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How Does the Hood Cleaning Process Work?

After constant use of the kitchen in places such as restaurants, hotels or some other facilities, there is a large accumulation of grease. So, in such conditions, the kitchen cannot continue to work until it is thoroughly cleaned. If this is ignored, there is a risk of very dangerous situations such as a fire. In any case, the excess waste generated after some time prevents the normal operation of the kitchen. However, this process involves several basic steps that are mandatory during each cleaning.

This means that hood cleaning is not just an option but a necessary item in all commercial facilities. There is a code that obliges owners to repeat this action for a certain period of time in order to prevent a fire. That is why it is best to immediately think about the experts you can turn to and hire them as soon as possible if you have not already done so. You can read more about hood cleaning in the rest of the text.

What is hood cleaning?

This procedure is very easy to explain because it is a process by which excess fat is removed. Waste accumulates in many places when it comes to kitchens, such as ducts, fans, and other openings. If all these and other places remain permanently uncleaned, excess fat will lead to extreme dangers. However, if you stick to regular cleaning and hire professionals who do their job well, you don’t have to worry about it.

Preparation for hood cleaning

Before starting the hood cleaning process, there is an equally important part. This refers to the proper preparation of the space before cleaning. As with any other arrangement, it is important that there are conditions in which nothing will jeopardize this process. The same thing is with hood cleaning, and the first thing we need to do is inspect the exhaust system. Of course, before we embark on the process, it is important for a professional in this field to review the system and determine if it is ready. If he notices unusual changes, emergency intervention is established and only after that the work can continue.

So, it is a regular inspection that precedes every cleaning. After that, the exhaust fans are switched off. It is true that these systems differ in most commercial facilities, but it is important that the technician knows each system and thus prevents possible damage. Since this process can be very messy, experts should start removing the filter and prepare a waste collection tool. Of course, before the devices are covered, it is important to turn off all gas lamps and valves. This applies to all devices that are nearby, because experts in the business will use highly flammable chemicals. You can read the other steps in the cleaning process below.

Steps in cleaning the hood

The first thing to do in this process is to clean the filter. So, the cleansing cannot start if this bark is not done. After that come the turn of both drape and funneling. The drape is covered and directed so that all the waste with water goes to the right place. The appliances are then covered if necessary while the rest of the kitchen remains open. The appliances are covered so that the kitchen stays as clean as before the process begins. The next step involves applying a grease remover to the bonnet, fans and ducts.

Taking this step is the key thing when it comes to hood cleaning, because tidying up actually starts here. The means that are applied help to break down the fat faster and thus the cleaning becomes effective. It also switches to the hood, fans and washing channels. It is rinsed with water pressure and the last layer of fat is removed. Of course, it is important to pay attention to the key points and send the entire exhaust system. Each part must be washed equally. After that, the rest of the water and the mess that was created is simply removed. The last step is wiping and polishing as well as testing the functions of the device.

Regular servicing

In addition to the need to take the right steps in cleaning, regular servicing is also important. So, all you need to do is plan your service schedule in advance according to your needs. However, every professional company will do it for you if you turn to experienced experts. Our recommendation is to do the cleaning every 6 months because it takes about that much to get the fat. Otherwise, too much waste will accumulate and then you will not be able to remove the fat even with the help of serious chemicals. The worst outcome is fire and therefore frequent cleaning is a necessary item. Anyway, you can find out more about how often you should do it at

Differences in systems

Although it is best to clean the kitchen every six months, it is true that there is a difference in certain systems. This refers to the requirements in cleaning and control when it comes to different objects. For example, fuel cooking systems require inspection once a month. Of course, given the risk that is constantly present, it is necessary to check these systems often. On the other hand, systems that function on a larger scale, such as grilling and others, can be checked on a quarterly basis.

Every 6 months, systems that exist for the purpose of cooking in moderate quantities should be checked. . Of course, outdoor surfaces are important to maintaining on a daily basis. If your employees are equally responsible and trained, they will know that they are properly performing the cleaning process on a daily basis that is not required.


Everyone who owns commercial facility dreams of great responsibility. The safety of the facility and all those who are in it is in the first place, which means that it is necessary to take all protective measures. Hood cleaning is an equally important task, because it reduces the possibility of fire and enables the normal functioning of the kitchen space. So, do not jeopardize the security and reputation of your company. We hope we have helped you learn all about the hood cleaning process.

Things you Need to Know about Dryer Vent Cleaning

When it comes to your home laundry, it needs to be done safely because dryer fires are scary, hazardous to your home and family. Usually, fire breakouts happen in the metallic tube between the wall and the dryer. That is the reason why you need to clean the vent thoroughly. It will also help your dryer to last for many years and operate efficiently.

According to an article published on Nytimes, dryer fires create havoc in almost 2,900 American homes annually as per the data of US Fire Administration. Then, people goof up when cleaning the dryer vent. Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid:

Not remembering to unplug the dryer

Before you start cleaning the dryer vent, always remember to unplug the appliance from the wall electrical socket. Though this may sound too obvious, things that look simple and evident, homeowners often overlook and forget such things easily. Even the small or insignificant mistakes may create havoc, especially dryer fire hazards and electrical shocks.

You should unplug the dryer to avoid electrical shocks during the cleaning process. Again, if you are using gas-powered ones, make sure you turn the gas off to stop leakage.

Wrong tools used

Did you know that small lint fibers could stick to the duct walls and therefore, you need to invest in some equipment, which is safe to use and does the work efficiently?There are products available at $30, which connect with the end of your vacuum and great at sucking up dry debris. Again, you will find equipment costing as low as $17 with proper attachments if you have a long dryer duct to clean. Then, many homeowners use the wrong equipment and that leads to fire hazards. The moral of the story is using safe and first-rate equipment.

Nor checking the duct for any damage

While cleaning it, always look at its surface to determine whether it has any tears or cracks. You need to repair these cracks or tears to make it operate effectively and efficiently. These are simple things to remember and do not require any special skills. In simple words, be attentive and careful while cleaning it.

Bending the dryer duct more than needed

When it comes to dryer ducts, they bend very easily when you’re dealing with the same. Avoid bending it too much. Ensure that the tube does not turn sharply or bend excessively because it would result in crevices in which there would be lint buildup, resulting in breaks. It will not only damage your appliance but also unsafe for use. You can inquiry at to learn more about dryer vent cleaning and safety measures.

Cleaning a long vent on your own

It is one of the common mistakes homeowners make. When it comes to some fundamental equipment and DIY job, it is fine for most people using dryers. However, you need to hire a trained professional if the appliance has a long duct. Doing it yourself may damage it as well as pose significant risk for your home and family. A trained expert will do the job at a cost that you can easily afford. Then, why take the risk?

Re-attaching ducts using duct tape

No, you cannot use duct tape to re-attach the duct because it will corrode and wear away when the heat is emitted from your dryer. The best thing to do is to use an aluminum tape that can endure the heat.

If you are unsure, read up on aluminum tape and its beneficial uses because it is imperative for effective dryer performance and safety of your home and family.

Putting the vent into a crawlspace or attic

Did you know that the lint building up in the dryer vent is inflammable? You will find only one spot where the exhaust must go to ensure vent safety, which is outdoors. Get your dryer vent cleaned and crucial tasks such as re-routing the vent to trained professionals. It is safe and more effective than DIY tasks.

Ignoring the moisture sensors

Though it hardly concerns the real vent, then, if the appliance has a moisture sensor, keep it spick and span to let your dryer operate efficiently. You can clean the sensor while you are working on the dryer vent.

As far as the sensor is concerned, it is nothing but a thin metallic bar found on the right side just beneath your dryer door. Make sure you clean the dryer-sheet chemicals, lint, as well as other debris using a ball of cotton and rubbing some alcohol to ensure flawless cleaning.


Not cleaning the vent when required

When you are doing laundry at home and washing loads of clothes, your washer and dryer are being used extensively. It means you need to focus on maintenance, as it’s a task you cannot keep postponing. You need to clean tit deeply once every year thoroughly. There is no excuse or shortcut to the process.

It’s a home chore you need to care about, when necessary. Once a year is enough! We’re not asking you to clean it every three months, but then, keep watch if the vent has accumulated lint and other debris. If you find it, you will need to clean the dryer vent. It is a job you cannot neglect or procrastinate. Cleaning the vent is essential for the safety of your family as well as to ensure the appliance run efficiently.

Final words

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid when cleaning the dryer vent, keep your appliance, home, and family safe from dryer fire hazards. Keep these pointers in mind. It is important to ensure safety when doing laundry to avoid accidents. Use the right appliance, equipment, and adhere to the safety ideas. It will ensure top performance of your dryer without any risk.We hope these ideas prove useful when you schedule your next vent-cleaning job. Make sure you hire a professional to avoid hassles, fire hazards, and accidents. Happy cleaning!