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Top 5 Bitcoin Investors

The Bitcoin investors are a crucial part of this market, because they are experienced in this field, but also invest their own money in making the blockchain network more safe and stable. These people also invest in cryptocurrencies in a way that they deposit fiat money funds and get crypto coins in equal value. They are helping the network to develop and attract more potential investors, miners, and traders.

Bitcoin investing also includes:

– Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

– Making the whole network safe and stable

– Helping the beginners to learn more about Bitcoins

– Investing in crypto servers and cloud services

– Funding the development of the network and currency

– Helping the developers establish safe and trusted exchanging platforms like

– Making the digital wallets safer

These people also are holding meetings and crypto events, sharing their knowledge with those who are interested in mine, and earn with Bitcoins. They always follow what is new and try to bring that information to everyone who is included in the investing process.

What do you need to become a Bitcoin investor?

Your knowledge, interest, and enthusiasm are enough at the beginning. No one wants to invest money in something that is not worth it. Before you invest even a cent in the blockchain network, you need to perform deep research on every aspect.

Investors can directly influence rates and values. You will also need to choose your mentor from the list of the most popular and influential Bitcoin investors, so you can learn from them and see what had they done for the currency. Inexperienced investors and miners are those who are trying to make a quick profit, but you must understand that you need to have deep knowledge in this field to reach that goal. It’s possible to earn cash from Bitcoins only if you follow the rules of the market.

How Bitcoin took the leading role in the crypto market?

No one can give an exact answer to this question, but maybe the secret of its success is hiding behind the massive promotion and the fact that Bitcoin is the first digital currency that conquered the world. People reacted emotionally and enthusiastically to it, wanting to grab more before they realized it’s not that simple. Many of the initial investors already gave up on this idea, but there are a lot of people who are still willing to invest in Bitcoin’s development and helping it to keep the role it has.

Here are some of the top Bitcoin investors of all the time:

  1. Barry Silbert

He is the founder of Digital Currency Group. His goal is to help with the development of the global financial system, by supporting the Bitcoin and altcoins. He already invested in more than 70 cryptocurrency-related businesses. His company is also an owner of Genesis and Grayscale, which are focused on investing and crypto trading. Silbert also owns the Bitcoin Investment Trust fund, which is responsible for tracking the changes in Bitcoin’s price.

  1. Blythe Masters

She is one of the most recognizable names in the crypto market. In the past, she was executive at JPMorgan Chase and CEO at Digital Asset Holdings. She is trying to find appropriate ways to implement the blockchain technology to Wall Street. After she opened her Digital Asset Holdings, JPMorgan Chase became their biggest client. Together they are testing how to make the crypto transactions quick and safe.

  1. Dan Morehead

He is the founder and owner of the company named Pantera Capital. His company is the first to invest just in cryptocurrencies, including, of course, the Bitcoin. Pantera’s crypto fund is one of the biggest in the world. Morehead also invested in 43 cryptocurrency companies and funds, helping them develop and establish a strong trading base.

  1. Michael Novogratz

He is a billionaire who invested almost 30% of his money in cryptocurrencies. Novogratz is a crypto enthusiast too. He started investing in cryptocurrencies back in 2015 and he already gave more than $150 million of his personal savings. He developed a crypto fund, expecting the other companies to help him invest in the Bitcoin. He is also known by his expectations back in 2018 when he was expecting that Bitcoin will be worth more than $40,000 per one coin.

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto


We can’t complete this list without mentioning the creator of Bitcoin, who is known as Satoshi Nakamoto, but no one knows his real identity. It’s estimated that he owns around 1.1 million Bitcoins. People believe that he is not using his crypto savings for anything because if he does that, the price will drop immediately. Knowing that he is the creator of this widely accepted cryptocurrency, we can be sure that he invested a lot of his time and money to develop something that is this worth, but controversial at the same time.

Of course, there are a lot more names that deserve to be on lists like this, including Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Chris Larsen, Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem, Tim Draper, Dave Carlson, and Tony Gallippi. A lot more investors are also dedicated to the other cryptocurrencies.

Why invest in this cryptocurrency?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Bitcoin as your starting point in the crypto market. Just like the gold for real money, Bitcoin is a safe-haven for all the cryptocurrencies. If it goes down, every other currency is going down too.

But, at the same time, it has a leading role in the market. Bitcoins have pretty high rates compared to the other currencies, and that is why people are choosing to invest and trade with it. If you own some pile of Bitcoins, but you don’t like the current rate, you can always store them in your crypto wallet, and wait for the better times and higher exchange rates.

Many people, companies, and whole countries are starting to clearly see the possible benefits of accepting the Bitcoins as a regular payment method. Even though a lot of people find it controversial, it’s a fact that a lot of them are at least curious about how does the Bitcoin works.

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency : A Comprehensive Introduction

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies have considered being obscure and widely unused even just five years ago and now has become one of the most flourishing technologies in the world. These technologies are being researched throughout the academic field and flourish throughout the world businesses.

Now we will take an intense dive into what bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies are, what give them value and what cryptocurrency is.

An Early Introduction To Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrencies firstly came into existence in 2008 when an anonymous called “Satoshi Nakamoto,” published a research paper called Bitcoin whitepaper.

In this paper, he explained a new type of financial asset that was digitally-based and not held by any institution. Instead, they collectively shared, owned, and possessed by all of the globe dispersed participants of the network.

Uses Of Cryptocurrencies:


The first cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin, and it is used for two objectives: firm price and facilitating the transfer of value.

Ethereum was firstly introduced by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, in the Ethereum white paper. It  was the first massive cryptocurrency to bring entirely new methods to cryptocurrency technologies and to the market place.

In the present era, there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies and many trading platforms like, each with its applications, target market, or spin on paths to select Blockchain tech.

What are the factors about cryptocurrencies that offer them value?

  • Pseudo-Anonymity


Cryptocurrency provides the best facility of taking back control of the financial privacy of people from around the globe by relating only a wallet address to transactions despite KYG- proven identification details like name, address, and date of birth.

Few cryptocurrency technologies like Monero have taken it one step ahead and worked to produce completely anonymous currencies that protect the identities of those contributed in transactions.

  • Low Fee Charges

While using PayPal, Western Union, and Banking system to make money transactions may incur charges depending on the situation and is the second massive draw card for cryptocurrency technologies.

  • Permissionless

There are so many people across the globe that isn’t able to use the mainstream financial process also due to wide range of various factors, and one of the central tenants of crypto, when it produced, was that having no one controlling organizations means that all are easy can use the network if they want.

  • Quickest Transfer Of Money


International money transfer systems can take more than four days. Few banks don’t transfer money on two days of the weekend, PayPal also sometimes take time to move.

Surprisingly, Bitcoin is one of the laziest cryptocurrency with the transfer rate of 30 minutes.

What Is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is known as cryptocurrency, a form of electronic money. It is called decentralized digital currency completely independent from banks and sendable from user to user on the peer to peer bitcoin Blockchain system without the requirements for intermediaries.

Bitcoin was firstly emerged in 2008 just after occupy wall Street accused huge banks of illegal use of borrowers’ money, corrupting the system, duping the clients, and charging boggling fees. Bitcoinpioneers wished to keep the seller in charge, excluding the middleman, to cancel payments of interest, to make the transformation of money transparent, to ban corruption, to produce organic network value, and to deduce fees. They made a decentralized system, where you could store your amount and know what was going to happen without depending on the banking system.


Bitcoin has appeared far relatively short time. Across the globe organizations, from REEDS Jewelers, a huge jewelers chain in the United States, to a private sector hospital in Warsaw, Poland accepts its currency. Substantial money businesses such as Expedia, Dell, PayPal, and Microsoft do, too. Sites encourage it, publications like bitcoin magazine on air its news and value actions, platforms discuss cryptocurrency and business its coins. It possesses its application programming interface, value index, and exchange rate.

  • A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Bitcoin is either virtual currency or reference to the technology. You can perform transactions by checks, cash, or wiring. Furthermore, bitcoin can be used, where you suggest the purchasers to your signature, which is a lengthy line of security codes encrypted with 16 various symbols. The buyers decode the security code with his cell phone to attain your cryptocurrency. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is an ax m exchange of digital information that offers you the purchase of or sell goods and services. The security of transactions gains trust by running on a peer to peer network process similar to Skype, or BitTorrent, a type of file-sharing system. Nakamoto leveraged Blockchain technologies to offer Bitcoin to attain decentralization, full transparency, and immutability.

  • Launching Of Bitcoin

The launch of Bitcoin came into existence, when the resentment and repercussions of the world financial crisis were still fresh. All the people were still unfortunate at the world economic upper class for, at best, letting the disaster happen, and worst, producing it.

The following are a few Bitcoins transactional features:

  1. Irreversible features
  2. Fast and across the globe
  3. Pseudonymous
  4. Safe and secure
  5. Permissionless abilities

What Is The Genesis Block?


The genesis block is the first collection of transactions of any cryptocurrency that is formally accepted into its Blockchain.

The genesis block date of any cryptocurrency thought of as its birthday, and it is the first moment that crypto is basically in operation, and that the network utilized to do transactions recorded in its Blockchain.

The genesis firstly mined on the 3rd of January 2009 at approximately 16:15 am UTC for bitcoin. This milestone marked the real beginning of the life of Bitcoin. At the time when genesis block for bitcoin mined, the node that won received 50 BTC.


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies over the last 11 years have disrupted the world’s economic process and financial system by creating a payment system that is ahead of its era. They still have to cover a lot of miles. It is going to happen, very interestingly, to see where we are going to go from here.

Top 5 ICOs to Invest in 2020

ICO is the new buzz word for investors now! ICOs are Initial Coin Offerings and soon they will rise in value when they jump into the trade on currency exchanges! Of course, not all the ICOs in the world are successful. The majority of them are experimental, and the risk pays off in some cases. For instance, EOS had started its trading at $0.9 and look at its marvelous numbers now!

One must be cautious while picking up the ICOs to invest in! In this article, we’ll round up 5 best ICOs which we think may perform well in 2020. Let’s dive in!

1. Neo


Neo is nicknamed as China’s Ethereum. The Chinese are innovating a new Blockchain program that may get wider-acceptance and stong proof-of-ownership. Neo project is a blend of decentralized commerce, smart contract applications, digitized identification and assets. Neo was mostly underestimated and mostly ignored by the investors during ICO. Once the big guns like Alibaba and Microsoft have backed the project, the hype for its ICO was skyrocketed.

2. Menapay


The Middle East and North Africa countries are represented as MENA region. The main goal of Menapay is to provide a way to secure and faster payments at a lower price. Menapay’s ICO MPAY is up for sale until March 15th, 2019. The initial token price is $0.165. It’s accepting deposits from Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fiat currencies, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

3. Ark


Ark stands for integration. The goal of Ark is to integrate all other cryptocurrencies in its own Blockchain. It’s that unique idea that has triggered interest in the investors. The ICO price kicked off at $0.01 when it was started in November 2016. Now, it’s priced over $10 and certainly a good investment option in 2019. You can know more about this on Bitcoin Revolution

4. BTT – BitTorrent


BitTorrent needs no introduction. Over a billion users all over the planet use this incredible file-sharing platform. The main reason for the huge ICO price of BTT is TRON. The billion-dollar company has acquired it at $100 million. Crypto experts believe that BTT is one of the best ICOs to invest in 2020.

5. Membrana


Membrana is one of the few platforms that helps both the traders and participators to interact in an organized way. It has already made a good name as a trust management platform for cryptocurrencies. Membrana is all geared up to start its trade in 2019. The Membrana’s ICO will start its a trade on April 10th of 2019 and the initial token price is set at US$0.02. The users who invest in this ICO will get MBN tokens. These tokens help the investors to get huge discounts on deployment fees. They can also be used for closing the gap between exchanges and participants.

Wrapping up…

ICOs are awesome, but you need to be super-cautious! They are like high reward vs. high-risk things. You cannot just read a few blogs and forums and jump on the investment train. We recommend you to learn the basics and do your research before throwing in cash into ICOs.

Will Coronavirus Change the Cryptocurrency World


The world is currently facing a mutual opponent. People around the world are isolated because of the coronavirus. Many people have died in the last 4 months, many of them are affected, but many of them are also cured. We need to mention the last thing because it is necessary to fulfill our days with a dose of positivity.

Anyway, the entire world is wondering for how long the entire crisis will last. However, we believe that even the biggest experts in this field can’t give you that answer. It is hard to predict how things are going to function in the world.

Still, one of the things that we can say for sure is that the economy is going to change in the future. Many companies are shot down because of the crisis. They did not have the opportunity to make a profit because the streets are empty. This has especially affected small and medium-sized businesses. Still, it also influences big companies.

One of the things that bother people is – will coronavirus change the cryptocurrency world? Well, the answer to this question we need to analyze. However, the precise answer does not exist. We can only work with the pieces of data that we currently have.

Are There Signs of Changes?

The shortest answer that we can give you is “Yes, the signs are already visible.” They are visible in every field of economy and the cryptocurrency industry has not been skipped.

The influence that the pandemic has on cryptocurrency is bad. You can easily see that when you look at the price of different cryptocurrencies. For instance, the most popular crypto Bitcoin has suffered a huge fall. The middle of March was the biggest problem of all. In only one week, the value of BTC failed or 5 thousand dollars. This is a huge amount of money, doesn’t it? The current value of Bitcoin is around 6.9 thousand dollars. In the last 25h, the value of Bitcoins went down for 5.73%. Even if you are the biggest fan of cryptocurrency, you need to be honest and say that things are not good for this industry.

However, we need to stop being negative for a moment. Did someone in the world expect that something like this is going to happen? The value of Bitcoin and other popular currencies had a slow but perspective raise of value in the last couple of months. This only means that people were satisfied with this payment method.

Yet, no one expected something like this will happen. This includes everyone from doctors to economy experts. Because of that, people started to be paranoid. They started to sell their Bitcoin for a lesser price. Despite that, many businesses that were working with BTC stopped working. The transactions do not exist and that is the reason why we have this sort of situation.

However, this doesn’t mean that this is going to continue in the future. Keep in mind that the crisis is not going to last forever. Look at China and you will see a good example of that. The crisis there lasted for around 4 months. Fortunately, things are better now and that is going to happen soon with the entire world.

At that moment, the economies are going to continue to function in the same way before. Indeed, we do not want to say that people will easily get back to normal. However, when there are good conditions, the achievement of these goals is going to be closer. That is the reason why people in this industry think that BTC and other virtual currencies are going to survive and continue in the same manner as before the crisis. You can also here some optimistic opinions of people. They believe that, if BTC survives the crisis (it obviously will), it will become stronger than ever before. People will start looking for additional ways to earn money, and the cryptocurrency world is going to one of the places where they will make investments.

However, is this the right moment to invest in BTC? It might be, but we suggest people be more patient. The crisis in America has just begun and it will probably last longer comparing to Europe. Keep in mind that most of the investors are from the US. This can potentially mean that the value of the cryptocurrencies is going to fall more. That’s why we suggest you wait for a couple of weeks more and see how things are going to move.

Still, recognizing a good opportunity is a tough challenge. That’s why we recommend you network with other investors and learn more about this industry. Education pays off always. You can visit BitcoinsLifeStyle and find out more about Bitcoin.

Will Crypto Conferences Be Organized Once Again?

We also do not have a precise answer to this question. However, we do know that all these conferences had a positive influence on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They were a good tool to promote them and people started to invest their money because of them. Still, because of the travel restrictions, the Coronavirus messed up the plans of the investors.

For instance, have you heard about the Token2049 conference? This one was planned to be organized in the middle of March. It was planned to be organized in Hong Kong. However, the pandemic started there in December and it had to be canceled because of that.

A good example of how Coronavirus affected Crypto Conferences is Hong Kong Blockchain Week as well. This event was also planned for March. Still, for now, they plan to organize this educational festival for September. Is that going to be acceptable for potential visitors is something we will see soon.

Conclusion: Don’t Rush!

Before we say goodbye to our readers, we need to say one valuable advice. The crisis is a period when people make some wrong moves. They start to be afraid and they are looking for ways to earn more money. It is understandable why we have this scenario. A lot of people bankrupt, others lost their jobs, etc.

However, if you possess BTC currently, we do not recommend you sell it. If you are patient enough, this might be a long-term solution for your financial problems. It is important to follow the changes in the cryptocurrency world and see what is going to happen.

Don’t rush!

Bitcoin Trading vs. Investing

Bitcoins are very popular in the past ten years, and they have increased in their value as the years passed by. Now they show steady growth and are very interesting for the population, most people would like to get involved, but they would like to avoid investing a lot of money into the machine and mining. This is why they turn to alternative ways of obtaining bitcoins. Trading and investing is a good alternative, and we will dive into the differences between the two in order to get these terms familiar to the reader.

Main differences

When it comes to these two, there are a few main differences that make them apart from one another.

Trading can be seen as a process that is short, and it is more dynamic when compared to investing. How it works is very simple, and the profit is obtained through the small transactions that are sometimes happening in a span of a few minutes or hours.

When it comes to trading, there are four types of different ways you can do the trading:

1. First are so-called scalpers, and this may be one of the most popular and dynamic ways of making bitcoin trades. Since the purchases and transactions occur many times a day, sometimes the one doing the transactions may be in a position of the coin no longer than a few seconds. The whole idea is to gain a lot of small amounts through every transaction.

2. Day traders got their name from the way that they make the trades since all transactions are established and wrapped up during one working day. Like the previous ones, they do this very fast, making sure that the funds have no delay and not spend too much time in their possession.

3. Momentum ones are as the name states doing all transactions at the moment, meaning that they are using the heat of the moment in order to create a wave and use the upraise to create profit. This means that the bitcoins are purchased as they are going down in price, and sold as soon as this shifts and increases the value. This way of trading is interesting, and it requires good knowledge of the prices and the cryptocurrency market itself.

4. Last but not least are the swingers that are using the changes in the values to create the profit. They are using daily and weekly fluctuations in values in order to make transactions and profit.

Investing can be defined as a way of handling bitcoins in such a manner that the profit is established through long term expenditure of funds. This means that the money is gathered and stored in bitcoins, and it will stay there until there is a substantial growth that is worth intervention and selling.

Investing is for the patient since it requires more years, and it is based on the prediction. Here it is crucial to follow the market and to know when to make a transaction. It is best to use the so-called wave and take the bitcoins when they are on their low, so when the prices and values increase, there can be a very high profit. This can last for years.

Time limit

Trading can be very time consuming since it requires a constant oversight of the market and the close tracking of even the smallest changes in the values since the transactions do occur in a matter of minutes and hours. Even though sometimes the transactions may occur in the span of a few days or hours, compared to the investment, it is very time-consuming as way faster. Especially due to the fact that trading uses micro-changes in the values in short intervals to make a profit.

When it comes to investments, they may stay out for years and lay low till the market changes are favorable for the one that is owning the coin and wants to sell them.

We can say that trading is short term and investing the long term when speaking of the time needed for the profit to be established. When compared to the values of income, it may come to the same amount since the trading is making small profits often and investing bigger profits once in a while.

When it comes to the frequency of the transaction, as stated before, there is a very big difference in those, since the trading is based on an exceptional number of transactions during the day, let alone one month. On the other hand, investing may have a few months or years without transactions due to the patience and the market state of bitcoin.

Risks and safety

When it comes to potential risks, every transaction and investment may carry its own. Trading may seem like something that carries less risk since the transactions are fast and happen so often that even a slight decrease can and will be compensated. Investing can carry more risks since it can be hard to determine how the bitcoin will grow and how fast this will occur. There are indications that there will be a steady growth of the coin, but the one who invested may have to follow and see what to do if the values start to drop. This may lead to selling, or they can decide to wait and see if the values will increase as it happened.

When it comes to safety, most shareholders did state that this way of trading and investing is seen as the safest and profitable when compared to conventional ways.

If you would like to find out more about safety and security of the bitcoin trading go check out


There are differences between trading and investing in bitcoin. Trading is a short term thing where the small changes in the values and fast and frequent transactions are making a profit. The profit is small per transaction, but it adds up. Investing is a long term thing, and this is important since it requires few transactions that are based on the big changes in values and bigger profit. Even though there are potential risks, both are labeled as pretty safe, even the safest of all the possible trading and investing that can be found on the market.

5 Underrated Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Every part of the technology is advancing and in the previous decade, the cryptocurrencies became a part of the modern world. Many people choose them because they allow the users to have better privacy, for now, there are no taxes on them and the transfers are a lot faster than the usual bank transfers that can take a few hours or days to be completed.

No matter what you want to do, from shopping to money transfer and online games, you can do all of that with crypto coins. When you use the crypto wallet, your coins are safe and secure. The statistic shows that when you use this currency, you are less likely to be a victim of a hacker attack and your money will not get stolen.

You’ve probably already heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but do you know that there are actually hundreds of different crypto coins that are available for the users? Here we are going to talk about the underrated cryptocurrencies and why they may be even better to use than the already well-known ones.

Cardano (ADA)


This currency is different from most of the others because it offers so many different features. Engineers and developers are getting really interested in these coins because they offer them more than just money transfer. It is considered to be more of a platform than just a coin. The developing team behind Cardano consists of reputable and highly competent people who are constantly working on the improvement of the whole project.

It is said that this currency offers more power-efficient PoS consensus protocol and that the number one goal of the ADA team is to show sustainability, scalability, and interoperability.

However, there are a few negative sides of this project. It is said that the team might not be able to fully deliver the depth and scope of the project. The continuous testing and improvement slow down the project progress and the applications that are built on top of the project may not become widely used. However, this is a promising project that might become one of the best on the market.

Tron (TRX)


This platform focuses on decentralizing the internet with the power of blockchain technology. The Tron Virtual Machine is compatible with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine and the ETH dApps can work on TVM with minimal revisions. It also allows high transaction speeds that reach over 2,000 transactions per second.

With the high speeds, users can buy and sell more coins and they can finish their transactions in almost no time at all. Binaryx advises that and digital trades need to be made with professional traders so that your transfers can be safe and secure. Everyone who is interested in this can start trading cryptocurrencies and you can monetize your trading skills in no time. People just need to make smart and fast decisions and follow the current market.

Experts say that there are a lot of positive sides to this currency and platform, starting from the fact that it is one of the fastest-growing dApps platform, up to the team’s strong marketing initiatives and its scalable and cost-effective functions. However, many people say that there is a lack of dApps diversity and that most of the features and parts of the Tron Whitepaper were copied from other platforms and blockchain projects.



At the moment, Nano is the 23rd largest currency in the crypto market. This project competes in the saturated UVP arena of payment and for now, it is under shadowed by more popular cryptos like BTC, ETH, and LTE. However, the innovative block-lattice system that Nano has is working very well, so the luck of the developing team behind it may change.

The coin took a bit of a fall in the wake of the Bitgrail currency exchange collapse in 2018, but it is safe to say that now the project is winning over new proponents with the transactional efficiency that it is offering.

Ravencoin (RVN)


At the moment this is the 58th largest cryptocurrency. It is said that it is a clone of Bitcoin, but it is more focused on security token offerings (STOs). It is expected RVN to figure much larger in the futures of Overstock subsidiaries.

The CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne said that they have 20 different companies within Medici Ventures and that they are trying to integrate and leverage RVN into different projects. One of the news he shared is that people will be able to issue security tokens on Ravencoin.

We will just have to wait and see what happens and if this coin climbs up the ladder.

Enigma (ENG)


It is said that ENG is a privacy play that is focused on creating a privacy layer for the decentralized web. The data in the blockchain can be used without breaching the privacy of the users and that is possible because the Enigma platform uses secret nodes with stalked ENG.

Experts say that this crypto coin has the potential to turn blockchain projects that were not focused on privacy into really secure and private coins. With the dynamic Enigma has, it has the potential to become one of the most valuable coins on the market.

Other underrated cryptocurrencies


There are so many coins that are not that popular yet, and if you want to be a part of the blockchain, you should know which ones you should focus on. Other cryptocurrencies that are not that famous yet include:

  • Enjin Coin (ENJ)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • 0X (ZRX)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)

What is your experience with cryptocurrencies? Which one is your favorite? At the end of the day, they are all similar and they are all different in their own unique ways. Depending on what you are using them for, the size and number of transfers and other features you might need, you can choose the coin that works best for you.

Experts say that we can expect the crypto coins to completely replace the current currencies all over the world in the near future, but we will have to wait and see. You can mine them, buy or sell them and some people just keep them to wait and see if they become more valuable in the future.

When the Bitcoin came out you needed hundreds of coins to just buy one pizza, and now they can buy you the home of your dreams. So, don’t waste another minute, who knows, maybe one of the underrated coins will make a boom larger than the Bitcoin one.

Easy Ways To Exchange Bitcoins To PayPal

People who work deal with Bitcoins know that it is impossible to exchange Bitcoin cryptocurrency directly to PayPal money. However, after a lengthy investigation, we discovered that there are reliable exchange services, which can do such a conversion. For example, acts as an exchange service for intermediate converting your bitcoins to PayPal. It is only one example, among many others. We are going to see several exchangers for you to have freedom of choice.

Regularly, there are millions of money transactions, which are performed online. Nowadays, e-commerce is rising. It is one of the main reasons why more and more money transactions are online. If you start an online business, you have to figure out the most convenient and safe ways to make money transactions.

When we speak about PayPal, you should know that it is one of the most used digital wallets, which are used by people all around the world. The platform has more than 170 million accounts. A lot of freelancers, business owners, and crypto traders use PayPal.

Let’s admit that the cryptocurrency is the future evolution in terms of money. Nothing is surprising that cryptocurrency starts replacing old-fashioned credit and debit cards. Modern people are not afraid of performing cashless transactions anymore. Our world will become cashless in the nearest future, and we have to adapt our lives and way of thinking. Online operations are more efficient than dealing with coins or paper banknotes. People are used to using credit cards, and now it is time to get used to cryptocurrencies.

The problem of converting bitcoins to EUR/USD is obvious. Many people try to find a solution. Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not offer services to exchange bitcoins into USD/EUR and then just make a fiat withdrawal to a user’s PayPal account. However, the listed exchanges have finally found a way to solve this issue. We recommend you to make a choice carefully and always check the transaction fee because some exchanges have quite high fees.

How to Exchange Bitcoins Directly To PayPal: The List Of Exchanges


There are many advantages to using this service and many people will agree with this statement. If you have bitcoins or any other kind of cryptocurrency, the website offers you to check more than just a simple list of names/links of famous exchangers you can fully trust. You can observe the current bitcoins value in real-time. The information gets updated every five seconds. All the listed cryptocurrency exchangers are sorted by the exchange rates. Everyone can read real user feedback, as well as leave your own review. By using this website, you will maximize the number of dollars obtained via such operations. You do not risk becoming a victim of numerous frauds. You will see the listed exchangers, which have vast dollar reserves. You will do transactions of any required amount from anywhere in the world. Use the website to see the up-to-date value of the cryptocurrencies. select the best exchangers and perform transactions with satisfaction and a high level of security.


xCoins offers clients an exciting way of transferring bitcoins to PayPal directly. You will be provided a bitcoin loan, which is 100% secure. Pay attention that it is a lending website, which provides additional services to purchasing/selling bitcoins to PayPal service. It works great, so you should not pay attention to the loan terminology. To use the service, make sure that you have a PayPal account. Otherwise, you will not be able to accept loan deposits. Many clients find this service quite efficient, but the fees are a bit high.

Local Bitcoins recommended option

It is a popular marketplace for selling bitcoins either for cash or various online payment services. The process of trading is smooth and happens between real users in online mode. The idea is to find a seller who is interested in exchanging bitcoins with PayPal. You can browse trade listings and discuss the terms of purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies. If you have a PayPal account, you will have to pay fees. You will like a reputation system, which helps users negotiate only with reliable individuals.


Paybis is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, which was founded in 2014. You will be impressed to see a wide range of methods of purchasing, exchanging, or selling bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies. As a result, the website has a lot of positive feedback thanks to safe and high-quality services. You should be ready to pay around 10% of your bitcoin value, which is a bit high, but you risk-free service.


This website offers users to sell bitcoins and have USD/EUR funds deposited directly into their PayPal wallets. To start the immediate withdrawal process, you have to link your PayPal account with Coinbase. You must visit Coinbase’s “Payment methods” page or simply tap “Settings” and “Payment Methods” if you use Android/iOS devices. Note that you will pay absolutely no fees for withdrawing funds to PayPal.

Numerous Forums

Try exchanging your bitcoins on forums. We can recommend you Bitcointalk marketplace, but you have to stay vigilant about dealing with traders there.


There is nothing challenging to exchange bitcoins to PayPal. However, you should be aware that PayPal may freeze your account if they discover that you do such bitcoin conversions on a regular basis. That is why there is no need to shout out loudly about your business. Also, be careful doing exchanging business on forums. You can avoid a lot of problems and risks by doing a little test first. We hope that you have a clearer understanding of the using, paying, and exchanging such a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin via PayPay. In case, our reader has something to add to this practical discussion. Please let us know. The community of crypto traders is growing, and we have to spread the information among average users. This is the way people learn, exchange knowledge, and open new perspectives for the future.

Winklevoss Net Worth 2020 – How Much Money the Most Famous Twins and Cryptocurrencies Investors Make

If you’ve ever been interested in cryptocurrency trading, or just wanted to know more about the industry, it’s almost impossible that you didn’t find the Winklevoss twins at some point. If you type “greatest cryptocurrency investors” in your internet search engine, these two guys will definitely appear on that list.

However, apart from trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, the Winklevoss brothers are known as highly successful entrepreneurs and first Bitcoin billionaires. We hope this is a sufficient amount of information to keep you interested in continuing to read our article today. If so, below you will be able to find some very interesting information about the most famous identical twin brothers such as details from their childhood, career and of course net worth. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Early Life

As we said, the Winklevoss twins are probably the most famous and successful identical twins in the world. Brothers named Cameron and Tyler were born on August 21, 1981, in Southampton, New York, United States. Yet, for most of her childhood, the twins spent in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their father, Howard Winklevoss, is a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, while their mother name is Carol Winklevoss.

It is important to note that the brothers attended Greenwich Country Day School, as well as the Brunswick School. Subsequently, Tyler and Cameron enrolled at Harvard University, where they graduated in 2004 with a degree in economics. This probably later affected their smart investment and cryptocurrency trading.


The Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss gained the most popularity thanks to investing in the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, before the advent of BTC, the twins had some ideas for starting a business. If you’ve ever heard of ConnectU, it was their social networking idea that is very similar to today’s Facebook. This social network was launched in 2002, and was originally called HavardConnect. However, the name was changed to ConnectU later.

This case is very interesting because the Winklevoss brothers contacted Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, to work with them on this project. However, Zuckerberg stole their idea and started the most popular social network in the world today. The culmination of this legal problem came in 2008 when the Facebook CEO had to pay them $65 million in compensation.

Later, they cleverly used this money and invested in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Cameron and Tyler are now considered one of the largest cryptocurrency investors in the world and first Bitcoin billionaires. Interestingly, the brothers participated in the Beijing Olympics the same year, where they finished 6th in the men’s pair rowing finals.

Winklevoss Net Worth

According to recent estimates, the Winklevoss twins have a reserve of around 115,000 Bitcoins. This means that their wealth is multi-billionaire. Also, their net worth in 2020 is roughly $1.35 billion. In this way, justice is somehow satisfied after the ConnectU case.