David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham Are Upgrading Their Mansion

The couple has started planning the construction of an addition to their Cotswolds’ mansion for their famous friends.


The additional house will be on their property in Oxfordshire where the Beckhams have been quarantining with their children. The countryside mansion in Cotswolds’ has a worth of over 6 million pounds. Reportedly, the detached building is meant to be used by their friends and family when they visit.

The building is going to be Beckhams interpretation of a granny house, and there are big and glamorous plans for it. Sources say that it will be built with the identical materials that were used for the main part of the property, so that it will all come together in the same building style.

David Beckham Hiding Baldness

Former English football star David Beckham is considered by many to be one of the most attractive men. It would seem that time has finally caught up with him and David is experienced similar issues like millions of men across the globe.

Some of his recent photos have revealed a thinning scalp. He usually makes it a rule to never publish a photo without a hat on his head, but the one from a grocery run somehow made it past the censors.


Rumors have it that he underwent a hair transplant procedure in 2018, but experts don’t believe that.

“Despite speculation, we’ve never been convinced David Beckham has had a hair transplant… The photos show a fast reversal in his hair growth from last year. That isn’t typical of a person who has had a hair transplant. It could be that David has paused a medical hair program involving medications and laser treatment. His hair would then revert to its genetic pattern until he recommenced the treatment,” says Craig Henton, owner of Cheshire’s MHR Clinic.


It is kind of ironic that Beckham, who popularized one of the most widely accepted male hairstyles in history, would lose his hair. It just goes to prove that Father Time comes for us all.

10 Most Handsome Men in the World

Who’s the most handsome man in the world? A research done in the United Kingdom listed the 10 most perfect men in the world… And the results might surprise you!

10. Ryan Gosling


The actor is 87,48% symmetrical and is in 10th place.

9. Kanye West


Kanye West is in 9th. Kim Kardashian’s husband is 87,94% symmetrical.

8. Idris Alba


Idris Elba was named the sexiest man alive in 2018, and he only got 8th place… The actor is 88,01% proportional.

7. David Beckham


The former soccer player is in 7th place, with 88,96% symmetry.

6. Hugh Jackman


The eternal Wolverine got 6th place, with an 89,64% of perfect proportions.

5. George Clooney


At 58, the star is in 5th place, with 89,91%.

4. Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt, the 4th man with the most perfect face in the world, is also in his fifties…

He got 90,51% of facial symmetry.

3. Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper, with a 91,08% of facial proportion, got 3rd place.

2. Henry Cavill


The hunk got 91,64% and won the silver medal.

1. Robert Pattinson


The new Batman was considered the man with the most perfect face in the world. His face is 92,15% symmetrical. Who reached that conclusion? The research was made by the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery in London.

The technique used is known as the “Golden Ratio of Phi.” Through computerized mapping, a face’s perfection is determined… So it has more to do with numbers and proportions than personal taste. Do you agree with this list?

Easter Eggs that Look Like Celebrities

Easter is close, and people are always finding new ways to enjoy and celebrate during this great holiday. While a lot of places are being decorated with all those eggs and bunnies, it is also popular to include celebrities in this celebration.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Easter is to decorate the eggs with various combinations. Designing them to look like some of the celebrities is also very interesting, and here we can see some of the best creations.


For example, the Beatles, Easter Egg version, where we also have small guitars and stage along with all of the members. Michael Jackson was also shown on one of the eggs, and that honor also belongs to popular British football player David Beckham.

Furthermore, many other creations represent celebrities and important people from the world, like Barack Obama, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, or pop icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears.


We can also see Easter eggs painted to represent popular characters from movies, like the Joker, Scarface, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars characters like Chewbacca and Yoda, the Simpsons, and many more.


Beckham Family’s Penthouse in Miami

David Beckham is not only a spouse of Victoria Beckham and a father to Cruz, Brooklyn, Harper, and Romeo, he is also a legendary footballer who is now a co-owner of Miami-based club Inter Miami. So, it makes perfect sense that the Beckham family has a home in Miami, even though they already have some exceptional properties in the Cotswolds and in London, the capital of the UK. If what we have heard is true, their apartment in Miami is simply going to blow your mind. Their penthouse is a part of a 7-star resort, which is known as One Thousand Museum. It has 62 floors and more than 100 tenants. Apartments in this building cost between $6 and $555 million. However, it is widely believed that the family owns the most expensive one. Take a look at some of the photos.


During the designing process of the building, the intention of the builders was that building has features typical for a 7-star hotel. These features include a treatment spa, a juice and acai bar, pool and bar, a beauty and hair salon, etc.


Every room in every apartment, from the kitchen to the dining room has its own window floor-to-ceiling concept that provides an exceptional view of the Miami landscape. Bedrooms feature extra-large beds and a modern décor theme. Moreover, it has some impressive chandeliers and futuristic furniture. At the same time, every one of these penthouses has its own rooftop pool.


All of the residents have their own gym that features all essential machines. In the living rooms, the furniture is inspired by and reflects the retro feel of Florida and Miami. Moreover, every room in the apartment has wall partitions instead of doors. Furthermore, every tenant has an additional living area within an apartment.


This building was designed by Zaha Hadid, a renowned architect and it is the only residential building in all of Miami that has a helipad, which is located just above the penthouse believed to be owned by Beckham Family.

Justin Bieber Scaring David Beckham is the Best Thing Ever!

On Wednesday, David Beckham became part of Ellen DeGeneres‘ Scare Hall. Ellen really outdid herself this time.

The two were talking about him bringing his kids to trick-or-treat at Justin Bieber‘s house on Halloween. He had no idea that the singer was waiting to scare him.


“We all follow Justin on Instagram, of course,” David began. “And we’re all fans, and we all love him. And it’s coming to the end of our night of trick-or-treating. The kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed themselves a lot. And on the way back, Romeo turns around to me, and he said, ‘Justin’s…giving snow cones away….’ So, I DM’ed him and he got back within, like, seconds…so we went straight ’round there. We turned up. And, yeah, we all got snow cones”, David shared.

After he told the story, Bieber suddenly jumped out from the coffee table, and the athlete screamed loudly.

Later he laughed and hugged his friend, who apologized for scaring him.

7 athletes and their aircrafts


There are some athletes that have made so great a career that they have actually succeeded to make a fortune, which they used to make their lives easier. Some earned so much that they have decided to buy some aircraft and thus make all destinations closer. Let’s see who bought why and why.

7. Kobe Bryant and his chopper

Img source: ESPN.com

LA can sometimes be a very crowded place and this sometimes can mean that you will not get to your destination on time. This applies to all people in LA and thus to Kobe Bryant as well. In order to solve this “problem” and to be wherever he wants without delay, this basketball legend decided to buy a helicopter. He sued this chopper for all types of travels from his home in Orange County.

6. David Beckham’s Bombardier Learjet 70

Img source: luxurylaunches.com/

He is not only known one of the legends of the English football and a man who has left his mark on the football not only in Manchester UTD, England national team but also all over the globe. He is also recognized as being one of the most stylish and modern athletes in the world. In order to make all the destinations in the world closer, he decided to purchase Bombardier Learjet 70, a very fast plane that needs a short runway.

5. Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200

Img source: dreamteamfc.com

He is most definitely one of the athletes that have cashed in his qualities and talent best. He does not have enormous amounts of money, he also has an impeccable taste and likes stylish and luxurious things. This was the reason why he decided to buy Gulfstream G200 for 21 million USD. The plane has the capacity for ten passengers, Wi-Fi, phone, microwave, and entertainment system.

4. Tiger Woods’ Gulfstream G550


The best and most popular golfer of all time. He made a fortune by playing golf and making endorsement deals. He is also one of the best-played athletes in the world. He owns Gulfstream G550, an airplane ideal for long journeys.

3. Tom Brady – Gulfstream G550


He is one more owner of Gulfstream G550, as we said, this is an ideal place if you want to embark on longer destinations. We should also mention that Tom is one of the most popular quarterbacks of all time and that he has a very good career and contracts that brought a lot of money.

2. Michael Jordan and Gulfstream G450

Img source: luxurylaunches.com

He has made a deep mark in the history of basketball and sometimes cannot even think about this sport without connecting it to him. He was one of the best and he earned as one of the best. He decided to buy Gulfstream G450, the plane that has his brand logo on the tail.

1. Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr. – Gulfstream G550

Img source: dailymail.co.uk

He is one of the most perspective boxers of our time, and he has so much money that he decided to actually have two planes, both having the purpose to provide maximum comfort and pleasure.

Pacific Islands rugby soon to be promoted by a famous movie star?

Remember when David Beckham started playing in the MLS and got an idea to create the Inter Miami franchise? It didn’t take much for the MLS to find Beckham’s advocacy very profitable for the League. What David Beckham had done for MLS, the similar could be done by Dwayne The Rock Johnson for Super Rugby, according to business consultant Simon Anderson.

Anderson, who has done the university thesis on international administration in rugby and runs a consulting business in Auckland, is a great supporter of establishing the Pacific Islands rugby franchise. He claims this franchise could be the necessary addition to the Super Rugby league and that the major action movies star of Samoan origin could be the key factor to gather public attention to this cause and help SANZAR and Super Rugby expand and be sustainable.


The famous actor known for blockbusters “Skyscraper,” “Baywatch,” “Fast and furious” was born in California but lived in New Zealand as a child. His mother’s family lives in Grey Lynn, Auckland where Johnson attended Richmond Road Primary school. Before he became an actor, he had a successful wrestling career, and prior to that, he played American football for the University of Miami. He even tried playing rugby, which he described as “one of the toughest sports ever played.” All of this makes Johnson a great choice to be a promoter of Pacific Islands rugby team.

Although he doesn’t have a commercial role in this project, Anderson has created a website “Future of Super Rugby” where he presented a video with his explanations and suggestions. He also hopes that fans and supporters of this idea will draw Dwayne in this discussion by tagging him on the social media and maybe get him and SANZAR to collaborate on establishing and promoting the Pacific Islands rugby franchise.