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How to easily ship your luggage

Dragging your numerous bulky suitcases to an airport can be pretty exhausting. Are you going on a long vacation or maybe moving to another country or even continent? For sure, you have to be dreading that trip to the airport with your heavy luggage, waiting in line to check it all in. Well, we have got some great news for you! Keep reading this text, and you will find out how to easily ship your luggage wherever you want.


Due to high fees of transporting oversized baggage in the airport, there are many companies such as that provide the services of shipping luggage beforehand. The best thing is that you can ship your things to any country and city in the world. For instance, if you’re traveling from America to Germany, or maybe even moving, would it be easier to simply ship all your suitcases and boxes instead of lugging them with you?


So what services can the luggage shipping companies provide you with and how to find the perfect one? A lot of these companies do not have the weight restriction of your luggage, which is a great thing. You can ship everything, from boxes of clothes to bike, golf clubs, and skiing equipment, basically everything that you can think of.

Thanks to the revolution of technology and the Internet, you can book a luggage shipping company online. But, before hiring them, make sure to read their terms i.e. what type of luggage you can send because a number of companies won’t ship anything dangerous and flammable. Also, check the prices. Shipping prices differ in the weight of your items – the heavier they are, the higher the price.

Upon booking the service online, you will receive the shipping labels via email as well as the packing, locking and labeling instructions. Follow these instructions to correctly pack, lock and label your luggage. Furthermore, you can drop off your luggage at any of company’s numerous locations or, if you wish, the company’s carrier will pick up your belongings from your home, office or any other location you instruct them.

Another great service luggage shipping companies offer is the tracking and monitoring of your shipment. This way, you will know where your precious belongings are at any time. The company’s service agent will be in contact with your carrier and he will inform you about any obstacle that may happen such as customs delay, and they will also tell you when your baggage will be delivered.


The greatest advantage of hiring a company to ship your luggage is the fact that they will deliver them to you. No, you don’t have to go to their storage unit to pick up your stuff, just provide the carrier with the address of your hotel, new apartment or dorm room, and your suits and box will be waiting there for you.

Another service these companies offer is the free storage which means you can send your baggage weeks if not months in advance and they will be put away in a storage unit until you relocate and ask for them to be delivered.


As you can see, nowadays, there are many options you can choose from when it comes to shipping your luggage. Choose the items you want to ship in advance, find the perfect luggage shipping company for you, and travel without any fear because you’ll know your belongings are secured and they will be waiting for you at your destination.