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Shrouded in Title Loan Debt? Here’s What You Can Do

Being buried under a mountain of debt is a scary feeling. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people in the United States today are living paycheck to paycheck, In fact, almost 80% of Americans would have a difficult time paying a $500 emergency. Think about that for a second. Because of all of this financial strife,

Student Financial Goals For 2020

Being a student is perhaps one of the most financially pressing times in your life, but that doesn’t mean that things have to be all doom and gloom. Before beginning your educational journey, it is important to take some time to plan out your finances and ensure that once your time at university is over,

Tips for Getting a Home Loan in 2020

Getting a home loan in 2020 might be a challenge given the many mortgage options and the low affordability of homes. While finding the right home can be exciting; getting the loan to finance your dream home is equally important. If you’re considering taking the plunge and finally buying a home, make sure you’re doing

3 Possible Risks of No Credit Check Loans – 2020 Guide

No credit check loans are types of loans that do don’t take into account your credit score. This is quite evident if we simply take a look at the name of these loans, but is there anything else that distinguishes these loans to others? Whenever you’re at the bank or another financial establishment and looking

2020 Apartment Application Process – What to Expect?

Getting your application approved today at an apartment community seems more complicated today than at any other time. Apartment management companies are imposing rules and requiring more documentation than ever before. Running a full background and credit check can be a quick process. And many properties can approve/decline a renter in mere minutes. Other times,

Hard Cash Loans and No Credit Check Loans

Sometimes, when you are in need of money, but cannot afford to wait for your next several paychecks, you start thinking about getting a loan. If you play it smart, a loan can be very beneficial, especially when you are in a bad situation which requires you to pay a big lump sum as college

Here’s Why You Should Consider A Personal Loan

There are a lot of reasons to consider a personal loan for commercial or personal purposes. A lot of people have an affinity for personal loans over conventional alternatives because of the ease in its application and flexibility in its repayment terms. Also, personal loans tend to have longer repayment terms. The repayment period can

Creditworthiness: What’s In It for Borrowers?

You probably have read or heard about the term “creditworthiness” many times when researching a loan or credit cards. It’s not surprising as it has a very important part of every loan application there is. The term is pretty self-explanatory as it’s basically a term describing how worthy the borrower is off the loan as