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Slim wallets for each pocket – Benefits of using them

When it comes to wallets, not many people really spend a lot of time thinking about which one they should get, which can sometimes lead to buying the one that’s not right for them. Ever since we discovered wallets, the only thing that we cared about is if they do their job, which is quite simple. Hold your cash money. However, there are many different features and “characteristics” about wallets that we tend to forget about, and today we’re here to discuss them all.

This article is dedicated to explaining why slim wallets are an amazing choice, and why you should consider getting one if you haven’t already. So, if you want to learn more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about slim wallets.

Why slim wallets?


One of the most common places where we put our wallet is in our pockets. Whether it’s the pockets of our jacket or anywhere else, it doesn’t really matter. Or, does it?

During the winter, storing your wallet in your jacket’s pocket is quite okay. However, we only wear jackets during the winter, so what happens when the weather gets warm and we wear nothing but shorts and a shirt which obviously won’t have any pockets?

If you have a big and bulky wallet, wearing it in your shorts, especially in the front pockets, will make it look like your leg is a bit deformed, and you’ll be walking around with a big bulge in your “quad” area. Now, most people will just say: “But, I always have my wallet in the back pocket, so what’s the deal?”

Well, the answer to this is something that will most likely shock you. Medical experts stated that wearing your wallet in the back pocket of your pants and sitting on it, is something that is extremely harmful to your health. It completely displaces the amount of pressure that you’re putting on your body when you’re sitting and greatly harms the spine. There are many people who are unaware of this, but after some time of doing it they ended up experiencing big spine issues, so you definitely don’t want to be such an example.

Slim wallets are something that helps you avoid all of these problems. They’re compact, do their job and even wearing them in your front pocket is completely “invisible”. Plus, they will always cost a lot less than those big and gimmicky bulky wallets. Feel free to visit Harber London if you are interested in seeing a few examples.


When you purchase a slim wallet, you will definitely feel the difference between using one of those and your previous bulky wallet. Due to their amazing and well-thought designs, they still manage to do their job without any issues, which is to hold your cash money and credit cards, but they’re not painful to wear and take anywhere with you. Definitely consider grabbing yourself a slim wallet, especially now since summer has already started and it’s shorts-wearing time again.

How to eliminate the lower back pain at home

A day will hardly pass without someone complaining of low back pain. Statistics show that around one every ten people have some form of this pain. Dr Anders Cohen from the Brooklyn Hospital Centre in New York claims that the pain might be the leading cause of missed workdays in the United States. If the pain does not affect your life, you are likely to develop it in the near future, particularly if you continue using the bulky back pocket wallet. Manufacturers are now offering minimalist wallets such as the Kinzd slim wallet to help people prevent low back pain. If the pain is already ruining your life, here is the cure.

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To help isolate and diagnose the lower back pain, doctors might recommend some exercises. For example, the McKenzie Exercises are designed to help you eliminate the pain from your life. They will extend your back, from the neck to the hamstrings, in order to relieve the symptoms and centralize the pain so that you can identify it faster. The exercises take lesser time and effort. They also consist of a few positions that stretch, extend and relax the lower back muscles.

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To do the McKenzie exercises, lay flat on your back for 1-2 minutes while taking deep breaths to relax your back. Lift the legs and place them on a chair so that you are bent at the knees and waist. Ensure that the back and shins are parallel to the floor. Focus on keeping the low back relaxed. For deeper stretches, keep the legs vertical against a wall. 

Hydrate constantly 

Only a few people know that dehydration is among the key causes of back problems – especially herniated disks. A dehydrated spinal disc will shrink and after that, it will contract around your sciatic nerve. To prevent that, you just need to buy a good water bottle, fill it each day and use it in any place you go. 

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Adjust your car seat and the desk chair 

Bad sitting postures are among the other causes of low back pain. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are always seated at a 90-degree angle with adequate back support. Set your seat so that your desktop screen as at your eye level. Any tension that results from craning the neck for several hours each day will travel down the spine and eventually move into the back. When driving your vehicle, remember to seat up and lean forward to keep your lower back supported. The online market offers many car seat cushions made to offer the lower back support you need in addition to pain relief. However, in most cases, simple foam wedges will provide good results too. 

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Buy another wallet 

Each time you sit on a bulky wallet, you will realize that you are in great pain each time you stand up. It is time to dump the wallet. It is hard to notice the pressure a huge wallet puts on your buttocks, but with the time you will realize the amount of pressure it puts on your sciatic nerve. Replace the bulky old wallet with a slim one. In fact, you can treat the back pain in any way you want, but unless you stop it at its source, it will always come back. To prevent the pain, choose one of the best slim wallets available in online stores. 

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