5 Best Camping Places in Texas 2020

When you are talking about Texas and visiting its beautiful sites, you must be aware that you need to spend more than a day to drive from one edge of the state to the other one. Also, you need to know that Texas, because of its size, can provide you with so many camping places that we can’t even begin to count them. This is good news for people who are camping lovers and who enjoy staying for a day or two in one place in order to get familiar with the nature that surrounds it.

If you are fortunate enough to live in Texas, you will be happy to learn that there are many places where you can spend your weekends. There is a wide array of activities you can do and places you can visit. This is both good and bad. For example, when you have so many possibilities you can have a hard time to decide which one is the best. This was the reason we’ve decided to compile a list of the best camping places where you can camp while you are in the “Lone Star”. We managed to find five of them. Without wasting too much of your precious time, we are going to start this list of ours now.

Prude Ranch – Fort Davis

We are going to start this list of ours with Prude Ranch located near Fort Davis. It is located within walking distance across from Big Bend national park and McDonalds’ Observatory. This is a ranch that offers more than 30 lots for RVs. Plus, you are going to be provided with many different choices when it comes to housing. Its children’s program is really impressive, so you can have your children entertained at any moment.

Literally, there are countless activities you can undergo in this ranch, like paintball, orienteering, climbing wall and horseback riding You can join other campers in listening to local entertainers or on a hayride while tasting gourmets at the same time. There is a pool where you can have a dip whenever you are feeling like it. Plus, this ranch will offer you horse corrals and there are so many sites and spaces you can explore while staying here.

Rusk State Park – Rusk

Rusk State Park is located near a significant historical place called Texas Historical Railroad. This is a perfect place where you can install your RV and take out your camping gear and fun can start. If you are interested in looking for some high-quality camping gear, you can visit a site called thecampinggear. You’ll be happy to know that there is a lot of sites you can visit.

If the weather is not serving as it should you can prepare your meals in a clubhouse while you are participating in some of many board games. On the other side, you can start hiking on a 0.25-mile that will lead you under countless pine trees.

Stella Mare Resort – Galveston

When it comes to Stella Mare resort located in Galveston, you can choose either a 70- or 90-foot concrete pads. It doesn’t matter which site you will choose, you will be provided with parking for two vehicles and a room. You can relax and sit back on lounge chairs who are in the swimming pool or you can have some fun in a big splash pad.

If you are camping with your kids, you will be happy to know that there is a playground that has multiple levels that are located on an island made of sand. Furthermore, you can find that you are provided with two dog parks that have a lot of space, so it doesn’t matter how big your dog is. When it comes to accommodation, you will be provided with a television lounge and an indoor kitchen. One of the best things is that you will have a free parking lot located across the Beach in the town.

Oasis RV Resorts – Amarillo

Now we’ve reached Oasis RV Resorts in Amarillo. This campground is offering more than 140 pull-through sites. Every site has its own private picnic area with electricity. You can relax in the outdoor pool with heated water. Also, you can relax in the adult-only spa. This resort is located one mile away from the well-known Cadillac Ranch.

You can enjoy a complimentary limousine service that can take you to “The Texan Steakhouse” whenever you feel like it. There is a place where you can take your dog for a run. You can spend some time in horseshoe pit, exercise room and game room where you will have a lot of time for relaxation. You will be provided with a cable service where you can watch some of your favorite movies or tv shows.

McKinney Falls – Austin

If you are located in Austin or near the town, McKinney Falls is one of the things that you must visit. It is located near the end of the town. Whenever you feel like you need to leave the town in order to have some peace and quiet, this is the place to go. You will be able to choose one of the many camping sites. Also, all of them are equipped with electricity and water. If you are feeling like you need to cool down from the heat, you can always take a dive in Onion Creek.

On the other hand, if you are a type of person that wants to stay active, you can undergo a hiking trail that is 2.8-miles long. Or you can opt for hiking on some smaller hiking trails. You will have park rangers at your disposal for any question or action you would like to take. More precisely they will provide you with some really exciting programs like historical crafts, fishing events, Dutch oven cooking, or night hikes. Also, you can visit a state park that is just 13 miles away.

The Survival Life – A Fantastic Website for Bold Adventurers

Although modern life offers us almost everything, many people still find themselves drawn to the mysterious natural world that lies perhaps hundreds of miles away from civilization. 

No, they are not out of their mind. In fact, the reason behind their decisions is quite simple. The city life is stacked with everything we need, from entertainment to food place. 

Though many of us enjoy this, some think otherwise. They find that life boring, lacking all the thrills that send one’s heart thumping loudly in their ribcage. So, naturally, they begin seeking for the only place in which they can experience that certain thrill: the wilderness.

Now, do you see yourself in them? Do you by chance enjoy a trip to the wood more than to the movie? Do you find camping under the sky full of bright stars much more intriguing than spending the night at a luxurious hotel?

Then apart from more spots to travel to, you are going to need some practical, useful tips.

Why don’t you visit The Survival Life and grab some for your next journey?

What Is The Survival Life?

As its name suggests, The Survival Life is a website specializing in guidance and tips to have a safe yet exciting visit to the aboriginal wilderness. It can let you in on a heap of helpful information, thus giving you a better view of the natural world as well as how you can walk in and out of it in one piece.

Your level of on-hands experience in dealing with situations related to the wilderness does not really matter. The Survival Life targets wide ranges of visitors, segmenting them in term of age, amount of knowledge, and so on. In short, there are posts for professional adventurers and those for the newbies who have not set foot in any remote areas far away from their comfy home before.

About the website’s content, well, there are plenty of things to talk about it. The Survival Life consists of several outstanding topics whose articles always remain up-to-date, making sure that the visitors are greeted by fresh survival instructions every time they stop by. Up to this point, its articles are divided into six main categories: DIY, Survival Skills, Hunting, Medical, and Gear Reviews. 

If you want to find survival gear for yourself, click here and check out some of the best survival gear that can help you out in unpredictable situations.

On top of that, The Survival Life is update quite regularly, so, by all means, you are never going to come across anything obsolete there!

About the Author

Here is another reason why you can count on The Survival Life’s tips: The one behind it is David Ferraro – a true adventurer himself! Even though he was born in the modern world, he found himself fascinated by the fantastic world of nature at a very young age. In fact, he embarked on his own journeys into the wilderness not long after that. 

Throughout the exciting yet dangerous escapades, he has encountered several dire situations and must find his way out of them one by one, thus accumulating important on-hands experience along the way.

Later, as he has turned into a somewhat professional adventurer, he discovered that there were tons of bold and brave people who wanted to go on their own adventure. Therefore, he built The Survival Life in order to give them a helping hand. 

What Can The Survival Life Offer You?


If you call yourself a real adventurer, there is no way you do not know how to craft at least one simple yet useful item out of a discarded bottle or some twigs. David knows this better than anyone, so he has paired his website with a section for DIY! 

Since the website’s slogan is to help you survive in the wilderness, most of the how-to articles here related to making weapons and traps. In addition, he also shows you how to prepare delicious meals from wild meat.

Survival skills

This little section is all about how to come back home in one piece after spending days out in the natural world. Here, not only will you discover some unexpected surprise about how to improve your endurance for a long period of walking nonstop, but you will also get the chance to learn about some helpful equipment to put on every time going out for outdoor activities.

Plus, because anything can happen in the wilderness, David has also added into this category some easy-to-learn yet effective techniques to knock out someone if the worse comes to worst.


Nothing can beat the joy of taking your prey home after hunting season! And The Survival Life will teach you how to experience that joy yourself. Everything you need to know about hunting different animals will be displayed here. As you dig deeper into this section, you will gradually be informed of where to find your targets, what they like to eat, as well as how to finish them with one single shot.


This category is all about firearm and anything related to them. Now, carrying a loaded piece around in your pocket may be a bad idea if you are in the city, but not when you are out in the wilderness. Here, everything can literally take you out, so you had better learn to use one if you want to make it out alive.

If you are clueless about where to start, consider dropping this site a visit. David is quite skillful when it comes to firearms and their accessories so I’m sure he will be able to help you out.


Walking into the wilderness while knowing nothing about first aid is considered suicide. So, in this section, The Survival Life will show you some basic methods to treat your wounds and injuries if bad things happen. 

Plus, it also tells you about the must-have medical items in your backpack for every journey as well as some useful tips to stay in good shape throughout your trip.

Gear reviews

You cannot embark on a seemingly dangerous journey without essential gears. Still, do you know how to pick the best piece of equipment among a sea of similar items?

Let David help you out with his survival product reviews! They cover a lot of assets for a safe journey, such as flashlights, knives, watches, and so on. 


An escapade into the wilderness can be quite an exciting experience, but only when you have made all the essential preparations. Don’t let the journey of your dream become the nightmare haunting you for life. 

5 Tarp Hacks That Will Improve Your Camping Experience


Camping philosophies vary widely, from the minimalist outdoorsmen who require nothing but a backpack to glamping fanatics who prefer to create a luxury experience in the woods. Whatever your preference is, though, there are a few things you shouldn’t venture forth without, and a tarp is one of the most important. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and most of all you can use them in dozens of different ways. If you’re planning a camping trip in the near future, check out these 5 tarp hacks – they may just change the way you camp.

Build A Wind Barrier

Whether you’re trying to keep a fire blazing or just feeling a chill in your tent, it can be useful to have a way to block out wind while camping, and tarps offer the perfect solution. Bring along a few and hang them between trees to create a wind barrier at your site. You can even surround the site on all four sides for greater privacy and warmth, especially in the evenings.

Shade Yourself From Sun

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Some people like to wake up early while camping, but for others, this is a vacation and that means sleeping late. So what should you do if the sun is waking you up to early? While you could place a space blanket over your tent to block out the light, a tarp may be more effective – and it will provide an added barrier if it starts raining. You can also rig up a tarp between trees to create a shady lean-to while out exploring.

Protect Your Tent

When you set up your tent, you should always look for a flat area free of debris so that you’re not forced to sleep on rocks and twigs. If you can’t find a clear spot, though, or you’re just worried about your tent’s integrity, consider putting a heavy-duty tarp down under your tent. According to, vinyl tarps are tear and abrasion-resistant, so opt for one of those when placing a tent, rather than a poly or canvas tarp, which is more likely to rip and leave your tent base vulnerable to damage.

Tie It Right

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Most of the time you’ll only need one tarp, whether you’re covering your tent, keeping your gear dry, or even quickly assembling an emergency tent. What if you want to gather a big group of friends in a shady spot, though? Rather than buying an expensive shade tent for your party or barbecue, grab a bunch of tarps and connect them using tie-downs to create a huge shade panel. You can then suspend your tarps from the surrounding trees to create an inexpensive and expansive gathering space.

All Fun And Games

One of the best parts of camping is having an opportunity to play like you’re a kid again – and all you need to create an epic grownup slip and slide is a tarp. Just lay out your tarp, get it wet and give yourself a running start. Ideally, you can even set up your DIY slide to end in the nearest lake or watering hole. You may have outgrown the classic slip and slide, but there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the fun.

Tarps may not be the most interesting piece of camping equipment, but they’re undeniably one of the most useful items you can pack. As you get ready for your next camping trip, then, grab a few. They won’t make much of a dent in your budget or your backpack, but they’ll completely transform your camping experience.

Has the French Camping Experience Been Ruined?

Camping, known alternatively as bushwhacking, trailblazing, swamp-draining, and sleeping in the wilderness, is fun. There’s no other way to phrase the excitement of stripping oneself of civilization (and sometimes everything else) and experiencing nature in as primitive a manner as possible. In the United States, camping has become enormously popular in recent decades, as the trends of tiny homes and nomadic living have normalized the idea of living minimally, especially among younger generations. Think recent college graduates. One can see this phenomenon recorded on social media, where it seems clear that this notion doesn’t seem limited to members of the US population, either.

Camping has risen in popularity on an international level as well. As cities swell in size, and globalization stretches a unifying hand over the globe, youthful members of an international populace are streaming out in droves to explore the wilds of foreign lands. Popular destinations are the famous outback of Australia, the Swiss Alps, the American Southwest, the Icelandic tundra, and of course – its famed woodlands. One of France’s national parks in particular, Gorges of the Ardèche, is a popular camping destination for both French and international pleasure-seekers alike.

One of the main appeals of camping in France is the allure of outdoor bacchanalia and recently, wrote about it. Lack of surrounding civilization has traditionally been the main contributor to an increased tendency towards lawlessness. Essentially, people love to drink and use other recreational (if illicit) substances around campfires where they won’t be bothered by pesky authority figures and nosy neighbors. Unfortunately for these sorts of travelers, France has recently cracked down on some of their particular freedoms with a newly made ban on beverage in its national parks. Luckily, this isn’t the case for all of France – it only extends to the Ardèche region itself. The news, however, is still devastating to the potentially thousands of excited students now getting out of school, who were already eagerly planning their trips. The ban seems to specifically target these young professional types as well, as its length only extends till September 30th – and by then the would-be adventurers will be once again confined in their classrooms.

Img source:

As unfortunate for these hopeful campers, this ban is, the reason for it is clear. It has a reputation for not only heightening the senses but also the likelihood of violence and leaving your trash everywhere. With recent spikes in degenerative activity reported in the Ardèche region, it’s understandable that the local government would like to curb the antics of any potential troublemakers. The punishment for breaking the ban is relatively minimal. For a first offense, those caught will be required to pay a fine of 28 euro, which is roughly $32. The ban could, therefore, be a shrewd money-making scheme by the local government, as many international travelers, even American writers, would be likely to risk such a cheap fine in exchange for the opportunity to be inebriated in France. So, will the ban be effective in preventing rowdy behavior? It’s unlikely. But it might just fatten local coffers for the inevitable park cleanup that will be needed.

The following video was provided with permission and is recommended viewing for those who enjoyed the preceding article:

10 Tricks To Make Your Tent The Comfiest Place On Earth

Going into nature for some fresh air and no power outlets can be an excellent option for you and your family or friends. From campfire foods to fun camping games, there is nothing sweet like putting away the electronics and stepping into the great outdoors for a few days or weeks.

Therefore, if you are planning a camping trip with your family or friends, you may be worried about balancing home comforts while roughing it in the woods.
So, what’s the trick for comfort?

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Comfort is the key when it comes to camping. However, comfort doesn’t come easy especially when you are still a newbie in this game. So to help all campers, including new and experienced ones, check out these tips. Everything you need to know about camping but was afraid to ask can, therefore, be answered in the following article.

Pitch the tent on a perfect spot

Comfort starts with the position that you place your tent. A flat place will work magic. You won’t feel as though you are falling at night. Also, stay away from rocky areas as they bring nothing but discomfort. You can also do a quick analysis if there are noisy people around you. They will deter you from getting a good night sleep. You should also look out for the amenities. If you use the bathroom at night, pitch the tent near it. This way, you can walk for a short distance to the washrooms.

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Choose a quality sleeping pad

A comfy sleeping pad will make the surface cozy enough to relax. The best ones are the hybrid, foam or inflatable pads. It is for you to pick the convenient sleeping pad for your night. The inflatable pillow is an excellent pick. It will give you all the comfort you desire away from your usual bedroom.

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Keep it clean

A dirty tent actually does not give you the best camping experience. Shoes make the tent untidy and unfit for sleeping. If you have gone camping in a large group of friends or family, you can request everyone to leave their shoes outside. Then, have a shoe basket to keep them safe. With the boots outside, and will not be brought inside your tend. This gives space for more space and clean air. The tent floor will then be sparkling clean.

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Keep the tent warm

At night, the cold tends to creep in. If you are cold, you will not get a wink of sleep. All you can do is toss and turn. As a result, you need warmth to feel great. You can improvise with a bottle of water. Fill it with hot water and put inside your sleeping place. The ideal place for set up is near the legs because that is where the cold comes from. You will feel toasty as you drift to slumber. Make sure to seal the bottle really tight. That will keep you safe. You don’t want to wake up with burns and pain.

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Light up the place

Illuminating your tent keeps the feeling of fear away. This will ease your mind as you camp. A great idea is to get solar lights. They are not too bright for the eyes. They are also affordable. You can get as many as possible to make them last for days. It will also give you enough light as you go to the washrooms. If you have kids, you can hang the solar lights so that they can be happy and go to sleep. All the worry will be drained away with proper lighting.

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Make pillows

Plenty of pillows will make you comfortable as you sit or sleep. You can be creative and make them on your own. You can use your jacket to make one. Using a stuff sack, you can insert the fluffy jacket inside with other clothes. This will create a beautiful, soft pillow. You can use it for your neck, back, and shoulders. The pads will give you a warm and cozy feel through the night. Inflatable pillows can also work because they won’t take up any space.

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Keep the sunlight away

The worst way to be woken up is by sunlight rays on your face. You can carry an extra blanket and place it on top of the tent. The tent will have minimal light reaching it in the morning. If you intend to sleep in, then you should covet the tent. A white cover is perfect. It will work well by reflecting the sun away. You can then sleep all you want.

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Carry enough blankets or duvets

Sleeping items will do you some justice. It tends to get cold during the wee hours of the night. The blankets will offer you great warmth. You can also convert some into beddings or pillows. Duvets are more soft and comfortable than rugs. They should be your priority on the list.

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Zip up your tent tightly

Some campsites have mosquitoes and other insects. You need to zip it well to keep them off. You should also use a wax candle so that the zip doesn’t get damaged. Rubbing some wax on it disentangles the zippers. You will feel secure from all the insects that might come biting. The major one being mosquitoes.

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Get some earplugs

Noises at night can be disturbing as you try to catch some sleep. Ear plugs block the sounds that are around you. It can be from other people next to you or the trees. If you are near a water body, then the noise is at the peak. You need earplugs to calm the voices in your ears. Then, you can be able to sleep soundly.

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According to Outdoor Spider, the comfiest tent has all the necessary stuff to get cozy. You can feel as though you never left home. It should be just another home away from your home. Great moments with your loved ones call for warmth and comfort. With the tricks above, no more worries about balancing your comping comforts while roughing it away from home. Enjoy the outdoors without losing your mind or comfort.