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Mini Claw Machine – Endless Fun


There is no doubt that the main goal of every game out there is to have fun and enjoyment is one of the crucial things people look for whatever the game may be. We understand now that the point to draw and keep our attention is a necessary feature of the claw machines all over the world. The overall feeling of hunger for success in the game to reach the prize is empowering us. To try and try again until we are able to get the wanted item as a trophy for our efforts.


I suppose it sounds easy, like a simple game to play and win. Yes, it is a game, but not as easy and straightforward as you may think.  After ten attempts to catch with the claw the attended item, you realize that this is going to take time, experience, energy and persistence to achieve. The machine will keep your attention, and you entertained bringing you closer to the trophy in it with each unsuccessful attempt. The mentioned temptation of the prizes in the machine makes as addicted to come back and try again and again. This is frankly said silly, how something so simple can occupy our complete concentration and attention.


The first shape of claw machines where present even far as in the 1890s according to historians and the date they analyzed.  It was not before the 1920s Ernie Collins created a contraption that allowed consumers to control the small stem shovel with a wheel, to try to pick up from the dozen of kernel corn a silver dollar as a prize. Whether you opt for a mini claw machine, the newest arcade fighter or the standard claw machines, their predecessor was the same.

William Bartlett is the person who took all the credit for the patent and attained wealth in the procedure that found the way to amusement parks all over the world. But the first mass-production was done under Erie Digger in 1926 and was present in the US at funfairs making his mark in the business of the claw machines. From then moving from the horizontal format of the diggers to the typically upright present today, the design has evolved and continuously changed through time.


Through time the mentioned claw machines have become a part of our daily activities. The population that is drawn to them tend to have specific groups such as couples enjoying their time and game spent together, children who are probably most addicted to the machine in hand. The collections are the passionate and devoted ones to reach their collection with new items always. They are also known as geeks because of the unique approach they have to the claw machine game. To understand the game you must practice it, and above all like spending time with it. We suggest that, if you want to master the mentioned game, first get to know your machine, watch it when others play. Bring a friend to help you, don’t focus on the prizes, switch way to pull up the item from the machine, and choose the right award for you.