Coronavirus Quarantine

4 Best Video Games to Play with Your Friends During Coronavirus Quarantine


The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to find sanctuary in their homes. Social distancing rules have been brutal and many of us are on the edge of our nerves. The solitude that has been hoisted upon us is just too much to bear at times. Fortunately, we live in the age of the internet and there are ways to stay connected with our friends and still have some fun. World Health Organization has recently started their campaign #PlayApartTogether. It encourages people to follow self-isolation rules and encourage people to fulfill their social needs online.

Popular online games have gathered even larger numbers of players since the outbreak began. Steam has had a record of 20 million users online at the same time. Every gaming platform, including Sony Playstation and Xbox Live, has seen a similar increase in the number of users. Here are the games they are playing.


One of the most popular, if not the most popular choices for having fun with your friends online, is Fortnite. The Epic’s battle royal shooter is drawing millions of players every day. “The game continues to evolve with frequent changes to the map, so the current game world won’t be the same by the end of an eight-week self-quarantine,” says Chris Erb, gaming expert. The cartoon graphics seems to be very popular with players. After all, what better way to pronounce love for your friends than a shotgun blast to the face? The game is free to play on all platforms.


The NBA season may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean your team won’t win the title, at least on your screen. You can still enjoy watching your favorite player drop 50 on the opposing team. “Fans might be distressed by the postponement of the real-life NBA season, but the virtual NBA is still going strong,” says Erb. “Gamers can finish the season and even play through a run of the playoffs while waiting for the season to start again. NBA players have already been shooting out the online stadiums against each other, simulating what might have happened if they had actually played in real life.” NBA2k20 cost $60 for the digital version. For gaming consoles, it is just $30.


The classic board game also has an online version you can play with your friends. “I’ve played Monopoly online with friends and it’s been really fun. It’s easy and just like the board game,” says Rachel Sanders, co-founder of Rootine Vitamins. “I can be competitive so I like that you have to stay on top of it when you play. And I can play with different family members like parents to nieces and nephews-all ages can play!” Build those hotels and laugh as your friends go bankrupt trying to pay your fees.

Grand Theft Auto V Online

Not one of the newest games on the market, Grand Theft Auto V Online was launched in 2013. It is still very popular and many people play it. “It’s online mode, which can be filled with up to thirty players, is filled with bigger missions, more over-the-top antics, and is updated regularly adding additional types of gameplay,” says Erb.

Sam Smith Believes He Had COVID-19


Sam Smith, a highly popular songwriter/singer, has received high awards and praises for his songs since the beginning of his career. After the outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK, he gave an interview where he said that he believes that he was positive for COVID-19. Furthermore, he explained why he has this opinion. This is the newest story of a celebrity being faced with consequences inflicted by this dangerous virus. We already had the stories about Pink and Idris Elba who were in quarantine.

Sam Smith’s career started back in 2012, and he continues to impress people all over the world with his music ever since. He revealed that he started practicing self-quarantine several weeks before the outbreak was official in the UK. He thinks he got infected while he was in the United Kingdom. He didn’t get tested for this disease, but he is pretty sure that he was positive. He added that he read all there is to know about this disease and that it matched all of the symptoms he had. Also, it is interesting to know that his sister who lives with him started getting the same symptoms a couple of days later.

Smith pointed out that he managed to beat this condition before the whole country came under a lockdown. He started practicing self-quarantine three weeks before the official lockdown, and he beat the coronavirus just when the complete country was in an official quarantine. Also, he said that he has his grandmother living with him and that he didn’t want to risk anything bad happening to her, so he started with his own measure before the state started its own. Sam Smith was in quarantine for three weeks because it was the recommendation gave by the doctors.

Just to remind you, Sam Smith won an Oscar for his song appearing in “Spectre”, a James Bond movie released back in 2015. As we said, his career really started to pick up after he featured on “Latch”, a Disclosure’s single that ended up on the eleventh place on the UK singles chart. Some of his best-known songs are “Money on My Mind”, “Stay with Me”, and “Lonely Hour”. This is the newest story we have a celebrity their coronavirus quarantine and state. Recently, Pink stated that she and her son were tested for the coronavirus and that they are in quarantine.

Halle Berry Shows off her Smoking Hot Body Wearing Just a Pillow

Halle Berry, 53, did not leave much to the imagination when she posed wearing nothing but a pillow as part of the newest Instagram challenge — and her results were amazing.


Halle Berry just proved that she could look incredible in anything, even a pillowcase!

The actress took to Instagram amid the coronavirus quarantine and gave her followers a glimpse of what she has been doing to keep herself entertained while in quarantine. “You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge,” she captioned the photo and added a laugh-crying emoji.


The photo showed her wearing nothing but a black pillow, cinched at the waist with a belt to imitate the silhouette of a gown.

The bronzed stunner left very little to the imagination, pairing the pillow with nothing but black pumps, a black hat, and also dark sunglasses.

It looks like Halle attempted this ‘pillow challenge’ because she felt bored in quarantine. However, she managed to thrill her fans.  “You rock a pillow better than any bed I’ve ever seen,” one of them commented, and we could not agree more.

5 Popular Board Games to Play During Coronavirus Quarantine

It looks like we are going to be at our home for the time being. The coronavirus pandemic caused a high percentage of people to work from home, practice social distance, and self-quarantine. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have some fun in the process. There a lot of fun things that you can do from the comfort of your home.

This is the perfect time to dust off some of the board games that you have enjoyed but you didn’t have enough time to play them. Therefore, we’ve decided to present you with some of the most popular board games you can play during the coronavirus quarantine. Just to mention that we are going to avoid talking about Clue or Monopoly since they are highly popular and everyone knows about them. Let us begin.


The first entry on this list of ours is Bananagrams. This is a fruit-themed word building-game that can serve as a great alternative to Scrabble, which is highly popular. Every player is trying to complete words faster than its opponents. The tile comes in a fabric made banana aces. This is a highly entertaining game that you can play with your family and friends.


Waterdeep is a board game that comes from the makers of Dungeons & Dragons. After you understand all of the rules, the experience of playing this game is going to be seriously rewarding. During this game, the players are using agents who are collecting resources in order to complete quests. The more quests you complete and the resources you have, the higher are the chances you are going to win. Whoever has the most points is a winner at the end of the game. Its fantasy-style design is exceptional and we certainly believe that you are going to enjoy playing this board game.


Telestrations can be described as a combination of Pictionary and Telephone board games. The players are writing what they are seeing around in a circle until the final description or drawing comes different than the results of every other player.


Catan is one of the most popular board games of our time. It is a slightly more involved board game than Monopoly or Risk. This game was previously known as Settlers or Settlers of Catan. This game is so popular that it even reached people who aren’t board game enthusiasts. Moreover, this game has a lot of expansion packs, just in case if you get bored with the original.

Anyhow, in this game, the players become settlers and they are trying to build their settlements and trade resources they picked up in the process. The bigger your settlement is, the more points you are going to earn. The first one to reach certain numbers is a winner.

Tickets to Ride

Science fiction and fantasy board games are not preferred by many people. Therefore, we are presenting you with Tickets to Ride. This is a board game that revolves around something as simple as the trains. Every player has its own and each of them tries to create a train route across the map of the United States, by collecting cards of the same color. The bigger you train routes are at the end of the game, you have more chance of winning.

5 Best Card Games to Play During Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus has the world firmly in its grips. More than a billion people are spending their days in their homes. Reducing social contact seems to be the only effective way we have got of combating the virus. This is all well and fine, but we are all left with a problem of what to do cooped up in our homes 24/7. The problem is even worse for families living in small apartments. Video games and watching TV will get you only so far. Perhaps the answer is to go back to traditional means of passing the time, like card games. They come in all shapes and sizes, designed to be played by any number of players. Some are even meant for a single player. All you have to do is pick the one that seems the most interesting and find a deck of cards.

Knockout Whist

Players: 2 – 7

Number of Decks: 1

The Knockout Whist comes from Britain. You will need a single deck of cards and anywhere between two and seven players. Each player is dealt seven cards. One card is placed on the table, face up. This is the trump suit. The first player places one card and the rest of the players must answer. The highest trump card wins the trick, with the ace being the highest and two the lowest. Whoever won the trick, starts the next one. The winner is the player with most tricks won. The loser is the player with the least tricks and they are removed from the game. The game is played until only one player remains.



Players: 3 – 4

Number of Decks: 1

Hearst is an old game, and it can be traced back to the 17th century and a game called Reversis in France. It can be played with three players, although the game works best with four. The deck is divided equally among the players. Then, each of them will choose three cards to pass them to the player next to them. The player with the two of clubs starts the game. All players must answer the suit if they have it. The highest number wins the trick, with the ace being the highest card. The object of the game is to have the lowest possible score possible. If you can’t answer the suit, you can play any card you like. This is a good opportunity to rid yourself of high-value cards.

Eights (or Crazy Eights)

Players: 2 – 7

Number of Decks: 1

Although seven people can play Eights, it is recommended that only two play at the time. If only tow people play, seven cards are dealt to each one. If there are more players, then each gets five cards. One card is played on the table face up. The players must answer the suit or they have to buy a card from the rest of the deck. Eights are wild-cards, meaning you can play them at any time.


Players: 1

Number of Decks: minimum 1

If you are spending coronavirus quarantine alone, this is the game for you. Solitaire is an old game and has been used to pass the time for centuries. The objective of the game is to sort cards according to suit, in numbered order. There are several types of the game, but the most popular is Klondike, allegedly originated in that Canadian region during the 19th-century gold rush. It is also the version Microsoft included in Windows operating system. The deck is divided into seven piles. The first pile on the left has just one card, while every next one has one card more. The cards are placed face down, except the last one in the row, which is face up. The players must build four foundations, each consisting of single-suit cards, starting with aces. Revealed cards can be moved to form sequences. An entire sequence can be moved to another pile or a foundation.

Poker (Texas Hold’Em)

Players: 2 – 4

Number of Decks: minimum 1

Texas Hold’Em is probably the most popular poker version in the world. Each player is dealt two cards, called hole cards. After each round of bets, one card is placed on the table face up. The objective is to form the strongest possible combination with the hole cards and the cards on the table.