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Founder of Crypto Chain University, Herbert Sim Joins Huobi as Public Relations Director

Today, the well known and famous cryptocurrency and blockchain exchange Huobi Group, bolstered their company ranks with Herbert R. Sim taking the role of Public Relations Director. Herbert R. Sim comes with a brilliant CV as he is the founder of the oldest institution for cryptocurrency and blockchain research in the world, Crypto University.  Crypto University was established in 2010 in the early years of cryptocurrencies. Another company he is the founder of is Wardrobe Trends Fashion, which is a high tier fashion and jet set luxury online magazine founded a year earlier. Wardrobe Trends Fashion is one of the world’s largest repository of fashion labels, campaign, and lookbooks from across the globe, which he is currently serving on the board of directors.

Huobi Group itself was founded in 2013 and is a well-established company in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. After almost half a decade of steady operations, Huobi Group has established itself as a leader in global digital asset and a leader in financial service providing, all in terms of building a technology platform, product, risk control system, operation, and customer service. Huobi Group has millions of customers served over 130 countries and from regions all around the globe. Huobi Group has operation centers in Singapore as well as Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and other countries all over the continent of Asia.

Herbert has received the highest honor of the Crypto Chain University – “Ordre des Arts et des Technologies.” The purpose of the University is to recognize the significant contributions to technological arts and the propagation of these fields. Herbert is a veteran in the crypto world with experience dating since 2010.  Another item on his brilliant CV is Namely, Herbert owns, and the Instagram handle @thebitcoinman, the Facebook page The Bitcoin Man, and anything associated with the name.

Herbert’s publication Wardrobe Trends Fashion has been the subject of many awards. As a man with years of entrepreneur experience, his publication flourished under his name. Known by its abbreviation WTF, the publication has won several awards. Namely, “Best Lifestyle Website” GOLD award at the 2015 Asian Digital Media Awards, which Google and the “World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers” were the presenting bodies. The publication didn’t stop there from winning other awards as WTF won double GOLD awards at the following year 2016 Asia and Pacific Stevie Awards for Innovation in News Websites and Entertainment Websites. What’s more impressing is that the publication managed to win Gold and Silver in the next years 2017 International Business Awards, which the host city was Barcelona, Spain.

In 2016, Oklahoma City University honored him with the “30 under 30” award.

Herbert currently serves as a contributing writer for the prestigious publications Huffington Post and Forbes. From 2012 Herbert has been an executive and associative producer on half a dozen movies and TV shows, and his latest movie “Boy Makes Girl” is set to premiere on 1st July in the USA.

Herbert has a Bachelor degree in Arts in Liberal Studies, gained from the prestigious Oklahoma City University and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Wolverhampton UK.

Knighthood by Crypto Chain University’s Order of Arts and Technologies

Launched earlier in FebruaryCrypto Chain University announces the launch of their highest honors “Ordre des Arts et des Technologies”; when translated from French to English, means “Order of Arts and Technologies.”

The Order was established earlier this week, 20 March 2010, by the founder of Crypto Chain University, Herbert Sim, who shared that its purpose is the recognition of significant contributions to the technological arts, or the propagation of these fields. Herbert is also the founder of WardrobeTrendsFashion – high fashion and luxury online magazine.

Guidelines stipulate that recipients must be at least twenty-one years old, and must have, “significantly contributed to the enrichment of the financial and/or technological inheritance” to be considered for the award.

The Order has three grades: Commandeur (Commander), Officier (Officer), and Chevalier (Knight).

Recipients are granted the exclusive rights to possess and don the médaille of the Order, which features the University’s arms, surrounded by a golden ring bearing the words “Ordre des Arts et des Technologies,” designed by the University’s founder himself.

The médaille of the Order was designed subtly with the symbol of “☓” known as Saltire, also called Saint Andrew’s Cross or the Crux Decussata, the official URL of Crypto Chain University ☓.com (unicode/punycode of, registered on 3 February 2005; previously used as the founder’s personal website blog.

The colors for the médaille of the Order are Gold for Commandeur, Silver for Officier, and Bronze for Chevalier accordingly.

Crypto Chain University is the leading non-profit research-only institute, focused on public policy issues facing blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized computing technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The University, established in 2010, is one the oldest institution for the compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research in the world, and has a database and following of thousands of followers since its founding in 2010.