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NFL- Kicking Situations In 2019 Season – From Best To Worst

Well, this is one of the most expected sport events in North America. It is among the “Big Four” North American Professional Sports Leagues (MLB- Major League Baseball, NBA- National Basketball Association, and NHL- National Hockey League).
This article will show you how NFL players were ranked in terms of the kicking situations they created in the 2019 NFL season. The following list will come from the most impressive to the least.
So. What are you waiting for? Let the game begin.

Kicking Situations – From Best To Worst

In the 2019 NFL season, some players have shown their superiority by giving the balls such astonishing kicks, contributing to their teams’ victories. On the contrary, some teams had injuries, failures, or something “cursed.”
Let’s get into it to find out.

Absolutely Nothing To Worry About

In the 2019 season, the thirty-year-old Baltimore Ravens player had a perfect performance- 10-of-10 on field goals and 15-of-15 on extra points.
Despite having made an unbelievable 50-yard field goal, he was the only one perfect enough among kickers.
Although there were many teams whose players had not missed yet, anything could happen. Anyway, Justin Tucker, given what he had performed in the 2019 season, should be noted as the most successful placekicker of all time.
Tucker is on the top of the all-time career field-goal percentage by nearly three full percentage points. ( 90.48 percent while the second-place belongs to Will Lutz with 87.5.)

So Far, So Good

Jake Elliott Of Philadelphia Eagles

Josh Lambo Of Jacksonville Jaguars

Chris Boswell Of Pittsburgh Steelers

All kickers in this list have successfully kept a 100% accuracy on both field goals and extra points in the 2019 season. Once again, they proved that they were the core of the team- something can not be missed. That is why their contracts with the teams seem to be longer.

The Best Of The Next

Dan Bailey Of Minnesota Vikings
Wil Lutz Of New Orleans Saints
Harrison Butker Of Kansas City Chiefs

The reasons these guys are below Boswell, Elliott, and Lamb is because they have failed some kicks in the 2019 season, but in return, they have striking backgrounds.
Firstly, Lutz and Butker share one thing in common- youth (Butker is only in his third NFL season while Lutz is in his fourth), and both of them perform excellently to date.
That is why they are called into the team a lot as the productivity of their respective offences.
Bailey, who has more experience playing in the NFL than the previous players, ranks sixth on the all-time field goal accuracy list. And little do we know why he struggled when signing with Minnesota in 2018. Such a bummer for Minnesota!
In the 2019 season, Bailey succeeded seven out of eight tries and seemed to have ironed out his kinks.


These guys on the list below were all doing OK in the 2019 season.

Mason Crosby Playing For Green Bay Packers
Brandon Mcmanus Of Denver Broncos
Dustin Hopkins Of Washington
Aldrick Rosas Of New York Giants
Come-on! You Guys Can Do Better

Robbie Gould Played For San Francisco 49ers

When we first drafted this list, Robbie Gould ranked second based on how accurate his kicks were. However, after the shocking results of all games in the season, he came to this list.

Gould had struggled with a headstart in the 2019 season after completing the 2018 season as the most accurate kicker in the league. Specifically, in his first six contests, he failed seven kicks (12-for-19), and then in Week 9, he got injured.

Greg Zuerlein Of Los Angeles Rams

Zuerlein has long been seen as one of the best kickers in the league, having the nicknames “Legatron,” and “Greg the Leg.”
This 2019 season, he has been through many ups and downs, though, failing half of his attempts from 40 to 49 yards, such as a potentially game-winner victory against the Seahawks.

Old Age Matters

Matt Bryant, Atlanta Falcons

In the 2016 season, at the age of 41, he claimed his first Pro Bowl; two years later, he hit 95.1 percent of his field-goal attempts at age 43.
But with a hamstring injury in 2018, three are the number of missed games that Bryant did not expect.
Bryant- a bald man with a grey beard, has missed two out of the six goals he had attempted – something more than what he failed in 2018. So, the old age truly affected Matt Bryant’s performance.

Don’t You See The Big Yellow Tuning Fork?

Jason Sanders Of Miami Dolphins

In the 2019 season, Jason Sanders has missed three kicks(4-of-7) and has already failed even more of all the field-goal kicks in the last season.
Sanders would be smart to flub if he had another chance for a game-winner; however, Miami didn’t exchange all of its great players for some kickers who bring the team 1-15.

Brett Maher Of Dallas Cowboys

In September 2018, the Dallas Cowboys made a bold move when it sacked Dan Bailey out of the team to recruit a rookie- Brett Maher.
While he scored no rouges as a rookie, what Maher performed in 2018 was acceptable while Bailey, who was in Minnesota, struggled for a place. Well, that seems Dallas’s decision looked OK.
However, Maher version 2019 was not going great. Thirty-six yards is his long field-goal kick on the season since he has flopped both 40 yards or longer. Moreover, another shocking accident came to Maher when he missed a 33-yarder, bringing a 34-24 loss for the team.


You have got plenty of the”Big Four” information after reading our article. Hopefully, it has provided you with a glimpse of some noticeable kicking situations in the 2019 NFL season.
Although there were well-performed players and unstable ones as well, the performance of the NFL players might change in an inverted direction. If you want to follow upcoming season, visit here.

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Ezekiel Elliott’s Net Worth 2018 and Much More

Ezekiel Elliott is one of the biggest names and most feared offensive weapons in the NFL. He is the star of the Dallas Cowboys and probably one of the superstars of his generation. In fact, in his first season as a pro, he rushed for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns. This earned him a Pro Bowl, All-Pro honors and powered his team to the playoffs. So, here is everything you need to know about one of the faces of the historic Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Early Life and Career


Ezekiel Elijah Elliott was born on July 22, 1995, in Alton, Illinois. He was born in a family of athletes and is the son of Dawn Huff and Stacy Elliott. His mother took part in three sports and was a high school state champion, while his father played college football with the Missouri Tigers football team of the University of Missouri as a linebacker. What’s more, his maternal grandfather played basketball for Drake University. Elliott has two sisters, Aaliyah and Lailah.

Elliott attended the John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri. There he used to play baseball, football, and basketball. He also played in the John Burroughs Bombers football team which played in three championship games. During that time, he was named the St. Louis Post-Dispatch offensive player of the year 2012.

He enrolled in the Ohio State University in 2013 to study marketing and finished his studies in 2015. Since the beginning of his college years, Elliot rushed 262 yards on 30 carries and secured two touchdowns in the season as a backup to first-team pick Carlos Hyde. After Hyde departed, Elliot became a starter and rushed recorded 246 yards on 36 carries with four touchdowns.

On May 18, 2016, Elliot signed a $24.9 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. He has been part of the team since then.



Elliot’s four-year contract was worth $24,956,341 with a fully guaranteed $24,956,341. The contracts included a $16,350,066 signing bonus. Back in 2016, he got $450,000 while his base salary grew over the years. Hence, his base salary was $1,584,379 in 2017, $2,718,859 in 2018 and it is expected to be $3,853,137 in 2019.

Nevertheless, he was banned for the opening six games of the 2017 NFL season and thus, his salary suffered. The league office conducted an investigation because Elliot was accused of domestic violence. The six games suspension allegedly cost him just over $1.4 million.

Ezekiel Elliott’s Net Worth 2018


Elliott’s net worth is reported to stand at around $12 million. Besides earning from his salary, he also earns from marketing. In fact, he is considered to be one of the most marketable figures in the sport. In the period between March 2016 to February 2017, he was on the top of the list of merchandise sales amongst all players in his rookie year.



During the 2016 season, Elliott led the NFL in rushing yards with a huge 1,631 figure. Then, he averaged 108.7 yards per game at an average of 5.1 yards per carrying. In 2017, besides the setback, he nearly hit 1,000 yards. When he was a college student at the Ohio State University, Elliot rushed 3,961 yards and 43 touchdowns on the ground.

Just in the first two NFL seasons, Elliot caught 58 passes for 632 yards and 3 touchdowns. As a result, he is famous for his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. His ability has been widely included in his team’s game plan for 2018.

Love Life


Elliott’s current status is single. However, he hasn’t been totally void of love. He used to date Tiffany Thompson, who works at a nightclub in Ohio. Nevertheless, the relationship wasn’t only unsuccessful, but he was also accused of being violent. As a result, Elliot was put under an investigation by the BFL and missed the first six games at the beginning of the 2017 season.

Even though Elliot appealed numerous times against the ban, it was unsuccessful. After this incident, he has kept a low profile regarding his love life. Recently, he has been linked to a girl called Halle Woodard but no news has been heard since 2017.