How to choose a nebulizer for kids

If your child is diagnosed with asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis or other respiratory ailments, chances are your healthcare provider will prescribe a nebulizer. While it serves the same purpose as an inhaler, a this device is more child-friendly.

With a device like this, your child only has to breathe through the mask, whereas an inhaler requires some coordination. For a kid, this can be a bit tricky to master.

There is a wide choice of nebulizers out there, which can be confusing. However, there are useful reviews that can help you compare different popular models. A selection of the leading nebulizers available today you can check out here.

In this article, we will briefly explain the different types of the device and how to choose one that’s right for your kid.

Types of Nebulizers

Jet (Compressor)

Compressor nebulizers use compressed air that turns liquid into fine mist. The good thing about these devices is that there are no medication restrictions – you can use any. Also, they offer a range of particle sizes and are less expensive. However, they are heavy and bit loud hence, ideal for stationary use.


These devices use high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to turn medication into fine mist. The aerosol particles are relatively smaller and consistent in size. These models tend to operate silently but cannot be used with all drugs.


Often confused for an ultrasonic nebulizer, mesh is a new technology for aerosol delivery. It generates an inhalable mist by using an ultrasonic horn which pushes medication through mesh. Unlike ultrasonic nebulizers, mesh can effectively deliver suspension formulations like budesonide. These devices are very compact, lightweight and extremely quiet. However, they are a bit expensive.

Things to Look Out For


Noise level is very important if you’re planning to use it on your kid at night. Loud nebulizers can not only be uncomfortable but might even terrify the young ones. Of the three types, compressors are the loudest. If noise is your primary concern, opt for either mesh or ultrasonic.


The mask design can be scary for little kids, which can negatively impact treatment delivery. So finding something with a fun design and vibrant colors feels less intimidating and enticing to the little ones. Some manufacturers offer dragon masks while others come with fanciful fish, train designs.

Keep in mind this trick might not work on kids above 3 years. So you must invent other convincing strategies. For one, you can make the inhalation process something like a game. Kids love games, and playing can help keep other thoughts away like wearing masks and tubes. You can as well buy masks for the whole family to wear so that they don’t feel out of place.

Or, get them a handheld mouthpiece model.


If you’re always on the go or your child is very active, portability is another angle you need to look at. While portable/handheld nebulizers are easy to carry, they are a bit expensive than tabletop systems. Also, you have to think about accessories like batteries.

Portable ones are also ideal if your kid only needs to be treated occasionally. But if they need treatment several times a day, a stationary option with a heavy-duty compressor seems like a better option as they deliver medication a bit quicker.

Depending on your needs, both options would be a great choice. But for convenience, you can opt to purchase both.


All nebulizers work in about the same way; they just have different features. So, choosing a nebulizer for your kid is a matter of needs, priorities, preference and your doctor’s recommendations.


What Are The Essential Tools for your Workshop?


Whether you are a handyman by trade or simply a DIY enthusiast, having a mix of tools in your workshop is important in order to be able to do what you love best.

When starting a workshop, you must have some essential tools in order to work on your projects. However, with so many new innovative tools hitting the market each year, it’s difficult to know which the most essential ones are.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at what are the essential tools for your workshop.

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1. Table Saw

Any DIY guy should have a portable table saw in this workshop regardless of their trade. Table saws are made out of an electric handsaw that is mounted on a table with a circular saw blade cutting ( Check comparison at ) through the middle and you can check some inexpensive table saws at

Most tool savvy guys know that there are two factors that play a crucial role in finding the best table saw, and those are the price and the flexibility of the table saw. The price in comparison with the size of the blade is the deciding factor. points out that the larger the blade, the bigger cutting power the saw has. However, the most common table says involve a 10-inch blade.

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2. Air Compressor

Air compressors are irreplaceable tools that every DIY-er should have in their workshop. In today’s time, the technology is so advanced that you don’t even need a hammer to nail down things. With air-powered nailers, drills, saws, and even guns, the air compressor takes a central role in your workshop. When choosing the best air compressor a few factors come in play. Namely, the deciding one is the flexibility of the tool; is it hauled to a workstation, how heavy it is, etc. Another factor is the output of the tool and of course, the price. You can check out some amazing air compressor reviews at ToolPWR.

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3. Drill Press

A drill press is the type of tool that works wonders if you’re chasing precision for your work. A drill press is a fixed version of the hand drill that comes with an adjustable table. The drill press is powered by an electric motor and they come in two variations. The first one is freestanding models or with a bench top.

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4. Drills

Name me a workshop without a drill in it. Drills have come a long way and today’s tools don’t even require you to drag a cord with you every time you need to use a drill. They come in all dimensions and with various drilling power. They can also be cordless, lithium-ion-powered, that serves as the ultimate flexible drills.

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5. Nailgun

Nailguns can be powered by compressed air, or they can be powered by fuel cells instead. The latter serves as the better and newer version of the nailgun, with much greater nailing capabilities. The nailgun is the ultimate tool if you need to “nail down” shelves on your drawer. Check out some quality nail guns review at Toolzfinder.

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6. Extra Tool: Tape Measure

No matter what your niche is, how serious your DIY projects are, or how professional you are with your work, a tape measure is a vital instrument for any project savvy guy. It allows you to accurately measure the success of your projects by accurately measuring the distance between each cut, nail, dimensions, and more.