Celebration of Life Funeral: What it is and how you can Celebrate it?

A ‘celebration of life’ funeral is a colorful way to remember someone after they have passed.

While it’s fine to grieve for someone who has left this world, a celebration of life ceremony is about focusing on the life of the departed by sharing positive memories in a cheerful tone. You can create colorful ones on Memories website.


Is celebration of life a non-religious event?

A celebration of life ceremony doesn’t mean the event can’t be religious, it’s more about creating a more lively environment where grievers can express their gratitude for a life well-lived – it could still involve a priest of a church.

A more contemporary funeral service may include uplifting or modern music. There could be a lot of laughter and storytelling. The key idea behind the celebration of life is to shift the focus from the death of a person to the happiness that person brought in the lives of others.

Who can hold a celebration of life funeral?

A friend or family member can help a funeral director arrange the celebration of life ceremony. There needs to be a person who conducts the funeral and introduces others taking part, although they do not have to be a priest.

You could take help from a celebrant – professionals who help the family of the deceased design a service. The service can be customized to meet the cultural, spiritual or religious needs of the person. The order of the service must also be designed around the interests of the deceased.

Some special family members can also come forward with short speeches. People could talk about the deceased’s best qualities, retell their life story or express how much they are missed. If your loved one had a keen eye for poems and literature, you could read out some extracts from their most treasured books or even their own work.


Where can you hold a celebration of life?

You can use a location provided by the funeral home to hold the celebration of life ceremony or you can also organize it to take place somewhere that was special for the person who has passed.

If they were enthusiastic about gardening, you could hold the ceremony in a park or you decorate a venue with their favorite flowers. You can even arrange the grievers to let off butterflies for that added touch.

The celebration of life gathering can be held like any other social event – set up in your home, in the local community hall, a restaurant or pub. As long as your selected place is big enough to accommodate the invitees, a celebration of life funeral can be held practically anywhere.

If you have a large open area, you could also gather outside for a nighttime event. A nice touch could be to release eco-friendly sky lanterns in the dark night and mark the journey of your loved one to the heavens.

Friends and family could also mark their lanterns with personal messages and wishes before lifting the lantern off in the sky – sending messages into the clouds for the one you miss.

Ideas for a celebration of life funeral

  1. Make an online memorial or photo display

An online memorial is an excellent way to ensure the departed will be remembered, with the platforms providing a private and secure space where friends and family can visit to share photos, videos and stories of the one who has passed.

There is comfort in making an online memorial because you know the page will last forever and it will help future generations learn more about your family history. Include content that best highlights the deceased’s hobbies and personality – ask friends to contribute as well.

Nothing can fill the gaping hole in your heart that your loved one has left behind, but creating an online memorial can help you keep them alive in your memoires. Building it together at a celebration of life ceremony could also be a great way to bond and remember.

  1. Plant a memorial plant


By planting a memorial tree, you essentially create a living monument in the name of a loved one. This is a brilliant way of remembering someone eternally. Plus, our environment also benefits from this noble initiative.

The friends and family of the deceased can visit the tree anytime they miss his/her presence. You could even create a plaque to place at the bottom of the tree, so anyone who visits will have a constant reminder of the lost loved one.

Some seed packets could also be included as memorial handouts for the guests. They could sow those seeds at their homes and keep remembering your loved one forever. Pick their favourite plant and know you are keeping them in mind whenever you see it.

  1. Dedicate a star

There are many gift companies that offer packages to name a star. You get a certificate of a star called after your loved one’s name, and telescopic coordinates to find it in the sky. You can assemble your friends and family and arrange an after dark party to remember the deceased.

Looking for your loved one’s star can be a creative tribute and an experience unlike any other.

  1. Create memory cards and play a video montage

The guests gathered for the celebration of life funeral can create memory cards for the person who is no more. They can write their favorite memory or a special message for them. The cards can be collected and kept securely in a memory box for upcoming generations to read.

Using the photos and videos of your loved one, you can also create a video montage. You could ask friends to contribute to the video with some pictures of their own. Include the favorite tunes of the deceased to make it even more personalized.

Your guests speaking a few heart-warming sentences for the lost one would also create a memorable tribute. The video can be displayed after the celebration of life ceremony.

DJ for your wedding – New modern trend?

Every time when someone mentions a wedding, we immediately think of a very formal event that features some kind of ceremonial or calm country music. And although it is true that weddings are really formal events, it doesn’t always have to be true that ceremonial or country music should be played at it.

Since we’re really embracing modern living and modern lifestyle, a lot of people seem to be doing things that for some might be a little “strange”, but if you really think about it, they’re not. Hiring a wedding DJ to brighten up the atmosphere is something that’s a really great idea, but most people never even thought about it before.

Img Source: djsota.com

Before you judge, hear us out. Most people go at a wedding to witness the beautiful moments of two people agreeing to spend their lives together in love, but also to have a bit of a good time. Now, what kind of a “good time” is it if you sit on your table through the entire event and feel a bit bored from the “dull-ish” atmosphere? Well, a DJ is someone who can change that completely.

Now, before you think that we’re trying to convince you to turn your wedding into a rave party, that’s not what we have in mind. A DJ doesn’t always have to play party songs or something that might go wild in a few seconds, but they can definitely choose something that will make everyone have a good time, and make the entire event more memorable.

Img Source: velocityee.com

Since many people are living by traditions, they never even try to think outside of the box for something like this, so weddings that feature a DJ playing music for all the guests is something that’s getting trendy just lately. According to ProfessionalWeddingDJ, all of the weddings that feature a DJ who is responsible for everyone’s mood, end up being far better than expected. And to be honest, I’ve personally been to a wedding where a DJ was playing music, and it was absolutely great. What’s even better is that people can request songs and dance to their favorite picks as the DJ keeps granting everyone’s wishes. It’s great!

Img Source: musicallyyoursdj.com

If you’re planning a wedding in the near future, we definitely advise you to at least think about hiring a professional DJ to take care of the atmosphere, and we promise that you won’t go wrong with the decision. It might seem like something that’s very modern, especially for weddings, so if you are really convinced that you should stick to the old and traditional organic music way, you can mix it up and get the best out of both worlds. For the celebration during the day, organic music is great. When the night comes, a DJ can help you dance your night away and make the wedding something that you’ll be remembered forever. Plus, you might be the first person in your group of friends who will think of something like this, so you might inspire even more people to start viewing this as something that’s truly tons of fun.


The Gym Is the Rock’s Perfect Place For His Birthday Celebration

Looking at the Rock’s picture, it is hard to believe that he is turning 47 today. As per his tradition, he is celebrating it in the gym.

While some of us like to have a party for our birthday and celebrate with friends, Dwayne Johnson has adopted a different approach. He goes to a gym for one extra hard workout in order to mark the occasion.

“Since today’s my birthday – my annual “birthday clang and bang” workouts are always special,” the actor explained his approach in an Instagram post. “But it’s mainly labored in the most important thing of all ~ gratitude. Grateful to have these two hands to put in the hard work and take some more cracks at success as we go down this wild & blessed road of life.”

Since today’s my birthday – my annual “birthday clang and bang” workouts are always special. Labored in sweat, grit, spit, cuss words, laughs, loud music and some other sexy shit 😈 But it’s mainly labored in the most important thing of all ~ gratitude. Grateful to have these two hands to put in the hard work and take some more cracks at success as we go down this wild & blessed road of life. #birthdayclangandbang #gratitude #cleanupyoursweatdammit

5m Likes, 69.3k Comments – @therock on Instagram: “Since today’s my birthday – my annual “birthday clang and bang” workouts are always special….”

His followers are aware of the significance gym plays in Dwayne’s life, which can get hectic at times. The only way for him to calm down and take control of it is in the gym. It is no wonder then that he chooses to spend his birthday there as well.

Unfortunately, he didn’t share any details of his routine, except what is shown in the picture, a full plate shoulder raise. Giving his size, it is probably a warm-up for a full set of shoulder exercises.
If you are determined to follow his workout plan, there are several of them published online. Also, don’t forget to take a shot of tequila in honor of the big guy’s birthday.