6 Things you Should Know about the Product Owner of Agile

As per the survey being conducted regarding the roles, artifacts, and events that are taking place in Agile, the team came to know that many doubts are going on about the roles of the product owner. Let’s have a piece of detailed information about the product owner and the 6 things you should know about them.


What does one mean by the Product Owner of Agile?

According to Vinsys, the product owner is a key stakeholder of a typical project. The main part of the product owner lies where he has the responsibilities and a vision of what one wishes to build and has to convey that vision to his Agile team.

The product owner is also responsible for the results created by the development team for maximizing the value of the product. To get success as a product owner, he must get the respect for his decisions from the organization.

The decisions of the product owner are mainly seen in the context of project management and the ordering of the product’s backlog. As the product owner is a person, the department team can work from different sets of departments without getting any force.

Roles of Product Owner of Agile


Here, we have described the role of a product owner concerning scrum as you know it is a part of Agile. As per the experts, the main role of the product owner is to ensure the product formed is being valued by the customers and the users and should also benefit the company.

Below we discuss a few roles of the product owner to make sure that they understand the core quality of the products and its collaboration.

1. Vision

As discussed above, the product owner has the responsibility of creating a better vision for himself as well as for the department team. The vision helps the stakeholders to have a clear-cut vision by understanding the outcome of the product.

2. To manage the product backlog


Managing the product backlog is one of the primary and crucial roles of the product owner. The main responsibility of the product owner is to bring the stack of items and prioritize them as per the goal set for the business and global approach.

3. Need Prioritization

To deliver the maximum outcomes, the product owner should know what all items are needed for the prioritization. The items in the backlog would help to achieve the goal and success.

6 things you should know about the product owner of Agile

  1. Concerning the Scrum Team

  • If we talk about the product owner of the scrum team, then they are considered as another member of that team.
  • But for the obvious things, one should not take anyone for granted because all have their work and role to play in the field of project management.
  • The position of the product owner is gained by a single person and there are no rights to share it with multiple people.
  • By performing individually, one would help to prioritize the backlog without generating any conflicts.
  • The sprint goal is developed if the assigned task is worked together with the department team of Agile.
  • The sprint goals are set while sprint planning so that a more defined business objective could be obtained by the product owner.

Thus, this was the point concerning the scrum team.

  1. Concerning Artifacts

An artifact is an object of Scrum that belongs to the department team.

  • Spring backlog is a part of an artifact that cannot be modified according to project management.
  • Artifacts are the owner of the product backlog and cannot represent the management.
  • Monitoring and sharing of the product backlog are possible by artifacts.
  • One can maintain, create, and order the product backlog with the help of an artifact.
  • To get the exact idea of the product backlog, one must collaborate with stakeholders and project managers.
  1. With regards to Events

  • For the sprint review, one must summon the stakeholders.
  • The starting and ending of the sprint date cannot be changed as it is included in project management.
  • You can inspect and create an improvement in the scrum team by attending scrum retrospective.
  • If the goal of the product owner is not absolute, the sprint can be canceled. This happens in a very rare case.
  1. Regarding the Product

  • The responsibilities of the product owner continue till the completion of the entire cycle of the product.
  • Product owners would entail all the investments including conception, development, operation, and maintenance that are to be made in the product by getting involved as an in-charge of the total cost of ownership.
  • Feedback should be gained from the market regarding the product after releasing the increments of product.
  • Product owner of Agile must be one who has all the knowledge about the progress and the business objectives that would lead to an increase in the product.
  • The decision of increasing of product should be made by the product owner.
  1. With regards to general scope

  • The product owner must have time to decide the ability of the organization and to influence it to get the better work done by the department team.
  • The product owner on some occasions has acquired a higher position that would lead the capacity to influence the organization and can also have complications in the agenda for having little time for project completion.
  • Complication between how and what can be cleared because the work of the department team is to perform the task by choosing how to do it and concerning that the work of the product owner is to indicate what to do with the items of the product backlog.
  1. Help of the Scrum team Agile


The sprint review must be provided by the scrum team that can be counted as help for the rest of the team. It includes some of the major points such as:

  • Reviewing the current status of the product backlog
  • Inspection of product
  • Item delivered should comply with DoD
  • Inspection should be done with the stakeholders as the market changes the potential use of the product
  • Update the backlog of the product.
  • Based on the status of the department team, the projections for the probable about the release date can be made.

Agile is a way of life that contains the basic guides of commitments, focus, respect, courage, and frankness that could govern the product owner day by day.

Microsoft PowerApps + Certification – How Can Make You Successful in 2020?

Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the whole IT industry. It has been providing numerous tech resources to make businesses enhance their productivity and progress. Aside from this, Microsoft has not left any stone unturned to equip its certification holders with necessary skills. The skills to maintain such advance technologies that ensure organizations can benefit from these individuals.

One such example is its latest Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer Certification. This certification uniquely combines two of the most powerhouse products provided by Microsoft. Where PowerApps is a fantastic platform for developers to generate scalable applications. Dynamics 365 helps businesses with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications.

There is a considerably rising demand for professionals who are excellent in developing apps using a platform such as PowerApps. If you want a solid understanding of the PowerApps platform along with the knowledge of its customization, configuration, integration, and extensibility, take and pass this beta exam! Dumpspedia will help you, so there is no way you will fail the exam. Order MB-400 Exam Questions Answers right now!


Why Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer?

PowerApps + Dynamics 365 is not beneficial for only businesses. The individuals with an ultimate understanding of this platform are taking walks around paths of success. So if you are thinking about taking this exam, rest assured that you have made the best decision of your career. The PowerApps Developers earn an annual salary of around $113,420 on average. Plus, the demand can be estimated with more or so $106k-$122k PowerApps Developer Jobs posted in the last year.

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Overview: MB-400 Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer (beta)

MB-400 Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer (beta) is a test of your skills and knowledge related to the PowerApps platform and all the technical tasks associated with it.

These tasks include creating technical designs and configuring CDS, creating and configuring PowerApps, setting business process automation, extending user experience, platform, and developing integrations.

The content of the exam has just recently been upgraded to reflect the latest requirements of updated on 11/5 to reflect the branding change related to PowerApps.

The exam costs $165 USD. However, the price varies based on the country in which the review is being taken.

Skills Measured

Here is the outline of the skills measured in this exam with their respective percentage:

  • Create a Technical Design (10-15%)
  • Configure Common Data Service (CDS) (15-20%)
  • Create and Configure PowerApps (10-15%)
  • Configure business process automation (10-15%)
  • Extend the user experience (15-20%)
  • Extend the platform (15-20%)
  • Develop Integrations (10-15%)

Certifications and Prerequisites

The candidates are expected to have the basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365. Moreover, there are some other perquisites related to MB-400 Microsoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer (beta) Exam. Passing this certification exam will lead you to:

Related certification

  • Microsoft Certified: PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate

This certification is proof that you are a Developer who knows how to work with Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics 365. You are capable enough to design, develop, secure, and extend a Dynamics 365 application. To get this certification, passing MB-400 is compulsory, and for that, you need first to pass this exam:

Related exams

  • Exam MB-200: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core

This exam contains the core knowledge of Power platform + Dynamics 365. After passing the exam, you will be able to discover, plan, and analyze the platform. Plus, you will be experienced enough to move to the next level, which is the MB-400 Exam.

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5 Steps to Make Sure You get A-Grade Result

Microsoft Exams target a diverse range of services, meaning sometimes they can be tough to pass. That doesn’t change the fact that many have given the exams and successfully working in respective fields. How did they do that? One way is to find out is by simply following these steps:

Ask Your Peers:

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Search for the Right Resource:

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Word hard To Meet the Goals:

Once you have acquired your preferred MB-400 Test Questions, that’s where the real preparation starts. It is better to set a schedule and stick to that. Make a routine to sit and practice.

Practice, Analyze & Revise:

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Believe in Yourself:

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Teach English Online and Get Paid

Does living independently, working according to when suits you, and being the master of your own salary sound appealing to you? Of course, it does – how could it not?

Surely a job like that can’t actually exist, right? Wrong. You can teach English online, experience all the above perks and more.

Sound too good to be true? Well, read on to learn in detail about online English teaching and how it could be the perfect job for you.



When thinking about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) – online or otherwise – you should consider obtaining a qualification. A TEFL qualification is usually earned by completing a course from an accredited provider, such as TEFL Org.

Why get certified?

As an aspiring online English tutor, qualification would be very useful for several reasons. Firstly, it would provide you with the training and know-how to confidently lead either one-to-one or class lessons. Winging lessons without prior training is not a fun experience! Another reason: your credentials attract new students. The better the qualification you have the more students will flock to you. Also, if you decide to work for a company, rather than freelance, then you are more likely to meet their job requirements. Most importantly, the better your CV, the more you can charge/the more an employer will be willing to pay.

There are loads of different qualifications and providers out there which can make it tricky to choose.

Some factors to take into account:

    • Accreditation: Perhaps the most important aspect of a TEFL qualification is its accreditation. Since there is no standard accrediting organization in the TEFL industry, competitors must find relevant endorsements from external bodies. For example, we at TEFL Org are the most accredited provider in the UK thanks to accreditation from the likes of OFQUAL and the British Accreditation Council. This means you can be sure our courses are of the highest quality and internationally recognized by employers.
  • Cost: There is a wide spectrum of costs when it comes to TEFL courses. Things like hours of training, quality, location, whether it’s online, and prestige all affect the cost. Beware of poor quality courses, such as those found on Groupon, that offer extremely low prices for largely unrecognized courses.
  • Location: Some courses are taught fully in classes, others online, and some mix the two. It’s important that you choose one that you can access easily – so either within traveling distance or make sure you have access to the internet.
  • Hours of training: Generally speaking, the more hours a course has the better the qualification. Of course, this can be off-set if the course is done through an unaccredited provider, but it’s useful to keep in mind as a rule of thumb. The ‘standard’ number of hours sought by employers is 120. You can view our two 120-hour course options here.

On top of the standard TEFL courses, TEFL Org offers a specialized 40-hour Teaching Online course. It’s perfect for anyone looking to start a career teaching online as it trains users on how to create an online presence, prepare lessons, and use the software. Great if you’re hoping for an advantage over other tutors!

So, hopefully, the point has been hammered in: get TEFL certified!

Job Options

Online English tutors generally have two main paths they can follow: freelancing or working for an agency. Both have their own pros and cons. Read on to find out more.



The most flexible and independent way to teach English online. In other words, you are the boss of your own salary, schedule, and students. Handling so much responsibility by yourself can seem daunting, especially if it’s your main/sole source of income, but the rewards are well worth it if you can manage it.

Schedule and location

Teaching at home, or any location you like for that matter, allows you to avoid the stresses of the workplace. Having total power over your schedule gives you a feeling of freedom that just can’t be matched in a normal 9-5 hour day!


There is a good and bad side to freelancing in terms of pay. On one hand, you largely get to set the terms and rates and, unless you decide to use a specific platform, get to keep 100% of your wages. On the other hand, actually finding students on your own can be difficult and limit their income. Make sure to market yourself well to maximize your gains.

You will need to be able to market yourself effectively. To do so, many freelance tutors set up their own blogs and websites where they can advertise their services. If you want to create a blog then sites such as WordPress or Blogger are free and incredibly simple to use.


Finally, an online teacher must decide on which platform is best to conduct their lessons on. There is a range of options out there, with some of the most popular free ones being Skype and Google Hangouts. These two are both great for anyone looking to offer simple, inexpensive lessons. After all, most people will have either a Skype or Google account.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more advanced, then there are numerous other online tutor-specific platforms that offer a mixture of features to enhance the classroom experience. Some good examples are WizIQ and Preply. Between the two, features include shared whiteboards, access to thousands of students, and the ability to upload worksheets. However, neither are free with up-front payments for WizIQ and varying rates of commission for Preply.


For a Company

Whilst not as independent a way of working as freelancing is, employment with an online teaching business still offers a fair amount of flexibility. The main difference compared with freelancing is that rather than having to build up your own online presence and find your own students, a company guarantees you students or at least improves your chances of landing work.

Here are some online teaching companies:


Connect with a ton of students via iTutorGroup. These guys have a global reach, maximizing the potential number of students you could work with. Pay seems to favor those who are native speakers, but non-natives can find work with them, too.


With SayABC, you can earn up to $19 (£15.2) every 40-minute lesson. They ask that teachers are native speakers, hold a bachelor’s, and a recognized TEFL qualification.

There are many more sites and companies available for you to use out there. Research to give yourself the best opportunities possible!

Job Boards

Kind of a mixture of the other two, job boards represent employers looking for qualified teachers. As a freelancer, these are great places to advertise your credentials. There are countless job boards out there. We recommend having a look at our own for some online teaching positions.

Other large job boards worth browsing are Dave’s ESL Cafe and Tefl Org

If you’ve read all this and decided that teaching English online is for you (you’d be crazy not to!) then browse our selection of courses to get TEFL qualified. If you want to know more about online teaching then read some of our excellent teaching guides here.


Become a Cyber-Security Expert


To protect the organizations from security breaches and data attacks, Cybersecurity professionals are present in every company or industry. There is a high demand for cybersecurity professionals which is growing continuously. Cybersecurity job position has grown tremendously fast as compared to other IT job roles in the market. This field involves various career paths before you choose one for you. Few of them are

  • Security Consultant
  • Security Architect
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker

What do you mean by a Cyber-Security Specialist?

The Cybersecurity expert program consists of specialists play a major role in securing the information systems by detecting, monitoring, analyzing, investigating and responding to security events. These cybersecurity specialists also safeguard the systems from threats, risks, etc. These specialists work in teams and are dedicated to secure the integrity of the network and data in the business. The increasing success rate of cyber-security specialist has turned this profession into a necessity over luxury.

Tips to become a Cyber Security Expert

Img source: thenextweb.com

To become a Cybersecurity expert, one needs to have a problem-solving attitude with strategies of creating solutions. This profession includes a set of activities such as building, designing and implementing network along with creating difficult security structures and able to make it function properly.

  • One needs to earn a bachelor’s degree in Information technology, computer science, cybersecurity or a related field.
  • One needs to enter the IT field as a systems administrator, network administrator or security administrator,
  • One needs to be promoted to a mid-level role as an analyst or a security engineer
  • One need to enter a security architect role.

Benefits of getting into Cyber Security certification

There are few benefits of getting into cybersecurity; they are as follows

  • The unlimited growth – Cybersecurity shows the ultimate growth potential in the market with an ever-expanding scope. This is beneficial for one’s career path as well as the learning opportunities. This skill set is linked to all the other skills sets in IT. A cybersecurity professional would grasp as much as possible on how the organization and technologies work.
  • Growth varieties – The growth of opportunities is tied to a variety of technologies and the situation that security professionals need to deal with. If there is the usage of zero, it is the case of cybersecurity component, and some roles even extend to physical security. These security professionals get the chance to work with direct teams on various technologies and systems which they have never dreamt of. The variety is near to infinite as it includes robots to cars to the websites that serve millions of users.
Img source: thinkrcg.com
  • Puzzle solving activity – Once you add together the technology growth and varieties, you can imagine the variations of puzzles that a cybersecurity professional has to deal with. In cybersecurity, first preference is generally given to the tried and tested principles, but the problem-solving tactics and always change. However, there is always a new puzzle which needs to be solved by the cybersecurity professional.
  • Real impact in the job – Cybersecurity is not an easy job which everyone can aim for; it matters to be a cybersecurity profession. The impact is beyond the digital world and into the physical world. This is the highlight of importance and a terrifying and exciting prospect at the same time.
  • Start learning– Cybersecurity has two logical advantages for a strong and better career: it has low to no unemployment, and a solid compensation

What do the Cyber-Security courses include?

Simplilearn showcased the Cyber Security expert program that helps the professional with the foundational, intermediate and advanced level of skills the leading certification courses which include CEH, CISM, CompTIA Security+, CCSP, and CISSP. This program begins with the introduction of cybersecurity training skills and proceeds to advanced level of cybersecurity technologies, such as penetration testing techniques, reverse engineering and so on.

Img source: tobiasandtobias.com
  • Implementing technical strategies, tools, and techniques to safeguard the data and information for the organization
  • Stick with the ethical security behavior for mitigation and risk analysis.
  • Understanding the security of cloud computing architecture in details.
  • Understand the legal requirements along with the privacy issues and audit process methodologies.
  • Focus on IT compliance to establish IT framework to secure the enterprises.

These were some of the benefits to learn about Cybersecurity expert programs to become a professional cybersecurity analyst and to achieve the expertise about security programs. Simultaneously, these security programs also help you in learning the importance and the necessity of having Cybersecurity in a firm. As every firm are exposed to risks, learning cybersecurity programs will help you in implementing proper controls in place and mitigate all sorts of risks involved in processing data. You can research online as well as you can contact an expert or a profession who has expertise in handling cybersecurity teams.

What Kind of Jobs Do We Get After CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam?


CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is an entry-level competitive exam that can get an only closer to getting hold of CompTIA A+ certification. The certification mainly aims at measuring the abilities of a professional and skilled computer service technician. CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is designed in such a way that it determines the ability of an individual to get certified by beating the competency in the fields of installation, maintenance, customization, and operation on computer hardware, networks, and software.

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certifies the 220-901 exams. The individuals are determined about their skills in various fields with the help of the exam, and these skills are configuration, management, and troubleshooting of network systems. There is a recent up-gradation in the review that relates to networking technologies and all related advancements.

The applicants passing and qualifying the examination receive CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Questions which certifies that they possess the skills of adequately addressing the needs of the recent technological trends throughout the IT infrastructure. There are a lot of scopes for the certified individuals to appear for the other relevant certifications and acquire their desired certifications to give their career an upgrade and a boost.

source: on24.com

Job experiences for CompTIA A+ certified individuals

The present path of the career determines the level of upgradation that can be made in the upcoming future for all certified individuals. The scenario might vary from person to person and from organization to organization. In the case of beginners in the IT industry, it is common for them to possess very less experience. Experience is the key to success in the IT infrastructure. Not only are the certified highly paid compared to the non-certified but also offered a higher position within the organizations as the certificate itself instigates a sense of trust in the mind of the recruiters and employers. In case of possessing the certificate, people are assumed to be experienced in the field of operating on the hardware and the software. Less training is required for such individuals throughout their career span, and these people easily tend to grasp all new technological implementations along with the advancements. The materialistic approach where hardware and software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting is known thoroughly, people tend to understand, measure, and formulate effective plans for the betterment of the complete workflow. The job is secure for the certified along with a better paying option. There is no limitation for the certified individuals regarding their prospects as their determination level for the job, and the industry pays off in the long run.

source: au.gradconnection.com

Designations and job roles

Some of the job roles and designation for CompTIA A+ certified are as follows:

  1. Network Support Specialist.
  2. IT Support Administrator.
  3. Technical Support Specialist.
  4. Help Desk Technician.
  5. Field Service Technician.
  6. Network Analyst.
  7. Network Field Technician.
  8. IT Support Technician.
  9. IT Service Desk Analyst.
  10. Network Administrator.
  11. Desktop Support Technician.

CompTIA A+ certification serves to be a gateway towards a bright IT career for most of the aspirants throughout the world. To provide a boost to the career levels, especially for the beginners, CompTIA A+ Certification proves to be one of the positive notations on the resume. These individuals are already certified for possessing the skills that an organization looks forward to and this makes it relatively more comfortable for the competitors to find the right employee for the right job with all the knowledge and skills necessary. The knowledge level and expertise skills of an individual are determined through CompTIA A+ certification. The certified individuals tend to possess quality capabilities of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer peripherals and can soon turn into the leading experts for the industry.

source: stratustech.com

Fields of pursuing a job after becoming CompTIA A+ certified

  • Installation and configuration of hardware, software, and network systems.
  • Hardware components.
  • Data and information storage systems.
  • Expansion of hardware.
  • Peripheral devices.
  • Mobile devices and network systems.
  • Networking technology.
  • Troubleshooting of network and hardware.

Career path objectives for CompTIA a+ certified

CompTIA A+ certification is the potential credential that provides a career pathway for the aspirants in under several operational, technical, and support roles within the IT industry. The jobs associated with CompTIA A+ certification have a lot of technical knowledge requirement, individuals must possess high knowledge and skills on technological aspects and their regular advancement change patterns. The individuals must be able to properly troubleshoot technical aspects relating to hardware, software, and network systems. This capability must include a full range of troubleshooting skills in various aspects of issues that can occur in the computing devices within an organization. There is an alignment for different career paths designed with the help of CompTIA A+ certification that pertains to infrastructure and cyber security at the same time. All the levels of the certification track the enriched knowledge that an individual possesses and their capabilities of executing the same with utmost level expertise. The certification, CompTIA A+ is the core level certification that lays a foundational specialization for the certified to advance in their career path within the world of information technology.

source: datacenterknowledge.com

Final Word

CompTIA A+ certification and all other relevant certification always play a vital role in determining the career path of an individual in the long run within the IT industry. These certifications along with the determination levels on the certified individual act as the guiding steps towards success for smoothly climbing the corporate ladder. The rapid development of career and boosting the same is seen for the beginners since the very beginning once they possess CompTIA A+ certification.

This certification opens doors for several opportunities for a candidate in the fields of hardware installation coordinator, first line support engineer, desktop support technician, helpdesk technician, IT support technician, and field service technician. The IT certifications give a strong notion to the employers and the recruiters of an organization regarding the strength of their professional staff. The certifications are no more an assumption instead act as confirmations for the capabilities that the individuals possess relating to the IT infrastructure handling and management.