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Alexis Morley, Adam Schlesinger’s Girlfriend Shared Their Last Photo before His Death

After almost a month after the death of Adam Schlesinger, his girlfriend Alexis shared their last photo taken together and opened up about her loss.   Just a day before Adam felt sick, he and Alexis went on a beautiful walk together in upstate New York on March 15. The late Fountains of Wayne musician

Covid-19 Fashion – Corona Style Spreads Around the World


Due to the coronavirus pandemic being a current hot topic everywhere, its influence has spread amongst all branches including industry, economy, and lately even fashion. Protective masks with different kinds of patterns and forms have appeared all over the social media, but there has been a step forward – apparently, a new fashion wave is

People Decided to Listen to Trump: Injecting the Disinfectant to Kill the Coronavirus?

The number of calls to poison centers has been increased due to the fact that people decided to listen to president Trump’s advice to inject themselves with disinfectant! The medical experts were shocked by what the president said. Further, they warned about the life-threatening consequences of this. Not only is it life-threatening, but it is

Megan Barton Hanson and Chelcee Grimes Broke Up Again?

A couple of days ago, rumors about a break up of Megan Barton Hanson and Chelcee Grimes are once again a subject of discussion on social media. The reason is that the on/off couple completely deleted all of the content that featured the other one. The couple was reunited once again back in November 2019.

Spaniard Walks Fish in Order to Avoid Coronavirus Preventive Measures!

While the whole world faces the Covid-19 pandemic, Spain is one of the countries in which the novel coronavirus crisis was the most dangerous. However, Spaniards have come up with an unordinary way in which they can get out of their homes, despite the police warnings. According to CNN, on Friday, a photo of a

Solidarity in the Midst of the Pandemic: FRIENDS Unite to Help those Affected by Coronavirus!


Everyone loves the popular sitcom FRIENDS. It seems that their popularity not only increased throughout the years, but it also brought back loving memories from the times when the series aired. While people are binging the episodes of their favorite series, in order to brighten these difficult days, the cast of FRIENDS shows solidarity and

Georgina Rodriguez Workout

The girlfriend of a famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, has recently shared a video of how she is spending time during the isolation. As we can see, Georgina is very active and motivated to stay fit during her home quarantine time. She shared a video on social media, where we can see her intense workout.

This is Currently the Safest Space in the United States


One small city in the United States is successful in the fight with the coronavirus outbreak, mostly because of its geographic position. That city is Point Roberts, which is placed on a small peninsula close to Vancouver. This is the safest place from the pandemic in the whole United States, mostly because it is isolated