Who Is Trevor Noah? Everything You Need to Know

Trevor Noah – you know him as the wise-cracking host of the award-winning news satire show
that millions of people tune into every night, The Daily Show, with his distinctive accent and
an infectious grin. Clearly, there’s no stopping this comedic powerhouse, which is why you should
jump on any opportunity to get cheap Trevor Noah tickets while you still can!

But other than that, what else do you know about him?

Jon Stewart left some huge shoes to fill, but Trevor is so much more than just “the guy who took
over.” He’s an incredibly hilarious and sharp comedian in his own right, and his story will
astound you. Here’s everything you need to know about Trevor Noah.

He Was Born Illegally


How can anyone be born illegally? It’s easy when you live in apartheid-era South Africa. With a
white father and a Black mother, Trevor’s very existence as a mixed-race child was proof that,
under South Africa’s laws at the time, a crime was committed. Imagine having your father walk
with you across the street from you and your mother when going anywhere in public to avoid
being arrested, and you get the idea. Talk about a crazy childhood!

Childhood Was Not Easy For Him

The pressures on his family caused his mother and father to break up when Trevor was very
young. Things got even worse when his mother, Patricia, remarried another man. While this
union gave Trevor two brothers, Andrew and Isaac, it also saw him and his mother exposed to
abuse at the hand of his new stepfather. His mother divorced him in 1996, but that wasn’t the
end of the story. When Patricia remarried yet again in 2009, her abusive ex shot Patricia, nearly
killing her, threatened Trevor himself with violence, and ultimately (and thankfully) ended up in

He’s Young and Hungry


Noah hit the ground running, practically, from birth. Driven and determined to succeed, he had
his first professional gig at 18 years old when he joined the cast of a South African soap opera
in 2002. On top of this, Noah also began hosting his radio show and delved into comedy shortly
after, began hosting or co-hosting several different major South African television shows, and
began opening for major acts on their South American tours. Soon he was headlining his
comedy tours. Less than ten years later, he had conquered South Africa and had relocated to
the United States, becoming the first South African comedian to be showcased on The Tonight
Show and The Late Show with David Letterman.

He’s Seriously Funny

Trevor has one seriously funny bone. Incredibly entertaining, a natural storyteller, and with a
unique point of view due to his upbringing and ethnicity, his comedy focuses on more than just
your typical “what’s the deal with airline food?” style of jokes. Progressive and unafraid to talk
about hard subjects like racism and other types of injustice because he’s experienced it himself,
he’s as serious as he is funny. It works out to be a perfect combination – it’s hard to find a comic
that makes you think as much as he makes you laugh!

He’s As International As It Gets

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Trevor admits that he loves traveling, meeting other people, and experiencing new cultures.
Growing up in South Africa gave him a knack for languages, as he speaks Xhosa fluently, his
mother’s language, as well as English. His talent for picking up accents plays in much of his
comedy – something he capitalizes on whenever he’s touring internationally. He’s been all over
the world and never seems to tire of learning new things about it.

He Took The Daily Show By Storm

Part of Noah’s meteoric rise to fame has to do with the time he spent at The Daily Show, as it
led to him taking the reins when Jon Stewart stepped down. Noah began working for the show
in December of 2014 as a regular contributor, becoming its “Senior International Correspondent”
for his unique take on international news, thanks to his South African heritage and his globe-
trotting tendencies. It wasn’t long before this shining star earned the right to take over in
September of 2015 to thunderous applause.

He Never Sleeps


Trevor is incredibly driven to the point where he spends almost every waking moment doing
something. Noah revealed in interviews, and stand-up specials, that he has boundless energy
and only needs a few hours of sleep a day, which mostly occurs in the middle of the day, as
he’s typically up all night working on either The Daily Show or his comedy. Like the Energizer
Bunny, he keeps going and going and going.

He Has Many Influences

Even the greatest comedians have to look at others for influence from time to time, especially
when starting out. So, when asked about his own comedic influences, Noah has said: “The
kings are indisputable. Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby; for me personally I didn’t know of him before I
started comedy, but Eddie Murphy changed my view on the thing, and I definitely look up to him
as a comedic influence. Chris Rock in terms of the modern black comedian and Dave
Chappelle. Those are the guys that have laid the foundation and have moved the yardstick for
all comedians, not just Black comedians.” He also cited Jon Stewart as an influence and a

To Sum Up

With so much going for him, it’s hard to summarise who Trevor Noah is. But, if we had to boil it
down to three things, we’d say he’s driven, passionate, and seriously funny!

If you’ve only checked him out on The Daily Show, then you’re missing out, as Noah’s type of
humor is incredibly entertaining yet serious at the same time. Meaning, there’s always
something for everyone.

The Daily Show aside, Noah also goes on tour. So, the next time he’s in town, why not check
out if you can find some tickets on, trust us – his show will have you in stitches,
and coming back for more.

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