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What is the Meaning of COVID-19, and Why is That the Term for Coronavirus?

The virus that caused the pandemic is called COVID-19, but did you know why? The new coronavirus, which was named COVID-19, was named by the World Health Organization in February, which represents the abbreviation of Sickness from Corona Virus discovered in 2019, since the first case of this decrease was reported on December 31 in

Jennifer Lopez Canceled Her Wedding

This is a tough period for everyone, and many people are expecting that there will be the same amount of pregnancies and divorces when this is all over. Another person who is struggling in this situation is also a pop star Jennifer Lopez, who recently informed her fans that she is going to cancel the

Can Your Pet Get Coronavirus?


Coronavirus has become a global problem, and there is almost no country where there are no confirmed cases. Given that in most countries, coming weeks present the culmination of the epidemic, there is no doubt that there is certain panic among people. Everybody has a lot of questions about the new virus, and as it

What COVID-19 Really Means or How the Virus Got Its Name

The recently appeared Coronavirus is responsible for the global pandemic of COVID-19. The WHO gave it a name back in February. COVID-19 is short for “The Illness of Corona Virus 2019”. The reason is that the first case of this uncharacteristic pneumonia was reported on the 31. December 2019 in Wuhan, China. However, there are

How Plasma from Recovering Patients’ Blood can Help Treat Covid-19 Until a Vaccine is Discovered?


We can see that there are more than a hundred thousand newly deceased people from COVID-19 every day and full hospitals. There is still no vaccine or any other medicine which would completely recover every patient. However, doctors are now hoping that there is a new way to help people infected with coronavirus, buy injecting

Meghan Markle and Her Husband Prince Harry Name Their Nonprofit

Despite having an idea of naming their nonprofit organization SussexRoyal which was quashed by the Buckingham Palace, the Duke and Duchess have decided on a final name: Archewell. The pair stated that even though their full attention is on the current coronavirus epidemic and the efforts of fighting COVID-19, they felt like sharing with the

Free Virtual Tour of Windsor Castle

We could see a recent speech by Queen Elisabeth, where she was talking to the nation about the situation with COVID-19. She was speaking from the Windsor Castle, where she and her husband Prince Philip are staying in self-isolation. On the other side, there is a new ability online, where you can take a virtual

Putin is Regularly Tested for Coronavirus


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is frequently being tested for COVID-19, which we found from the latest interview with his spokesman, Dimitri Peskov. As he says, Putin is being tested as often as it is necessary, according to the medical team around him. Also, Peskov said that he is not familiar with the procedure,

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