Dwayne Johnson’s Cheat Meals (Photos)


Dwayne Johnson is a true star on Instagram and he often posts photos of him and his family, his colleagues and directors he is working with on movie sets. More frequently he shows the world what he is doing in the gym. Besides the occasional photo shopped image of The Rock and Kevin Hart, people can also bump into cheat meals.

We all know The Rock’s meals are massive and his cheat meals are just ridiculous. The amount of food this Hollywood star can eat is extraordinary but those cheat meals do look tasty!

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One of the most common cheat meals you will find on Johnson’s table is sushi. He can eat a lot and he needs a monster table to fit that laptop in there.

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More Sushi

When he eats sushi, Johnson likes to watch something on his laptop. And yes, he calls this Sushi Train and it is quite obvious why.

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Chess and Sushi

It doesn’t matter whether he is at home or somewhere abroad on set, The Rock sticks to his diet. We can see him getting ready to eat sushi, this time in London.

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He Does Like His Fish

“Eyebrows raised and chopsticks ready” is what Johnson wrote under this photo. His Sunday Sushi Train is something you should definitely try but in smaller portions.

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Sushi, Ham and Cheese

As if all that sushi isn’t enough so The Rock has to add a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches to the mix. “If you ain’teatin’ then you ain’cheatin’. Enjoy your cheat meals my friends.” Apparently, The Rock knows the importance of the cheat meals.

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Turkey Sandwich and Brownies

The most important thing when it comes to The Rock’s cheat meals is to combine several of them. Turkey sandwich comes first and after that he likes to dip into those chocolate brownies. It is hard to decide on what looks better in this photo. We bet both are tasty.

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Monster-sized Cookies

When Dwayne Johnson cheats, he does it properly. Besides the sushi train, every now and then he spends his Sunday eating a cookie train. The cookies are made of milk, chocolate and salted caramel with peanut butter in the middle. And they are monster-sized as that fits the man like Johnson.

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Cookies and Documentaries

You can sometimes learn a lot from Dwayne Johnson’s photos (except that he eats a lot). While he was enjoying his cookies, he watched a documentary about Bob Marley and the assassination attempt made on his life in 1976. Johnson wrote:
“Bob’s son, Rohan Marley was my teammate when we played ball together down at THE U. Good times when he would share stories with us about his legendary father and their family. “Sistah, I bring the ghetto uptown.””

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How many more?

Dwayne Johnson seems to really enjoy his cookies. He keeps posting these photos and our mouths are watering.

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There’s Always a Full Plate

The Rock can eat even when it is 1:30 a.m. A plate full of massive cookies are just a snack for him to trick the hunger.

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Sushi and Cookies Combined

And sometimes, the actor and the former WWE star loves to combine the two of his favorite meals – sushi and cookies.

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Sushi and Pancakes

Adding pancakes to the mix is always welcomed. “Veni, vini, vici. Well earned late Sunday night cheat meal. Sushi and banana, chocolate chip pancakes. Hello sugar sweats by 2am,” is what Johnson wrote.

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Pancakes and Tequila

Every true fan knows that The Rock’s favorite drink is tequila, which turns out to be perfect with pancakes.

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Having Company

Sometimes, Johnson has company when he enjoys his cheat meals and Eliana joined him as they prepare to get on a tower of pancakes.

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Tasty as They Are

When he is eating pancakes, The Rock loves to add peanut butter and maple syrup on top, just to make them even more delicious.

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Shows and Food

He’s eating pancakes again…but this time, Johnson is watching Drug Lords and The Toys That Made Us on Netflix

Birthday Cake

Dwayne was too busy for his birthday, but he had time to enjoy this pancake-looking cake!

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Last but not least, Dwayne Johnson needs to listen to his strength and conditioning coach who told him: “DJ, need a mid-week carb up for your big scenes tomorrow. Eat a pizza and send me your pics in the morning” And here is your picture.