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How to Choose a Web Design Agency for Your Company

Depending on your location, business, and needs, it could be challenging to find a reliable web design agency. However, when you finally find the agency that suits your situation, it may well become one of the most precious parts of your firm’s marketing strategy.

Whether you are planning to launch your company’s first site or just need to redesign an outdated one to make it more relevant in the ever-changing market – a professional web design agency is essential. The agency will make sure that your online presence makes your brand more alluring in the eyes of your target audience. A well-designed website will compliment your brand and, thus, boost your client conversion rates and sales. The question is: how do you find a web design agency that would be able to do that for you? To learn more click here.

There are quite a lot of web design agencies out there, so you have to be meticulous in your consideration of potential contractors. It can turn out to be a complicated and puzzling process, but if you follow the steps listed below, it should be simple to find the perfect agency. You can find more information about the top 5 web design agencies in the world here.

Step 1. Search Online

To find the right web design agency for your company, you must first make a list of agencies to choose from. You may start by checking out websites that provide rankings of various design agencies and then take a closer look at some of them. Due to the wide range of companies listed on such websites, they are a great place to start your quest in search of your perfect web design agency.

One particularly great thing about such sites is that they frequently work with experts, who help them make an objective evaluation of skills, prices, reliability, and prowess of any given design company. Some sites even use advanced algorithms for this. And also though they aren’t accurate, as agencies may change over time, they provide a good idea about the industry’s condition and its leading players. After making a list of companies, it’s time to start studying them to figure out which are the best fit for you.

Step 2. Check Each Agency’s Website

This step is the most critical in your search for a web design contractor. If you visit a design agency’s website and it looks outdated, old, or wrong in any other way, then it’s not the company you’re looking for. The logic is simple: a good web design company must be capable of building an outstanding website of their own. It shouldn’t necessarily look like a website you need for your own company, as each business has its unique needs and requires different functions for its site. However, a good website should be able to provide you with all the information you need via just a couple of clicks.

Finding information quickly is one of the most critical features of a good website. Sites that make users click too many times to find what they need will eventually ward users off. It is not what you want your website to do.

Along with navigation, you should also check the website’s load times, image resolutions, graphics, and videos, if there are any. These things aren’t particularly crucial for a web design company’s site, but they show the level of understanding and why they are significant to the agency’s customers. The thing is that these visuals can make users’ experience more engaging. And if a site features some or all of these elements, it shouldn’t look and feel cluttered, but rather provide a consistent flow of information.

The color pattern shouldn’t overload the user’s senses and has to be consistent. Similarly, each element must be provided with enough room to “breathe.” Cluttered sites will make users leave them just as poor navigation will.

Last but not least, a web design agency’s website should feature client testimonials that must also include client name and a link to their website. These things will allow you to check their customers’ websites and get a better idea of what the agency is capable of.

Step 3. Take a Look at Reviews

While seeing the client history and website of a web design company is essential, it’s even more crucial to examine what review sites have to say about it. Such websites, like Google, Yelp, and even Facebook, may provide a lot of insight into a web design agency’s overall reliability, professionalism, and behavior.

You should be skeptical about companies with low ratings, and their inability to follow through with their clients. As for companies with high scores, their customers are mostly satisfied with their services, which means you will have a better chance of getting a website that would ideally suit your brand.

You may start looking for web design agency reviews on Yelp. Most often, a design company will have at least a listing on this site that will feature several constructive discussions.

Google is also an excellent place to look for web design agency reviews. If you do it via a desktop computer, you will see a small box located at the right of search results that says “Reviews” (if you’re using a mobile phone, that box should appear at the top right of the screen).

Lastly, you can also find reviews on Facebook. First of all, find the company’s business page via the search. Click on the needed page and check through the agency’s news feed.

After checking the reviews, you have to narrow the agencies down.

Step 4. Contact Each Company Directly

When you’ve finally filtered through the companies on your list, it’s time to make direct contact with them and ask questions regarding the ways your businesses could cooperate. Note the web design agencies that will offer to create your site from scratch. They will most often want to create a customized website for your company.

Whatever the case, the right agency should ask you nearly as many questions as you have prepared for them. These usually include things regarding your expectations, goals, needs, and so on. You need a web design company that tries to fully comprehend you as its potential client to deliver the best website possible.

Also, note the agencies that respond in a polite, intelligent, and professional manner. Companies that provide you with clear explanations of their process and professional terms are those that you should give a closer look. Pass a web design agency that uses too much professional jargon and doesn’t answer your questions directly.

After making direct contact and finding out more about the companies on your list, finally you should compare their conditions, pricing, and solutions in order to make your choice.


The website is the face of your company on the Internet. It has to be well-made and provide visitors with the things they’re looking for. Hiring a reliable web design agency will allow you to focus on your particular audience and boost your customer conversion rates and, subsequently, sales. But it’s essential to hire a company that can guarantee you a proper fulfillment of your needs and high-quality execution of your website. Choosing with all the necessary information in mind is a must.


UI/UX Design Skills to Look for When Hiring a Design Agency

Finding a UX design agency you can trust may take a lot of effort and time, considering the interviews, meetings, and discussions. But, if you want your digital product or service to be outstanding in the eyes of your audience, you need to find a design company that possesses the right set of skills to take care of whatever features and experience you want to provide the end-user with.

While you could perhaps make an encyclopedia of all the skills a team of user experience design specialists should have, there is a particular set that you may look for to decide whether you should hire an agency or not. If you choose the right UI/UX designers for your project, you can rest assured that the result will be outstanding and will improve a lot of metrics in your company’s reports. See more information here.

Therefore, when you set to look for a user experience design company, make sure to checkmark the skills described below. Once again, this is not a complete list, but an essential one.

Wireframing and Prototyping

As follows from the UX process described above, it’s evident that a trusted UI/UX team should be able to wireframe and prototype. This skill is essential because it is an effective way to get a clear idea of main functionalities before the project moves on to developers.

UX Writing

When writing comes to UX design, it’s a crucial part of the entire design process. An excellent article creates an awesome user experience. If you check out the apps on your smartphone, you’ll see that they’re full of unique text content crafted by incredible wordsmiths. And, as of websites or services, if you want to keep a visitor and lead them down the funnel, the wording is critical. Some of the most popular online tools, like Dropbox, for example, have impeccable UX writing.

Visual Communication

 Visual communication is one of the core components of any great user experience. The first thing any user experiences when accessing an app or website is its visual representation. And no matter how good the UX writing inside it is or how good the flow is, the first impression matters. A professional UX design team will be able to research your audience and market niche to define what visual components and color patterns are most suitable for your project. It includes pretty much everything the end-user is going to do within your product or service because they will be exploring it with their eyes, not ears.

User Empathy

The UX design agency you consider hiring should be capable of taking a look at your audience’s problems and needs from the user perspective. Understanding someone else’s issues enables a UX designer with a better insight into how they can make the experience better. You can’t expect a good UX design from a team that doesn’t respect the needs of the end-user.


The UX design agency you hire should be able to test your completed project. It is necessary to understand how well the design performs. Proper analytics helps in understanding how everything works in the project and how the end-user will perceive it. You can say that analytics is directly connected to user empathy because it allows understanding the relationship between user and product better.

Analytics can help come up with better designs and put the irrelevant ones away. All of that is because the choices are going to be informed and supported by real figures. And, if you want your project to excel after its launch, you need a team that can analyze its performance in advance, and that can focus on the right stuff.

Other Skills?

Although the skills described above are not the solid skills you should look for in a UX agency, they are certainly among the most important ones that often lead to other skills usually required in user experience design. Coding, communication, collaboration, interaction, and more – all of these qualities often derive from the skills we’ve discussed.


It’s 2019 outside, and it’s rushing to its end, paving the way to 2020. The trends may change, new solutions may arrive, a giant electromagnetic impulse can abolish all of our modern technologies and cast us several centuries back. But, as for now, if you want to launch a great digital product or service, but you aren’t a design company, you need a UX design agency to help you.

You might have seen multiple articles and blog posts on the web about why you need a UX design agency for your projects, but they don’t explain how you can find the right one. Well, now you have an extensive guide on critical UI/UX design skills that will help you narrow down the options. So, buckle up, put your racing goggles on, and godspeed on your search for your perfect UX agency!