6 Best Practices When Designing Your Custom Pop Up Tent

Pop-up tents can be an excellent way to reach a broad audience and bring attention to yourself at any promotional event. They’re a modern, attention-grabbing marketing tool that can do wonders for your brand in the long haul. However, coming up with an effective tent design isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s completely different from designing pamphlets and posters: it requires a different, more creative approach.

Here we’ll talk about our favorite best practices when designing your first custom-made pop-up tent. So, if you’re ready to grab your visitors’ attention, let’s begin!

1. Brand consistency is key to effective pop-up tent marketing!

Your brand has its own recognizable look that should be represented by your pop-up tents as well. That includes colors, fonts, and the overall aesthetic that will make your visitors recognize you in an instant. Again, brand consistency should be your ultimate goal when designing the tents, so ensure everything points to your brand once you’re finished with the design.

We recommend hiring a knowledgeable graphic designer to help you create an eye-catching design that will keep your visitors engaged. Ensure your logo is visible and don’t hesitate to get creative. As long as the design represents your brand well, you’ll certainly attain all of your event-related marketing goals.

Lastly, in some instances, adapting your design according to the event you’re attending can be a good idea. Though risky, this approach can work in certain situations. Make sure to consult with your marketing team before deciding to take your campaign in this direction.

2. Consider your budget carefully

Don’t go overboard with the design if you’re not ready to make a large cut to your budget. Keeping it simple can help you save money and it usually looks far more professional as it is. We’re not saying you should hesitate with your creativity and ideas, but going over the top can prove to be a bit expensive later on.

We suggest working with something simple but eye-catching at the same time for the best results in terms of price and efficiency. Don’t get discouraged if your budget doesn’t allow you to get overly creative with the design, as you can still make it stand out from the crowd. Look for inspiration online or work with a quality designer to get the results you need.

All in all, as long as you put some effort into the design, we’re sure your hard work will pay off! Pop-up tents are an excellent way to attract visitors to your stand on their own, so don’t worry about it too much!

3. Choose the right supplier!

You can think of a perfect design and it can still amount to nothing if you choose the wrong supplier. The quality of the print and the materials is of the utmost importance! If the tent doesn’t look sturdy and durable, you’re not likely to attract too many visitors to your stand.

Ask for a 3D model presentation if possible, and don’t hesitate to seek detailed information about their pop-up tents. You’ll need to know everything from the materials they use to the warranties they provide.

Do as much research as you can to ensure you’re getting the product you deserve. Places like Strike Now even offer a free design, so take advantage of such opportunities if you’re working on a tight budget. Read up on every review and product rating you can find, and never settle for less than you deserve!

4. Spread a positive message

Your message should be appropriate to the event you’re attending. If you’d like to reuse your tents and bring them to multiple events, we suggest writing something a bit more general in tone. Furthermore, you don’t need to write anything at all: sometimes your logo can be enough to do the job.

Still, if you’d like to convey an important message to your visitors, we suggest you keep it lighthearted and simple. Use a bit of humor if applicable, and try to make the message as memorable as possible.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to seek some assistance from an experienced content writer or a marketing expert. The more engaging your pop-up tents are, the better the result you’ll achieve.

5. Placement matters!

As we’ve mentioned before, pop-up tent design isn’t the same as designing branded pamphlets or t-shirts. You’ll need to learn how to design around the many folds the tent has, which is not easy. We recommend sticking to eye-level placements, as it’s where most people will stop to read your message.

Besides that, try to find out the position of your tent prior to attending the event. If you’re going to be located somewhere in the corners, there’s no need to go all out when designing the tent sides.

Again, we recommend working with an experienced designer to reach the best possible results. Most companies that specialize in custom-made pop-up tents offer the help of their design experts as a part of the service, so make use of that if you’d like to avoid the costs of hiring a designer.

6. Pantone vs CMYK colors?

Now, the quality of the print is as important as the design itself, and the colors used for printing are the deciding factor in that. If you’d like to use bright and vibrant colors, we recommend opting for Pantone colors instead of their CMYK counterparts. If it’s all the same to you, you might be able to save some money by opting for CMYK instead. Seek further assistance from your supplier to learn more about their respective pros and cons if you’re interested.

The bottom line

Overall, designing your first pop-up tent can be a daunting task. We suggest getting some expert help if you’re not very knowledgeable on the matter and we recommend doing extensive research on different suppliers before making any orders.

We hope our article helps you create your first tent design and we wish you good luck at your next promo event.

Value and Selection in One Place

Savvy shoppers know cheap does not mean flimsy. Inexpensive and Inferior are not mutually exclusive when you know what to look for: quality, selection, and, when online, certain perks and promises. You want a low-price guarantee, delivery, and of course, you want your style, too. So, add the hallmark to your room and enhance your space dramatically.

For all those advantages and more, cheap dressers with free shipping, shop on 1StopBedrooms. This website is literally bottomless. So, anticipate furnishing most of your apartment here (if not totally). Veterans of the furniture industry for more than 20 years, 1SB focuses on providing a pleasant furniture-shopping experience.

When there are dozens of manufacturers all collected into one place, offering hundreds of styles and colors, you can have any dresser imaginable Super wallet-friendly. This furniture center captured the beauty of precisely that and assembled to assist you in designing your dream home. Finally, there is a great selection to get the dresser of your dreams once and for all. Tall chest of drawers, bureau, dresser, or Chesser (as much a design feature as a storage solution), if you cannot find it, it’s not likely to be available! When space is designed with creativity and progressive thought, it results in a design-forward and wholly delightful picture.

There is no need to sacrifice the price. You need to get the style you want because you save by cutting out the brick and mortar. Plenty of reviews and photos to help you make your final decision. Talking dressers, it’s a good idea to do a bit of online research before making a purchase. Testimonials reflect customers’ opinions about their experiences. When you read authentic stories from people at your place, and learn about their background, you get a clear picture.

Have you noticed that dressers play a crucial role in setting your bedroom’s style? Coordinate with the bedroom’s decor or make a bold departure with a contrasting statement piece. Your statement will be “Wow!” when you get your hands on a dresser that not only does what it is supposed to do but accentuates the whole room, too. In theory, the area next to your bed is an excellent place to put the dresser. It fills up space and doesn’t take up an extra wall that can be used for more significant purposes, such as a study table or a closet.

Clean lines and surfaces or detailed baroque, stainless steel, wood, bamboo, and glass; there’s no telling what you’ll love! Dare to reimagine your bedroom transformed, the modest dresser now the focal point of the room. Make your interiors feel (un)like home the nicest possible way, keeping your space fancy for less than an entire paycheck.

Beds can be changed with a sheet, but your dresser is a big enough item to require some consideration; whatever you decide, there is a clothing storage solution that will complete your space. No more putting up with old and busted in the name of thrift; embrace your frugal ways and upgrade your room with a solid, well-designed dresser. Because you know that cheap is not a dirty word, and expensive does not always mean quality. Affordable and quality dressers seem too good to be true? Beautiful dressers for about a hundred bucks are here for you. It can easily be a $$$-looking piece of furniture, with an affordable price tag at the same time.

Carrying not only world-renowned manufacturers and low-price guarantees, but your new dresser can often be delivered to your home and brought inside and installed, as well. You can let your imagination carry you far with financing available, the dresser being the tip of the design iceberg. You might be so inspired as to add a nightstand and bed frame, too! It certainly looks like it is the time to stop with bedrooms, you can check it full of incredible options for not just the home but the yard, too. No matter where your feathering takes you, your nest will be the best roost in the house once you hand-pick the clothing storage solution of your choice.

Actually, people have been using dressers for decades. Classic. Those handy pieces store items that cannot be hung, nicely folded, and out of sight. Still, nowadays, some people tend to think the need for dressers is fading. Not sure if you should spend money on a dresser? So, let’s walk through some of its benefits, and you will decide for yourself. In fact, there are many uses for dressers. Typically used to store clothing items, a dresser can be used as storage for various household items. For instance, you can use them to keep office supplies, electronics, kids’ or dog toys, and much more.

Most likely, there are some items that you would prefer to store in your bedroom but have never had the place to do so. For example, you may keep blankets in laundry rooms. What if you put them in your bedroom dresser? It makes sense if you have the space to do so. Using furniture how it’s “supposed” to may limit your comfort. Set your living area up precisely as you want it. Both mentally and physically, you’ll become healthier.

Your bedroom should feel homey and cozy. When you go to sleep at night, you are staring at its surface. In the morning, it is the first thing you see. Digging around for your clothes is an absolute breeze when everything is organized, getting your day off on the right foot. As the bookends of your waking hours, you owe it to yourself to furnish your bedroom with something stylish and elegant. Then, you can finally complete your bedroom, the finishing touch that sets it all off and holds the room together, all without sweating the cost.

Rest easy. Save yourself the brainpower knowing you can finally rest easy. Decorate your bedroom for relaxation. You will be able to take on the next day to your full ability. Sounds fab? You are only a few clicks away.

A Complete Guide to Designing Your Very First Pop up Banner

After giving it quite some thought, you have finally decided to run one display advertising campaign. It is one smart move from your side. Now, you have no idea how you will design the banner ads for a positive response. Well, going through this article will help you to change the perception for betterment.

An overview of pop up banners and their utility

When it comes to advertising and promotions, pop up banners are extremely popular today. They are simple for you to assemble, and as their name indicates, the stands need to be popped up, and you are good to go. They use a system that is retractable by nature where you need to pull the banner from its base. A telescopic pole needs to be put in place, and the banner is ready. Moreover, the flat base and the banner’s pole help you get strong anti-swing support for the banner.

Pop up banners are durable, and their vinyl print is designed to last for a long time. The base of the stand is strong and gives you extra support. The frame of the stand is light enough for you to carry it to any spot without hassles.

Another great advantage of these banners is they occupy very little space. This means you are effectively able to set them up anywhere. Use them in a small shop or trade exhibition without any woes at all. You no longer have to worry about floor space for optimizing the sales of your business. These banners are high and narrow. They attract the visibility of your targeted audience and are cost-effective for both small scales and large companies.

The design of the banner is important

The setting up the pop up banner is not enough. You need to ensure it is designed professionally and correctly. When it comes to your banner, you must correctly ensure your business message is given to your targeted audience. The colors and the font layout you use should perfectly complement your business and its specific needs at the time of the campaign.

Paying attention to minute details

Now, when it comes to getting the attention of your targeted audience, you need to focus on the overall design of your banner with skilled experts in the field. There are specific components you need to be aware of when it comes to getting the desired response. Note, the goal of your advertising campaign will determine its overall design. You must contact credible and experienced professionals in the field with proven track records regarding the design of your banner.

All the banner designing tips are well tested out by the leading advertisers globally. You will get some of the step-by-step guidelines that you can easily implement while creating a real-life banner for your use. As available all over the internet, some examples will further help you make the right choice after getting all sorts of ideas possible. You will get sturdy and eye-catching pop up banners for any advertising campaign that you may need. You can check a pop up banner from Bannerbuzz if you are interested.

The essential parts of banner designing:

This might be your very first experience designing a banner for a small or big show. Well, you are scared and skeptical because you are clueless about the steps to address. Let’s say that every banner has 6 essential parts to it, which should be there on the body. So, focusing on these points will help you to create the perfect banner in the end.

  1. Let’s start with the size of the banner. Going for a too big or too small of a banner will do you no good. You need that perfect size, which is not too inconvenient but also enough to grab people’s attention from far-off distances. So, focusing on the size of the banner is a must.
  2. Once you have settled for the size, now it is time to focus on the background. Always remember that background is likely to be the main base. Try to create a subtle background with light colors or very basic or light pictures. The main focus needs to be the message on it.
  3. The perfect headline is indeed what makes your banner completely different from the rest. The headline must be made in such a manner so that people can get an idea of your business by just reading the headline and don’t have to go for the entire body.
  4. Once you have targeted and crafted the attractive headline, it is time to move towards the sub-text. Use simple words and smaller sentences to create attractive text. Don’t just jam in too many words as people don’t have time to read through the entire paragraphs. So, smaller sentences can win the deal.
  5. You cannot create a successful banner without CTA. Call to Action is one way to nudge your customers to give you a call and improve your business. Ask them to give you a call or send an email and provide all kinds of contact details to find you.
  6. Lastly, it is about the product image. Just like words, images are surely going to attract a massive crowd. So, choose the perfect picture to go with the banner and your business line.

Follow these simple steps listed above, and creating a banner won’t be a pain anymore. Invest a few minutes in research and take the help of online banner templates for some great results. Make sure that your banner syncs in with the goal of the advertising campaign you have in mind. Moreover, when it comes to the banner placement, make sure the spot is prominent where the traffic flow is high.

In this way, you can make the most of your pop-up banner in your advertising campaign. It is a powerful and cost-effective way to generate lead conversions for your business or campaigns and get the desired response from your targeted audience with success!

10 Effective Outdoor Advertising Solutions For Your Business

Today’s advertising is easier than ever. You have plenty of online tools to promote your product or service and reach a huge audience. But, what with those who don’t use the Internet and social media that often? Every good advertising strategy should include a few different solutions, that can be used for outdoor advertising. And yes, we think about the banners and billboards that are installed on the streets or over the buildings around. They are a part of the traditional marketing approach, which is still effective because a lot of people will anyway see it and remember it.

It may seem easy to assemble a design, but we all know it’s not that simple, so we need a graphic designer to do that for us. So, what are the most effective solutions to have the outdoor advertising right on point?

Here are a few of them:

1. Exceptional design

Simple designs are the most effective ones. Even when you sell your house and you want to put a sign in the yard, as you can order from, it should be nice, clear, understandable, and straight to the point. Using a lot of details can make things overwhelming, so people will turn their heads away as they pass by the ad. So, hiring a graphic designer will save you a lot of nerves, because they know how to incorporate the simple details in an exceptional design that will be attractive for potential clients.

2. Short and understandable messages

Every billboard or banner shares some message to the customers. It should be short, clear, and understandable, so they can realize what do you offer, and find the information on how to buy it. So, play these things smartly, because you don’t want to put a lot of text to the ad. People don’t want to read books. They want to get the message immediately. You can still leave the contact information or your website, so they can visit it, and get informed about what you sell and how to buy your product.

3. Visibility

The outdoor ads are big enough to be seen from everywhere. But, you must plan the positions too. There is no purpose for your ad if it’s not visible. The marketing team should strategically plan this thing, so they can find the best positions in the city, and reserve them for the campaign. The point is to make it as much visible as possible, so it can give the wanted result.

4. Including the contact information

Contact information is crucial. Ask the designer to put the phone number, contact email, or even the social media profiles on the design. Surely, people can’t really access it by clicking on the link, because it’s printable design at the end, but they can get informed about every contact aspect. One of the best ideas is to put a QR code, so the people who pass by can simply scan it and access your website.

5. Relevance of the content

The content, images, text, and designs should be relevant to the audience. You must get straight to the point, so even if they don’t read the text at first, to know what they are looking at. That means, if you sell electronic parts, you need to put some images or stylish typography that reminds you of them. Relevant content brings you one step closer to the potential customers who will be interested in what you have to offer.

6. High-resolution images

It’s not just to put some png images on your design and expect some miracle to happen. At this point, it’s always better to buy a high-res design, instead of vectors you can find on Google. Remember, outdoor ads are usually printable, and they should look nice and clear when put on a billboard.

7. Clear and readable typography

The typography is also important just like the high-resolution images. It should be readable, so the audience doesn’t have to struggle and use advanced skills of recognizing the letters to read what you have to tell. So, they have to be nice and clear and share a direct message to the potential customer.

8. Attractive color scheme

Colors are also crucial for the design. They should be compatible, but still nice and attractive. You can get inspired from pre-ready color schemes, or you can create one by yourself. No matter what you choose, they all should look nice and compatible.

9. Consider mobile or digital advertising as an option too

Billboards and banners are a good choice, but can you imagine your video message shared on a big display in the center of the city? It’s more expensive than the traditional billboards and banners, but they are even more effective. Mobile outdoor advertising includes branding of corporate vehicles, or even public transport buses and trains. It’s one of the best ways to share your message with the clients and get their loyalty by your side.

10. Interactive ad installations

They are more suitable for big malls or bus stations. They provide touch screens and the potential client can customize their experience by choosing the parameters and get the right offer. Also, if you are on a budget this can be pretty expensive for your company. So, start with the traditional approaches, and hope they will work out, so you can consider digital and interactive advertising as an option for your next campaign.


No matter how the online tools are useful to place your ad and run it so it can reach potential customers, don’t underestimate the power of traditional advertising. Outdoor ads are just a small part of your campaign. As you plan it and check your budget, you can add TV ads, radio samples, brochures, newsletter emails, Viber messages, and any other approach you find effective to reach the audience.

Marketing strategy includes smart planning and talents for coming up with a nice design and attractive copy. Once you do all of that, we are sure you will be able to offer your product to the target audience.

Does a Home Office add Value to my Home?

The coronavirus pandemic has completely overhauled how many people live and work, with a large number of the UK population having to adapt to working from their homes on an indefinite full-time basis. As a result, people looking to buy houses or flats now are increasingly looking for properties that have space that can easily be turned into a home office.

That’s the reason why a home office can currently add potentially significant value to your home, as it provides a space that many potential homeowners are seeking. And it’s the type of addition that you can make to your home that will continue to add to its overall value for many years to come, regardless of any current or future unique situations such as the pandemic.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work

In an effort to reduce potential exposures to the coronavirus, many companies at the start of the pandemic required employees to work from their homes if they could, click here for an interesting article from The Argus. This has required people to look at some creative ways to find a dedicated spot in their home for their office where they can do their work.

But living and working in the same place for almost all of the day, every day, can quickly become stressful, particularly in smaller properties. That’s why it’s important that your home office should be as spacious as possible and somewhere that you use solely for work, separate from other parts of your home that you use for eating, leisure, and sleeping.

The many people who have adapted and created home offices have quickly realised the convenience and other benefits of such a space, and it’s believed that a large number of employees will continue to work remotely for many years to come. That’s why a home office is an attribute of your home that will help its value not just currently but also in the future.

Do you need to build an extension to your home to create an office?

No. One of the great facts about a home office is that you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money to build one, and you definitely don’t need to build an extension or make any other major renovations to your property before you can create a suitable home office.

Consider how you can take advantage of existing space in your house or flat in order to create a home office. If you have a spare bedroom or another room that you don’t currently use very often, or at all, this could easily be turned into a home office. You’ll need some basic furniture such as a desk and chair, but there are many low-cost options available for this.

Having a dedicated room for your home office will help with establishing some boundaries between your work life and your personal life, particularly during the pandemic.

If you don’t have a lot of free, or potentially free, square footage in your home, you can still make your own home office with some creative approaches to that goal. Consider assigning part of your dining room or living room as the location for a desk, chair, your work computer, and other associated items that you’ll be using for your daily work in the home office. It can be harder to make a clear division between your private life and work life, but still possible.

And you could also think creatively about the use of exterior buildings. If your property includes any exterior buildings – such as a garage or a garden shed – these can similarly be adapted into a home office at minimal cost, particularly if you already own the necessary office furniture. But a key consideration with using an outside building for your home office is the need to ensure it has some heat, even if it’s an electric heater that you plug in whilst in the office.

Renovations or extensions are an option for making a home office – at a cost

Of course, if you do decide to build an extension to your house or flat then this could help to increase the overall value of the property significantly more than adapting an existing space to become a home office. The home buying experts at LDN Properties note that prospective buyers considering making an offer on your property will consider any renovations you’ve made, and how those affect the overall value of the house.

But building an extension or renovating your home to create a new separate room for your home office can be very expensive. Before deciding to proceed with such an option, you should calculate as precisely as possible how much it will cost you to build the extension or renovation, as well as the additional costs of home office furniture and any other expenses.

Assess whether the potential added value to your property’s overall value exceeds the initial upfront cost of building a home office. If it does not, you are likely to lose money in the long run and should opt against such a move. But if such a development could help to increase your home’s future value and sale price then you should give serious consideration to making the change, because the future profit will outweigh the immediate cost of building a home office.

You should ask your employer whether they are able and willing to help provide some financial assistance toward paying for the cost of a home office. Even if they will only cover the cost of buying a desk and chair for your house or flat, that’s one less expense for you to pay. Many companies are adapting as needed during the pandemic and are willing to offer their employees cash toward helping them establish an office at their house or flat where they can be productive.

Top tips to consider when creating your home office

If space is limited at your home, you could consider making your home office a temporary space that you clear away at the end of every workday. For example, you might have a large kitchen table at which you could set up your computer and other items every day for work, and then remove all the items when you’re done with work for the day. This has the dual benefits of giving you a home office but also helping you to keep your personal and work lives somewhat distinct.

Regardless of the location and size of your home office, you should also follow some common tips that will help to make it a productive space that also prevents against any injuries.

If you have to use a computer for work, try to make sure that the device is at, or close to, eye level. This will help to prevent slouching that could otherwise create back pain and other problems in the future. You should also aim to remind yourself to keep sitting upright and take regular breaks to stand up, which will help with circulation and to guard against any injuries.

It’s also important that you home office has very good lighting regardless of which room in which you establish it. Dark rooms with minimal lighting can cause eye strain, so be sure to create your home office somewhere in your home that either has natural light or where you can plug in artificial lights that will help to illuminate the room well to protect you against eye strain.

And you should also have some fun with decorating your home office, using plants, artwork, and other accessories to help create a warm, inviting, and productive atmosphere.

Making space for a home office can help to boost your property’s value

When you’re ready to sell your house or flat, you could give serious consideration to creating a home office. It may help to increase the overall value of your property, which in turn means you can likely set a higher sale price and boost your profit when selling your home.

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s expected that the recent huge growth in demand for home offices is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. With just a little bit of advance planning, you can adapt your home to create an office and take advantage of this demand.

When people are looking to buy flats or houses, they might have a home office at the top of the list of their must-haves. By ensuring that your property includes such a dedicated space you are one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal of selling your home at a decent profit.

How to increase in-store revenues with Merchandising panels

You should pay attention every time you go shopping and remember where the merchandising platforms are situated. There was one positioned at the left side of the front door, wasn’t there? They positioned the panel like that because shoppers are prone to go right rather than left while entering a shop. Did you have a particular product in mind as you looked at the promotional panels? That was not a mistake.

By putting strategic merchandise panels in the customer’s direction, a well-designed merchandising scheme “forces” shoppers to stare at the items the merchant needs them to. Companies like crowdcontrolcompany provide products designed to get your customers attention and convert them into sales.

The vital distinction between a store that is going to thrive and struggling is usually small. Still, it is the subtle psychological forces that differentiate the prosperous retailers from the soon-to-be-bankrupt ones.

It is a proven reality that well-designed merchandising processes and the point-of-purchase show will contribute to improved sales and, over time, cause new consumers to become regular customers.

And what ways do you execute a sound merchandising framework strategy?

An aspect of sales promotion is art, but a separate element is scientific. You’ll need to put some effort and forethought into building up a successful sales channel, but doing so would guarantee that your sales channel is among your most powerful and profitable sales associates.

Finding your way can be challenging. Continue reading.

This review will go into proven techniques for building successful merchandising panels which capture the customer’s eye and prompt them to buy things.

Identify your customer profile

Be familiar with the buyer personas.

Anyone who has developed a profitable company will inform you that it is important to recognize and reach your target client. Doing so will lead to tremendous improvements in sales.

To find your ideal client, you must first build a “customer profile.”

As per Hubspot, the global leader in consumer analytics, customer personas are “imaginary, generic descriptions of your target customer.”

A comprehensive consumer persona can be useful in different facets of your company. For example, it can support your advertising, promotions, product creation, customer care, and, yes, develop your merchandising systems.

Your buyer profile should not only include demographic statistics but also should involve their habits, psychographics, and motives: their perceptions, values, wants, and goals, as well as their psychological motivations.

To provide consumers with what they need or want, you have to recognize customers’ desires and needs and predict their requirements.

Do you have any idea where to begin? Look through the old receipts to see what you’ve wasted money on.

Concerning whether or not the consumers are the sort that picks up chap-stick at clearance or perhaps more inclined to partake in a Moon Night, the response is “the former.”

To excel in your business, you should better understand your customer behaviors, and most merchandising panels do no less. When doing market research, you should take inventory of which add-ons your consumers are likely to purchase and then place merchandising panels to make these products easier to find.

Develop a strategic plan

After you’ve established your buyer profile, it is indeed time to pick from those options…

  • The number of merchandising panels you will need.
  • Where you can position them
  • You’ll be showcasing the following brands.
  • The effective techniques for organizing them

The simplest path to doing this is by using a strategic map.

Strategic maps are illustrations that assist in the process of deciding how and where things are located in your retail establishment.

These maps are created using some special computer software, allowing you to design a model of your shop by imputing its dimensions into the software.

This app allows you to drag n drop items, organize shelves to improve your products’ location, and fine-tune the positioning and scale of your shelves.

Fast reminder: If you need a bigger drawing, you can make a copy on graph paper.

It won’t be as precise as a graphical planogram, but it will also help you envision the merchandising panels before placing them in position.

Retail Merchandising Panel

Pick a particular topic to write about

One of the greatest faults you could make is getting so much of a sense of detail when it comes to publicity.

Remember the last mail you got from an e-commerce company.

It would have been ideal if the email had been about some product theme.

Consider, for example, an email from our company may be customized around a particular product category, like “Five Various Styles of Post and Rope stanchions” or “Perfect Slatwall panels for your warehouse.”

When an email contains several ads, it can cause the reader to become distracted and lose out on an opportunity to purchase any of the items listed.

Much as for merchandising tables, the same logic applies. If consumers disregard the merchandising panel because it has many items with inconsistent group titles, then there is so much garbage on the panel.

Consider anything that influences your merchandise panel’s look, including paint, items, and illumination, when creating your style.

With due consideration, pick the correct panel size for your items and workspace.

Think back to the moment we spoke about considering your customer’s psyche as a way to boost revenue, don’t you? Additionally, the graphics in the shop should be aware of that, as well.

If your store’s merchandising panel is too high or if the panel is too low for the size of your store, consumers will feel alienated and have less faith in your business.

To improve sales, the shop must have a merchandising scheme that fits within the establishment’s space and integrates with the overall architecture to entice shoppers better to purchase.

Make sure Merchandising panels are free of clutter and in a clear design

It must seem very simple, but if the panel is crammed to the brim with merchandise, shoppers will have difficulty locating what they’re looking for, and sales will suffer.

There are various ways to plan the panel for clients, ranging from easily arranging and showing all of the products to making sure it is easily accessible, beyond the customers’ scope, and appealing.

To minimize the chance of overcrowding, steer out of overcrowded areas and use signage with clear product detail. Ensure that you are working hard to keep the panels clean and simple.

A panel devoted to investigating candy merchandising

Bear this in mind: shoppers often turn right as they reach a shop

It’s very normal for shoppers to turn right when they reach a supermarket, so the right side wall of your shop near the entrance gives you a perfect chance for merchandising.

What you are describing is true; the wall you are talking about by the right-side entrance to your shop is referred to as the “power wall” so goods have a high chance of selling.

To optimize sales, select famous, high-priced merchandise products for your merchandising panels across your power wall.

Use spotlights to attract the attention of the crowd

Your consumers can follow your eyes to highlight various items if the lighting is just right.

Utilize spotlights to attract the customer’s attention to the merchandise and luxurious products placed above the ceiling.

Many consumers are not going to know they are being led to a particular commodity, so they’ll be very likely to purchase it.

Support the clients know what they want to buy by using signs and visuals

While designing a fantastic merchandising panel style, having an outstanding lighting scheme, and ensuring sanitation would dramatically improve the chance of selling, there are also more chances for increased revenue.

It is important to use convincing signage and illustrations to inspire consumers to shop.

Closing the eye with relation to shopping merchandising programs is all about attracting attention. It signifies you want consumers to find the goods you want them to buy by focusing on the key attributes and characteristics so that the customers can shop these products before they leave your shop.

Logos in big, contrasting fonts labeled, with striking colors, which focus on the real benefits of the items (instead of just their features), are by far the most effective.

Retail Merchandising Panel


From time to time, always perform an evaluation.

To get the most value from your floor shows, make sure to perform daily display refreshes at least once a week or once every two weeks.

Daily consumers avoid paying attention to the retail panels’ merchandise as they see the same things on the panels each week. As a result, the impact of those panels starts to decline.

Make sure you understand your buyer profile and seasonal patterns when you’re reviewing retail panels.

For example, a fashion store may have beachwear accessories, like goggles or sunglasses, in their merchandising panels in the summer, and winter accessories, like caps and gloves, in their panels.

To remain consistent with the overall look, design, and feel of your store, be constant with your product’s quality.

Name identification is among the most critical qualities of a profitable retail sector.

Your store’s visual styling, including the furniture, lighting, and other design choices, should be compatible with your brand’s intended image. The look of your merchandising panels ought to be clear as well.

Three major types of Merchandising panels for your business needs

Merchandising panels exist in various forms and shapes. Here are three kinds of merchandising panels that can suit most of your business needs.

1. Slat wall panels

Although retail display items are numerous, slat wall panels are widely used in retail around the world. These show fixtures are made up of panels and are created to accommodate various merchandising items. A frameless unit, such as a slat wall, may be mounted inside a wall or used in tandem with a base. Combination tool kits contain all the different equipment attachments appropriate for setting up their systems. Hardware including arms, hooks, and shelves is not needed to set up their systems, making combination tool kits particularly beneficial.

Benefits: One key benefit of this type of display is flexibility. You can develop a retail display specific to your business and its numerous needs ranging from several different finishing designs, heights, shapes to types of attachments. Affordable, ready-to-install panel options (especially single slat wall panels) and clear wall panel patterns make slat walls an affordable and attractive choice for people looking to create customized appearances.

2. Grid wall Panels

Grid Wall panel is one of the new merchandising panel styles that has become widely known among retailers. This kind of merchandising panel is constructed from a matrix of wireframes.

Benefits: Like the features of slat wall panels, the advantages of Grid Wall panels include privacy, additional safety, and versatility. They are versatile, reasonably priced, and highly customizable, too. However, Grid wall panels are lighter and less labor-intensive to maintain and need little dusting and basic upkeep to perform correctly.

3. Pegboard Panels

A Pegboard panel is a fixture that has a brick of punctured chipboard mounted on it. Although different materials are used to construct Pegboard panels, most of them are constructed of timber or fiberboard and feature rows of uniformly spaced holes used for adding hooks, trash cans, shelves, and some other storage items. Many merchandising displays are usually found paired with pegboards, and that can be somewhat unique.

Benefit: This benefits from its wide range of versatility and the option to use artistic merchandising models.

Bonus Tip: How to properly tailor Slat wall panels to your business

Slat wall panels are available in a wide range of designs and finishes, including panels with built-in end-panels.

Although there are a lot of HPL laminate slat-wall panel types to choose from, they can typically be bought in high-pressure laminate (HPL) due to the massive availability of the material. You can find various slat wall panel styles, including Formica, Pionite, Nevamar, and Wilsonart Slat wall panels, in several different colors and textures.

Those are a perfect addition to converting your retail space with slat wall panels to get a real, organic look and sound.

  • Plastic Slat wall panel usage

If you live in a rural or suburban area and own a house, you should start using plastic slat wall panels to upgrade your garage or showroom. Plastic Slat wall panels are lightweight and very simple to ship through UPS. The use of panel color matching screws gives it a finished look.

  • Metal slat wall panels

Metal Slat wall panels are suitable for handling big or uncomfortable objects. Mega wall Metal Slat wall panels are really easy to assemble, and they look amazing! It is incredibly easy to begin using the Steel Metal Slat wall Panel Trim and mounting accessories; you need to begin by using the Steel Metal Slat wall Panel Trim and Mounting accessories.

  • Designer slat wall panels

Designer slat wall panels are an attractive alternative for complementing an elegant slat wall panel display.

There are so many textured slat wall panel choices to choose from Barnwood, Metal, and brick, to name a few. Our designer slat wall panels are unique in that they add dimension to space while at the same time letting the outside in.

Are you interested in learning more about growing sales for your commercial store? Learn more about ADA regulation for retail companies and the fundamentals of retail crowd management by reading our posts on these subjects.

Who Builds the Best Tiny Houses?

Since the pandemic hit, the economy has gone for a toss. People who bought homes in 2019 are suddenly finding themselves unable to keep up with payments or even maintenance. Keeping a home can be quite a time and money-consuming process. Till the job market regains stability, it can be challenging to manage all the costs. Renting, while cheaper in the short-term, has its own disadvantages.

There is, thankfully, a middle-ground for you that is cheaper than a large house and more permanent than a rental. Tiny houses have seen a massive uptick in popularity. Especially since more and more millennials are choosing not to have children and minimizing costs wherever possible. If you are a small family, a couple, or even a single person looking at a permanent home, a tiny house could be the perfect fit for you.

What Is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is any house that is less than 400 square feet in total area. They were born out of the minimalist movement whose philosophy is to cut out things in your life you really don’t need. You don’t necessarily need to be a landowner to have a tiny house since most tiny houses can be packed up to travel like a motor home.

Many tiny houses are designed by the owners themselves. However, planning and building a home is a huge project, and you don’t want to mess up even the smallest sections. It is often best to leave it to professionals who have experience doing this and planning a house around your needs. Let’s take a look at some of your options when buying a tiny home.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Who they are – Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses are a tiny home designing and manufacturing company based in Colorado. They offer an excellent collection of tiny homes that you can customize to your exact wants and needs. They have a particular design philosophy and will try and make your house as light and eco-friendly as possible. They used advanced building techniques and innovative cost-cutting measures to achieve the same.

For those who prefer to DIY, you can order shell houses from them. These shell houses contain a minimum of the framed waterproof outside walls and can be customized to be at any stage of building for you to continue. This means you can order a home that is finished all the way except for the windows you want to put in yourself. If you want to take DIYing even further, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses also offer floor plans for purchase.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company specializes in motor homes that you can take with you on the go. They offer four base models called the Elm, Cypress, Farallon, and Roanoke. Each model has a few sizing options for you to choose from depending on small or big you want your tiny house to be. You can also opt for their shell called Barn Raiser, which includes a trailer, a fully framed home, a sheathed exterior, and a temporary license plate. There are things you can add to this for extra charges, including RV certification, a metal roof, doors and windows, and more.

In case these weren’t enough, you can also opt to work with them to build your own tiny home. And in case you aren’t sold on the idea of a tiny home yet, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company also offers 3D tours of their homes. Finally, Tumbleweed also provides great discounts for what they call “Community Heros,” so if you are active military personnel, a veteran, a teacher or teacher’s aide, or a first responder in any field, you can get a hefty discount on your purchase.

Tiny Heirloom

With over a decade in home building experience and their own TV show, Tiny Heirloom has become a great option when looking into tiny houses built for luxury and longevity. They have six models in the Signature Series to choose from, along with a commercial B2B option and a prefabricated option. Their cheapest budget option is called Legacy, from the Signature Series, and is priced at $52,395. With sleeping space for four people, this is an excellent starter option for those dipping their toes into the world of tiny homes.

In case you built your own house, Tiny Heirloom also offers starter kits that include everything you need to get your new home running. These starter kits include an extension cord, a drinking water hose, a sewer hose, and plastic sewer hose support. Other kits also include water filtration systems, backflow preventers, and water pressure regulators.

New Frontier Tiny Homes

New Frontier Tiny Homes is a luxury tiny house company. They are focused on building quality, exclusive products for premium customers. They offer five base models of homes: Alpha, Esher, Cornelia, Orchid, and Luna. The Alpha and the Luna are ideal for two people, while the Cornelia and Orchid have space for up to 4 people to live inside. Esher is a larger home with room for up to 6 people to sleep. Since New Frontier Tiny Homes cater to the premium segment, the costs for these homes are slightly higher than you are used to seeing.

The lowest-priced model is the Luna, which starts at $80K. Next up, you have the Cornelia with a base price of $132K, while both the Alpha and the Orchid come in at $155K. Finally, their largest model, the Escher, starts at $180K. Their models represent the ultimate luxury for tiny homes and come equipped with full-size dining rooms, jacuzzi tubs, 270-degree loft views, and chef-oriented kitchens. Your home will come equipped with all the lighting and heating elements built-in along with fantastic interior designs. So all that is left for you to do is pack up your bags and see where the road less traveled takes you!

Modern Kitchen Trends for 2021

Are you ready for 2021? We’re pretty sure everyone is, at this point – so why not celebrate the New Year with a new kitchen? Whether you just decide to make a few updates in your kitchen or you want to completely renovate it from top to bottom, here are some trends that we believe will be huge in 2021.

Smart Appliances

Yes, smart kitchens are becoming trendier than ever. Sure, we already have smart homes, but mostly, they’re focused on the living room, bedroom, and so on. Now, however, people are bringing smart technology in the kitchen as well. People are going for smart air fryers, ovens that clean themselves, or pot stirrers that do their job even without you being anywhere near the pot. It saves them a lot of time, so we can expect the kitchens of 2021 to look like this.

Open Kitchens

People are looking for space nowadays, or at least an illusion that a place is grander than it originally was. This is why more and more people are opting for open designs – in other words, they connect their kitchen with another room. For example, if their kitchen is near a balcony or another room, they choose to remove the wall altogether. This way, it will give off an impression of more space. Those who cannot remove the wall entirely often opt for a minibar-like separator or an archway, but regardless, the impression of openness remains.

Stainless Steel

Welcome to the future, where almost every modern kitchen looks metallic and futuristic. More and more people are opting for appliances, countertops, and even cabinets made from stainless steel due to their ease of cleaning. Typically, all you have to do is wipe them and they are clean. Plus, looking at it, there’s no better trend for something of the future; it looks shiny, strong, and definitely like something you would see in a modern, futuristic movie. People are catching on to this.

Colored Cabinets

Sure, white kitchen cabinets are still in, but people are beginning to look more and more for colorful kitchens – or at least colorful cabinets. Sure, you can still add white in the kitchen to balance the colors – but other than that, bring the colors out. Colors differ based on personal preferences, but a need for vibrancy has been present among homeowners that want to make a statement. This is why it won’t be unusual to see kitchens in bright yellow, orange, red, green, and even navy blue.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

In the past, it used to be all about the looks and utility, regardless of how not-so-eco-friendly something was. Now, however, more and more people are going for eco-friendly design and utilities, from cabinets made of recycled wood to gadgets that use very little energy to function. This will help the environment as well as the family’s budget – which is why people are going out of their way to ensure their kitchens are eco-friendly.

Soothing Color Combos

Indeed, many people are looking for daring colors – but there is also that other half that prefers the soothing quality of warm, faded colors. People are leading more and more stressful lives, which is why they try to balance it by creating a serene environment in their kitchen. We’ll see quite a lot of notes of dark pink, sage greens, soft grays, and so on. Due to the calming effect of these colors, they will lead to a refreshing sensation.

Hidden Gadgets Design

While 2021 will feature quite a lot of fancy gadgets, the modern kitchen dweller won’t want them to be particularly visible. People are going for a minimalist look, which is why the aspect of clutter is avoided as much as possible. Daamify reports that people are integrating their kitchen appliances in their cabinets – like for example, hiding a fridge or a dishwasher this way. These hidden stations may also prevent small appliances such as a toaster or a kettle from creating a cluttery look.

Bonus: Trends that People Should Not Follow

We highlighted seven kitchen trends that will probably grab your attention next year. However, we would also like to talk about certain trends that people should skip. They may look nice at first glance. However, they won’t be the long term solution you are looking for. Let’s find them out together.

Kitchen without a Pantry

Believe it or not, many kitchens across the world do not have a pantry. Of course, you will probably manage to ensure more space where you can place additional items. That can be good if you are a big fan of islands or eat-in kitchen. However, the empty space you ensure is not going to be practical at all. You won’t have the place where you can place wine, supply, or anything else. That is the reason why we recommend you do not follow this trend.

Everything Granite In the Kitchen

Not a long time ago, almost every kitchen in the world had only granite countertops. Of course, we do not want to say granite is a bad choice. That material will always ensure easy maintenance as well as longevity. However, you need to understand that everything in the world is currently evolving. Granite is not the only option you have, and you can replace it with different materials. The good news is that many of them are available to everyone.

We can give you a couple of examples to confirm that your kitchen can look fresher. For instance, you can add a quartz countertop and mix it with granite to make your kitchen look beautiful.

Using Two-Tone Cabinets In the Kitchen

We know many people will disagree with us. Two-tone cabinets are something you can find in many kitchens. However, that doesn’t mean that will be a good option for you as well. You need to find the right way to mix the colors of the upper and lower ones. If you miss the right combination, you will find yourself painting the cabinets again and again.

Despite that, there is another reason why you should not use two-tone cabinets without a proper plan. For instance, let’s imagine that you plan to sell your house for a couple of years. Everything around your house is perfect despite the colors that the potential buyer can see in the kitchen. If he doesn’t have the same taste as you, there is a big chance he won’t purchase your house. He knows that getting new cabinets is going to bring additional costs.

Using Stone Flooring

Stone flooring has a good reputation among people because it features durability. They also look natural which improves the look of the entire space. Following this trend is not going to be a good option if struggle with a lack of cash flow. Despite that, imagine that your floor experiences some damage. Fixing the damage is also going to be costly. Because of that, we recommend you also put the downsides into consideration before spending your money.

2021 is all about being daring while maintaining a look of simplicity. Modern kitchen trends encourage vibrant colors and straight lines that are very easy to clean. These designs focus on openness and space-saving – helping the homeowner take every centimeter into account. For more information visit

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