Best 7 Seater Cars in India 2021

As we know, India always had the image of an ancient land that takes pride in its unique traditional values and culture. Also, we know that India has always been a land which consists of huge families. Not too long ago, there was a time when Indian families had ten members. Today, the situation is somewhat different, because parents decided that having 10+ children could potentially introduce them to economic and health problems, so they limited themselves to about six or seven children per family. Around that time, there were no cars who had enough seats for all of the family members. So, the car manufacturers needed to find a certain way to satisfy these needs.

Today, Indian car manufacturers found a way to make vehicles that could have seven people inside them at once. This type of vehicles is called MPV, or multi-purpose vehicles. They were created in order to satisfy all the needs of an average Indian family. In the last ten years, the Indian market is literally flooded with multi-purpose vehicles. Plus, ten years ago, you had a handful of MPV manufacturers. Now, there is a plethora of them, especially for the Indian market. So, now you have many options to choose from when looking for the perfect MPV for you. All of the multi-purpose vehicles are available within all price ranges. So, in order to help you choose the best one, we created a list of the best 7-seat cars you can find on the Indian market.

Tata Hexa

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Tata motors almost reinvented itself and reimage itself as one of the most successful automakers in modern time, especially in 2021. Originally, Hexa was launched by tata om 2016, which was based on the new design philosophy and it is much better than Indica and Aria, older models of Tata. Surely, this is the version of tata you can heavily rely on. The sound system in the car features an audio system of 10 speaker JBL, which is controlled by a somewhat small touch screen interface, which is only 5 inches long.

When it comes to safety features, we can say that this MUV has a standard six dual-airbags and ABS. The third row is roomy and spacious when compared to the other is the segment in terms of space. The XE base variant of this seven-seat car is producing 400 nm and 154 hp. The engines are somewhat efficient with their mileage of 17.6 kmpl. This car is very comfortable and soft, and it is unlike any Tata vehicle you have ever drive and seen before.

Toyota Innova

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Toyota has been the champion of MKV production fore more than a decade. Their most popular multi-purpose vehicle is Toyota Innova. This is a car with the most class and is equipped with a very powerful engine. Also, Toyota Innova is like a comfortable, plush seven-seater sofa, which can take people on long and short drives as well. The original vehicle was powered by a 2.5-liter engine which churned out 200 nm of torque and 101 bhp of power. Plus, it has a five-speed gearbox with the engine and smooth shifts.

Even though this vehicle is pretty large in size and bulk, the Toyota Innova is not very susceptible for too many vertical pitch or body roll. It features three rows of air condition vents which are there to ensure that all three rows of passengers experience the breezy comfort throughout the summer heat, which is pretty common in some parts of India. Despite all the changes and updates, this vehicle has suffered since the original vehicle, in the end, Toyota finally decided that should choose Innova Crysta renovation.

Mahindra Marazzo

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This vehicle is known for its powerful engine who runs on diesel which is used in many powerful vehicles like XUV500 and Scorpio. Having them tested and tried, they proved comfortable and reliable, so it is surprising that seven-seat car`s manufacturers decide that they want to include them in the construction of the car. It is powered by two engines, and both of them are run on diesel. The first is 2.2L mDI CRD (218 nm, 94 bhp) and 2.5L mHawk (280 nm, 118 bhp).

The wishbone, double, front suspension and the beam twist setup on the rear is one of the best Mahindra vehicles so far. It has very comfortable seats, and the ample space is translating into a pleasant experience even when the drive is occurring above the bumpy roads. Furthermore, this car comes with a certain lifestyle and safety features. You can find features like dual airbags, EBD, ABS, and wheel disc brakes. Rear air-con and a responsive seven-inch interior offer the possibility of putting sensors and cameras in the car.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

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Ertiga from Suzuki looks like a car you can see at Mamaji and the Ritz. It is based on the Swift, extended platform, Maruti calls Ertiga the first tryst among MPV. In the last decade, Maruti has come a long way in terms of design and engine on the top of the MPV list. In the beginning, some people joked that it looks like a car that is perfect for kidnapping. Maruti comes in two power options 1.3L diesel (200 nm, 89bhp) and 1.4L petrol (130 nm, 94 bhp). It feels like the petrol variant is somewhat smoother than those other two, but the diesel looks like a better option when it comes to the economic factor.

This was the first vehicle on this list of our that has a sport-like lightweight chassis, which makes this car negligible to body roll and highly drivable than other 7-seat cars you can find in India. Its a-pillar can take some time until you get used to it, but it has to be considered how it obstructs the view sometimes. This is a very good-looking MPV, which can become even better after some adjustments are made in the middle row. This can make a certain amount of extra space for passengers’ seats in the third row. Plus, you only need to add India friendly tag to the Maruti, and the competition has the reason to be nervous.

9 Various Uses Of Rubber Bumpers

Although rubber has a wide application and there is no branch of industry where it is not used – the rubber is also of great importance in the production of various types of bumpers. We are probably not even aware of how many times these bumpers have helped us, but also saved pieces of furniture such as glass on the door or shelf. They are a practical tool that has a large and wide application in all segments of life – from household to external use.

Why Are Rubber Bumpers So Necessary?

The purpose and benefit of rubber bumpers in the house are great. The bumper in the household has a more significant role than we think – it serves to help us not to scratch, break, or damage things, but also to prevent some unforeseen injuries when children play, slam doors, etc. Although we don’t often think about these little things – the use of rubber bumpers is one of those things that can extend the life of some household items or prevent damage to the flooring, etc.

Rubber Bumpers As A Useful Means

In these areas, rubber bumpers have a multifunctional role and their use is of great importance. Rubber bumpers in traffic are used in various sizes and for various, mostly safety purposes – where they can sometimes even save the lives of drivers. These bumpers are usually placed in areas where drivers have to follow the rules of parking, or in front of schools, pay tolls, etc. In the automotive industry, bumpers are used in several shapes and sizes – and their purpose is to absorb shocks, reduce damage to car parts, separate space between engines and cables. Almost every car part has its rubber bumper that has a special purpose, so you can read more here, and find out why are they so significant. The only thing without a bumper is the steering wheel – everything else from the door, over the seats, bodywork, gearboxes, etc. – all parts have some kind of rubber protection against damage and shock absorption.

Rubber Bumpers In Traffic – Versatile Use

Although we have listed some of the examples where bumpers can be used – we will now go into more detail. We will give you several different examples for various branches of industry where rubber bumpers have their useful purpose – and where their need is necessary. We will start from the traffic industry, where rubber bumpers are used for many different purposes.

1. Rubber stoppers and curbs

They serve to separate the areas intended for vehicles and pedestrians to avoid conflicts between them, allow to prevent parking of cars on green areas, sidewalks, as well as to limit parking space or space for storing containers.

2. Cable rubber tube bumper

Its purpose is to protect cables and pipes of different diameters. At the same time, it enables unhindered and safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The surface is embossed against slipping. The strips, which are distributed over most of the surface of the bumpers, increase their visibility on the road in daytime conditions – and in night conditions, glass beads embedded in the strip give a special reflection, as well as in conditions of reduced visibility.

3. Traffic routers

A traffic router (protective bumper) is a product that has a dual function. Made of such material to cushion the impact, and filling with water or sand can greatly absorb the impact. Its other function is to direct traffic through reflective fields. That is why it is most often used to highlight road routes on highways, dividing concrete islands, toll ramp channels, etc. Bumpers can be produced in different dimensions according to the location where they will be placed and in the required color – usually orange or green.

Rubber Bumpers In The Household

In the household, rubber bumpers are used so often, that sometimes we are not even aware of how much they are needed. They have become a part of our everyday life and without them, the household could hardly function. Here are some of the ways we use them.

4. Door bumper

A useful thing that is used so as not to damage the wall by opening the door a little harder than it should. It also protects the door itself so they would not be damaged.

5. Table edge protection bumper

It is used for safety from injuries and damage to the table, especially if it is made of glass. We can also find other types of rubber bumpers that have similar purposes in households. For example, rubber bumpers for chairs – make sure that the chair does not slip and does not damage the floor.

6. Protective rubber bumper for walls

Protective bumpers are the best solution to protect walls from wear, scratches, and dirt. It is especially recommended for walls that need to be protected from chairs, tables, etc.

Wear wall protection is used in all places in construction buildings where protection of walls from wear and dirt is necessary. They are easily placed on wall surfaces. They are especially recommended in places such as restaurants, waiting rooms, and other places where we damage the wall surfaces with chairs. It perfectly protects the walls from accidental scratches or dirt. Wear wall protection is especially recommended for walls in rooms with increased frequency of people or in places where there are chairs and tables.

Auto Industry

7. Cars

The rubber profile for cars is usually reinforced with steel wire and serves to seal the car door. This subgroup includes all rubber profiles found on the car such as tire windshield, rear window, trunk, windshield wiper, and more.

8. Buses

Rubber bumpers for buses are various types of rubber profiles that are used to seal doors, glass, box buses, and similar positions. Rubber bumper-profile is widely used on buses as protection against shocks and damage.

9. Trucks

Rubber bumpers for trucks include a wide range of rubber profiles that are used for all types of trucks. Numerous rubber profiles are used to seal doors, fenders, trailers, engine hoods, fixing glass, refrigerator doors, and many other items. All rubber profiles and models differ, depending on the manufacturer and type of vehicle.

10 Best Brake Pads for Towing

Brake pads are an item that will eventually wear off if you use it frequently. You should conduct regular inspections to make sure your brake pads are functional and effective.

If it’s time for you to change your brake pads, make sure to get high-quality ones, as this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, make sure to pick the ones most suitable for your towing needs.

In this article, we bring you a detailed list of the best brake pads currently available on the market.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Truck and Tow


This affordable Amazon bestseller is a great product if you expect high-quality materials. Made from premium stainless steel, you can expect these to last you for a very long time.

The best thing about these is that they don’t make any noise and are super easy to maintain. Rotor cooling is provided through precision drill holes. The only downside is that you’ll have to buy brake calipers separately since they’re not included in the kit.

2. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Disc Brake Pad


These come with all the important tools that you’ll need to change your brake pads. They’re great for any heavy-duty vehicles. They don’t make any noise and are equipped with slots for optimal rotor cooling.

If you are looking for brake pads that will last you a long time, then these are a great pick. They also have a protective layer making your towing process safe and easy.

3. Motorcraft BRSD-756 Pad


These pads are great and affordable. Some customers do report some slight noises but overall they are pretty high-quality. All the necessary hardware is included in the price so you don’t need to worry about paying over your budget.

They are very simple to install and you get two sets of brake pads in the kit. There is no dust, and they’re made of durable materials so you can expect them to last long.

4. CCK01866


You can get these brake pads for a great price, especially considering the levels of quality you’ll be getting. It’s super easy to use and it doesn’t require you to spend hours on installation. These are great for people who are looking for products that don’t require much maintenance.

The best part of this model is the price. Finding a brake pad model that’s as sturdy and effective for such a small price is almost impossible. They don’t produce much noise nor dust either.

5. Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Brake Kit


These are reported to work well even on rocky mountain roads. They have incredibly hard performance that lets them prevent brake dust from getting all over your wheels. They are created from a ceramic formula that helps your truck remain in its optimal position. It’s almost noise-free and it comes at a fair price. You won’t have to worry about corrosion since they have protective layers of stainless steel. They have holes for cooling and are overall a great product.

They are a bit harder to install, but, so if you’re not confident you can seek professional assistance as provided on

6. ACDelco 14D785CH Disc Brake Pad


These are made completely out of ceramic which gives it extremely good stopping power. These are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They can be used on a lot of different vehicles, but are not as flexible as the others on this list. They don’t make much noise and are incredibly easy to install.

You can get ACDelco brake pads for a great price and you can expect only the best quality.

7. Hawk Performance SuperDuty Brake Pad


These are perfect for RV towing. The best way to utilize them is by using drilled rotors. They produce the lowest amounts of noise and brake dust possible. They are pretty flexible and can be used with a huge variety of vehicles, but using them with the most compatible ones will get you the best results. They are one of the best brake pads available on the market, and there can hardly be any complaints with these.

All in all, they are pretty affordable and high quality.

8. Wagner Severe Duty SX756 Disc Pad Set


If you are worried about durability and performance under extreme heats, these are the right brakes for you. They are incredibly heavy-duty and made from only the best materials available. However, they can become a bit noisy if overused, and are not very simple to install and maintain.

Still, you can get them for a reasonable price and they are completely built for heat and heavy lifting. They are great for pickup trucks and SUVs and are extremely sturdy and durable. If you’re looking for pads that will last you a long time, then these might be the best choice for you.

9. EBC DP31210C Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads


These ceramic pads are amazing for all of your towing needs.

They have incredible stopping power, all while not making noise or producing dust. They are a bit pricey but very well worth the price. They’re designed to minimize any potential rotor damage and are very sturdy and durable.

They are built to withstand extreme heats and the heaviest loads. They do provide you with a gradual level of hold, but their stopping power is extremely high.

10. Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Kit

These Akebono brake pads are amazing for anyone worrying about their rotor life. They are designed to minimize any damage to your rotor and are extremely efficient. They don’t produce much noise nor vibration, and they overall have great performance. They will provide you smooth braking experience with almost no dust at all. They are durable and won’t require you to change them long after you installed them. They are simple to use and install and are overall pretty affordable.


In this list, we presented you with 10 amazing brake pad models. They are all great, but your choice will depend only on your needs and preferences. If you don’t have much experience in replacing brake pads, our advice is to consult a professional mechanic. It’s not a complicated process, but it does require some knowledge and experience.

All in all, the most important things too look for when purchasing brake pads are durability, price, noise and dust production, and cooling capabilities.

How to Start a Car with a Portable Jump Starter Battery?

All car owners agree that owning a portable jump starter is one of those must-have pieces of equipment. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time driving your car.

You never know when your battery breaks down, and you can’t start your engine. That’s when a portable jump starter comes to save the day by providing enough juice to start the engine. The other alternatives are waiting for some stranger to stop and help you or calling road assistance. Nevertheless, owning a portable jump starter is the smart thing to do.


Here is a mini-guide on how to use a portable jump starter. Generally speaking, it’s very similar to classic traditional jumper cables. However, several additional steps make the process somewhat different.

Here we will cover each of them so that you can use your portable jump starter smoothly and whenever the situations call for it. You can check similar information at Green-4-U regarding a portable jump starter and where you can check for the best option available in the market today.

But before we go into the individual steps, we need to learn some of the basic features of a portable jump starter and how it works.

Portable Jump Starters 101


When the car battery stops working, it requires an outside boost to start the engine of the car. The term used to describe the process is “jump-starting.”

Jump starting is a process in which there is a flow of electricity from an external source (in this particular case, the portable jump starter) to the dead battery. And the dead battery provides electricity for the engine to get started if the battery was in a working condition.

Back in the days when portable jump starters weren’t available, the source was another car or, on rare occasions, some other type of electrical source. If any of those weren’t available, you needed to buy a new battery or get the old battery recharged with a battery charger connected to the power grid.

Currently, there are two types of jump starter batteries: lithium-ion and lead-acid jump starter batteries. The lead-acid jump starters are less practical as they weigh quite a lot. In a way, they are like having a second car battery in your car. On the other hand, the lithium-ion ones, are quite easier, smaller in size, last longer, and contain an equal amount of electrical power or more than their lead-acid counterparts.

How to Use a Portable Jump Starter Battery?

First, you need to ensure that the engine is off. There is no point in using the jump starter battery if the engine is running. The purpose of the jump starter is to start the engine.

Connecting a portable jump starter to a working engine can potentially lead to a serious accident.

1. Locate the car’s battery


This might sound like a no-brainer, but know that not all car batteries are located next to the engine. In some cars, the battery is located in the trunk behind or under the car seats.

But even if you are stuck with one such car, know that you should be able to find some terminals near the engine compartment. So, pop-up the hood and search for the terminals. If you are still confused about the terminals, search for the “+” and “-” signs. The “-” sign stands for the negative terminal, whereas the “+” sign stands for the positive terminal.

At this point, it matters most that you don’t get confused and mix the signs.

2. Connecting the jump starter battery


This is the most critical aspect of using a jump starter battery.

First of all, connect the positive jump cable with the positive terminal on your car battery. Aside from the “+” sign that is used for marking the positive terminal, know that the red color is also used to mark the positive terminal.

Then comes the negative jumper cable that needs to be connected to a ground position. To that end, you can use the car’s frame, the metal holding the hood of the car, or pretty much any piece of stable metal within the car’s frame.

Once you are done, double-check to make sure that all is well-connected tightly.

Also, make sure that the portable jump starter battery is placed in a secured position. That way, once you attempt to start the car, it won’t get detached or fall off.

If all is well, leave it like that for a few minutes.

3. Start the engine


Make your first attempt to start the engine. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt fails. Wait for a few minutes and try again. Sometimes the car engine will start on your first attempt; other times, you might need more attempts to start it.

But if there is nothing wrong with the engine, as well as with the car’s ignition, you should be able to start the engine after one or a few attempts.

Remember that you don’t make consecutive attempts without short brakes because you can damage the portable jump starter battery.

4. Remove the portable jump starter battery


Once the engine is up and running, you need to remove the jump starter battery safely.

To that end, you need to remove the negative jumper cable first, whereas the positive one is removed second. Once the jumper starter battery is safely detached, please place it in its jump box for secure storage.

Once you return home, recharge your jump starter battery and return it to your car.

Recharging the portable jump starter battery is as easy as recharging your smartphone or tablet – plug its adapter to one of your power sockets. Some portable jump starters can be even charged using the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Some portable jump starters come with a small solar cell installed on them. However, I know that it takes quite a lot of time to recharge the battery solely on solar energy.

In Conclusion

Now, you know how to use a portable jump starter. It isn’t rocket science. You need to follow the steps, be extra careful with the terminals, and make sure that the portable jump starter battery is always fully charged and ready to “jump in” when needed.

How to Disinfect the Interior of Your Car?

Many proven types of research showed us that one person that is infected could leave a virus in your vehicle, that could survive a few days, which is enough to infect many other people. The Covid-19 virus stays on materials like metal, fabric, plastic, and leather. All of these materials are present in our vehicles, which is the main reason to know how to clean it properly.

The most problematic places in your car are gearshift, door handles, steering wheel, cup holders, board table, radio, media player, and handles. These are the places that you should clean every day or every time after you park your vehicle in the garage.

The biggest mistake made by many people is that they are using various cleansers for the inside of their vehicles, thinking that they could sanitize their cars with them. However, these cleaners are just for regular stain spots, and they don`t kill bacteria and viruses. You will need some products with a high concentrate of alcohol to kill viruses.

One of the most efficient ways of cleaning the interior of your vehicle from bacteria and viruses is to use some special wet tissues with alcohol and clean every spot that someone could touch. After that, you can also clean the seats and other parts of the interior, just to be sure that your car is clean and safe.

Silver Arrow – History of One of the Most Famous Racing Cars

It’s been almost 90 years since the famous race on the Berlin Avus. This racing spectacle is well known to all who love this sport because it is place where the incredible dominance of definitely one of the most famous racing cars ever made was seen. It is a Mercedes-Benz SSKL that was truly revolutionary during that time, above all in terms of design. Up to that point SSKL wasn’t so competitive, however, after the change of body design, things had completely turned.

The famous streamlined body was the main thing that set Mercedes-Benz apart from the competition. For such a design, Mercedes was able to thank the great Reinhard Freiherr von Koenig-Fachsenfeld-a former motorcycle racer who understood the principles of aerodynamics and created a very successful racing car. After the magnificent victory in Berlin, the people who attended the race named SSKL as “gherkin” before the event, but the real name for the car was given by radio reporter Paul Laven. He is the creator of the now famous Silver Arrow. That name was even the inspiration for the prototype car that Mercedes introduced last year as well as Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 Racing Team. So, Silver Arrow has had an impact on the automotive industry for almost 90 years.

That 22 May of 1932, the Mercedes-Benz SSKL was driven by Manfred von Brauchitsch who is officially the first racer to ride the new Silver Arrow. But what was so impressive about this racing car? Sure, the design was revolutionary, but there’s something under the glossy hood.

What made the first “gherkin” so dominant?

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As we said, first of all, it was an aerodynamic body that really improved the performance of the powerful Silver Arrow. In addition, the body was made entirely of aluminum, which certainly had the effect of reducing weight and subsequently maximizing speed. Mercedes-Benz SSKL a.k.a. Silver Arrow powered by a supercharged 7.1-liter SOHC I6 engine, was able to reach an incredible speed of up to 230 km/h. Compared to the standard SSKL model, it was as much as 20 km/h more, and the light aluminum body had a major impact. So, this racing car was in every way perfectly designed so that the victories couldn’t but to be achieved.

The Berlin race was a turning point in the design of the car as the streamlined bodywork of Silver Arrow completely changed the way designers looked on the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Interestingly, without this design, the Mercedes-Benz SSKL would have to have 59 kW more to deliver identical fascinating performance. However, we cannot but mention the main star of the race on the Berlin Avus. It was a young Manfred von Brauchitsch who, at just 26, showed he had excellent driving skills. His success is even greater if you consider the fact that he had Rudolf Caracciola, one of the best drivers of the time, as his opponent. After this race, nothing was the same as before. Manfred von Brauchitsch became a professional racing car driver and a permanent member of the Silver Arrows.

Streamlined Body-Explained

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It is impossible not to talk about as perfect the design of a race car as the Mercedes-Benz SSKL. Without the technologies we know today and which help greatly in designing and refining the body to make it even more aerodynamic, the designers in the early 20th century showed the incredible skills creating a car that is still a symbol of racing sport today. Michael Plag, project manager of the Mercedes-Benz Classic also talked about this:

“The vehicle boasts an impressive weight distribution. We actually measured the car twice. The holes in the frame are accurate and the weight distribution is 49.4 to 50.6-perfectly balanced.”

The balance of the vehicle was fantastic and made it great on the track. The selection of parts for SSKL is also interesting. According to Mr. Plag, the cost of producing four cars in 1931 cost 150,000 Reichsmark, which was really a large amount of money for that period.

“An SSK from our collection provided the basis for a streamlined car for which we had individual parts specially fabricated.”

Specially manufactured are a fan and intake manifold, racing conrod, engine block, elephant compressor, vertical shaft as well as the oil pump.

Inside the driver’s cab is a lever that is used to start the car as well as to stop it. The aforementioned compressor has made great improvements in terms of power and speed. Inside is a 7.1-liter M 06 RS inline six-cylinder engine that could produce a power output of 176 kW without a compressor. With the addition of this unit, the number has been increased to 220 kW. The aerodynamics were undoubtedly influenced by the changes in the “Super-Sport-Kurz-Leicht” bodywork that led to a completely redesigned appearance. The only thing that looked similar was the front axle. At the front, the main thing was a huge cooling air intake to make cooling as efficient as possible.

The interior has also been redesigned to as low kilograms as possible. In the end, the vehicle weighed only 1,444 kg with the most minimal interior. Literally, there are only essentials inside such as two leather seats, instrument panel, accelerator, and clutch pedal. And of course, a large steering wheel.

The Race in Berlin

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We cannot but mention that legendary race when the dominance of the Silver Arrows was led by Manfred von Brauchitsch. Beside him, Hans Stuck also drove SSKL but not with a streamlined body. Definitely the most famous man to drive this race was Rudolf Caracciola, who was the driver of the Mercedes-Benz team in the previous 1931 season. However, in 1932, he was a member of the Alfa Romeo racing team. The race on Avus took place on a 294-kilometer-long track. The circuit consisted of two parallel sections that were joined at the ends to give a circular shape. Each of these two sections was 9.5 kilometers long and the race took a total of 15 laps. From the start, it could be seen that there would be a big fight between Manfred von Brauchitsch and Rudolf Caracciola. Caracciola excelled in curves with his Alfa Romeo, while von Brauchitsch dominated the straight parts. Amazing piece of information is that the average SSKL speed was as much as 194 km/h. It was very interesting and tense until the very end because Caracciola led the whole race. However, Manfred von Brauchitsch didn’t allow the advantage to be too great, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to catch rival. The last lap brought the most excitement when von Brauchitsch managed to bypass Caracciola and win. The final time he achieved was 1:30.53 hours. Even more impressive is the fact that 16 racing cars started the race, however, only 5 managed to drive the entire 294 kilometers. Among those 5 magnificent, there were two Mercedes-Benz SSKLs.

Church Fights Against Title Loans With Political Pressure

Secured short-term loans from private lenders are often the only option for millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. The majority of these Americans have little or no savings and do not have the credit score required by the banks. The private lenders of payday and title loans charge high rates of interest. Many lenders also levy fees initially and subsequently fines when the borrower fails to repay on time.

The Problem with Title Loans

These are usually come with a very limited repayment term. These types of loans typically have a repayment term of thirty days. There is a one-time repayment of the amount with the accrued interest. According to this resource page by Titlelo, title loans also have a similar repayment term but in some cases, the period may be extended to ninety days. A few lenders offer title loans with possible renewal terms of up to a hundred and eighty days.

While such loans are usually around a few hundred dollars, the immediate repayment in a few weeks becomes overwhelming and practically impossible for many borrowers. This leads them to a debt trap. The borrowers have to keep renewing the credit at higher rates of interest while paying the fines for late payment.

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The Initiative for Change and Regulation

There have been innumerable instances around the country where different groups of activists and experts have lobbied for the states and the federal government to legislate on title and payday loans. Now churches have joined the fight against title loans and they are creating political pressure for the legislators to act and protect borrowers from predatory practices of private lenders.

Case in Point

Pastors Carlos at Iglesia Bautista Victoria en Cristo in Fort Worth, Texas, recently helped a woman who had got into default on a payday credit. The woman had borrowed three hundred dollars initially from a money store. The credit was not paid and the accumulated interest inflated the outstanding due. She was compelled to renew the credit and this brought on extra fees and more interest.

The family of the woman also had to take a title loan. They pledged the title of the car and failed to repay it. They were at risk of losing the car and some of their loans would have remained unpaid for their total debt owed to different lenders had skyrocketed to over ten thousand dollars.

The Valencia family managed to help the woman. Fortunately, she did not lose her vehicle. The woman is not alone as there are millions of Americans, most of them earning less than forty thousand dollars a year with little or no savings, who have got into a cycle of debt owing to the easily available title loans that carry enormous interest, additional fees, and possible fines. Many borrowers lose their cars and some even have to sell their homes when the outstanding debt balloons to tens of thousands of dollars.

Lobbying Against Title Loans

Various churches across many states are lobbying the local government and senators to bring in stricter laws to regulate the private lending industry. The availability of small credits at exorbitant interests is making ordinary Americans vulnerable to debt that becomes unmanageable sooner than later. Presently, most states have laws pertaining to these credits. However, some laws are more lax than others. Payday credits have rates of interest as high as 900%. The rates are rarely 300% per year or even close. Most payday credits will have a rate higher than 400% per year in every state where they are legal. Title loans do not have identical rates but they are still as high as 400% with many lenders.

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While many churches are fighting against title loans with political pressure, there are some cases where such bodies are advocating for expansion of the availability of such credits. Some pastors in the state of Florida lobbied and pushed the lawmakers to permit Amscot, a payday loan company, to expand its operations. The company is understood to have been helping many people in need and this group of pastors wants more citizens to have access to easy funds in trying circumstances.

An Inconvenient Conclusion

The premise of title loans has its share of pros and cons. It is true that these present a real risk for borrowers and one may lose their car if they fail to repay. Yet, they are often the only option for borrowers to get some money when they need it the most. Had there been better options or the borrowers would have had impeccable credit histories, any kind of loan with a substantially high or exploitative interest would have been a nonstarter. The states that have extensive laws regulating title and payday loans have loopholes that need to be plugged to prevent lenders from exploiting borrowers that are in need of financial assistance.

Sheet Metal – What it is and what are the benefits of using it

As the industry keeps progressing each year, people are finding ways to make even fancier and better-looking structures, as well as improve the quality of all materials. Today we’re discussing Sheet Metal, so if you want to learn what it is and what the benefits of using it are, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

What is sheet metal?

Sheet metal is when regular metal is re-formed into very thin pieces, called sheet metal. The process is known as steel/metal fabrication and such metal It has tons of various applications in both the building and manufacturing industries, and it is definitely getting a lot of popularity as time goes by.

Sheet metal can be made from many different types of metal, such as titanium, aluminum, and copper. Depending on what you want to use your sheet metal for, the thickness and hardiness will vary, so before buying sheet metal for whatever your purpose is, make sure that you do enough research or simply contact a professional for useful advice.

Where is sheet metal used?

Sheet metal is everywhere around us, but we may not be noticing it enough. Here are some examples where sheet metal is significantly used.

The Automotive Industry


Sheet metal is used for the creation of every car’s shell, and all of the bodies of many different cars, including the most luxurious ones are made out of sheet metal.

For the creation of Airplanes


Believe it or not, airplanes that are both large and small, have some of their parts including the wings covered in sheet metal.



Sheet metal is also really widely used as a roofing material, so most of the modern houses and buildings have sheet metal on top of them, which is used to make rain gutters and ducts.

Popularity and usefulness of sheet metal

According to Parkway Fabrications, sheet metal is something that can never go “out-of-fashion”, simply because new buildings, airplanes and cars will be made all the time, which means that sheet metal can never go out of production.

As for its popularity, sheet metal is already used in a lot of areas, so it is pretty much safe to say that it’s gotten extremely popular ever since it first got introduced to the previously mentioned industries.

There are many benefits of using sheet metal, so if you happen to be in any situation where you might need roofing, making rain gutters or ducts, sheet metal is definitely something that will help you a lot. Or, even if you are the do-it-yourself kind of a person, and you decide to make your own car shell, sheet metal is here to save the day. Tripar Inc. revealed Sheet metal can be easily movable as its low weight and thin. Durability is very high and can be formed to any shape if like. It’s also Recyclable so natural threats are limited. You can repair it anytime as its properties make it possible for contractors to inspect and detect the damages.

Apart from the previously mentioned things, sheet metal can be used in order to make many different items, such as Cargo truck panels, Dumpsters, Bins, Refrigerators, Lockers and Tool Boxes, Hoppers, Electrical Enclosures, Railroad Cars and tons of different things.

As for the cost, sheet metal tends to be pretty cheap, especially if you find a good source to supply it from, so going out of budget shouldn’t be that much of a problem.