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4 Things We Learned at Bauma Germany 2021

Bauma is an international construction machinery exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany. Never before in the 65-year long history has this exhibition seen the attendance and innovation that took place this year. The makers from 63 countries, as well as the unique venues and the audience, made this year earn its place in the books.

Various companies’ representatives attended the event. Through their sheer numbers, they demonstrated the growth of the construction industry in recent years. The most prominent of them was Caterpillar, which showcased over 20 new products!

Businesses like aftermarket caterpillar parts manufacturer (check out more at found attendance at the event to reflect the growth in international b2b construction and supportive industries.

As a result of the achievements, the sales on this event skyrocketed. Having attended it, we are here to share the knowledge we gained.

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It Is Growing in Importance

It is the time of digitalization, and many new companies and products are breaking into the market. Bauma makes a lot of difference here, as it allows the companies to show what they have to offer, as well as rising the demand. It represents the peak of success of many companies who find their way to the exhibition.

The overwhelming number of visitors, as well as those exhibiting their products, allows for the exchange of ideas and flow of information one couldn’t begin to imagine in the past. It is an excellent way to keep track of the newest trends as well, and it seems like it won’t stop growing any time soon.

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Sustainable Energy is Key

Besides digitalization, the main focus of this year’s festival was sustainable energy. As the world moves towards a more eco-friendly mindset, it is evident that industries are trying to follow suit. The demand for clean, sustainable machinery and electricity-powered vehicles is higher than ever.

The introduced products reflect this change, of course. To honor this, Bauma presented some of the manufacturers with their Innovation Award, thus further encouraging this trend.

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Politics and Industry Intertwined

Among the numerous visitors, many high-ranking politicians also found their way to Bauma. This fact indeed shows just how significant the event is, and not only for industrial development. It is a competitive time when every country is working on development. For that reason, such activities are of paramount importance for the heads of politics.

Political leaders from many countries, including several from Germany itself, took part and commented on the fair.

The Place to Be for Business

Besides being a vivid event with an extensive range of visitors and many tourist attractions and fascinating panels, it is a hotbed for business. As we mentioned, the number of purchases made at the fair itself was enormous. Any high-quality manufacturer will not have to fear a slow season after it.

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Plus, the networking you can do on the spot could be critical for your future development. In our opinion, being featured in this event could in the future, make or break a producer.

Final Thoughts

Such a fair might sound fascinating only to the industrial giants at first. However, this year’s event made us appreciate the higher importance it has. We observed digitalization and modernization, clean energy, sharing of ideas on a global level. Consequently, we can say that Bauma seems like an event that is yet to expand to its full potential.

Main Benefits of Using Clean Energy Solutions 

During the last few decades, we’ve been hearing a lot about renewable energy and clean energy. It is not only advisable but necessary for all of us to decrease our environmental footprint. Human impact on the environment is becoming deeper and more extensive each year and we need to start changing that. Wind turbines and solar panels are gaining popularity rapidly and have become a relatively common sight. What many have been asking themselves ever since renewable energy as a concept was introduced, is how does it affect our health, our economy, and the environment? Many have been researching the impact of renewable energy technologies for years, and here are just some of the main conclusions summed up. Energy Boom stated, ” As an example, nationwide the combined savings achieved due to energy efficiency programs during 2016 alone could power 20 million US households. Switching to renewables also makes economic sense given that these energy sources can help stabilize energy prices and avoid the fluctuations that characterize coal and natural gas markets, which are often affected by the changing geopolitical situation.”


Less CO2 is being released in the atmosphere

Less CO2 means less global warming. Human activity is filling the atmosphere with numerous gases that have detrimental effects on human health and represent a serious threat to all other living organisms. The gases are acting like a layer trapping heat on the Earth, not letting it disperse. That’s why the global temperature is always rising and will eventually become deadly. Already we can see the impact of global warming and it’s not at all negligible. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of clean energy, take a look at Clean Energy Ideas. They cover not only renewable energy but the topics of climate change and recycling as well.

Renewable energy sources produce a very small amount or none at all, of those emissions. CO2 is considered the main greenhouse gas, but there are others that contribute to global warming as well.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your energy bills

As you already know, electricity is not at all cheap and the prices are not going to fall. By installing solar panels, you’re installing a source of clean energy for your home. This will help you reduce your electric bills a lot. It’s no surprise that as the prices of electricity go up, more and more people will decide to install solar panels. Even though the installation of solar panels can be expensive, it will pay off as you will reduce the amount you have to pay to your local utility company.

Using solar panels will also help us reduce fossil fuel consumption. As we switch to renewable energy, we reduce the need for burning reserves of fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and gas. For more information visit Action Solar.


More jobs are being made

Many people work in renewable energy jobs. There are around 10 million of them around the world to be exact, of which around 3 million found jobs concerning solar power, 1.5 million hydropower, and 1.2 million wind power. These are not small numbers. The truth is that renewable energy has the potential to open many more jobs in the future. Meanwhile, the US coal industry employees around 76,000 which is a lot less than the number of people employed in museums, breweries, or travel agencies.

The benefits of renewable energy on the economy, health, and environment are not at all negligible and should be understood and taken into serious consideration. How long can we keep ignoring the facts?