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10 Lesser-Known Facts About “Truck Night in America”

‘Truck Night in America’ is a History Channel show which debuted in 2018 and since then it has attracted a lot of attention. This is an adrenaline-fueled TV reality show and in each episode, we get a chance to see 5 drivers in their customized trucks and jeeps. They compete in three challenges while testing different vehicle attributes.

‘Truck Night in America’ has become very popular, especially among people who love watching others doing crazy things with their off-road vehicles. Moreover, it’s very exciting seeing what people are capable of to endure in order to win the final prize. Only one of the five drivers can win, get the prize money and go home as the Truck Night Champion.

However, if you are an avid fan of the show, there are a couple of things you need to know about it. Here are some lesser-known facts the production team does in order to hype it up to the viewers.

10 Lesser-Known Facts About ‘Truck Night in America’


1. ‘Truck Night in America’ Airs on the History Channel

This is probably a surprising thing for most of you that a reality show about trucks is part of the History channel. However, having in mind how transportation needs have changed during the history in America, it kind of makes sense.

2. The Participants Work Closely with Trained Mechanics and Professional Drivers

This is another thing you might not know about the show. Each of the drivers gets tips and tricks from coaches and professional drivers. Every participant is paired with individual racers and they help them prepare for the show.

3. The Final Course is The Green Hell

The remaining two drivers at the end go have to go through The Green Hell, which is the final course. It is the most intense 3-mile course, which tests the driving ability of the two drivers. It doesn’t only pit them against the terrain, but also against each other.

4. The Drivers Modify Their Trucks

The drivers are required to modify their trucks in accordance with the rules and regulations of the show. Hence, no driver can have any unfair advantages. Plus, the trucks have to be safe and able to endure the course.

5. The Trucks Are Modified for Each Round

The trucks have to be modified for each round as each round has different challenges which they have to face. However, they do so in a limited amount of time, but with the help of their coaches. Thus, it is not so complicated as it seems.

6. The Drivers First Go on Casting

This show doesn’t just feature everyone who wants to be on the show. In fact, everyone goes through casting which determines who gets to be on the show. The producers are very careful about who they let into the show. Moreover, there are certain requirements you should meet. Hence, in order to be part of the show, you have to be at least 18 and your rig has to meet certain standards.

7. The Winner Gets a $10,000 Dollar Reward

So, besides going home with the Truck Night Champion title, the winner also takes a $10k award. It might seem that this is a huge prize, but the vehicles they drive and modify cost a lot. However, the money is enough to cover the mods as well as other things the participants want.

8. Drivers Need to Fix Any Damage on the Fly

As the drivers take unnecessary risks, some unplanned things often happen, such as damages. However, drivers need to do any repair within one hour. Even though they do their best to avoid any serious damage, they have to be ready to act fast and work on fixing the damage on the fly.

9. If You Want to Participate in the Show, You Can’t Be a Candidate for Public Office

It might seem like a very surprising thing, but if you want to be part of ‘Truck Night in America’ you can’t be a candidate for public office. This is clearly stated in the admission form. However, if you really want to be on the show, you will have to put your political aspirations on hold.

10. There Are Always Only Five Drivers Per Episode

Each episode features no more than five drivers per race. The main reason for this is the fact that the producers wouldn’t want the race to end in an unwanted way. Hence, the small group is enough to keep the viewers interested and keep the show exciting and entertaining.

25 Cool Customized Semi Trucks

The commercial industry would definitely not be the same without the semi-trucks. The utilitarian cargo vehicle came a long way after some humble beginnings.The original semi-truck started in 1898 as a horseless carriage, and has been evolving since then. Today, the whole world depends on them. Truckers drive thousands of miles each week, and basically live in the oversized vehicles. Naturally, they customize their trucks to make it truly their own, and one of a kind. That way it feels closer and more like home and it expresses who they are as people.

This practice is around for a while now, and there have been some truly amazing customizations out there. They cause heads to turn and look wherever they go. The last decade saw an increase in custom trucks, as the technology is better, and option palette wider. Let us see some of the best semi-trucks out there currently.

Img source:

25. Optimus Prime Semi

This one of a kind truck has a spider web design combined with a dark paint job. We can agree it stands out from the crowd. Nothing lacks or feels wrong about it. The serious amount of style is unique, and the different paint variants blend perfectly.

Img source:

24. Custom Mack Concrete Truck

If you want patriotic, this black and white Peterbilt truck is your cup of tea. The standout paint job looks great, as the blue and white blend co together perfectly. The desired style the owner wanted can be seen. Blue paint jobs are generally awesome, making this semi a top custom piece.

Img source:

23. Custom Green Danger Semi

The look of this semi-truck is enough to scare other drivers out of your way. The dark paint with green accents looks amazing. Lots of chrome in the right places help the overall look as well. It does stand out, we must say.

Img source:

22. Candy Painted Blue Peterbilt

The Peterbilt brand is one of the most popular semi-truck models, and perhaps the most customized one. Many owners decided on a very special look for their rig. This candy blue surely does the job. It is reminiscent of low riders, which cannot be a bad thing.

Img source:

21. Orange Cream Peterbilt

Another one of the Peterbilt models on the list, and this is just the start. The orange cream version is a clean and great example of what a cool truck looks like. It is awesome in every aspect, as it takes all the advantage of the bright tropical shade.

Img source: hotcars.

20. Candy Purple Peterbilt

The candy paint jobs are popular in Texas, and this semi-truck is truly unique. This candy purple hue has to look beautiful when it is just cruising down the road. The chrome details fit perfectly with the look, and we are sure the whole rig turns heads wherever it delivers cargo.


Img source:

19. Darth Vader Peterbilt Semi

Like Star Wars? If you do, you will appreciate this Darth Vader inspired semi-truck. It surely reminds you of the death star, as it gives Star Wars all the respect it deserves. A Sith warrior like Vader would approve. Other drivers must feel threatened a bit when they see this beast in their rear-view mirror.

Img source:

18. Flat Black Freightliner

Over the top customizations can look great, however sometimes a basic flat black paint job can set you apart from everything else on the road. This flat black Freightliner is a different kind of example of what a proper truck may look like. Nothing looks odd or dated, and this color scheme is always trendy and cool.

Img source:

17. White and Green Peterbilt

Green is not usually utilized on custom cars, but this white and green combination looks right on a truck. We bet you have not seen this paint combo before. This is probably what the owner was going for, for a more than unique look. Two-tone trucks are always special, so this one deserves a spot here.

Img source:

16. Old School Custom Kenworth

Kenworth is another famous brand of semi-trucks. This old-school custom piece sticks to familiar design that many truck drivers and fans will appreciate. It makes usage of tons of chrome details, which is expected out of an older edition. This old-school style stands out even among other custom trucks.

Img source:

15. Root Beer Custom Peterbilt

This Peterbilt is one of the most unique you will find. The root beer brown theme shows off all of the curves and cues the truck has to offer. This coloration is popular today, and we are sure it is a hit among other truckers wherever the owner parks it.

Img source:

14. Flat Blue Peterbilt

As we mentioned, there is something special among the blue trucks. This Peterbilt as original as they come, and it is a treat to look at. It gives this special truck an industrial vintage look, as it really seems superior. An amazing idea done to perfection.

Img source:

13. Fire Engine Red Lowrider Peterbilt

Other than blue, red is another color that looks awesome on semi-trucks. This fire engine Peterbilt takes the cake when reds are in question. It rides on an air-bagged suspension that makes it look even cooler. This massive rig is breathtaking, and we it is not hard to imagine how great it looks cruising down the road.

Img source:

12. Baby Blue Peterbilt Semi

We are not done with Peterbilts, buckle up. This baby blue example sports one of the most unique paint jobs we have seen. It is really one of a kind, and probably a fan favorite. The other truckers and enthusiast must feel a bit jealous they are not the ones driving it. The amount of chrome is also just right.

Img source:

11. Two Tone Peterbilt

Another idea straight from the custom car scene, this two-tone paint job Peterbiltis also something else. As we said, two-tone paint jobs are rare, and can potentially look great if done right. This is surely one of those examples, and it is a joy to look at. A special rig design overall.

Img source:

10. Lime Green Peterbilt

Wild colors are always an option when customizing your vehicle. There is of course the risk of going over the top, but this owner did everything masterfully. The natural lines of the truck combined with a great paint choice raise the bar. Once on the verge of being lackluster, it is now something many would drive during a long haul. The paint is really superb.

Img source:

9. Sleek Blue and White Peterbilt

Another low-rider inspiration. The sleek blue and white model is just above what people expect from trucks. It is not at all overbearing or over the top. The name of this shade of blue is not known,but that is okay. It makes the lines and curves of this Peterbilt pop out.

Img source:

8. Sleek Black Semi Truck

Weirdly, black is one of the hardest to pull off. It is also hard to maintain and take care off. When done well, a sleek black semi-truck with the right amount of care in the form of waxing and washing does wonders to a truck look. Well done Mr. Owner of this truck.

Img source:

7. Peterbilt 379 Blue Flame

Often overrated, this color does not receive the credit it truly deserves. This white and cream truck is very cool. The white and the cream blend really well, and come together to create a one of a kind, hard to miss truck. It is a unique take on one of the most classic designs.

Img source:

6. Ripe N’ Ready Peterbilt

Yellow trucks, except Penske semi-trucks, are very rare. A great thing for this Peterbilt, as we are sure people are impressed by the one of a kind style wherever it goes. It breaks the cycle of some more familiar and expected colors. In addition, the raised cab makes it even cooler. It must look great on the road.

Img source:

5. Green and Yellow Peterbilt

This truck takes a classic color combination to another level. The clever owner managed to blend a cool hue of green and yellow, and make a winning combo never before seen. The huge amount of chrome details is present everywhere, making it one of the coolest on the list.

Img source:

4. Patriotic Tribute Truck

As we mentioned, red is always a yes on trucks. This however takes the throne, with the amazing artwork honoring the troops. It has all the makings of an awesome truck with its absolutely unique exterior look. A perfect example of what Peterbilts are capable of looking like.

Img source:

3. Pink Peterbilt Truck

This is arguably the hardest color to pull off on a manly thing such as a huge truck. A Peterbilt in a pink variant has to be a one of a kind thing. Most of us would not even connect this color with a truck in the first place. This example however created a look that we are not used to seeing anywhere, but it is surely welcome. The paint also blends with the chrome, earning this design all the best grades.

Img source:

2. Black Flame Semi Truck

Purple is another color rare on trucks, although very pretty. This masterpiece combines purple paint with white paint, creating an amazing two-tone style. Purple paint is great in general, and this truck proves it. It stands out as much as a truck can, making it another one of a kind rig.

Img source:

1. Orange and Black Mack Truck

The wild combination of orange and black on this Mack Truck looks like nothing else on any truck list. The Mack Truck is one of the oldest semi-truck brands. It is pretty well known, so there must be a lot of customized pieces on the roads. Not exactly like this one however, we are certain of it. The two colors are an unusual but right combination, keeping attention and causing jealousy at every truck park.