Coronavirus Lockdown

The Unexpected Benefits of the Coronavirus Lockdown

‘2020’ had a very nice, symmetrical ring to it… until it actually arrived. Now, with almost half the year gone in virtual captivity for most of us, it will probably be remembered as the Year of the Virus or the Year of the Lockdown. However, the worldwide shutdown has had some positive consequences, too. It

Kylie’s Diamond Ring Proves She Might Be Engaged

Kylie Jenner has sparked some rumors about engaged to Travis Scott after flashing a new diamond ring on her wedding finger. The self-made billionaire, 22, posted pictures and video of her the sparkler on her left hand as she was showing off her new manicure. Earlier in the day, the beauty uploaded snaps that showed

Is Lucy Robson New Pamela Anderson?


In a recent promotion of golf simulator, we could see an attractive young golf player, Lucy Robson, and many people were astounded by her appearance, comparing her with Pamela Anderson from her young ages. Lucy is a golf player mostly known for her titles from 2012 and 2013, where she won the title as a

Italian Bombshells Birthday Celebration During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Beach, music, alcohol, and lots of alcohol. And a lot of nice women, like a celebrity girl. It was supposed to be a crazy party, the end of which she would play with her whistle. But the coronavirus would not let. Claudia Romani recently celebrated her 38th birthday, but by the pool instead of at