David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham Are Upgrading Their Mansion

The couple has started planning the construction of an addition to their Cotswolds’ mansion for their famous friends. The additional house will be on their property in Oxfordshire where the Beckhams have been quarantining with their children. The countryside mansion in Cotswolds’ has a worth of over 6 million pounds. Reportedly, the detached building is

David Beckham Hiding Baldness

Former English football star David Beckham is considered by many to be one of the most attractive men. It would seem that time has finally caught up with him and David is experienced similar issues like millions of men across the globe. Some of his recent photos have revealed a thinning scalp. He usually makes

10 Most Handsome Men in the World

Who’s the most handsome man in the world? A research done in the United Kingdom listed the 10 most perfect men in the world… And the results might surprise you! 10. Ryan Gosling The actor is 87,48% symmetrical and is in 10th place. 9. Kanye West Kanye West is in 9th. Kim Kardashian’s husband is

Easter Eggs that Look Like Celebrities

Easter is close, and people are always finding new ways to enjoy and celebrate during this great holiday. While a lot of places are being decorated with all those eggs and bunnies, it is also popular to include celebrities in this celebration. One of the most popular ways to celebrate Easter is to decorate the

Beckham Family’s Penthouse in Miami

David Beckham is not only a spouse of Victoria Beckham and a father to Cruz, Brooklyn, Harper, and Romeo, he is also a legendary footballer who is now a co-owner of Miami-based club Inter Miami. So, it makes perfect sense that the Beckham family has a home in Miami, even though they already have some

Justin Bieber Scaring David Beckham is the Best Thing Ever!

On Wednesday, David Beckham became part of Ellen DeGeneres‘ Scare Hall. Ellen really outdid herself this time. The two were talking about him bringing his kids to trick-or-treat at Justin Bieber‘s house on Halloween. He had no idea that the singer was waiting to scare him. “We all follow Justin on Instagram, of course,” David

7 athletes and their aircrafts


There are some athletes that have made so great a career that they have actually succeeded to make a fortune, which they used to make their lives easier. Some earned so much that they have decided to buy some aircraft and thus make all destinations closer. Let’s see who bought why and why. 7. Kobe

Pacific Islands rugby soon to be promoted by a famous movie star?

Remember when David Beckham started playing in the MLS and got an idea to create the Inter Miami franchise? It didn’t take much for the MLS to find Beckham’s advocacy very profitable for the League. What David Beckham had done for MLS, the similar could be done by Dwayne The Rock Johnson for Super Rugby,