends in the past year, and I appreciate the accessibility of the gem. Designers and brands have utilized the pearl and incorporated it into modern styles and in different accessories. I consistently turn to a pair of pearl hoops or a pearl embellished headband to amp up my look. Although diamonds are considered more valuable, I am going to go out on a limb here and argue that Marilyn Monroe should have turned to the gem of the sea instead of her iconic musings.

7 Most Famous Gems in the World

They shine, they sparkle and they emanate glow – they’re gorgeous and they’re very famous. We’re talking about the world’s most renowned sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and pearls. From radiant pearls to sparkly diamonds, here are the 7 gems that have worldwide recognition

  1. The Dresden Green Diamond
Img source:

There’s nothing that tops a twinkling diamond and this piece has it all: the carats, the glam, and the notoriety. Meet the Dresden Green, which is known as the largest natural green diamond in the world. At no less than 41 carats, this sapphire-like beauty that was once owned by Friedrich Augustus I of Saxony currently resides in the Dresden Castle in Germany.

  1. The Blue Hope Diamond
Img source:

This next gem is another colored piece that carries a rich, drama-filled history. The Blue Hope Diamond has crossed countries and has been in the possession of royalty – all due to its striking beauty and immense value. The gem belonged to the French royal family until it was cut from The Blue Diamond of the Crown of France during the French Revolution in 1792. Its impressive stats: the stunning azure piece is about the size of a walnut, measuring 25 mm in width and weighing 45.52 carats.

  1. The Moussaieff Red Diamond
Img source:

While it might not come with a complicated history or royal background, the Moussaieff is the world’s largest red diamond, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Discovered relatively recently (in the 1990s) by a Brazilian farmer in a river in the Alto Paranaiba region, the impressive gem weighs 13.9 carats (2.78 g) and it’s shaped like a triangle.

  1. The Millennium Sapphire
Img source:

As an ode to the genius minds of past generations, the 61,500-carat Millennium Sapphire features the faces of Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare, masterfully carved by Italian artist Alessio Boschi. Valued at an impressive $180 million, the gem was discovered in Madagascar in 1995. The carving process took no less than 2 years, during which the now football-sized sapphire lost a third of its mass.

  1. La Peregrina Pearl
Img source:

Known as the most famous pearl in history, La Peregrina comes with an interesting story – one that includes not only royals, but Hollywood royalty as well. Back in the 1960s, the extra-large pearl was purchased by actor Richard Burton, who later gifted it to Elizabeth Taylor. The actress misplaced the famous pearl in a hotel – and later managed to find it in her dog’s mouth. 

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge’s Sapphire 
Img source:

Few gemstones get as much time in the media as this next one on our list does The Duchess of Cambridge’s blue sapphire, which is part of her engagement ring. Previously owned by William’s mother Diana, the stunning gem measures 12 carats and is surrounded by diamonds on a white gold setting. 

  1. The Black Prince’s Ruby
Img source:

Perhaps one of the more infamous gems on our list: the Black Prince’s Ruby, which is less of ruby and more of a spinel. There’s lots of drama and even murder behind this famous jewel: back in the 14th century, Don Pedro de Cruel murdered the Moorish Prince of Granada, took the red stone, and later gave it to the Black Prince, son of Edward III of England in return of a favor. While not quite as valuable as a ruby, the red spinel still impresses with its size which is similar to that of a chicken egg. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic and purchasing original customized pearl jewelry visit this website:

Things to Consider When Buying Diamonds

When you are thinking of a way to surprise your better-looking side with a gift, you have to know that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” With that being said you understand why men come second, logically. Fortunately, for men, this is an excellent chance to show how much they care about their women, or they will be replaced by a suitable diamond.

Thankfully this is not true, but for everybody who is getting ready to purchase such a sophisticated symbol of wealth, should pay attention to this article. The engagement ring is a typical example of when people traditionally tend to splash the cash on a diamond, thinking they will only do it once or more in some cases. We have a few suggestions to help you choose the right diamond.

The standard unit of weight for diamonds is carat. But what is a carat, and how much does it cost? Well, as a measurement for a diamond carat is equal to 0.007 of an ounce. In other words, one carat is 1/5 of a gram. For a 0,5 carat diamond, the estimated price is about  $2,500. One ounce is 142 carats, while one gram of diamonds is 5 carats. The cost from there determined with the increased weight and the rarity of the diamond.

Img source:

When you know what you want, it is easy to find a suitable diamond. Your best option here is to get advice from an expert on the topic as there are many factors that determine the value of a diamond. Certain grade and a specific category are accustomed to a diamonds type and number of decorations. Diamond clarity chart shows the list from the most expensive and quality ones to the less wanted on the list if the weight and color are the same for the presented diamonds. It functions in the form like GRADE/CATEGORY: FL/Flawless, IF/Internally Flawless, VVS1-  VVS2/ Very Very Slightly Included, VS1 – VS2/ Very Slightly Included, SI1 – SI2 – SI3/ Slightly Included, I1 – I2 – I3/ Included.

The shape of the diamond is the more familiar part for the majority of people. The association is the round shape for a diamond, but depending on your budget and taste, you have the next available choices of shape: Cushion, Baguette, Trillion, Heart, Asscher, Pear, Emerald, Marquise, Oval, Brilliant, Princess, and Round.

The diamond color is also something to consider. The amount of yellow in a stone is the determine one but can also have gray and brown color present, even all three in some cases. Diamonds who have a higher price are more colorless, and the dark yellowish color signifies that the diamond doesn’t worth that much. The diamond color scale ranges from D to Z: Colorless (D-E-F), Near colorless (G-H-I), Faint Yellow (J-K-L-M), Very Light Yellow (N-O-P-Q-R), and Light Yellow (S-T-U-V) (W-X-Y-Z).

Img source:

The diamond cut grade can make a difference in diamond spark, giving it the recognizable shining and admiration from all who see it. Fifty-eight carefully angled flat surfaces or facets, affect the brilliance, fire and final design of a diamond. The price is determined with the grade scales: excellent cut, very good cut, good cut, fair and poor cut, well cut, deep cut, shallow cut, too deep, too shallow.  Good reflection of light in a diamond shows a higher cut grade in it, increasing the price.

When making the final decision on the purchase of a diamond, you should know that a certificate for authenticity and trust is something that will tell you a lot about it. The document includes a serial number on the girdle, weight, color, clarity, quality, validity that it is organic, etc.