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5 Primary Threats to Your Identity, From Cyber to The Existential

As the digital world rapidly grows in this new technological era, we cannot expect only the advantages that it can provide humans but also the disadvantages. One of the significant obstacles that we often come across in the online world is the constant fear of risks to our identities through the hands of other people

What Is So Important About Online Security

Now, the internet has become a staple in the life of us all and it is hard to imagine doing daily tasks without the use of it. It can be seen as a major marketplace, probably the largest source of information and a great platform for free communication all over the world. And you know

The Dangers Of Data Breach And Why You Have To Prevent It

Now, the internet has been around for more than a few decades and has had an immense influence on our society. And though it can provide you with numerous options and benefits when used the right way, it puts people and personal information at risk as well. Cyber attacks and malware websites are a common