How does the Marketing Automation Work?

In the digital world that we are living in, it is important for businesses to integrate all it has to offer in order to stay marketable and relevant. One such concept is Marketing Automation. It is the practical use of platforms and software for automating repetitive tasks. You use software for automating and simplifying tasks that usually take a lot of effort and time. This includes tasks like follow-up messages, sending email drip campaigns, and posting on social media. With a marketing automation strategy, you can do everything needed for improved customer relationship management. When you have the right platform for marketing automation, you can get your business organized, save a lot of time, improve the customer experience, and increase sales.

Why should you automate marketing?

If you are not sure whether you should automate marketing, here are a few reasons to help you take a stand on it:

  1. Personalized Customer ExperienceAccording to a study done by Walker, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the end of 2020. Using automated marketing, you can create a better-personalized experience for the customers. Personalization can also uplift your customer’s conversion rates.
  2. Scaled Marketing Campaign You can use automation to make the marketing campaigns scalable that is beyond your team’s limits. Through an extensive campaign series, you can improve the revenue at all stages of the buying cycle.
  3. No Repetitive Tasks – If you are using automated marketing, your team won’t have to perform repetitive marketing tasks. With marketing automation, you will be able to see a significant improvement in sales productivity as the team will be focusing on high impact tasks.
  4. Track Reports – Engagebay’s Marketing automation also provides you with reporting capabilities. With this, your team will become more accountable because you will be able to check how their marketing activities are helping improve sales. Automation reduces the time your team spends on analysis and preparing reports; time that they could spend on formulating strategies for marketing.
  5. Generate Demand – By using Marketing Automation, you will be generating demand, driving conversions, and increasing revenue. It helps you in collecting data that can predict the next step of customers encouraging them to spend more.

How does Marketing Automation work?
  1. Begin with your requirements

Before Marketing automation came into the market, there were other ways in which business did things. Employees had to send each email and post on social media manually. They even used to organize group discussions focused on customer insights.

When you start using Marketing Automation, the first question that you have to answer is what you wish to accomplish. Once you have decided that, there are endless possibilities including automating surveys, analysis, and posting blogs. You can even handle content management, lead generation, and fine-tuning research.

  1. Know your target audience

As a business, you should know what your target market is. Your target audience includes everyone using your services or products and they are the ones benefiting by Marketing Automation. Once you know who your audience is, you have to understand them. By getting an idea of their behaviour, you will know what tasks you have to automate. Furthermore, you should also know where you can find your customers so that you can find the right marketing automation tool. Here are a few factors that can help you in understanding your target market

  • Demographic – This includes characteristics like age, race, gender, career, and education.
  • Geographic – This factor defines the location of the targeted audience. It is further categorized as towns, cities, states, and countries.
  • Behavioural – This factor determines how a customer uses a product and responds. It can be further broken down into mood, price responsiveness, reaction to change, and brand loyalty.
  • Psychographic – These factors are associated with attitudes, personalities, values, and lifestyles.
  1. Select the right tool

This step includes learning about the different tools available for Automated Marketing. Your tools will depend on the goals you have. You should know about each instrument’s capabilities and understand how to maximize it for your advantage. Once you have evaluated everything carefully, you can select the marketing tools that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Implement and Improve

When you are implementing a new strategy, you are bringing changes to your workplace. This is bound to create some undue disruptions for some time. However, this change will also bring new ideas, better ways to handle things, and much more. Here are some factors to consider while implementing this:

  • A Sound Strategy

A proper execution starts with a sound and relevant strategy. It might be hard, but definitely worth all the efforts. Without the right strategy, all efforts that you put into execution will go to waste.

  • The Implementers

These are the employees responsible for putting everything into practice. The employees you put in charge of the implementation process will affect how successful your strategy is. A typical implementers’ team comprises top-level management as well as staff level.

  • Open Communication

Smooth communication between the employees can make implementation a lot easier. Through Marketing Automation, there will be a proper communication channel that explains all the roles and tasks. Also, there should be a discussion of guidelines, policies, and open-mindedness of everyone involved.
  • Ways of implementation

When you are implementing Marketing Automation, the company will go through different levels of change. This also includes a new way of implementing strategies.

  • Intervention – Introducing new regulations and practices for making adjustments.
  • Participation – Developing a corresponding approach for the current one.
  • Persuasion – Convincing the participants about the results desired by implementing the strategy.
  • Commitment

Without commitment, the strategy is simply a half-baked idea. If the participants are not committed or supporting, then failure is bound to happen. You must have the persistence to see the results of automation efforts.

  1. Monitor the progress

Once you have to implement Marketing Automation, you have to measure its effectiveness and results. Use your preset standards for monitoring your progress. You should also check how you are performing against your competitors.

When it comes to making the routine but important aspects, Marketing Automation can be a real-deal. It can help your business by building relationships, generating leads, and tracking customers. This is indeed a game-changer, especially for small businesses.

5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Coffee Packaging

Many of us can’t imagine starting the day without one of the most popular drinks all over the world – coffee. And would you buy some coffee only based on packaging? Practice says that most of us are visual types, so we often choose a product based on its pack. Therefore, you may want to know more about the things you need to consider when designing your coffee packaging.

Meaning And Significance Of Coffee-Packaging

Packaging has the role of packaging but also selling the product. to present it in the best possible way, to stand out with competing products, and for the user to decide to buy exactly that product based on that first impression. The packaging is very important when choosing a product for the first time, but the quality is crucial for the consumer’s decision whether to continue buying it in the future. It is worth nothing if the product is of high quality and prestigious if, in the end, it does not end up in the hands of the customer, so packaging is a very important marketing factor. The fact is that a person feels more comfortable when he buys something nice and chooses things according to the principle: I like – I dislike. Whether the product falls into the category of essential or entertainment and luxury, it sells better if it looks good.

Coffee Packaging Design

Packaging design used to be a measure of product quality. Companies that did better could have invested more money in product packaging design. Today, that is no longer the case, because graphic packaging design has become a kind of art – that is worth investing in to stand out on the market. Thanks to the interesting packaging, you will attract the attention of customers and make them interested in reaching for your product.  If they like it – they will become regular customers. Therefore, see below what these things are to consider when designing your coffee packaging. Maybe in these secrets of successful coffee packaging design, you will find your inspiration for some future project – or you will be interested in ordering a packaging design.

Important Things When Designing A Coffee Packaging

1. Create A Work

Most buyers look at the products – but their packaging as well. Of course, they look at them as two separate things. The product itself is needed, but the packaging is what usually caught their eye. Unfortunately, packaging usually ends up in the trash. We guess you don’t want that, right? Therefore, it is important to create true art-work from your coffee packaging. This work, created by a graphic designer – has a much bigger role in attracting the customer to decide to buy a certain product. If you are someone who markets a product – you will probably invest a lot of energy, patience, and time to attract customers. Therefore, it is important to complete the packaging design and the product into a single whole.

2. Packaging Has A Protective Role

When we talk about coffee packaging, we must point out that competition in the market is great. There are so many different coffees, which entice us to look at the shelves. However, the best coffee packaging should not only be attractive in design and appearance – but also functional. What do we mean by that? That refers to good protection of your product. For example, if you’re selling a whole coffee beans type of coffee, you should make sure you have an adequate coffee bean bag. You can click here and check on some of the coffee bags wholesale services that can help you opt for the best ones. Overall, whether it is filter coffee, ground coffee, or whole coffee beans – the packaging must be such that the coffee is well protected and does not lose any of its aromatic properties.

3. Packaging Also Promotes Your Brand

When designing the packaging of products such as coffee, one must keep in mind the competition in the market which is great. Therefore, somewhere in the design process, you must keep in mind the promotion of the brand. This should be done so that your company or the brand itself is visible on the packaging. This does not mean, however, that your brand has to be so conspicuous that it is distasteful. Try to determine where it is best to position your brand. Try to use your packaging as a promoter of your brand or brand. Make your product more recognizable and receptive.

4. Packaging Is The Thing That Sells

Any good packaging affects product sales. That way, coffee is no different from everything else. Since we are all visual types, an interesting package will inevitably attract the attention of customers or stand out from the rest of the competition. Research into consumer habits has shown that we think an average of 7 seconds before making a purchase decision before making a purchase. In those few seconds, the role of attractive packaging can be not only important but sometimes even crucial. Although the quality of the product itself does not have to be painted on the packaging, the fact is that most people will rather buy coffee in an attractive package. Keep this in mind as one of the foundations of a successful sale.

5. Packaging Can Tell A Story

In addition to functionality and aesthetics, your coffee packaging should be creative. It should say something about your company or a brand. For example, most coffee consumers like to see information about the way and production of a particular item. Therefore, you can carry them through the process of roasting coffee, its origin, drinking tradition, etc. You can also tell a story about the values of your brand or the success of your company.

The Bottom Line

The design of coffee packaging is very important in terms of marketing and defining the position of the product on the market. The packaging is a place of direct physical encounter between the customer and your product. In the encounter with packaging, there is a moment when the customer impulsively decides to buy on a conscious and unconscious level, rationally and emotionally. Well-designed good packaging design is also a marketing space through which you send messages about the values of your product or brand. You stand out at the point of sale and indirectly encourage the customer to decide to pick up your product from the shelf.

Tips For Better Business Communication And Getting More Leads In 2020

No matter how often contact is made, it is likely that the company does not communicate sufficiently with its customers. Regular communication strengthens trust between the company and the customer. Remember: the buyer walks away from the seller who does not make constant and quality communication with him.

How Is Quality Communication Maintained?

While it is well known that much more money must be invested in attracting new customers than in keeping and nurturing existing ones, many companies still have irregular contact with their customers.

Therefore, it can be said that nurturing existing customers can significantly increase profits. Besides, it is important to know that today, buyers are not “waiting” for sellers. They independently search and research the products that interest them. It is also known that in the present time, dissatisfied customers are far “louder” than they have ever been.

And that’s why the company’s bad reputation is more visible than ever. Let’s just say that as many as 68% of surveyed customers said they would share their bad experiences on social networks. And that would probably mean that many potential customers would never look for a product or service of a company with a bad reputation.

Some Causes Of Poor Communication

Sellers should put customer satisfaction first. And probably everyone would be pleased if the customers were all the same. However,  each customer is unique. Therefore, communication and seller access are a major tool in the sales process. Still, this is not the case with all sellers. The reason for a sales failure should be sought in poor communication.

Poor communication is certainly something to be avoided if one is to survive and prosper in the market. The problem of one-way communication, or communication in which only one party is active, is manifested through unanswered messages and emails or unanswered calls, unresponded forms, unfulfilled promises, etc. Poor business reputation, loss of existing customers, higher advertising costs and then lower profits – are inevitable consequences of such communication in further business.

Imprecise Communication

It is not uncommon for communication with customers to be imprecise, unclear, or even to use jargon or non-respectful communication. These problems are the result of deficiencies in sales management staff and customer service staff. All these problems will be avoided if there is an awareness that regular and quality communication with customers can increase customer satisfaction, ensure their loyalty and increase company profits.

How To Improve Communication And Attract More Leads In 2020?

1.  Training Of Employees In This Field

Any serious company knows how important it is to have good and quality customer service. In order to improve the business and therefore the sales, larger companies invest some resources in customer service and its human resources. When the company staff is adequately trained to successfully respond to customer requirements, employees or salespeople have greater knowledge and confidence to cope with different conditions and difficulties during different sales.

2.  Facilitate Customer Communication

There is nothing more irritating than trying to contact a company and not make contact. If you are a legitimate company, why would it be difficult for your customers to contact you? By posting a simple contact form on the site, you are solving a communication problem. You can opt for traditional forms or conversational forms of contact.

According to, both options have their advantages. What will you choose depends on your style as well as the needs of your customers and your company. It is also advisable to set a phone number for site visitors. Customers expect to be able to contact you at any time – whether via live chat, social networking or over the phone, and brand trust grows if there is two-way communication.

3.  Promotions And Special Offers

Promotion is one of the basic elements of the marketing mix. In marketing, promotion means any form of communication that is used to inform, remind and convince the target market of the value of a brand, service or product. That way it is influencing consumer purchasing decisions. The goals of the promotion can be the following:

  • introduction to a new product
  • differentiation
  • generating interest in the product
  • increasing awareness, that is, exposure
  • emphasizing the value of the product
  • increase in sales
  • creating consumer loyalty

4.  Good Content Marketing

Good content enables us to reach and retain the target group with relatively small budgets with the help of well-planned tactics. The content marketing philosophy is fundamentally changing the approach to customers and service users but also pushing companies and brands to build a friendship with them instead of looking for weak points. Content marketing solves a specific consumer problem and this is its elusive advantage over “ordinary” marketing.

5.  Using Social Platforms

Social networks are an integral part of digital marketing and its strategy. Most platforms have built-in analytics tools that we can use to measure and track the performance of brand activity. We can see exactly what our target group likes and what does not. Based on that, we can tailor the strategy. Social networks help drive quality content, while content helps grow brand and followership. Content marketing first draws attention to quality content, then builds rapport, builds trust, and ultimately encourages customer action.

What Does Good Communication Mean For Business?

Several factors contribute to quality communication. By investing time and energy in them, business and sales results can be greatly improved. Here we primarily consider the following factors:

1. Active Listening

This is one of the imperatives for successful and quality communication with customers. Listening to what the buyer wants can help you close the sale. Likely, active listening will more quickly identify the problems and needs that led the customer to inquire about the product on offer. And after that – sales will happen faster too.

2. Availability And Speed Of Response

Buyers do not like to wait for the seller’s service. Non-response to phone calls, emails or messages, then slow and sluggish services and limited availability of sellers are the reasons why a buyer opts for another company in the market. For example, if a customer has waited for a long time to be served, their dissatisfaction is natural and justified. The way a salesman reacts to them after experiencing annoyance is more than crucial. It is the last chance of the company not to lose the customer for all time.

3. Get To Know Your Customers

Nowadays, large and successful companies compete to better meet market conditions and customer needs. Often because of this, they want to get to know their customers better. With modern software solutions, they manage to personalize communication with a large number of existing customers. With this approach, the company protects its existing customers.


Good communication achieves a closer and better relationship between the customer and the company. This way, the company earns significant profits, as it does not have to invest in returning old customers, but can direct the same funds towards acquiring new customers. All of this leads to better business. The company recognizes itself as a serious competitor in the market, as it proves to be a reliable and professional trader in front of its consumers.



Customer-business interaction- how to build a strong relationship with the customer?

Companies of today are advanced and they use advanced technologies in order to communicate with their customers. Today companies make use of different channels in order to connect with their clients and offering them the best services. To communicate with your customer you can connect with them via social messaging, Voice and SMS. 

Why making a relationship with the customer is essential in business? 

It behaves as a differentiation point- 

At present marketplace where competition for consumers is high, the relationship you have with your buyers play as the main differentiator for competitors. Businesses, in order to thrive, have to make a strong relationship with their clients and make it a business strategy. For example, an area where there are many competitors selling the same product they will go to that company which offers better services and satisfaction. Having good relationships with them will also bring about new customers.

It is easier to retain customers than searching for new ones

This statistic holds more power in the world of marketing. You need to spend more time and put more effort into acquiring a new customer but maintaining old is easier.  Getting customers is expensive as your team will have to invest much to get their attention and converting them into potential ones. It is thus important that you maintain a relationship with existing ones in the long run. 

Establish new connections

To ensure that your buyers engage with you, you need to offer a steady flow of details on deals, events as well as products via websites, email or social media to make sure there is the continuous connection of customers to your business. Also, ensure that the site is easy to navigate contain all products, user-friendly and have the information needed by the consumers. 

It will decrease market rejection

Dissatisfied as well as unhappy customer tells about 15 people about their bad experience. As per some studies, it is found out that 13% of consumers tell their experience to 20 people. This can have a negative impact on your business if you do not satisfy your consumers. Thus, the customer- business relationship is necessary to maintain. 

Increases customers value

It is observed that a satisfied client contribute 2.6 times more revenue when compared with an unsatisfied consumer. Satisfaction is thus necessary to build a healthy relationship and this, in turn, will generate more revenue from one consumer for your business. Businesses which are successful understand the longtime value of their Clients as it enhanced their returns. 

How to connect and communicate with customers?

Use of cloud-based platform- 

To contact customer businesses can use SMS, voice, push as well as a social messenger in combination. With a cloud-based platform for interaction with the clients you can scale internationally and there is no headache of creating and maintaining a relationship with various local providers. 

Use simple APIS or SDKs to develop new experiences- 

Many businesses get their own API made by companies like Apifonica and these API can be used to interact with clients with ease. It is easy for R&D team to work and implement various commands using this software. 

The faster rollout for customer project development- 

For businesses with a tough roadmap as well as limited R&D resource, there are companies with having personal ICT professionals and software whose help you could take to develop a custom solution and they help speed it up time to time. 

To connect with the customer you can take the help of- 

Social media channels-

Businesses can make use of social media apps that help connect with the customer. They can chat with them from their contact center, helpdesk or CRM. Also, they can enable the software to send, receive or track messages on Facebook, telegram, Viber as well as WhatsApp using HTTP request. Businesses can send documents, pictures, as well as multimedia files through messaging app straight from CRM, used and connect with them. 

SMS alert-

Business can connect and communicate with clients through SMS alerts. They can reach out to buyers before they have a change of mind. When consumers aren’t connected to the internet then also you can interact with them and send them an alert about sales. 

Offer Order status updates-

Businesses can opt for global calls at local rates and contact their audience globally. They can receive the call on one device along with data as well as use context of the activity of consumers to offer better services. 

Two-way anonymous calls-

Two-way anonymous calling is the feature which let you contact clients securely without exposing their number to anyone. Users don’t like exposing their number because of prank calls, spam’s and frauds.  Thus, if you use this service then you can protect consumer’s data from online threats. 

SMS survey-

With the help of SMS, survey businesses can gain valuable insights as well as a clear picture of the needs of the clients and working accordingly to meet their needs. SMS surveys are far better and likely to be responded more because as you know a person checks their phone more a day. So, a text message survey is good to know what your clients needs and thinks. 

Customers are the heartbeat of any business, thus it is essential to have a healthy relationship with them if you want your business to succeed. Having your own API designed can help you and your customer to have healthy relationships. You are not only able to contact with them but you are able to offer them secure transactions, secure services and also you will be able to protect their information which further increases trust of client and client remains happy and satisfied. 

You can be there with your clients in their good time as well as in their bad time and grow together with the best communication methods. We hope you understand the role of connection of business with the customer and now you will surely find a better business strategy to increase and maintain your customer base using the latest technologies and communication channels. We hope you will be able to retain your customers easily and effectively.