What Newbies Should Know About Bitcoin Trading

With over a decade of experience on the market and incredible money-making potential at its side, Bitcoin is one of the best investment opportunities someone can go for these days. Cryptocurrency has become a pretty popular trend with budding investors, especially when Bitcoin trading comes into play. The activity has been around since the birth of Bitcoin and is an excellent option for any newbie, but there are some things you should know about it before you dive in. If you’re considering starting a Bitcoin trading venture, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

The Essence of Bitcoin Trading

At this point, most people have heard about Bitcoin trading. While the activity is the most popular way to profit with Bitcoin, not everyone is familiar with what it entails. In essence, Bitcoin trading isn’t too different than trading other currencies. What does set it apart is the high volatility Bitcoin entails, which can lead to massive payoffs if you play your cards rights. Like with most trading, traders buy Bitcoin when the price is lower and wait for the perfect time to sell when it reaches its peak.

Of course, there are plenty of different ways to trade Bitcoin, so doing some research before you start might be a good idea. Some people like to take big risks, so they go for the usual method we mentioned before. Others like to make quick trades by buying certain amounts of Bitcoin and selling them shortly after for a smaller profit. The versatility that Bitcoin trading offers can be a great tool, so makes sure you set clear goals for what you want before you start.

The Community Outreach

Most Bitcoin trading newbies dive into the activity unprepared, thinking that they can handle everything by themselves. While this isn’t impossible, it often leads to making small mistakes that could cost you big in the long run. It’s good to remember that no matter what you do, there’s always someone out there that’s been through a similar situation and can help out. Naturally, Bitcoin trading is no different.

One of the smartest things you can do as a budding Bitcoin trader is to get in touch with people who have some experience in the field and know a thing or two about it. Luckily, we live in the age of social media and the internet, so no matter where you are in the world, you can easily find Bitcoin communities online and ask for some advice. There are plenty of Bitcoin-focused groups across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. If you set up an account and explore these groups, you’ll find many Bitcoin enthusiasts sharing their trading experiences, shortcuts, and helpful tips!

The Automated Trading Trend

As we mentioned, Bitcoin trading has been around since the very start. Lucky for newbies, this means that the activity has evolved a lot over the years, giving them plenty of options that could help them out. One of these options is the recent trend of automated trading through top-notch software like As you can probably guess by the name, automated trading is a more laid-back approach to the classic trading method. The process doesn’t require much effort, trading knowledge, or even time!

The magic of automated trading comes with the technology built into the software. These trendy apps use advanced AI algorithms to find the best investment opportunities out there and take them for you when available. In the long run, this can mean a steady income with minimum effort. Of course, automated trading also comes with a risk. The best approach to using this software is making small adjustments to the way it works daily, so it best works in your favor.

Exploring Other Options

It’s safe to say that Bitcoin trading is among the best Bitcoin profit methods currently available, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. If you’ve taken a step into the world of trading and found it wasn’t for you, you can always try other ways to profit through Bitcoin. For those looking for something a bit more challenging, reading up on methods like Bitcoin mining might be a good idea. While this option has lost much of its charm in the past couple of years, it could turn out to be exactly what you’re looking for!

You can also go for a few more laidback options, but you should remember that these usually aren’t as profitable. A popular choice at the moment is Bitcoin freelancing, where you complete gigs for Bitcoin payments. These gigs are as random as can be, ranging from quick work like filling out surveys to complicated tasks like coding. Another option you can go for is playing Bitcoin games! These entertaining minigames can earn players Bitcoin payments for clearing the levels, but they’re usually not the most rewarding of the bunch.

Knowledge Plays a Key Role

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Bitcoin trading, it’s that having a good trading strategy can be a massive advantage. While to most people it might seem pretty simple, traditional Bitcoin trading is far from it. The activity takes a lot of time, effort, and practice to master, but all of it can be very worth it in the end. Before you start Bitcoin trading, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the endless resources out there and learn as much about it as you can.

Another thing you might want to do is keep up with the latest news about Bitcoin. Bitcoin trading can be heavily affected by new trends, both in the world of Bitcoin and outside of it. Staying up to date with what’s happening on the scene can help you better adjust your strategy and prompt you to take a different approach when you run into unforeseen difficulties impairing your earnings. Make small adjustments as you go and keep changing your approach with changing times.

Easy Bitcoin Earning Methods

Since its initial release, the most popular thing about Bitcoin has been its money-making potential. The popular cryptocurrency has the potential to make users rich overnight, but this isn’t as easy as most people seem to think. There are plenty of ways users can profit through Bitcoin. Some of them are pretty easy to do and don’t require much effort, while others can be pretty daunting but may rake in much higher profits. If you’re someone who’d rather try the easy way instead of putting too much effort into earning with Bitcoin, here are some of the best methods you can check out.

Bitcoin Freelancing

Online freelancing is currently one of the most popular ways to earn money in the world. The method allows freelancers to work from their own homes, only using devices like a computer or a smartphone to get the job done. Seeing how popular online freelancing has become, it’s not surprising to see Bitcoin make its way into the mix. Bitcoin freelancing isn’t all that different from traditional freelancing. The only thing that separates the two is the form of payment. Naturally, Bitcoin freelancers are paid in crypto!

While Bitcoin freelancing gigs are insanely versatile, we’re going to be looking at some of the easier ones that anyone can do. The first one that comes to mind is filling out surveys. The internet classic still sports the same format. It usually consists of multiple-choice questions and takes between 5-30 minutes to complete. Another common Bitcoin freelancing gig that’s easy to complete is website testing. These gigs might be pretty simple and don’t take long to complete, but they’re also not too profitable.

You should keep in mind that Bitcoin freelancing gigs can become much more than just a quick way to earn some Bitcoin. If you become more serious about the activity as time passes, you can easily transform Bitcoin freelancing into a full-time job. Naturally, this might take away the easy part of the equation. Long-term Bitcoin freelancing work often requires more in-depth knowledge in particular fields and even some specialized skills to elevate your performance. Right now, the most popular long-term gigs you can look into include graphics design and coding gigs.

Automated Trading

If you’re pretty familiar with how the world of Bitcoin works, then you probably know that Bitcoin trading is one of the most profitable Bitcoin earning methods. Recently, a new trend has appeared in the Bitcoin trading scene – automated trading. If you want to do automated trading ,  one of the best options. Automated trading software uses advanced AI tech to browse the available investment opportunities on the markets and take them when they present themselves. Although pretty new, this method is quickly becoming a go-to for most Bitcoin enthusiasts!

There’s a good reason why so many people are turning to automated trading, with the most obvious one being their ease of use. Unlike with traditional trading, users don’t need any knowledge or experience to start. On top of this, the work needed to keep the software running takes under thirty minutes a day! Thanks to these features, automated trading is the perfect choice for newbies that are a completely blank slate to anything crypto.

Bitcoin Gambling

Most of us a pretty familiar with the massive boom online casinos have made in recent years. These operators are go-to spots for plenty of people who love high-quality entertainment, and Bitcoin users often fall into these ranks. A big reason why so many Bitcoin users enjoy frequenting online casinos isn’t solely because of the fun games, but for the chance to win big! Since a majority of online gambling operators accept Bitcoin as a payment and withdrawal option, it’s easy to see why some Bitcoin users are quick to give them a chance.

The easy part here comes from the low effort needed to get started with this method. Playing casino games can be insanely entertaining, and many of them don’t require any particular skills or knowledge. Of course, there is a massive downside to this method. Like all gambling, playing at online Bitcoin casinos comes with lots of risks. If you do choose to give this method a try, we recommend pacing yourself, establishing a small gambling budget that you can afford to lose, and playing responsibly.

Bitcoin Games

If you’re looking for a method that won’t just make you money but keep you entertained as well, then Bitcoin games are the best choice. Most Bitcoin games take inspiration from classic arcade games. While this might not seem like a good thing for hardcore gamers, casual gamers can appreciate the action-packed gameplay and inevitable nostalgia that comes with them. Of course, a big reason why people opt in to play Bitcoin games is the rewards!

Unlike classic video games that often unlock achievements when a player does well, Bitcoin games reward players with small amounts of Bitcoin! It’s important to note that the Bitcoin rewards are pretty small, but if you play for long enough, you can earn a solid amount in due time. Another thing you should keep in mind is that Bitcoin games are by no means like the exciting PC titles you see these days. Bitcoin games can get boring and repetitive over time, so if you’re in it for fun, you might want to look at other options.

Bitcoin Streaming

If you’re stuck on gaming, you can try the rising trend of being a live streamer. Surprisingly enough, one of the biggest live streaming platforms out there allows users to tip creators in Bitcoin! Of course, we’re talking about Twitch. You should keep in mind that while being a good gamer is a big part of live streaming, something even more crucial is being a good entertainer. Twitch streaming is very similar to hosting a show, so you’ll need to have a big personality, charm your audience, and make sure to keep them coming back for more!

Top 5 ICOs to Invest in 2021

ICO is the new buzz word for investors now! ICOs are Initial Coin Offerings and soon they will rise in value when they jump into the trade on currency exchanges! Of course, not all the ICOs in the world are successful. The majority of them are experimental, and the risk pays off in some cases. For instance, EOS had started its trading at $0.9 and look at its marvelous numbers now!

One must be cautious while picking up the ICOs to invest in! In this article, we’ll round up 5 best ICOs which we think may perform well in 2021. Let’s dive in!

1. Neo


Neo is nicknamed as China’s Ethereum. The Chinese are innovating a new Blockchain program that may get wider-acceptance and stong proof-of-ownership. Neo project is a blend of decentralized commerce, smart contract applications, digitized identification and assets. Neo was mostly underestimated and mostly ignored by the investors during ICO. Once the big guns like Alibaba and Microsoft have backed the project, the hype for its ICO was skyrocketed.

2. Menapay


The Middle East and North Africa countries are represented as MENA region. The main goal of Menapay is to provide a way to secure and faster payments at a lower price. Menapay’s ICO MPAY is up for sale until March 15th, 2019. The initial token price is $0.165. It’s accepting deposits from Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fiat currencies, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

3. Ark


Ark stands for integration. The goal of Ark is to integrate all other cryptocurrencies in its own Blockchain. It’s that unique idea that has triggered interest in the investors. The ICO price kicked off at $0.01 when it was started in November 2016. Now, it’s priced over $10 and certainly a good investment option in 2019. You can know more about this on Bitcoin Revolution

4. BTT – BitTorrent


BitTorrent needs no introduction. Over a billion users all over the planet use this incredible file-sharing platform. The main reason for the huge ICO price of BTT is TRON. The billion-dollar company has acquired it at $100 million. Crypto experts believe that BTT is one of the best ICOs to invest in 2021.

5. Membrana


Membrana is one of the few platforms that helps both the traders and participators to interact in an organized way. It has already made a good name as a trust management platform for cryptocurrencies. Membrana is all geared up to start its trade in 2019. The Membrana’s ICO will start its a trade on April 10th of 2019 and the initial token price is set at US$0.02. The users who invest in this ICO will get MBN tokens. These tokens help the investors to get huge discounts on deployment fees. They can also be used for closing the gap between exchanges and participants.

Wrapping up…

ICOs are awesome, but you need to be super-cautious! They are like high reward vs. high-risk things. You cannot just read a few blogs and forums and jump on the investment train. We recommend you to learn the basics and do your research before throwing in cash into ICOs.

Crypto Prices in 2021

The popularity of Bitcoin is always rising over time. In these past seven days in March 2021, the price of Bitcoin can reach its highest peak at $50.484,20 per coin and indicate non-stop development on its price aspect. Check full prices here:

Since it was first invented in 2009, Bitcoin has become the popular cryptocurrency used by people as the exchange currency in many transactions, especially in the digital market.

Some people also called Bitcoin the new dollar for the digital environment. Thus, by all the glorify and optimistic assumptions toward Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency becomes the actual asset for the modern people.

Bitcoin can cover almost all of the aspects that are related to economic activities. For example, some online stores and marketplace accept bitcoin as the legal currency to buy some goods or services over their place. Not only that, but Bitcoin also becomes a messiah for people in this crisis era of the pandemic Covid-19. With the spread of this disease, the world government is looking for a solution to help economic well-being from the collapse. Hence, as the solution, the central bank is printing more money as the stimulus for the people affected by the Covid economically. This step is not 100% accurate but enough to help the people for a while. The side effect of printing money is inflation, which led to the decline of the currency’s value in the world.

Bitcoin is the real solution if the worst scenario is the inflation of the currency value. How come? Because Bitcoin per se is not regulated by the government and the amount of this Crypto coin is still stable until today. Since the government does not regulate it, the price of Bitcoin is determined by the market demands.

After you know about Bitcoin and how powerful is this cryptocurrency, you need to know about the price of Bitcoin. You can get the information regarding its price in the below section.

Live Cryptocurrency Prices and Rates: Introduction

As mentioned in the above section, Bitcoin is free from any government regulation or monetary authority. Hence, Bitcoin is also free from any possibility that able to decrease its value, such as the practice of printing more money. Bitcoin is coming naturally. It only appears if you are able to solve the mathematical system on the computer instead of printed or duplicated. The factor that becomes the reference in determining its price is only by the market condition and the demands over this cryptocurrency.

Since the monetary authority does not regulate it, all of the responsibility is given to the owners or the platforms that accept this cryptocurrency as the legal exchange currency on their transaction activity.

The activity of funding and fundraising by using Bitcoin is totally limited and will be evaluated by the authority. Perhaps, this condition can be considered the disadvantage of using Bitcoin, but it will not close the chance that Bitcoin can be used for future purposes.

There are a lot of activities that you can do with Bitcoin, and the online markets are now welcoming this cryptocurrency as the legal exchange on their platforms. Here is the detail of the price and chats of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies per 2021. Your access is in the below section.

Cryptocurrency Prices & Charts

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there, but the top among those cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. In this section, we will only discuss the current price of the top 4 cryptocurrencies in the world as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Cardano (ADA). If you want to access the whole price chart over all of the world’s cryptocurrencies, you can access the Crypto information in Google.

Here are the prices of the top 4 cryptocurrencies mentioned above:

Bitcoin (BTC)

As the number one on the list, Bitcoin is having a value of $50.561,27 per coin today. The volume of Bitcoins per se is known to be stable in the number of 717,388 Bitcoins (BTC), and the Market Cap proximation of Bitcoin is able to reach the number of $941,379,225,780 in 2021.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the runner-up in this cryptocurrencies competition. This Crypto is rising slowly but surely with a stable pace and able to reach $1,677.76 per coin. By 2021, the volume of Ethereum is recorded as 14,359,244 Ethereum (ETH). The Market Cap indicating the overall value of Ethereum is able to reach $193,471,814,136.

Tether (USDT)

Owning the strategic place in the third position, Tether (USDT) is recorded to have a price of $0.9996 per coin. While on the volume and the Market Cap measurement, Tether (USDT) is known to have the total coin as 67,627,079,941 USDT, much higher compared with the Bitcoin (BTC) and the Ethereum (ETH). While for the overall value globally, Tether (USDT) is worth $36,469,663,089 over all of their coins in the world.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardona (ADA) should be a relief to be able to reach the fourth position. The total Cardona (ADA) coins recorded in the world today is 4,571,751,165 ADA. This cryptocurrency is worth $1.13 per coin, a bit higher than the Tether (USDT). The total value of this Crypto, according to the market cap, is $36,177,567,181 per 2021.

Actually, there are a lot of other cryptocurrencies that may be suitable for you. You can check their price and get information about the other cryptocurrencies on the internet. We suggest you buy Bitcoin if you are interested in cryptocurrency because it has the most stable market price and has a high demand over the product.

The other method for looking for the information about the cryptos and its price is using the tool like cryptocurrency Widgets. You can get the information about this tool in the below section.

Cryptocurrency Widgets

Cryptocurrency Widgets is a plugin or tool that helps you to get the latest information about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum in the easiest way ever. Not only that, but this widget also allows you to create the information panel about the cryptocurrency starting from its price, market cap, and other information about Cryptos. Cryptocurrency Widgets is available as the apps and the widget that you can install on your WordPress.

5 Ways Your Small Business Can benefit from Cryptocurrency

Although the idea of ​​implementing a digital financial system on a global level seemed almost impossible at first, it could be said that the current situation is quite different. This concept is gaining more and more popularity in the world and there are more and more individuals but also businessmen who are interested in digital coin mining or trading. Bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are finding their way to various spheres of human life, so they have recently proven to be a potentially useful tool for improving business results. It is known that no company that has an outdated business policy without the occasional introduction of innovations has great potential for progress in the market. Therefore, it’s necessary to strive for the introduction of changes that will increase the chances for better placement in relation to competitors, and adapting the policy to the cryptosystem could be one of them.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see all the benefits that your small business can achieve by accepting a cryptosystem, now is the right time to understand. We will try to help you gain insight into this by presenting you with a few basic benefits.

1. Attracting potential new customers

As we mentioned earlier, the popularity of digital currency continues to grow and is gaining more and more supporters around the world. The community of miners, investors, and traders has acquired a multinational character and continues to expand daily. The desire of each of them is the possibility of paying with digital money when they want it and where they want it.

The fact is that many owners still don’t trust this virtual financial system, which will take time for everyone to reorient their policies. But this is exactly the moment you need to take advantage of to be one step ahead of the rest.

By adopting a cryptocurrency by a small business, you have great potential to increase your base of users who want this payment option. Once you accept this as a legitimate method of payment, there is a great opportunity to attract a large number of new customers who are complete supporters of this concept and thus increase profits.

2. Reduced transaction costs and increased transaction speed

The centralized financial system that is applied in the world today implies charging fees for each completed transaction. Although at first glance the amount of fees doesn’t seem high and seems to significantly affect the company’s budget, after a while it can really become. Moreover, they can lead to losses in profits and therefore this aspect shouldn’t be neglected.

Besides, it happens that one transaction takes too much time, which is a luxury that you often cannot afford.

Looking at things from these aspects, another point goes to the side of adopting a cryptocurrency system as a legal payment method in your small business.

Decentralized blockchain technology eliminates the presence of regulatory bodies and therefore doesn’t require you to pay a fee for each transaction performed. Just imagine how much savings you can make that way. Also, the average time that will be required for processing is only a few minutes, which is an additional advantage.

3. Enabling secure customer transactions

In addition to being a great tool for multiplying profits, such a system can also help establish your good reputation among users. By this means the ability to provide secure transactions to its users that only they will have insight into, thanks to a decentralized blockchain platform.

Any digital interaction can remain completely anonymous, which will be your great advantage in the eyes of current and potential customers. The explanation is very simple. Many users of traditional payment methods are tired of the constant supervision by the regulatory body when it comes to the transfer of their money. Their wish is to avoid following every step in some way, which you can enable by adapting to this concept.

Considering that you will be one of the few companies and especially small companies that will opt for such innovations, you will leave the competition behind.

4. Possibility of expansion at the international level

The goal of all small businesses is to direct their growth towards an international framework. This can be achieved by attracting international buyers, but for that to be realized, it is first necessary to facilitate the fluctuation of money to facilitate cooperation. If your products or services have so far been available exclusively to the domestic market, switching to a cryptocurrency system gives you the potential to push these boundaries.

The decentralized platform removed all obstacles and threats that could jeopardize unhindered cash flow. When you have no problems in this aspect as a company and when the transaction processing time is optimal, you will easily reach the international market.

Today, there are many virtual currencies from which you can choose the one that seems most reliable for your business. Taking into account that bitcoin has the longest history behind it and is still considered the most reliable, we suggest you consider it. If you have already researched about bitcoin and think you know all about it, maybe some details on can convince you otherwise.

5. Highlighting the brand in the market

Highlighting in an already sufficiently flooded market can be very challenging. Successfully achieving such a goal may seem impossible when you pay attention to a large number of companies that offer similar products and services. The only way for your brand name to quickly reach the public and attract the attention of many potential customers is by introducing unique innovations.

So you have to be different from others. When you come out in front of the target market with an offer and conditions that are not seen every day, you will quickly become the subject of media interest that will contribute to expanding awareness of your brand.

Switching to a cryptocurrency system can be just your most successful move to get to the top, make yourself noticed in public, and help your brand reach the top.

Innovative ideas are the key to success and implementing a crypto-financial system in your small business could be just the solution you are looking for. Now that you have gained insight into all the benefits you gain from this, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing.

How Elon Musk’s Twitter Bio Triggered Bitcoin?

If you want to see the power of social media, you can look at the tweet Elon Musk did by using bitcoin hashtag. When personalities like Elon Musk use twitter, i.e., a social medium to express their thoughts or, let alone use a certain term, it has a very deep effect. Such people cause a ripple, and its effects are apparent. Cryptocurrencies have always been On the radar. Whether it is about the person who created it, or the constant increase or decrease in its process, the volatility, investment or else, you can always see news related to bitcoins circulating on the internet.

We all have heard of the word bitcoin more often. But those who are not well-educated on the topic, here is a quick review. A bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that first made an appearance in 2010. These currencies are unlike the one we use today. In fact, it is unseen and merely a concept that circulates all over the world through your digital wallet. The creator of digital currency is anonyms. However, it is known that this currency was created to change the face of the transactions and businesses all across the world. For more information on the bitcoin trends, visit this site.

What is bitcoin?

There is a reason people prefer to use bitcoin. It is not just a concept that is being hyped up. With time, people have started to understand the importance and use of bitcoins. For one, it is a decentralized system. It means that you don’t have to wait for days, indulge in paperwork and contact different banks and financial institutes to make transactions internationally. So, it saves a lot of time. Also, it saves cost as well. Its transaction fee is very minimal as compared to that of banks. Thirdly and most importantly, it is highly secure. It is based upon a technology called the blockchain technology. This technology creates blocks of information for every single transaction, making it secure. So, there are very limited chances of fraud. Lastly, it makes the transactions super easy. You can use the wallet no matter where ever you are and make transactions.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is one of the most renown personality of our generation and generation X. He is South Africa born and got his nationality as American later. He is an engineer, industrial designer, entrepreneur, and business magnate by professional. Mainly, he is known for his exceptional knowledge of aerospace technology.

Elon Musk started his journey by becoming a co-founder of the largest electronic payment channel PayPal. Then later, his Chief executive ship started for his firm SpaceX, and now he is CEO of the world largest electronic car company Tesla.

If we sit down and talk about the career and ownership of Elon Musk, then all we can conclude that he took many initiatives and became co-founder for many firms like The Boring Company, Neuralink and OpenAI.

Elon Musk had always been a visionary. His ambition and imagination are beyond the world as we see it. He was just 12 years old when he developed a video game and sold it to a magazine that featured computer knowledge. His passion for the internet and computer grew with age. But in college, he perused a bachelor’s degree in economics and physics.

When he enrolled at Stanford university afterwards, he realized the true potential of internet and computer that has to offer to the words. Here are knowledge and passion helped him understand how much impact he can create on the economy and human lives through the technology.

His economic interest led him starting PayPal, the largest electronic finance system in the world. Other than that, one of his vision is associated with space and Multi-planet species. He started his company by the name SpaceX that has offered affordable rockets with the best space research purposes. His is also designer for his rockets Falcon, Dragon, and Grasshopper. Now he is sharing his technology and vision with Tesla by becoming his CEO.

Elon Musk and Bitcoin

It was on 29 January 2021 that we all saw a tweet from Elon Musk. The tweet was a single line with a hashtag of bitcoin. And it took the world of cryptocurrency by storm. And within ten days, people were speculating about it. Some made assumptions that Elon Musk is investing in bitcoins, while others considered as a sign on something big is coming. The fact about social media is that people use it for open conversations. So, then Elon Musk tweeted, people took their interpretation of the tweet. Whatever the reason, within ten days, bitcoin witnessed a spike. And it wasn’t just any spike. We are talking about the double-digit spike. A single tweet of Elon Musk took bitcoin to a massive flight. In fact, the raise started to occur within 15 minutes of the tweet. That’s the power of Elon Musk, Twitter and of course bitcoin.

People from all over the world took it as a sign of something big regarding bitcoin. Although the bitcoin is continuing to increase slowly and steadily, the tweet changed the pace, and because of the volatile nature of the currency, there was a sudden spike. To make the tweet special, it was also used on the blockchain. The reason said that it was to do something good for the bitcoin community, but either way, the tweet was very much excited.

Because of Elon Musk’s single tweet, people are speculating, whether it is a way of saying that the CEO of Tesla is interested in buying bitcoin for his company. Or he is just complimenting the nature of the cryptocurrency. Whatever the tweet’s real motive is, it has caused a sudden and unbelievable spike in the bitcoin. The spike was visible for ten days, and it opened new doors of opportunity for bitcoin traders and investors. In the end, we can do nothing but get impressed by the power of Twitter and Elon Musk.

How the US Elections Have Influenced the Price of Cryptocurrency


Digital currencies have changed the world in many different ways. The number of businesses that accept crypto-based payments is growing. On the other hand, the number of people that use them for trading purposes is improving as well. People have become aware of the benefits different digital currencies bring.

Yet, becoming a successful crypto trader is a challenging task. People need to go through a couple of stages before they reach their goals. Before everything, they need to get familiar with all the digital currencies that exist, their features, potential, etc. Despite that, they need to use every possible tool that will improve their performances. A good example of that is different software solutions that provide people with useful data, insights, and statistics. If that seems like a legit way to improve your trading skills, we recommend you click here.

Predicting certain things on your own can be challenging. For beginners, the tools we previously described are an excellent choice. Many different things can influence the price of Bitcoin. That especially counts when we talk about some important happenings in the world that influenced the entire world. One of them is the US elections without any doubt.

Analyzing the way how the US elections have influenced the price of Bitcoin requires in-depth analysis. We primarily need to go back to 2012 and 2016 and try to predict certain things in that way.

Presidential Elections in 2012

In 2012, the price of Bitcoin was around $11. In that period, many digital currencies of today didn’t even exist. Because of that, we will use the most popular ones to make a proper comparison.

After Barack Obama was elected for the second time, things have not changed a lot. However, things have changed only one year later. In 2012, the price of one BTC jumped to 253 dollars. However, we do not want to say the president Obama had something to do with that. The entire world was fascinated with the new payment method. Many investors targeted Bitcoin as an excellent investment option.

The only thing we can say is that the president never said a negative word for digital currencies. Obama was, more or less, neutral as well as other responsible financial authorities. No one probably believed the price of Bitcoin will be more than 40 thousand dollars 7 years later.

Presidential Elections in 2016

Many people will say that 2016 was the year when everything inside the US changed. Donald Trump brought different decisions that also influenced the price of digital currencies. We will use Bitcoin once again as an example.

Believe it or not, a couple of hours after the mainstream media confirmed the victory of Donald Trump, the price of one BTC jumped by 3.8%. More precisely, from $709, it reached $736.

There is a good reason why something like that happened. After Trump’s win, many investors were concerned about the stock market in the United States. That market started to look uncertain, and people were looking for a more secure place to invest. It seems that digital currencies were the option of many people.

Generally speaking, we can make one conclusion here. The happenings in the world do not directly influence the price of digital currencies. However, they do influence the decisions that people make. For instance, uncertainty in the stock market made the crypto market more attractive to people. They wanted to find safe assets that will help them control or improve their earnings.

So, What about Elections in 2020?

Cryptocurrencies were not a focus of social media in 2020. People in the USA could hear only news associated with elections and pandemic. We primarily need to say that the beginning of the pandemic negatively influenced the price of Bitcoin. People were unsure what will happen and how long everything will last. That is the reason why many people sold their digital currencies.

Over time, the pandemic also influenced the strength of the dollar. It is not a secret that elections are also one of the reasons why the dollar has become unstable. Since May 2020, the value of one dollar has slowly started to fall.

Currently, the value of a dollar is stable, but it is not high. Things after elections did not calm down. For a couple of months, Donald Trump was claiming that he was rigged. That situation, once again, makes the stock market unsafe for many people. In one moment, everyone expected things will turn bad in America. Fortunately for people, something like that didn’t happen. However, the good news for crypto supporters is that the value of digital currencies jumped as well.

People were, once again, trying to find the best investing alternative. When the stock market seemed unsafe, many of them decided to invest in digital currencies.

We will once again use Bitcoin as an example. It is not a secret the most popular digital currency is making progress since the beginning of this year. On December 31, 2020, the price of one BTC was almost 29 thousand dollars. While you are reading this article, the value of one BTC is 51660 dollars.

It would be unfair to say that US elections are the only reason why the price of BTC jumped. After the elections ended, digital currencies appeared in mainstream media once again. Despite that, many people realized the pandemic will mess up economies around the world. The stock market is not the only one that has become uncertain. Fortunately, the decentralized virtual currencies looked like an excellent investment option. It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of that. Together with value, the demand for digital currencies is growing as well. The insights we receive today confirm the same trend will probably continue.

Final Thought

US elections are a confirmation of one thing. Different events and happenings around the world do not directly influence the price of digital currencies. However, they do impact the decisions that people make. They make different markets more or less attractive for investing.

We still can’t claim that digital currencies will take over traditional ones. However, not being familiar with their features may be a big mistake. Without any doubt, they are our future.

Is Ethereum a Good Investment in 2021

Modern technology offers modern solutions and new opportunities to earn money online. One of those opportunities is, without a doubt, investing in digital money, a trend that is taking over the world for a couple of years now.

For quite a while now, technology is shaping our lives, and today, the internet represents a place where we all spend most of our time, and since that’s the case, it’s nothing strange that virtual or digital currencies are the main topic. From 2009 and the launch of Bitcoin, everything changed, and our financial and economic world faced some serious changes too, and those changes are yet to reach the peak as the peoples’ trust in cryptos gets stronger. Fiat money will never look the same, and even though we are only at the beginning, we can already notice that everything is shifting into the crypto world.

Speaking about cryptos, BTC is something like a synonym for all digital currencies, and people often get mistaken when they talk about other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Although Ethereum was not the first, it is the one crypto with steady growth and with the trust of so many people all around the globe, and this is mainly due to its specific encryption, but with BTC reaching new highs and with experts’ prediction that its value will only go up, many people are now wondering whether the Eth will have similar faith. Being more affordable than BTC, Ethereum has a starting advantage as most investors are turning to it as a way to invest in the future and be a part of the virtual money revolution. Those new to all this may face some uncertainties and may not be familiar with how all things work, which is why most of them do not know whether to invest in cryptos or not. And those who decide to invest in cryptocurrencies are facing one even more important question – in which crypto should they invest their money. Eth is a simple and a choice that no one should overlook, and for many reasons.

Bitcoin is certainly the most popular and the most widespread crypto, but today, there are over 5.000 different cryptocurrencies. One that stands out from the crowd and that draws attention to itself is surely Ethereum.

Firstly, from its start, back in 2015, Ethereum offered something different to this market, and even after the split into ETH classic in 2016, everyone still believed that it is the best currency to invest in, and now, it is pretty obvious why. Today, six years from the beginning, the future looks even brighter for the ETH. Of course, during this period from 2015, its price faced some ups and downs, and as was the case with all other cryptos, many expected that all that hype would end pretty soon, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Talking about what to expect in 2021, what most people see or can read about is the new price high of BTC, and even after the correction and slight price drop, its value continued to grow, which is also something we could all expect from other cryptos.

We cannot escape the fact that in the past couple of months, the growth of Ethereum and other smaller cryptocurrencies was triggered by the strong momentum of Bitcoin. But one of many advantages of the Ethereum network is that it has much better support for applications, and in experts’ opinion, it is something that sets ETH apart from every other available crypto currently on the market.

A lot of companies that are giants announced that they would invest in digital money and even launch their own digital currency. All that was great news for every single crypto investor in the world as with accepting cryptocurrencies and moving into this market, global companies started a trend that could possibly be pretty beneficial for everyone. That, along with PayPal accepting BTC as a way of payment, is something we should be thankful for as it means that the price of ETH will also rise.

Many factors dictate the price and the value change of every crypto – a reason more why it is crucial that governments accept digital money as a way of payment, and even in this field, there is some good news. Namely, in the past year, a lot of countries, in one way or another, accepted digital money, but what is even more important is the fact that the US government announced that it would further regulate it in the year ahead of us. Truly great news, knowing that by doing this, even more people would start investing and place their trust in cryptocurrencies.

These are some of the general reasons why investing in ETH could be the best option, and with the launch of Ethereum 2.0, a lot more investors will look at ETH as the currency of the future. What ETH 2.0 is offering is an advanced security and even faster transactions method, which is something we all want and like. Although there will always be a chance for cyberattacks, this new and advanced system will reduce those potential harmful attacks to a minimum, so no one would have to worry about its private and personal info, as well as the money. If you want more info on this topic or want to learn how to invest in BTC with proper guidance, luckily, there are some great websites for that – go URL.

Another advantage is that Eth has the best risk/reward ratio in cryptocurrencies, and blockchain computing could be the future of cloud services, which is an even more reason why investing in it should be your top priority. In addition to that, decentralized finance (Defi) is now considered the best use of Ethereum cryptocurrency. Such markets allow automatic transactions without permission to anyone who owns an internet connection. What better proof that we should take a closer look at ETH in 2021 as it will, by many predictions, reach new highs and provide great profit to its investors.

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