Why Are Rick and Morty So Good

Rick and Morty is an iconic TV show that has gathered a huge following in the three seasons it has been airing on Adult Swim. Deceptively simple cartoon style has left wondering why is it so popular and what is the secret of the show’s success. The first thing that stands out is ridiculous plotlines.

Why watching movies is good for you?


Do you know anyone who has no interest in watching movies? At least, we have not come across someone who is so weird. People may have different interests, genres or likings of film. Someone may prefer watching movies at home, some at cinema halls or theatres or vice versa. Do you know there is many

Richard Lewis Net Worth 2019 – the old-school comedy

He is one of the best and acknowledged comedians in the world. Apart from this, he has also done some work as an actor. The period of his fame and when he made a lot of movies was in the 1980s. He is also very famous for having appearances in Anything but Love, he appeared

Why do so many people hate Big Bang Theory and how did it remain so popular?

The immensely popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory has been on the receiving end of many laughs and jokes on the Internet for years, even now when it is in its last season. Dozens of critics, blogs, and sites transformed the popular show into a laughing stock of the TV show world. Most criticism

Dwayne Johnson’s Upcoming Film: Fighting with My Family Trailer


Fighting with My Family is a new biographical sports comedy film, which has been produced by Dwayne Johnson. However, the Rock is also starring in this 2019 film, which will be released in theatres on February 22nd. The film is based on the documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family and shows the incredible true