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5 Primary Threats to Your Identity, From Cyber to The Existential

As the digital world rapidly grows in this new technological era, we cannot expect only the advantages that it can provide humans but also the disadvantages. One of the significant obstacles that we often come across in the online world is the constant fear of risks to our identities through the hands of other people like cyber-criminals, hackers, or crackers. This is known as cyber-crime. This lack of cyber-security is what causes an existential risk to many online users on the web.

With the rapid rise in the number of users on social media like Facebook or Twitter, cyber-crime is now more than ever a threat to the ordinary people. Since nowadays the use of the online world is a leisure activity carried out by thousands of people to escape reality, without knowing much about the consequences or threats regarding their identities, that lie deep for them in the digital world.

CyberSmart has compiled below 5 threats to your identity that will leave you wholly shaken if not dealt with severely:

1. Trojan Horse

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Trojan horse is a threat which is in the form of software. Although this works as an essential software, the primary purpose of this malware is to sneak into your system and steal away and ruin your device’s inner functionalities. This way, the hacker can quickly snatch away your information and become a significant risk to your identity without your consent.
Getting cyber essentials certification can help you keep your identities secret.

2. Denial-of-Service

Denial-of-Service (DoS) is a computerized threat made by the hacker in such a way that it sends a countless number of spam or data that is a waste and that can threaten your identity quite quickly and efficiently. This is typically done in the case of companies or large organizations having large servers. Once the thief gets his hands on this, the information of hundreds and thousands of users will be exposed.  Cyber essentials services will help you fight DoS crimes.

3. Phishing

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Phishing is a threat which works just like Fishing for humans. Phishing is a fraud in which the system attacked is tricked in such a way that the user is lured into opening personal sites such as emails. Once the individual sites have opened a cyber-criminal can without any difficulty get access to the victim’s data and information.

4. Password Attack

The password attack is a computerized risk in which a cyber-criminal can work his way inside your accounts through accessing your password by using a sequence of instructions through which he attempts multiple tries of passwords until the right one is obtained. This results in an illegal control over an account.

5. Man-in-the-Middle

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As the name very obviously implies that something is coming in the way between two mediums; an intruder. Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) is the intruder. This cyber-risk is an attack that takes place when a transmission is underway between two parties, for example, a user is transmitting data to another party, but Man-in-the-Middle intervenes and spoils the data being transmitted without anyone’s knowledge.

There are uncountable of these risks lurking around in the online personal world of the users. To tackle this significant issue, UK has a policy known as the Cyber Essentials headed by National Cyber Security Center to attain security and safety for online users against the cyber-crimes which are far greater threats to your identities than you can imagine. This policy ensures protection to a greater extent. The country orders every institute to implement Cyber Essentials since it provides a vital source of protection from the threats to its people’s identities and from preventing existential crisis to take place in the people’s minds.

Is America doing enough to protect itself from cyber-attacks?


The political world is an ever-evolving beast that can see new threats or issues crop up regularly. Within the politics of any one country, foreign affairs is always an area in which this is felt keenly. This is especially true for a superpower such as America, which has allies to foster close links with around the globe but also enemies.

It is the enemies that naturally take up the most column inches in the media and also the most time within the White House. As these can represent an actual threat to America in both physical and economic terms, the foreign secretary will spend a lot of time outlining policy for these nations with the president. One big threat that America is certainly having to factor in here is cyber-attacks. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for countries hostile to the US to try to breach its defenses and cause it harm.

Russia and US relations key

To say that relations between the US and Russia have been shaky for a long time now is somewhat of an understatement. Although the period after the Cold War ended seemed to bring both nations closer, this has now been reversed under Vladimir Putin.

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Russia now is well-known for using cyber-attacks on other nations, and the US is reported as one victim of this tactic. During the 2018 midterm elections, for example, US sources revealed that internet access had been denied to a Russian company called the Internet Research Agency. This was the same company that had been suspected of committing a cybercrime against the US in the 2016 presidential election.

This situation shows just how common cyber-attacks are becoming as a tool that other nations will use against America. It is in many ways a simple update of the Cold War for the 21st century but with no physical agents having to be risked. Many believe that one way of combating this is to involve more foreign policy experts on Russia to help. Angela Stent is one well-respected expert on Russian-American relations and someone who many believe could provide the advice needed. By involving people like her, America could well head off any future Russian cyber-attacks and have more knowledge on how relations could be improved between the two.

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Cyber-attacks from Russia, not the only issue

Russia is not the only nation that is beginning to use cybercrime against nations such as the US to get the sensitive information it wants. China is also very active in this area and is another nation that America needs to be very careful of in terms of protecting its IT infrastructure. Of course, the burning question for many Americans is whether the US is doing enough to stop Russian and Chinese cybercrime.

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More urgency needed from policymakers

While steps are being taken to deal with cyber-attacks on American networks and systems, many feel that the policymakers in Government are being too slow to react. As the cybercrimes that are being targeted against the US become ever more sophisticated, many fear that not enough is being done now by those in power to head them off. It would seem that the US could be doing more in terms of the policy to fight this kind of crime from outside its borders. It is apparent that nations such as Russia have made cyber warfare a key tenant of their foreign policy – maybe America should make cyber-defense a key part of theirs?

More vigilance is needed

Many people involved in this area also feel that America is not showing enough vigilance around cyber-attacks. This is not only in terms of government policy but also how the average citizen feels around cyber-attacks from external nations. The potential that these have to impact negatively on everyday life is immense and something that does not seem to be on a lot of people’s agendas. Many cyber experts feel that more awareness should be raised of how critical this issue is, and people should start to be much more vigilant around cyber-attacks in their workplace or home.

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Could more resources be put into fighting cyber-attacks?

When it comes down to staying safe from cyber-attacks on American systems or businesses, a lot comes down to resources. If the American Government is serious about stopping this kind of threat, then it must put more resources into training people to fight it online and developing more robust systems to protect the US IT infrastructure. By doing this, it will give the cyber-defense sector in the US the money and people it needs to properly see off any external threat.

America could step it up

Since the scandal around the 2016 US presidential election, cyber-attacks have certainly been higher on people’s agendas in Washington. The main question is whether it is high enough and enough is being done to really keep America safe into the future. While there have been steps made towards this, many believe that more could be done to keep the US safe from digital attacks.

What Is So Important About Online Security

Now, the internet has become a staple in the life of us all and it is hard to imagine doing daily tasks without the use of it. It can be seen as a major marketplace, probably the largest source of information and a great platform for free communication all over the world. And you know what? Now you can go ahead and earn quite a good amount of money without leaving the comfort of your home. Yes, by becoming a blog writer or a social media star you will get the possibility to do that.

Still, the internet is not without its cons and we have to be really conscious about how we use it. While it opens a whole new world and a variety of options in most of the cases you are putting your private info and personality at risk. And that is why online security is so important. In the times we are living in everyone is a potential target – whether you are running a business or you are a random individual scrolling down the internet pages your private info can be stolen and misused. By complying with the rules of internet security you are saving yourself from such an outcome.

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Why Is Internet Security A Must

1. First and foremost, online security keeps your private info safe and confidential. If there was no online security you would be at risk of becoming a fraud victim. Now, while some internet attackers may steal your info for the purpose of internet marketing others can go as far as using your identity and that is nothing something you want to allow. This is especially important if you are running an online company as your confidential business secrets and methods could be revealed.

2. A service such as ID verification online is a great one in preventing identity theft. As mentioned above it is one of the most hazardous consequences of internet use and something you need to secure yourself from. If someone gets hold of your credit card or private information they can potentially cause big damage, and it could take a lot of time and energy to fix everything once that is done. That is why prevention is the key, and service such as ID verification online will allow you to do so.


3. Apart from your private info, your computer is at stake as well. If you allow dangerous malware such as Trojan or other malicious software to enter your computer you can very well lose it and have to pay at least a few hundred dollars for its repair or a new PC. Keep away from suspicious and unsecured websites.

4. Last but not least is the fact that you are at constant risk of data theft. Chances are your computer holds a lot of documents, photos, videos that are either private content or relating your business and it is something that you don’t want to share with everyone. Now, if a malware software enters your system you are in trouble. Data theft certainly is one of the most common and most dangerous cyber attacks out there – in most of the cases the attacker later sells or distributes the acquired data which includes trade secrets, private content, business strategies, etc.

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The risks of the internet are pretty clear but your question might be – well how can I protect myself? There are two things that will assure that you are as safe as you can be – first and foremost find and install a good Antivirus software that will be running 24/7, and keep away from suspicious websites especially those blacklisted by your firewall. And yes, don’t give your private info out unless it is necessary!

The Dangers Of Data Breach And Why You Have To Prevent It

Now, the internet has been around for more than a few decades and has had an immense influence on our society. And though it can provide you with numerous options and benefits when used the right way, it puts people and personal information at risk as well. Cyber attacks and malware websites are a common thing, and you have to be really careful when searching for content through untrusted websites and engines. Along with that, with online shopping becoming a trend people leave their personal information in the process of placing an order and if a data breach occurs then that personal information can be stolen and sold to a third party.

In the past few years, there have been numerous cases of cyber attacks and data breach which imply that companies should take it as a serious problem and prevent possible breaches with relevant security systems. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all the dangers of leaving this problem unattended.

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EE Data Breach Lead To Stalking

Now, did you know that EE data breach led to stalking? Famous care from a few months ago was when an EE customer got her personal information stolen which eventually led to stalking. This was performed by her ex-parent and an employee in the firm, who had access to all the relevant data without official permission and had used it to abuse and stalk Francesca Bonafede. As the company didn’t take the case seriously, police were involved in solving the case. Certain studies suggest that employees are responsible for at least 25% of data breach cases and that this is something to think about. For concerned EE customers see contact telephone numbers listed here.

Why Is Data Breach So Dangerous

Let’s take a look at how can a data breach affect one company and its customers if left unattended:

1. Well first and foremost if you allow poor data management, and don’t invest in a good security system you are at risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. And the bigger your business is the bigger the risk.

2. Now, on the other hand, and relevant to the case mentioned above, allowing data breach may affect both your employee’s personal data and customers personal data as well. That’s why it is essential to have good data management figured out that will prevent any kind of misuse and abuse of data access.

3. Data breaches are usually a part of a DDoS attack that could cause your whole platform to fall, which can in term lead to huge financial consequences and maybe even closing down your business.

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4. If you are not following strict regulations considering data management and breach preventing you might be breaking the law in which case you are eligible for paying certain fines. And let’s not forget – allowing a data breach can end up in your trade secrets or intellectual property being released and stolen. So apart from all the cyber damage that a data breach can make it can result in a physical loss as well.

5.Last but not least being cyber attacked and allowing a data breach may result in the loss of your reputation. The cases of this kind usually end up going public, which will in terms mean that your brand will not remain trusty and people are going to move forward and look for relevant alternatives in your niche!


Data breach is a scary thing – it can result in huge financial consequences and on the other hand both your employee’s and customer’s personal info is at risk. That is why investing in good data management and security system is a must and something that should always be on the top of your priority list!