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6 Pointers For Business In The Middle East

Business between the West and the Middle East has an illustrious history. The obstacles are mainly miscommunication and the lack of understanding of each other’s culture.

The markets of the Middle East and North Africa have an abundance of wealth. And so, the more you know about the region, the better.

Learn about their culture through communication with natives. Also, read up as much as you can to limit culture shock. There are few invaluable resources like Will Ward in the search for useful information.

The Middle East is mostly Muslim, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. There is as much diversity in culture as there is in Europe.

Don’t go in there with stereotypes that westerners know. At the same time, it’s wise not to offend any aspect of their religion. After all, you don’t want to lose out on golden opportunities over petty differences.

Muslims are good people who follow Islam, and Islam promotes honorable business. Fairness and firm commitment will land you life-long partners in business. Read on to know the six points you must know before doing business in the Middle East.

Acknowledge The Diversity of Culture

The West sees media that portrays the Middle East as a big desert with lots of camels. But that is not even close to what the real story is.

The Grand body has 20 countries that are each unique culturally with histories that intertwine. You go from Morocco to Yemen on the map to trace the span of the region.

There are 357 million people there, and that is like 6 percent of the entire world’s population.

So, it is quite hard to generalize such a great mass of people.

The Middle East and North Africa is also called MENA and is economically diverse. The area has a lot of countries that are rich in oil. However, other countries have a scarcity of resources.

Your prospects in doing well depend on what you are selling. You need to figure out if your service or product has relevance in the market. In other words, know if there is a need.

If you do have a good product or service, find a target audience for it. For that, you need to collect intelligence.

Get A Guide

You need to get yourself a professional guide before you start doing business in MENA. Why? Well, General Business practices are different there. This means what you do in the West will not work in MENA. This is especially true in Morocco or Egypt.

If you venture all by yourself, you will experience culture shock, and you might even lose potential clients.

Imagine someone being ignorant and rude to you. Would you do business with that person? That is how a lot of western businessmen seem to Middle Easterns.

A professional guide will help you understand the culture. As a result, you will be literate in social norms and values.

The understanding of foreign culture helps out in making contacts and networking. The next thing you need the guide to explain to you is the nature of the target market.

You need to know how to advertise and present your product and service. It has to be alluring but also culturally acceptable.

Know The Host Country

The Middle East is diverse, just like business etiquette. If you are doing business with a country, try your best to know your host.

You will learn a lot by just walking around on the streets. See how they talk to one another, how they dress, and their surroundings. Also, pay attention to their media.

Engage in communication with as many people as possible and try to learn the language as fast as possible. However, if you are not good at picking up new languages, get a personal translator.

Another good idea is to visit the chamber of commerce and local law firms. They will help you do business in the country that you are in.

Once you know what your host country is like, you can get what you want. And the prospect of a profitable business is easier to materialize.


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, contacts matter. You must get your connections for your business to go anywhere.

MENA is a vast region, so you need to know people for you to make moves. And networking starts with the first person you meet. Each person you befriend is a potential portal to a new network.

Armed with the knowledge of cultural norms and values, go out there and make as many friends as possible. And as you make more friends in MENA, the more possibilities open up to you.

Friendly Talk

Arabs like to do business with people they are fond of. Regardless of cultural differences, we are all people who are vulnerable to love. Love your brother and what he values, and you will go far in making friends.

To show your love, you need to communicate verbally. And for this reason, you should be as friendly and respectful while talking. Also, you can share some of your old stories. The more you get to know about one another, the better the bond of trust grows.

Don’t be an introvert and avoid putting that extra effort into communicating. And remember that listening is a crucial aspect of communication. Try to understand your friend’s point of view.

Meet Face-To-Face

Westerners communicate over the email while making important business decisions. However, that is not the case in Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries.

The best form of communication for business purposes is a face-to-face conversation. And if that is not possible, a phone call is the next best alternative.

If you send an email, no one will read it unless you call to follow up. Written communication is for less urgent matters.

The best practice is to go and meet the person you need to talk to. This might be strenuous, but it’s worth the extra effort to sustain business relations.


Remember that MENA is a land of diversity, so acknowledge it instead of stereotyping. It has great oil wealth but also a scarcity of resources in certain countries.

Learn as much as you can about the norms and values of doing business and society. It will serve you well to get a professional guide to teach you about your target audience.

Communication is vital, so make as many friends as possible and grow your network. To do so, be friendly and make a habit of making friendly conversation.

Finally, when it comes to important business communication, it is best to talk in person. MENA holds enormous potential for success that is a few steps away. We wish you the best in your business ventures.

Tips For Better Business Communication And Getting More Leads In 2020

No matter how often contact is made, it is likely that the company does not communicate sufficiently with its customers. Regular communication strengthens trust between the company and the customer. Remember: the buyer walks away from the seller who does not make constant and quality communication with him.

How Is Quality Communication Maintained?

While it is well known that much more money must be invested in attracting new customers than in keeping and nurturing existing ones, many companies still have irregular contact with their customers.

Therefore, it can be said that nurturing existing customers can significantly increase profits. Besides, it is important to know that today, buyers are not “waiting” for sellers. They independently search and research the products that interest them. It is also known that in the present time, dissatisfied customers are far “louder” than they have ever been.

And that’s why the company’s bad reputation is more visible than ever. Let’s just say that as many as 68% of surveyed customers said they would share their bad experiences on social networks. And that would probably mean that many potential customers would never look for a product or service of a company with a bad reputation.

Some Causes Of Poor Communication

Sellers should put customer satisfaction first. And probably everyone would be pleased if the customers were all the same. However,  each customer is unique. Therefore, communication and seller access are a major tool in the sales process. Still, this is not the case with all sellers. The reason for a sales failure should be sought in poor communication.

Poor communication is certainly something to be avoided if one is to survive and prosper in the market. The problem of one-way communication, or communication in which only one party is active, is manifested through unanswered messages and emails or unanswered calls, unresponded forms, unfulfilled promises, etc. Poor business reputation, loss of existing customers, higher advertising costs and then lower profits – are inevitable consequences of such communication in further business.

Imprecise Communication

It is not uncommon for communication with customers to be imprecise, unclear, or even to use jargon or non-respectful communication. These problems are the result of deficiencies in sales management staff and customer service staff. All these problems will be avoided if there is an awareness that regular and quality communication with customers can increase customer satisfaction, ensure their loyalty and increase company profits.

How To Improve Communication And Attract More Leads In 2020?

1.  Training Of Employees In This Field

Any serious company knows how important it is to have good and quality customer service. In order to improve the business and therefore the sales, larger companies invest some resources in customer service and its human resources. When the company staff is adequately trained to successfully respond to customer requirements, employees or salespeople have greater knowledge and confidence to cope with different conditions and difficulties during different sales.

2.  Facilitate Customer Communication

There is nothing more irritating than trying to contact a company and not make contact. If you are a legitimate company, why would it be difficult for your customers to contact you? By posting a simple contact form on the site, you are solving a communication problem. You can opt for traditional forms or conversational forms of contact.

According to, both options have their advantages. What will you choose depends on your style as well as the needs of your customers and your company. It is also advisable to set a phone number for site visitors. Customers expect to be able to contact you at any time – whether via live chat, social networking or over the phone, and brand trust grows if there is two-way communication.

3.  Promotions And Special Offers

Promotion is one of the basic elements of the marketing mix. In marketing, promotion means any form of communication that is used to inform, remind and convince the target market of the value of a brand, service or product. That way it is influencing consumer purchasing decisions. The goals of the promotion can be the following:

  • introduction to a new product
  • differentiation
  • generating interest in the product
  • increasing awareness, that is, exposure
  • emphasizing the value of the product
  • increase in sales
  • creating consumer loyalty

4.  Good Content Marketing

Good content enables us to reach and retain the target group with relatively small budgets with the help of well-planned tactics. The content marketing philosophy is fundamentally changing the approach to customers and service users but also pushing companies and brands to build a friendship with them instead of looking for weak points. Content marketing solves a specific consumer problem and this is its elusive advantage over “ordinary” marketing.

5.  Using Social Platforms

Social networks are an integral part of digital marketing and its strategy. Most platforms have built-in analytics tools that we can use to measure and track the performance of brand activity. We can see exactly what our target group likes and what does not. Based on that, we can tailor the strategy. Social networks help drive quality content, while content helps grow brand and followership. Content marketing first draws attention to quality content, then builds rapport, builds trust, and ultimately encourages customer action.

What Does Good Communication Mean For Business?

Several factors contribute to quality communication. By investing time and energy in them, business and sales results can be greatly improved. Here we primarily consider the following factors:

1. Active Listening

This is one of the imperatives for successful and quality communication with customers. Listening to what the buyer wants can help you close the sale. Likely, active listening will more quickly identify the problems and needs that led the customer to inquire about the product on offer. And after that – sales will happen faster too.

2. Availability And Speed Of Response

Buyers do not like to wait for the seller’s service. Non-response to phone calls, emails or messages, then slow and sluggish services and limited availability of sellers are the reasons why a buyer opts for another company in the market. For example, if a customer has waited for a long time to be served, their dissatisfaction is natural and justified. The way a salesman reacts to them after experiencing annoyance is more than crucial. It is the last chance of the company not to lose the customer for all time.

3. Get To Know Your Customers

Nowadays, large and successful companies compete to better meet market conditions and customer needs. Often because of this, they want to get to know their customers better. With modern software solutions, they manage to personalize communication with a large number of existing customers. With this approach, the company protects its existing customers.


Good communication achieves a closer and better relationship between the customer and the company. This way, the company earns significant profits, as it does not have to invest in returning old customers, but can direct the same funds towards acquiring new customers. All of this leads to better business. The company recognizes itself as a serious competitor in the market, as it proves to be a reliable and professional trader in front of its consumers.



What you need to do in order to cover your business communication needs

When thinking about communication skills, you know that they are the most important thing when it comes to having a business conversation. However, according to the professionals at Grandstream, in order to successfully have a business conversation, the second thing that you can do to increase the whole productivity of your business is to improve the audio communication channels at your workplace. You will need good phones and good systems in order for you to work without any problems and difficulties.

Here is a list of things you will need to improve in order to cover the business communication needs:

1. Practice your listening skills, as well as paying attention

When other people are talking, you should really listen to them. You will need to learn how to let people express their opinions without you interrupting them. You can repeat the dialogue or what the person said in your mind, so it will help you to understand and remember what you heard and they will most certainly know that you were focused while they were speaking.

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2. Collaborate, do not dictate

Monologues, lectures and endless rambling will not help you with your business associates or customers. If you find yourself speaking more than the other person, you should consider stopping. Try to simplify what you need to say and allow others to express their opinion on the topic. Communication is all about mutual conversation, do not dictate how things should be done or how they are going to be.

3. Invest in the right collaboration and communication tools

If you are depending on social media platforms or email for communicating with people, you are perhaps missing out on the most important conversation that you should be leading. Collaboration tools are the best way to collaborate on important tasks or projects, streamline conversations, and build good business relationships. If you do not have the necessary IP phone, IP video phone, and cameras for conferencing, it is more likely that you will seem unprofessional to your coworkers, partners, or customers.

4. Do not wait to bring up important problems that need solving

Allowing a problem or situation to build is a recipe for disaster when it comes to talking to other people. It will be easier, more professional, and effective is you solve the problem as soon as it happens. It will be easier for you to solve it when it occurs, then if you allow it to build up. Often, a direct and open discussion can help you solve any issues without affecting the relationship you have with other people.

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5. Learn and remember what your co-workers, customers, or business partners are like

Is Dean a morning person or is it better to ask him about a problem later? Does Sally prefer coffee with or without sugar? Is it Wednesday or Friday that Sam needs to pick up his daughter from ballet practice? Do all of these details sound silly to you? Well, they should not. People and their lives are important, so if you try and remember some details about their personal lives, it will show that you care about them. This thing will help you create a more deep and meaningful relationship with your coworkers, and it will most certainly be more a way to achieve a more rewarding business relationship.


As you can see, these are some tips that you can implement in order to become a better communicator. You will need to make improvements in your own way of doing things, as well as make improvements to the tools and systems you are using for communicating with other people for business purposes.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Translation Service

We are witnessing that today`s world is all about information and communication. When we say that, we don’t only mean communication between the people, we are saying that communication between departments within a certain company, or between two or more companies.


It doesn`t matter you are running a small business or a multi-billion company, it is of utmost importance that you have proper communication between your customers, potential customers, and as we said, within your own company.

Language can be an uncrossable barrier for some. In the world of business in the 20th century, that was crossed with the use of computers. Now, you can translate anything you can think of with only one click of the mouse. But is it as good as it should be in business communication?

We can`t stress how important is to have a proper one. Your business can potentially depend on that. For example, you want to translate your whole company`s website. Why should you pay some money to the professional, instead of translating it on only one click? Here`s why.

Machine Can Make Translation Mistakes


If we want to be honest, we must say that machines are making many mistakes, even when a person is controlling them. For example, translating something from Mandarin to German can have a totally different meaning. How will you explain that to your customers?

Of course, most of the job that would be done by a machine is going to be superb. However, there is some small percentage that is not going to be as good. And that small percent can be crucial. You don’t want to be unprofessional in the eyes of your clients. We believe that hiring a professional translator is a better option.

The Consistency is the Key

Choosing to translate your documents through a machine is not a good thing you want consistency. Naturally, a machine is a machine, it doesn`t think of your documents as something important, and surely, it will not look to use specific terms that you need in your documents. A linguist knows exactly what his customers want. Also, he knows how to get the job done to customers utmost satisfaction.

The Accountability of the Translator


When mistakes happen, who is being held accountable? Well, if you are hiring a human translator, the answer is pretty clear. If you used a machine for translation, no one will be held accountable besides you. This is only natural. The translation company can explain their mistakes, and work together with you to solve the problems that emerged or give you your money back as a last resort.

The Culture Can Have Different Meanings for Different Sayings

When we are talking about barriers, we must know that the language is not the only barrier. Another one is called culture. Said plainly, you just came up with some slogan, and you want it to appear on your website or marketing campaign.

However, when you transcribe that slogan into the language of your customers and you don`t know that it means something offensive, that is a problem. Hiring a professional linguist will provide you with their knowledge of the culture, so you will not have that kind of problems.

Confidentiality Doesn`t Exist for a Machine


In order to translate your document, you must upload it on the internet. Naturally, the confidentiality of your documents can be compromised. This is especially dangerous if you are transcribing some important, financial documents for your firm. Hiring a linguist will surely provide you with some confidentiality, and we believe, he or she will do a better job than the machine.

Specialization is Another Important Thing

For example, your business is pretty specialized. That means that the communication of your business must be the same. Most of the translators are specialized in some areas or industries, and they know the terminology that is frequently used.

Having that kind of help while translating your documents will be way better than you translating your documents on machines. Surely, that way you will meet the expectations of your customers. If this the case with your business, you should try contacting The Word Point. They will have the solution to your translation problems for sure and people specialized in various fields.

You Have Additional Assurances from Human Translator


The majority of translation companies are using two translators for the same job. So, your document will be looked at one more time before it is presented before you. The cooperation between these two translators is crucial for a successful translation. They will discuss the terms used in the document, and what can be done better.

Communication with the Translator

Mistakes happen, simply that is how it is. Also, when translating, you can have problems with understanding certain terms. Would you like to have someone to talk to if things go bad? Of course, you would. If you choose to use a machine for translation, you would need to be on both of the sides of that conversation, and you will only waste your time.

The Quality You Get for Your Money

When the dust is settled, it only comes to the quality of the translated document. Then you see if that work was worth your money. Machines are available in a wide arrange of shapes, sizes, and forms, and they have various prices and quality. Certainly, hiring a human translator will spare you from wasting your time and money. No matter how good the machine is, it can`t replace a good old human.

The Translators Have Help with Their Work


Earlier, we talked about two translators who are translating your document together and are going through it several times. Well, if you decide not to hire a translator through the company, and you use a single translator, you should not have any fear. The translator will surely have all the help they need. How?

Well, most of the translators have accounts on several platforms that are like a social network for translators. Can you think of how big of help is that to a solo translator? When it comes to companies, they have groups, so your document can be translated by more than three people at the same time.