The Pro’s and Con’s of Switching Career Paths with Ty Frankel


It takes a certain level of courage to switch career paths. And truth be told, not everyone has that courage.

A career change could be a bit dicey, as it is often a huge switch from what you’ve been known for, to something relatively new. It also comes with all the emotions there may be to it— the doubts, the what-ifs, the possibilities, and in some cases, the regrets.

A recent survey conducted for Fast Company discovered that about 52% of U.S. workers considered a job change in 2020, and about 44% had plans in place to take the huge leap.

Analysis of workers who switch careers and those who stay in it is a germane area of the labour market.

Changing a career path could be for a host of reasons which could range from; not finding fulfillment, not growing financially, boredom, burnout, or even lack of motivation to work. Perhaps, it could even stem from the curiosity of wanting to try something new. It could also be in a bid for more flexibility than the current career.

Although, before changing a particular career, a thorough evaluation is highly required to prepare for the smoothest transition ever. It mustn’t be an impulsive or spontaneous decision without careful consideration.

Careful consideration includes weighing both career options— which one brings the most fulfillment? Which one drives in the most income? Which one requires the most grit and tenacity? Which one is more flexible and allows for creativity?

All of these questions must be carefully assessed and objectively weighed, so as not to lose motivation along the line.

Ty Frankel— who recently switched careers from creating modern music for TV shows, video games and movies to building a software company & his personal brand, says; “switching careers can be a bit daunting at the beginning, but as time goes by, there’s enough free flow, and your new career becomes second nature to you.”

Laying a Firm Foundation


It’s not surprising to see people change careers from time to time. What would be surprising is if someone switches careers without proper preparation, or laying a foundation for a strong foothold within the new career path or industry. A new career could be overwhelming, so it’s important to work towards having a firm grip on everything that comes with it.

Ty Frankel, who previously partnered with household names such as Universal Music, Sony, Warner Bros and Red Bull, states that “laying a firm foundation is key to having any successful career.” Having spent almost 9 years in the music industry, Ty recently switched career paths.

A firm foundation also requires setting strategic and achievable career goals. Before setting goals in a new career, a bit of research ought to be done. Learn more about prominent figures in the industry. How did they do it? What’s their work ethic like? How do they deal with failures? All of these and much more could serve as some sort of guide to crafting your niche and excelling in the new career.

Networking is also quite germane to laying a firm foundation. It’s advisable to mix with those in the game already— those who have industry experience. This could go a long way in accentuating laid-down goals and objectives.

This art of networking is seen in how Ty has established VIP Agency Lounge— a group of masterminds that show young marketers and agency owners the ropes of scaling their business. “Networking and moving with the right people is underrated. A single conversation with the right person can skyrocket your trajectory in business”, Ty says.

Exploring the possibilities

A new career path comes with its baggage, possibilities, and opportunities— and all of these require a certain experience level to deal with them appropriately. Although, it doesn’t have to be an experience directly relating to the career, as one could always make use of previous experience as a model to understand required needs and demands.

An example of this is how Ty Frankel— at the age of 14, ran a hip-hop blog where he interviewed famous underground rappers like Masta Ace and Jon Connor, used the experience garnered, for his new line of business.

He says; “past experience has shown me the importance of building relationships, and this has been very helpful in building up my brand in the marketing space. ”

No doubt, establishing and keeping working relationships is very important. This goes as far as navigating the course of life itself, and not just in terms of career paths alone.

Getting Past the Past

Although, one must note that it wouldn’t always be a smooth road. At least, not entirely. There are days when regrets and doubts creep in, and also days that come with a pile of shortcomings and failures.

On such days or occurrences, it is important to forge ahead and not dwell on such mishaps or shortcomings, as they may dampen work morale if given too much attention.

For instance, Ty Frankel lost $127k in crypto in 2018. Three years later, he dismantled Shut Down Music. And in May 2021, he further dismantled Shut Down Emails. This wasn’t an easy experience, but he forged ahead regardless and went on to build a software company and his social media brand.

Ty says; “When one thing fails, you learn from it and try again, now armed with all the lessons you’ve learned in the past.”

Embracing it all

Now fully rooted in your new career, welcome all of the opportunities and emotions that come with it. Remember that change is inevitable and that it’s an important part of growth.

Plan, strategize, network, rinse and repeat. Take charge of every day. Ascertain your locus of control and assess each experience that comes your way. Focus on what you can control, and put aside what is beyond your control. Don’t rush, take it a day at a time.

As time goes by, reflect on your journey so far and celebrate your wins. Yes, you did it!

Mortgages for new business owners: What you need to know

Must-Have Documents for Your First Business Mortgage

Do you have plans on applying for a business mortgage through anytime soon? Well, you can always work on your application now since they’re someone you can trust for your much-needed loan today. But you must not depend on them entirely if you want to get your borrowed money in no time.

It will help if you visit online resources to help you with your mortgage application. These include your blog sites, review pages, and community forums that share details on the things you need to prepare before applying for your business loan. You can also read testimonials from actual borrowers to learn more about what you should expect from the entire process.

Never forget to speak with your close peers that are familiar with how homelendingpal works. You may even be surprised to learn that some of them also applied for a similar loan for their upcoming business venture. Share with them your plans since they may have tips to speed up the approval of your mortgage request.

Nonetheless, you can start with must-have documents you need to have on hand as soon as you decide to work on your business loan request. You may already be familiar with some of them, but a refresher won’t hurt to get your needed funds right away. Continue reading through this article to learn more about these essential papers you must start drafting now:

Business Profile

Begin with your business profile that should contain all necessary details about your upcoming venture in the market. These must include information like the nature of your franchise, offered services, target industries, and many more. You can even indicate your future expectations once you decide to increase your reach and branch out to several parts of the region.

Ensure that these shared details are accurate based on what your mortgage partner should expect from your new business. Always keep them concise for their quick review and easy understanding. Besides, you may never want to wait long for their approval just because they’re still reading your lengthy company profile.

Detailed Plan

It is also essential that your lending partner has an idea of how you’re going to spend your borrowed resources. That’s why you must create a detailed plan that breaks down the goals you want to achieve using your mortgage funds. Again, it should be brief and direct to your point to prevent any delay in their approval process.

They should also see details about how you plan to repay the mortgage back. Best if you provide them a breakdown of your recommended payment scheme that should be favorable to the involved parties. You may never know; they might approve it as well for your added convenience in paying back your loan.

Financial Statements

Another deciding factor on the approval of your requested mortgage is your financial statements. Start with your personal funds that should be at least within the minimum value set by most lending companies nowadays. Always check your credit score records before applying for your desired business loan today.

Apart from your personal finances, you should also collate documents proving that your business can help you settle your dues with them. Provide them a detailed breakdown of your profits, expenses, and usual cash flow for their quick reference. Never forget about your pending invoices that could somehow support your claim that you have all the resources to pay them back in time.

Supporting Requirements

It is also crucial to prepare several supporting documents required by most lending partners before submitting your mortgage application with them. They may vary on some requirements, but best to prepare them all to prevent any issues while filing your loan request. Here are some of them that you must start working on today:

  • Identification cards,
  • Personal and commercial tax records,
  • Business permits and licenses,
  • Payroll reports,
  • Corporate records and documents,
  • Existing business insurances,
  • Current establishment leases,
  • Organizational structure,
  • Annual profits and revenue,
  • Incorporation credentials, and many more.

Best if you speak with your mortgage partners regarding their required supporting documents to ensure your flawless loan application soon.

Mortgage Agreement

More than anything else, always have your final mortgage agreement on hand once you agree with their given loan terms and conditions. Always ensure that both you and your lending partner sign them accordingly before leaving your meeting. You should also confirm if they need additional documents for your loan processing.

Final Tips Before Submitting Your Papers

Are you now ready to apply for your first business mortgage today? You can readily process it any time you want to if you already have all the abovementioned must-have documents on hand. You can even make your application more worthwhile if you also use the following tips before submitting your papers with them any day now:

  • Always double-check the details indicated on your documents before sending them to your chosen mortgage partner. Be cautious of any grammatical errors, missing information, and unclear data that may confuse them during their review. Best to have your business partners or associates check them also for your added assurance.
  • Create a list of their loan requirements to avoid missing out on any on the day you’ll submit them with your lending company. You can either speak with them or check their website to know the different documents you must prepare beforehand. You may never know; you might confuse their requested documents with other lenders in your area.
  • Go back to your business plan and determine your reasons for why you chose to apply for a business mortgage today. It will help to review it with your partners to get their insights regarding your decision as well. Always consider their comments and inputs about it before sending out your loan application anytime soon.
  • Most importantly, only transact with reputable mortgage partners in the industry to ensure your safe and worry-free business loan processing. You can either consult your partners and friends or use your online resources to find one you can trust with your request. Better yet, depend on automated mortgage advisors like Home Lending Pal for a more convenient mortgage application now!

15 Tips for Impressing Your Client When They Visit Your Office

When you work with clients, they want to feel like their time is well spent. Whether it’s a meeting or just an informal visit to your office, there are some key things that will help you make a good impression and build rapport so they’ll come back again.

It is apparent that you want them to feel well-treated and their time is being well-spent in your company. Here are fifteen things you can do to provide the kind of client service that will make them want to come back again:

1. Plan their transport to your office:

 Let them know how to get here. Make sure the office is accessible by public transport and has an easy-to-find street address so they can find it easily. If you have a special client, then make sure to plan a luxurious limousine service for them. You can get more info here. Contrarily, if the clients are traveling by their private car, then provide them your office location with relevant details so that they can have a hassle-free commute.

2. Be ready for them when they arrive:

Have someone who knows how to greet visitors waiting at your door as soon as they enter the building; this way, there are no awkward pauses while everyone looks around trying to figure out how things work in the new environment!

3. Have an introduction session:

You can introduce your visitor to the people they will be meeting with and how their day is going to go. Now that you’ve introduced them, take a moment to step back so everyone can shake hands. This way, it’s clear what introductions have been made and who should speak first when multiple conversations occur at once. If this is an informal visit where they’re simply looking around before deciding whether or not to give you work, then introduce them to all of your employees as well!

4. Have something for visitors if they get hungry during their stay:

It might sound like common sense, but sometimes we forget about how much time clients spend touring our office while waiting for meetings and interviews. Getting some eatables lined up like tea or coffee with fresh fruits or snacks will give them a chance to enjoy something while they’re waiting.

5. Be a good tour guide:

Your office must be organized to show how much work goes into what you do on a daily basis and make it easy for them to understand the processes involved in running our business. Whether they visit you as potential clients or just as friends, this will help them feel like more of an insider after their time with your company.

6. Check out how others have done things before starting from scratch when designing their space:

There are plenty of examples out there online which feature designs other offices have created over the years, so don’t hesitate to take some inspiration from them! You want visitors who walk through your doors feeling engaged and excited about what lies ahead rather than uninterested and bored. Your office should be well lit, with plenty of natural light from a window or skylight in order to make it easy for visitors to navigate the space while feeling comfortable.

7. Prepare a list of topics to discuss with your client:

You don’t want to stay confused during a meeting. You will need to know how you want to frame the conversation and what aspects of your company you are proud of so that when they ask questions, it’s easy for you to answer them confidently. Try to create a comprehensive list of topics so that you can refer to them if you feel like the conversation is starting to lag.

8. Time management tips:

When we’re nervous, time seems to pass by much slower and can even seem as though there’s no end in sight. To combat this feeling of being stuck indefinitely with a client, take out your phone or ask how they would prefer for you to keep track of how long their visit lasts so that both parties know when it’s over. Meetings should last between 45 minutes and an hour at most!

9. Make sure your business cards are up-to-date:

Although the world has turned digital, you need to have your business cards with you at the end of the day. Ensure that they’re up-to-date and impressive enough so that the client wants to keep it in their pocket and pull it out at a moment’s notice.

10. Invest in some good office supplies:

The last thing you want is for your desk to look messy because that can make clients feel like they’re not valued when they enter your space. Get some nice pens, paperclips, sticky notes, and other items so that everything looks neat!

11. Dress professionally:

Wear a suit if you have one, or dress in nice clothes that fit well and show how professional you are. Also, ask your employees to dress how you would like them to dress so that clients see how well everyone is treated.

12. Bring your “A game”:

When meeting with a client in their office, bring all of the documents or information they’ve requested and make sure it’s up-to-date! If there are specific questions about how your company operates (i.e., how many employees do you have?), be ready with an answer for everything just in case the client asks more detailed questions later on during the visit.

13. Let your clients talk:

Give them time to talk about themselves and what is important to them as part of the meeting, and how you can help. If you keep on talking about how great you are, they’ll be less likely to want to work with you.

14. Build rapport:

Connect your clients with other people in the office so that when they come back for another meeting, the person on hand will have a history of their interests and how well you all know them, which may even lead to referrals later on!

15. Provide something visually stimulating:

If clients are coming in before lunch or after dinner, and especially when meeting at night (i.e., after work hours), provide a snack like fruit, even just popcorn! This will keep their energy up during the visit, which makes clients more sociable and less likely to leave early feeling hungry. Or try getting creative with water bottles – label them as “Hydrate Yourself!” or create labels with catchy quotes.


Every client visit will have a different purpose, but these are some tips for how to make the most of your time with them.

Rent A Car In Dubai: How Much Does It Cost?

Dubai is one of the world’s most famous and modern travel and business destinations. The city has a well-developed transport infrastructure. Guests of the emirate can easily find suitable transport for themselves, which includes car rental. You can rent an auto of any class, depending on your wishes and budget.

The advantages of renting a car have long been proven, but in the case of car rental in Dubai, and in general in the UAE, these advantages become even more evident. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the roads are perfect. Every year in various ratings the quality of the road surface, infrastructure, readability of signs and so on – if not in the first place, then at the top of the list. Secondly, inexpensive petrol, especially compared to European countries. Thirdly, adequate driving due to total sobriety of drivers – the country is still sober.

Well, the other pluses of rent-a-car one way or another are common for any country. This is an opportunity not to depend on the rhythm of the tour and its shopping additions, it is a pleasure to enjoy the favorite place as long as you need, it is an opportunity to see the places where it is difficult to get by transport, the economy in the case of the travel company and many other advantages united by one word – freedom.

However, the UAE is a rather peculiar country, and in terms of renting a car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other city in the state there are some nuances, which I would like to talk about below.

Car rental terms

The UAE is a leader in the development of road infrastructure. As a result, the popularity of car rental has increased. But before looking for a car rental company, you should be aware of the basic rental terms.

When deciding to rent a car, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Availability of documents
  • the driver’s age must be over 21
  • driving experience – at least 1 year.

The car can be booked online or at company offices. The first rental option implies that the renter has a printed voucher upon picking up the car. The voucher will be sent to you after confirming the order through the website.

The deposit is blocked exactly from the bank card. And it does not fit non-personalized cards and some debit cards – only an embossed card, with the name and surname of the one who will lie the car for rent. Check if you have a credit card, you can use a special service, there are many of them on the Internet. All you have to do is enter the first six digits of your card into the box. And yes, the amount of money on the card must exceed the amount of the deposit.

Required documents

In the Emirates, for car rental, in addition to a passport, you also need a national driver’s license and an international driver’s license.

The second nuance is an international bank card, on which the holder’s initials must be identified. The required amount of money must be on your account as well. In case of a lack of funds on your card, the amount of the rental deposit can be left in cash. Furthermore, only the driver can be the owner of this card, otherwise, you will simply not be given the keys.

Car rental prices in Dubai

The cost of car rental depends on the period, reserving option, rental company and car class. It is better to reserve an auto for the entire duration of your stay in the city. The longer the rental period, the lower the rental price per day.

We also recommend you pay special attention to the clauses of the agreement indicated on the site when renting vehicles online.

The best place to rent a car in Dubai

Renting online saves money, time and eliminates possible difficulties with the return of the deposit. If you are not satisfied with cashless payments, that’s okay. You can easily find another car rental company in the city. A great number of them have appeared in the UAE over the past few years.

Offline car rental has its advantages as well. The selected vehicle can be personally inspected and tested. In addition, you will have the opportunity to rent without a plastic card and an international driver’s license.

Additional expenses

You need to prepare for the additional costs in advance. Three main points can be distinguished among them:

Insurance. Sometimes the rental price includes insurance. This should be clarified in advance. If desired, there is the possibility of additional insurance services. All this is discussed before signing the lease.

Toll road. The toll road sections are named “Salik”. Sensors automatically register your passing car. The price is 4 dirhams. The fee is charged from your deposit.

Parking. The UAE is full of all kinds of paid and free parking lots. Free ones can be found in almost all shopping centres. And it is quite simple to recognize a paid parking lot, there is always a corresponding sign on it.

Lux and sports car rental

According to The glory of luxury cars country is firmly entrenched in the United Arab Emirates. Certainly, such cars are not a phenomenon on the city streets. Therefore, if you decide to rent a Porsche, many local companies will provide you with such an opportunity. Just pay attention to the quality of the resource through which the car is rented.

In the end

Before you rent a car and go on a trip, there are a few things to be aware of.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that does not welcome alcohol. Getting drunk behind the wheel is unacceptable. Also, there is almost no crime here, and an unlocked car can be left unattended absolutely fearlessly.

It is impossible to violate the traffic rules, especially since all road signs and markings are intuitively understandable even for those who do not know Arabian. Many of the signs are duplicated in English as well.

Choose your car, read the contract carefully and drive safely. And we wish you all the best!

What Is a Financial Planner?

Many people want to know about advisers when they’re financially independent. A financial adviser is a professional to aid you in your decisions about your finances. However, sometimes you need to research to understand how getting financial advice might be convenient for you.

Here, you can see how an Australian advisor can have an ongoing relationship with you and guide you to make the best financial choices.

What Is the Difference Between a Financial Planner and a Financial Adviser?

Financial planners and financial advisers are not the same. Although some people might think they have the same responsibilities, they take care of different things.

Whereas advisers take a narrow view and mostly focus on investments, planners usually offer a long-term relationship because they want a more holistic approach. Therefore, a financial adviser often has a narrower perspective on a problem and can help you with specific solutions to that, without worrying about your performance in other areas.

Whether you need financial planning or other types of financial services, you have to make sure that you get the right professional. Therefore, knowing their duties is essential if you want to find the perfect person to help you.

If you hire a financial advisor, they can help you manage your investments, guide you through marketing decisions, and offer specific solutions. Hiring planners, on the other hand, allows you to work with them with a more personalized approach. They gather specific personal information and help you come up with the best plans possible.

An adviser can help you just as a planner can. Nonetheless, you need to know the specific type of financial advice you need. When you search for an expert, you have to be sure about the assistance you require, especially if you want someone from Geelong since there are many options.

Does a Planner Offer Financial Advice?

Most people have financial goals. Regardless of their interests, they want to ensure that they pay their debts and do everything they want with their money. However, not everyone has experience investing or making good marketing decisions.

That’s where the expert comes in. They help you make the best choices regarding money and offer comprehensive advice about a specific financial situation – with their license, they’re prepared to help you with precise financial advice that aids you in achieving what you want.

In many cases, people need help with their finances. They want an expert to guide them with life plans so they achieve their goals, resolve money-related issues, and make better choices in the future.

If you find the right financial assistance, the professional can provide advice and help you achieve everything you want. They have your best interests at heart, and they’re prepared to give you the advice you need depending on what you wish for your future.

How Much Does Financial Planning Cost?

Clients often wonder about the fees of financial services. However, the adviser’s costs depend on many factors.

For example, the services you ask for might have a specific price. If you need help with investment, that could be different from getting estate planning or a specific personal financial plan.

Although most helpers in Australia charge depending on the project, many of them charge $150 – $300 per hour. Even so, if you want to know all the details, you need to ask the expert for a services guide that includes complete information about their offers.

Is a Planner Worth It?

Getting financial advice is completely different from personal advice. An expert adviser is often one of the members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, has a license, and can help you with specific goals for a fee.

Although you have to go through a process to find the correct expert, you can gain a lot from hiring someone to give you advice. It’s a particularly intelligent choice if you need assistance with your life insurance, super fund, business, superannuation, FPA, retirement process, risk assessment, or any other similar product.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful, independent adult that makes the best financial choices getting expert advice is the best thing you could do.

How to know which adviser to trust?

The key to knowing which adviser to trust is that your advisor has a licence. That is, they have a unique Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence. You can verify this on their website at If your advisor is listed here, you can trust their industry credentials.

Another key to trusting an advisor is that they fully explain the strategy to you. Like going to a doctor, you need to understand that is proposed. Ask questions until it makes sense to you. The easier you understand the proposed strategy, the easier it will be for you to trust your advisor.

Lastly, maintain control of your assets at all times. Make sure that your assets remain in your pocket/account. They should not be transferred to your advisor’s share accounts. Keeping your own accounts encourages accountability. If you have an online account, you can login and check your asset growth at any time.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a Financial Advisor is a process because you need to consider different factors. You have to think about what you want them for: do you need help with an investment decisions, retirement process, finance management, insurance, planning strategies, or tax-related things?

Once you decide how they can help you manage your assets, your duty as a client is to ask for the specific fee they charge. Then, you need to choose if you want an ongoing service or if you just need help with a one-time project.

The financial adviser must ensure they have a license to provide you with the best services, and then you can conclude your search. Even though it sounds like a lengthy process, getting expert advice is a great choice. You get a clearer plan with better long-term results.

Machine Learning Cases in Business


Artificial intelligence today is not just a joke about the enslavement of humanity. Thousands of businesses are moving to AI at an incredible speed, bringing production turnover to a new level and making our lives much more comfortable. But how can AI scientists teach the algorithm not just to produce a ready-made emulsion but to adapt to changing circumstances? The principles of machine learning have come to the rescue. Check this explanation of ML basics by an expert team, and we’ll move to the practical cases which has helped many companies.

Case 1: CompanionPro

As you know, obedient dogs are very likely to find their owners. Shelters are well aware of this, but few find the funds to pay for a large number of trainers. Michael Wang, director of the company, Companion, looking at the problem from the owner of the two cats, realized that this frightening omission requires an immediate solution. CompanionPro is an adaptive algorithm based on Tensor Flow, which can recognize the behavior of animals and reward them in the case of the successful command. Before the commercial release, the algorithm went through a humourous database of shelters, where it learned to determine what condition the dog is now, in “standing” or ” seated” as well as to select the voice timbre that will be the most appropriate. The cherry on the cake was the reward system, which empirically determined the amount of “goodies” for your favorite pet.

Case 2: Vitek “EYESYSTEM 1.0

I think everyone has ever had the urge to drink a cold yogurt in the morning. Workers in their production are no exception. How good that Vitek has developed an automated visual control system that has helped in such a difficult situation.  The yogurt goes through two major stages, such as: checking the presence of the lid and the permissible level of the product in the bottle. Previously, the first stage was extremely uneconomical in time, but it was not immune from human error. Now the algorithm detected the loss with the highest accuracy, informing the entire plant about it. After analyzing a thousand lids, he knew each one by sight. But how would he know that I had not been top-up? Yogurt is yogurt, little or much of it. EYESYSTEM 1.0 could argue with you because looking at this damn bottle for the hundredth time, even you would be able to determine the compact differences in volume, right?

Case 3: 3D fitting and analysis of Wildberries

Imagine you come in after an exhausting day at work, and there are three dirty shirts in the wardrobe, one of which has a large brown stain from an invigorating coffee drink. The chief wants to see you at the parade tomorrow as if to spite you. What will you do? Run to the store? What a pity, you have an urgent task at work. Can you order a charming costume online? But how do you know your size when you last went to the store six months ago? If you at least slightly recognized yourself in this situation, then the 3D fitting from Wildberries will appeal to you. You need to point the camera at the desired part of the body, and a clever algorithm will adjust to you. What kind of magic is this? Not magic, but the thousands of bodies that the AI had painstakingly processed to produce such an impressive result. Many of you may say: “Well, 3D fitting is certainly good, but I’m not so lazy that I haven’t walked to the store yet. I’d rather buy cheaper clothes”. Great! And for this task, an all-powerful AI would do just fine. Just take a picture of your favorite thing, and you will see hundreds of analogs that will not be inferior to the original.

Case 4: Holos Servorobot

How many articles have been written, how many scientists have talked about the importance of careful treatment of the world around us, but people continue to harm themselves. If a person can’t reason with himself, then let a robot do it! The company Holos seriously took up this issue and presented a machine that is able not only to anticipate trouble but also to deliver dangerous cargo. Servorobot is equipped with a variety of sensors that can analyze the environment with high accuracy, determining the danger. Especially important in oil fields, where an unfortunate gas leak can not only leave you without cheap gasoline but also flatten the nearest neighborhood. In addition, this big guy is educated by the bitter experience of gigabytes of data, so if there is a war, your cargo will be safe and sound.

Case 5: SAT Logistics Optimization

Have you ever wondered how your new phone moves from the store to you? Of course, you know, there is a conditional point A, where you start the path, and point B, where it ends. A simple math problem, but why do you wait so long, sometimes even overpaying for delivery? The answer will be found if you look at this process through the eyes of the logistics department. Your parcel can generally make eight circles around the city until the courier still knocks on your door. A logical question would be: “Can this be avoided?» Can. This is done by logisticians, who, however, do not always perform their work in good faith. So it turns out that there is corruption and deception everywhere? Corruption is not quite, but the deception is successfully fought by SAT, which has implemented logistics optimization using geolocation. The Google Maps API, which conveniently allowed them to mark the place where the goods will be delivered on the map even without knowing the address helped this. Their architecture was able to analyze the routes of the company and choose the optimal chain of delivery of goods. Moreover, the cunning logisticians could no longer leave the best for their friends, because now big brother was watching them.

Case 6: Ecovacs Robotics Deebot

Perhaps I won’t surprise anyone if I say that vacuum cleaners have learned to clean your house themselves, but it’s also not surprising to hear that their intelligence wants the best. What annoyed you the most? Oh, yes, I know what you’re thinking. This “beautiful” moment, when this silly boy once again gets entangled in a neatly lying wire, gives the impression that he is your restless pet, and not the crown of technological progress. The head of the AI department of Ecovacs Robotics has faced this problem more than once since he decided to teach the robot to recognize the result of your sloppiness. Using a huge image data set, the robot learned to analyze small objects and masterfully drive around them. Now such insidious things as discarded socks, a black wire, or a red lego cube are left behind, saving you another nerve cell.


To sum up, I would like to say that this is not all that machine learning is capable of business. Many areas need the development of this technology more than ever. It can turn a loss-making enterprise into a gold mine, and in principle change the concept of business. The main thing is not to be a conservative and think again: “Maybe a call center of fifty people is not the best idea for a pizzeria?”

10 Effective Outdoor Advertising Solutions For Your Business

Today’s advertising is easier than ever. You have plenty of online tools to promote your product or service and reach a huge audience. But, what with those who don’t use the Internet and social media that often? Every good advertising strategy should include a few different solutions, that can be used for outdoor advertising. And yes, we think about the banners and billboards that are installed on the streets or over the buildings around. They are a part of the traditional marketing approach, which is still effective because a lot of people will anyway see it and remember it.

It may seem easy to assemble a design, but we all know it’s not that simple, so we need a graphic designer to do that for us. So, what are the most effective solutions to have the outdoor advertising right on point?

Here are a few of them:

1. Exceptional design

Simple designs are the most effective ones. Even when you sell your house and you want to put a sign in the yard, as you can order from, it should be nice, clear, understandable, and straight to the point. Using a lot of details can make things overwhelming, so people will turn their heads away as they pass by the ad. So, hiring a graphic designer will save you a lot of nerves, because they know how to incorporate the simple details in an exceptional design that will be attractive for potential clients.

2. Short and understandable messages

Every billboard or banner shares some message to the customers. It should be short, clear, and understandable, so they can realize what do you offer, and find the information on how to buy it. So, play these things smartly, because you don’t want to put a lot of text to the ad. People don’t want to read books. They want to get the message immediately. You can still leave the contact information or your website, so they can visit it, and get informed about what you sell and how to buy your product.

3. Visibility

The outdoor ads are big enough to be seen from everywhere. But, you must plan the positions too. There is no purpose for your ad if it’s not visible. The marketing team should strategically plan this thing, so they can find the best positions in the city, and reserve them for the campaign. The point is to make it as much visible as possible, so it can give the wanted result.

4. Including the contact information

Contact information is crucial. Ask the designer to put the phone number, contact email, or even the social media profiles on the design. Surely, people can’t really access it by clicking on the link, because it’s printable design at the end, but they can get informed about every contact aspect. One of the best ideas is to put a QR code, so the people who pass by can simply scan it and access your website.

5. Relevance of the content

The content, images, text, and designs should be relevant to the audience. You must get straight to the point, so even if they don’t read the text at first, to know what they are looking at. That means, if you sell electronic parts, you need to put some images or stylish typography that reminds you of them. Relevant content brings you one step closer to the potential customers who will be interested in what you have to offer.

6. High-resolution images

It’s not just to put some png images on your design and expect some miracle to happen. At this point, it’s always better to buy a high-res design, instead of vectors you can find on Google. Remember, outdoor ads are usually printable, and they should look nice and clear when put on a billboard.

7. Clear and readable typography

The typography is also important just like the high-resolution images. It should be readable, so the audience doesn’t have to struggle and use advanced skills of recognizing the letters to read what you have to tell. So, they have to be nice and clear and share a direct message to the potential customer.

8. Attractive color scheme

Colors are also crucial for the design. They should be compatible, but still nice and attractive. You can get inspired from pre-ready color schemes, or you can create one by yourself. No matter what you choose, they all should look nice and compatible.

9. Consider mobile or digital advertising as an option too

Billboards and banners are a good choice, but can you imagine your video message shared on a big display in the center of the city? It’s more expensive than the traditional billboards and banners, but they are even more effective. Mobile outdoor advertising includes branding of corporate vehicles, or even public transport buses and trains. It’s one of the best ways to share your message with the clients and get their loyalty by your side.

10. Interactive ad installations

They are more suitable for big malls or bus stations. They provide touch screens and the potential client can customize their experience by choosing the parameters and get the right offer. Also, if you are on a budget this can be pretty expensive for your company. So, start with the traditional approaches, and hope they will work out, so you can consider digital and interactive advertising as an option for your next campaign.


No matter how the online tools are useful to place your ad and run it so it can reach potential customers, don’t underestimate the power of traditional advertising. Outdoor ads are just a small part of your campaign. As you plan it and check your budget, you can add TV ads, radio samples, brochures, newsletter emails, Viber messages, and any other approach you find effective to reach the audience.

Marketing strategy includes smart planning and talents for coming up with a nice design and attractive copy. Once you do all of that, we are sure you will be able to offer your product to the target audience.

A Small Town Boy’s Story Teaches Us That Mental Health Is A Global Problem

Scared and alone, Ed JC Smith decided at 14 that he would end his life. Walking out of his house one night, he headed to the nearest train station and stood on the edge waiting for a train to pass by. With just moments to spare, a hand reached out and dragged him back from the edge.

Kicking and screaming, the stranger wrestled him to the ground until finally, he calmed the shaking boy. Walking him home, the rough-sleeping homeless man made him repeat over and over, “never give up, never give up.”

Today, in his early 40’s Ed JC Smith says it was the best advice he’s ever had, and the phrase has become his mantra. A lesson he shares worldwide with this coaching community.

He is considered one of the world’s most respected coaches. Ed credits his failure at school, his terrible relationship with his father, his youth plagued with acne and curvature of the spine, as a source of motivation, rather than despair.

Global Perspective Is Key

“So much in life is a matter of perspective. We all make choices and I have found that helping others resulted in me finding success in my own life,” says the softly spoken Englishman.

He may have failed at school but Ed JC Smith has spent his adult life making up for the lost time. Founder of The Champion Academy, he helps coaches reach more people, get more clients and make more impact..

The tools of his trade are many and varied, as are his interests. As he started to build his own coaching business, working firstly with women who had weight issues as an extension of his job at the gym, and then with corporate groups looking to increase their wealth and find financial freedom, he then branched out into the venture capital business.

And then, he lost it all. Bad advice, the wrong business partners, and suddenly all he had worked for was gone. He was 27. Yet, as many successful people will tell you, failure is a valuable lesson and Ed learned a lot from the experience.

Gloried Cleaner Makes Good

Ed JC Smith found his way back from despair when he got a job in a gym as a ‘glorified cleaner’ as a skinny teenager, long before fitness trainers existed. As he built himself up, he began to train others in the gym. His confidence grew and he found he enjoyed the experience.

As a failure in school he set out to study healing modalities, from taking psychology courses, studying NLP, and emotional clearance techniques, he started to invest in himself with courses and mentoring programs. He built his own business before helping others to build theirs.

“It’s hard to help others with transformation unless you’ve experienced it yourself,” he says. For Ed that meant creating a mindset that enabled him to see himself as a successful person before he made the leap to helping others find their success.

His courses include modules on finding clients online, starting a business with no money, identifying your ideal clients, and equips coaches with all the tools they need to grow their businesses. He urges his members to imagine themselves as successful coaches. He urges his members and future coaches to imagine themselves being there before they actually are. “Cultivate the mindset needed to achieve success is key,” Ed says.

While there are many coaches who are passionate about what they do and have achieved great success with their clients, learning to scale it up by using the online tools that have worked for Ed in his career is key to reaching out to many more clients than a one-on-one practitioner can ever do. Ed stands out among the online coaches for his formula for attracting clients and creating online courses that have a worldwide reach.

“I use YouTube effectively to provide value for my followers. There are a host of free tutorials that introduce coaches to the possibilities you have when you can reach a larger audience. You help more people and you also create financial freedom,” says Ed.

He speaks from experience and the feedback from those who have completed his courses is glowing. He speaks a language that everyone can understand and so many have put these practices to work in their own businesses, he is now in demand all over the world as a public speaker.

Learning to use the internet to scale up his own business has given Ed another type of freedom; time to enjoy his life.


“I’ve done the time, the slog, I worked hard to get where I am and then I developed a formula that works and allows each of the coaches who follow my program to create online courses that potentially reach millions without having to work at it every minute of the day. Freedom has different meanings for all of us but having time to enjoy your success is vital to a healthy mindset. You don’t need to work that hard once you have mastered the skills needed to grow your business, you can begin to enjoy the success you’ve built,” he explains.

Coaches serve the community across a wide range of issues. “I have a coach who helps women achieve orgasm, an issue she suffered herself. I have another who helps people deal with death, after losing a number of family members herself. The role of coach covers a whole range of interests and problem areas that people in the community suffer and being able to support and help people to get to a better place and make peace with their lives is incredibly fulfilling,” says Ed.

Bridging the gap between coaching and business has brought Ed the success and confidence he lacked as a kid. In his early 40’s, Ed is settled, he’s relaxed, he’s happy. His parents now live with him, suffering from old age, his father pops in during the interview and calls him a loser. Ed laughs it off now, knowing that while he may never be a success in his father’s eyes, to the world, he is one of the leaders in his field, and his compassion, integrity, and his support have affected thousands who have found their own way into the light.

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