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How To Set-up Electricity Service After Moving To Texas

In most states in the US, you have no choice about where you get the electricity that powers your home. You have no choice about what you pay either. But, as in many things, that doesn’t apply to the state of Texas. Texas is the largest deregulated electricity market in the United States. This is not the case in all of Texas, but it is in many large cities such as Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and surrounding areas. In fact, 85% of the population of Texas lives in a place where they can select their electricity company.

Is this a good thing for your family?

The majority of the electricity in Texas comes from natural gas. When electricity companies are put in a position where they no longer are they only game in town, and they have to compete for your business, you come out the winner. They have to offer you the best deal possible or you will go somewhere else. This is a relief for people who are living on fixed incomes or for folks who must get by on less income during the winter months. Let’s look at the options you have to choose from.

Note: The options we are speaking of in this article are for residential customers. Commercial customers also have deregulated power options and should speak with the electric companies in your area concerning the best way to ensure you have the most effective service for your business in the most economical way.

Types of electric plans

There are several types of electricity plans. These are the basics. You should talk to your power company of none of them fit your situation perfectly. They may not have a perfect plan, but as suggested, they have an incentive to try. They want your business and they will try to make you happy. Before you go, look up the different plans and see what the rates are at the time of your visit.

  • Fixed-Rate Plan

A fixed-rate plan is a plan in which you pay a set amount for every kW of fuel you use, every month. You should watch your bill and have a good idea of how many kW you actually use per month, and do not wait until you have no fuel to shop for this plan. If you do, you will automatically get their highest price. Go in informed at least a month in advance and be sure to take the name of whoever you spoke to for a quote.

  • Indexed plans

This plan offers to change rates that follow the fluctuating price of natural gas. You will pay more when the price of natural gas is higher, but you are betting that more often than not gas prices will be on the lower end of the spectrum, saving you big bucks.

  • Variable Rate

This plan is probably the most confusing and a lot like the old “guess what your bill is” plan of old. It offers rats that change each month based on electricity demands. This usually means lower bills in the Spring and Fall when consumption is lower and higher bills in the winter and summer when consumption is higher.

  • Pre-paid plans

It has only been a short while since masses of people out West lost their homes in the housing crisis. The floods, fires, and unemployment problems have hurt a lot of good people. So, there are people who are trying to rebuild their lives and that includes their credit scores. These people may not want to be bothered with credit reports to get electricity. The prepaid plan works fine for them. No credit check, no deposit. Just pay for what you want in advance and pay again when the month is running out. This is also a lot easier for renters. It is easy and it works.

It is about time that people had a choice about something as important as how they power their homes. People sometimes struggle to get through the winter months. Like it is in Irving, TX, for example. But being able to plan your electricity rates over there, according to, makes all the difference in the world. The other states have a close eye on Texas, and we hope we are right behind you!

Calculate mortgage interest, amortization rates and total monthly payments in seconds

No matter how many loans you have closed and how many credit cards you juggle, figuring out the game of mortgages is just as tricky as buying your first home. Nothing confuses a homeowner more than shopping around for it. When it is time to take out the first home mortgage, any person can find their knowledge or experience limiting. There are only a couple of calculators “smart” enough to show how interest rates, payment amounts, and amortization rates can affect it payoff. For years people have prayed for an easy way to calculate their contract payments. They have hoped for an automated device that will determine their dues, payables, and interests upon prompting.

Making mortgage calculations easier than ever

Finally, we have Karl’s calculator. It is an excellent tool with fantastic financing options. It is so simple that anyone can use it for various payment calculations repeatedly. Even the novice homeowner can now understand the different terms and conditions of contract lending and the complexities of second mortgages in any state. It is an ideal tool for anyone living in the US. Since from different banks and lenders it can be different, it only makes sense to have an all-encompassing that device that can help the homeowner understand their advantages, drawbacks, and risks. To read more visit

What does Karl’s mortgage calculator have to offer?

A quick look at Karl’s mortgage calculator is enough to know that it is all the mortgage payer needs to calculate his or her monthly installments and the interest they would be paying. It comes with a slider function that enables quick and precise calculation of its payments. Enter your total loan amount in the first slider, set the next slider to the month when you begin paying your debts and set the correct interest rate on it. After entering your principal amount, the projected payment plan should appear instantly on the subsequent payment slider.

The table at the bottom will give you a candid look at the interest you will be paying per year, along with the principal amount, total payable, and the balance. The graph section is not only information and easy-to-follow for everyone, but it is also fun to peruse. It makes understanding finance straightforward and quick for all contract holders. You can change the payment terms in the sliders or input boxes and watch the numbers change in the table and graph. That should give you an understanding of which contract terms are favorable for you. Additionally, the table and graph sections can tell you how the extra payments and interests will impact your mortgage closing date.

How does this mortgage calculator helps to explain interest rates, amortization, and other costs of loans?

You may have already heard baby boomers talk about increasing interest rates with extending repayment periods. However, they had it much easier than millennials. The new homeowners need more than expert advice. They need to witness how the repayment terms can impact the interest rates over time first hand. There is no better way to do so than consult that calculator which caters to thousands of home buyers and owners across the country. You can take a look at the payment rates as per standard amortization schedules. While it might take you several classes on economics and finance to learn about the complex calculations, It can do the job for you in a couple of minutes.

One thing you should be careful about is inputting the details of your loan correctly into every relevant field. You may need to input a couple of loan details, including the loan amount, terms, property value, HOA expenses, PMI, down payments, taxes, insurance expenses, and more. The more information you can provide regarding your loan, the higher are the chances of the calculator to give you accurate results. Always aim to use exact numbers instead of estimates for the best outputs for making the best of this comprehensive of that calculator. It is a highly intuitive app that can churn out complete results in real-time for the user. It involves email registration and extensive PDF reports in the inbox with incomprehensible tables.

Why is everyone talking about Karl’s mortgage calculator?

Since it is a Java-based program, it is compatible with multiple operating systems. You can run it on your Chrome browser on your Windows PC, or you can check it out right now on your Android phone. Even iPhone and Mac users can use the program to calculate any mortgage payments before they sign the documents. You can find the app on the Google Play Store or iTunes quite easily.

Most importantly, the calculator is now available in fifteen languages. It is breaking state and national barriers quite effortlessly over the last couple of years. If you are trying to find the best of its payment options for your friends or family in Canada, there is a way for that too. Karl’s calculator has a niche formula that converts all US-based payments to Canadian standards. The calculations are a bit different since Canadian companies typically charge interest on their citizen’s contract payment only once in 6-months.


Who should use Karl’s mortgage calculator?

The versatility of this device makes it perfect for the veteran homeowner, as well as for the newbies. Irrespective of the value of your property and its age, you can use Karl’s calculator for learning about the best of tis choices you might get in the future. It will help you compare and contrast the terms and conditions of two very similar mortgage loan offers. It will help you find out which loan will be more profitable in terms of interest payable and additional expenses. If a loan company has quoted loan terms already, Karl’s  calculator can help you double-check if you are getting the best offers. Since home loans and mortgage loan terms can be somewhat negotiable, especially if you have fair to good credit scores, you can use the information Karl’s calculator provides to close the best deal.