How to Cope When a Loved One is Sick

It’s not easy when someone you love is ill. It would help if you kept going with things as normal. However, you’re already going through a difficult time deep inside. You have to stay strong and try your best to keep up.

Try to balance your life

Taking care of a sick loved one isn’t the only thing you have to do. You still need to do other tasks at home. You also have to take care of your children and those who aren’t sick. Find a way to balance your life even if you have to attend to a lot of things.

Focus on not letting anyone else get sick

You might already feel guilty that someone in the family got sick. However, always remember that it’s not your fault. You should also consider those who are yet to get sick. Find a way to protect them at all cost. Make sure that the person who got ill receives medical care. There should also be no interaction for a while to prevent the spread of the virus. While you want to protect your family members, you should also do the same for yourself. You might be sick for other reasons, and it has to do with fatigue. Try to rest as often as you can, even if you can barely manage your time.

Support the other people you love

You have to be there for each other. The people you love are also going through a difficult time. Take a moment to speak with them and make sure that they feel okay. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings with them too. It’s at this difficult moment when you can rely on one another for support.

Talk to a mental health expert

There are times when you can’t bear the problem anymore. Your biggest mistake is to keep everything to yourself. Talk to a mental health professional if you’re on the verge of a meltdown. You can’t allow yourself to be in that position. While you still have time, you should talk to someone who can help you navigate your emotions.

Take time to exercise

Again, just because you have to balance your time doing a lot of things doesn’t mean you should forget about taking care of yourself. If you exercised to stay fit and healthy before, you should continue doing it. Exercising also helps you release stress and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Seek help

If you think you can’t do all the tasks by yourself, you can ask someone else for help. For maintaining your house, there are home cleaning services available. You can also ask someone to babysit your children while you look after a sick loved one. There’s no shame in asking for help if you can’t do the chores alone. If you can’t afford to hire other people’s services, you can start asking for favours from your relatives. Tell them that if it were the other way around, you would be there in an instant.

Discuss practical matters

If you know that you’re loved one is going to die, you have to face that reality. There’s no point in running away from it. You can be optimistic that things will still change without necessarily being unrealistic. Being practical means doing things that should happen before someone dies. For instance, you can talk to the lawyers on how to deal with the assets. You can also talk to your loved one and ask if there are final wishes. Others might also have special requests like not to resuscitate them if they’re already going to die anyway. These are the things to make your dying loved one feel good before death.

Never blame yourself

You might feel bad because of what’s going on, but you shouldn’t blame yourself. It’s unfair for you to even think about these problems being your fault. There are things beyond your control, and it’s natural for bad things to happen. Instead of dwelling on who is to blame, you should focus on how to be better moving forward.

Keep doing the things you love

Just because someone is sick doesn’t mean that your life needs to stop. You can still keep things going. If you regularly go to the gym, you should do it. If you have to work, you still need to be excellent at your job. Take time to pause when you feel exhausted, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. It should be the last thing on your mind right now.

Learn to relax

There are instances when you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening. You don’t even know what to do first. It helps if you take the time to relax for a while. Go home and be alone. Being away from other people will help you feel relaxed. You can also try meditation and other mindfulness activities to help you focus on the moment. It also prevents you from getting distracted with the noise around you. Consider investing in a bathtub so you can enjoy a nice bath while you’re alone at home. You can buy one from JT Spas. Even if it costs you a lot, it’s understandable. It will help you feel better, and there’s no price tag for having peace of mind. If there are other things that you can do to gradually feel better, you have to do them.

Hope for the best

You don’t know what the future holds. Your loved one may recover soon, but the opposite might also be inevitable. You have to hope for the best and believe that nothing bad will happen.

Always communicate with the people you love and express your love to them. You don’t know if you can always say those words to them. While you still have time, you should make the most of it. For your sick loved one, don’t forget to express your love. Constantly remind the person that your love is unconditional.

Coronavirus vs Other Diseases – What is the Currently Leading Cause of Death in the World

The whole world is currently battling coronavirus. While the COVID-19 epidemic in China is slowly stabilizing, Europe and America are new places with massive cases of the disease. The fact is that a large number of people are infected worldwide, almost 200,000 cases. Also, almost 8,000 people have died from the infection in the past few months (at the time of writing).

Almost every minute we get updates and new information both locally and globally as well as the impression that the whole situation is quite panicky. Still, what we have to point out is that nearly 82,000 people have been cured so far, which is great news and encouraging to anyone who is currently experiencing symptoms or is already infected. However, while the whole situation and the panic that has arisen from the coronavirus pandemic seems very scary, we need to be rational and take note of some facts. COVID-19 is undoubtedly currently a major topic in all media, among medical professionals, politicians, literally everywhere. But is the new virus really the deadliest disease people have encountered in recent years? We will analyze this below. Well, let’s get started.

The main causes of death in the world

We know, the coronavirus seems to be the greatest disaster that has ever struck mankind. However, is this virus really that deadly? The answer is no. At least when comparing with the statistics of other very serious diseases. For example, the leading cause of death worldwide is cardiovascular disease (hypertension, heart attack, etc.). According to statistics globally, an incredible 17.8 million people died in 2017. Further, the list continues with cancer and 9.6 million deaths.

This was followed by respiratory diseases (coronavirus cause them, but not for a given period because it did not exist then) with 6.5 million deaths, AIDS with 942,000 casualties, malaria with 620,000 people dead, and seasonal influenza with between 290,000 and 650,000 who have passed away.

All these diseases can arise from different situations. For example, they can be inherited, but also the way of life greatly influences the occurrence of the listed causes of death. Some of the factors are high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity and even air pollution.

What is particularly interesting are some other causes of mortality that aren’t diseases at all. For example, traffic accidents are highly placed on the death cause scale, with 1.24 million people dead in a given period. But even more interesting is the fact that in 2017, nearly 800,000 people committed suicide, and to this number can be added the killings of which there were approximately 464,000 in the world. So, the coronavirus isn’t really close to this data, which is really shocking. However, we don’t need to spread the infection or risk unnecessarily. It is important to follow all the preventive instructions of competent people and everything will be fine.

Why Is Cremation Jewelry Becoming So Popular

Facing a loss of a family member, your friend or even your pet is one of the hardest things in everyone’s life, and it takes time to heal the wounds. Taking this into consideration, we all search for ways to keep our memory of them and thus always feel their presence around. Now, if the wish of your loved one was to be buried then visiting the grave place few times a month is something that will mean to you, but on the other hand, if your loved one was cremated then you have the option to keep the ashes and always have their presence around you.

Although a traditional way of keeping the ashes is in a cremation vase, nowadays a thing called cremation jewelry has become quite popular. People are interested in the idea of being able to carry someone’s remains close to the heart, in the form of beautiful and high-quality jewelry. Taking this in consideration there are a lot of online manufactures offering you a different type of cremation jewelry – and most you can even customize up to your needs (engravings, etc.).

Let’s take a look at what the cremation jewelry is all about, and what are your options!

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The Benefits Of Wearing Cremation Jewelry

  1. First of all, you could ask for basically any kind of jewelry (a ring, a pooch, a necklace) and if you already have a family jewelry piece, it can be redesigned into a cremation one and thus carry even more significance. Taking into consideration that this jewelry piece might be given from one generation to another the ability to add sentimental value to it is a huge benefit.
  2. Along with that, the design of cremation jewelry just beats everything else – the handcrafting experts have outdone themselves, and now the cremation jewelry pieces are some of the most beautiful out there! You are the one to decide how and what would you like.
  3. Most of the cremation jewelry is made to last, with materials such as quality glass, marble, gold, and silver are among the common ones. Some people even ask for gemstones to be added, and that can be done without an issue.
  4. The Presence. The fact that the remains of your loved one will be right next to your heart really means a lot to people, and as it is in the form of beautiful jewelry you won’t have a problem carrying it even to the formal and celebration events!
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Where To Buy Cremation Jewelry

Though there may be jewelry shops offering cremation jewelry in your area our suggestion is to visit some of the online ones and make your offer. Among all – seems one of the best, and that for a few reasons. First of all, the expert making all your jewelry has 20 years of experience in the industry of glass jewelry using the high-quality borosilicate glass to make it. He creates beautiful glass pendants and marble necklace spirals that will catch an eye of any beholder. You can choose out of the already offered products that feature custom designs with forest, ruby, cobalt teardrops or beautiful paw prints in case your pet has passed away. And the marble spirals are beautiful as well – to store or carry as a cremation necklace. In case you are not satisfied with the given product this company will offer you a full refund or exchange the product, leaving both sides happy. Check it out to fall in love with one of the pieces!


At the end it is your choice – some like the idea of cremation jewelry and some think it doesn’t have a point. Still, in case you decide to go for some of the beautiful jewelry pieces the above-mentioned shop is there to make you feel comfy and fulfill all your needs!

Benito Mussolini’s Death – Mussolini Was Executed In 1945

Benito Mussolini was executed on April 28th, 1945, together with his mistress Clara Petacci. They were killed by the partisans while trying to flee Italy. At that time in the war, the Allies have entered the Boot and were heading north from Sicily. For Mussolini’s Italy that was a signal that fascist regime has come to an end.

His last attempt to rally the troops occurred on July 24, 1943. At a Grand Council, Benito Mussolini held a two-hour speech fueled with a passion for trying to provoke fighting spirit in hearts of his comrades. But, he failed, as the council decided that the best way to pursue action was through a peace treaty with Allies. By a 19–8 margin vote, the Council voted to give back constitutional powers to King Victor Emmanuel III, effectively removing Mussolini from power. Even his son-in-law Galeazzo Ciano voted against him. He tried to shrug it off by coming to work the next day as if nothing happened, only to be summoned to the royal palace.

Benito Mussolini


One day after the Council meeting, Italian King Victor Emmanuel III, relived Mussolini from his duty declaring: “At this moment you are the most hated man in Italy.” Shortly after that Benito was arrested and imprisoned. Entire Italy celebrated and Italians soon joined the allied forces. This happened on September 8th. The country wanted to remain neutral for the remainder of the war, but Winston Churchill demanded that Italian troops aid Allies in the fight with the Germans. He said that that’s the only way for them to have a “passage back.” On October 13th, partially unwillingly, Italy declared war on Germany. Third Reich responded by capturing Italians and sending them to concentration camps. The persecution of Italian Jews started at the same time.

Benito Mussolini

The daring rescue

Mussolini was rescued from his mountain prison by German SS paratroopers who consequentially transported him to Germany. There he met with Hitler, who set up Mussolini as the head of a republic in the north part of Italy which was occupied by Germany.

Although the credit for his rescue is often given to Hitler’s favorite commando, Otto Scorzeny, his SS team of 26 men was just a small part of Gran Sasso raid or Operation Eiche, as it was called. The majority of the assault group was compromised of Fallschirmjäger, or German paratroopers. The raid commander was Major Otto-Harald Mors, acting on direct orders from Hitler himself.

At first, Mussolini objected to Hitler’s idea of creating a new state and continuing the war, citing exhaustion of Italian people and huge casualties among the civilian population. Hitler then threatened him with the complete destruction of several Italian cities and Il Duce caved in. The Italian Social Republic was created in 1943, with Mussolini as head of state. The newly formed republic depended on Germany for everything, from money to weapons. Its armed forces nominally fought against the Allies, but apart from few hard-core fascist units, its soldiers were largely demoralized and either surrendered or deserted in droves.

Mussolini spent the last year of his life writing his memoirs, resigned to the fact that the war is lost and that his personal future is grim. In an interview with Madeleine Mollier in January 1945, he said: “Seven years ago, I was an interesting person. Now, I am little more than a corpse. Yes, madam, I am finished. My star has fallen. I have no fight left in me. I work and I try, yet know that all is but a farce… I await the end of the tragedy and – strangely detached from everything – I do not feel any more an actor. I feel I am the last of spectators.”

Benito Mussolini

The execution of Benito Mussolini

The end for Benito Mussolini cam in April of 1945 when Allies reached North Italy. Running in front of evading force, Mussolini planned to cross the Swiss border accompanied by his mistress Clara and a couple of loyal followers. He was stopped by partisans on April 26th, despite his attempts to pass as a Luftwaffe pilot.

On April 28th, the car in which he was transported to Milan was stopped. Both Mussolini and Clara Petacci were escorted out and set up against a wall. It was then that partisans passed the death sentence and Petacci hugged Benito and screamed: “No, he mustn’t die.” She was immediately shot. After this Mussolini opened his jacket, fell to his knees and said: “Shoot me in the chest!” His executioner, a communist partisan called Walter Audisio, granted Mussolini’s last request. After the first bullet, he was still alive, but another one followed to finish the job. Their bodies were loaded into a van, and transported to Milan.

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At Milan, their bodies were brought to Piazzale Loreto where many partisans were executed a year before. Their corpses were beaten up, urinated on, only to be left to hang upside down. Pettaci had not been wearing underwear, so her skirt was rearranged to cover her intimate parts by courtesy of a couple of old women. The large crowd was around their bodies for hours trying to get a good look at the scene. People wanted to be sure that Benito Mussolini, the dictator of Italy for 23 years, is finally dead.

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Mussolini’s Grave

Mussolini’s Tomb – 80,000 to 100,000 visitors come to pay tribute to one of the worst dictators in history – Source: