Bulk SMS

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Be Using Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is arguably one of the most powerful communication channels available today and the truth is as great as Social Media, SEO email marketing and chatbots etc. whatever the new biggest marketing channel is today SMS online still outperforms each of these channels.

In fact, the traditional online channels have become a staple amongst business owners.

Most marketing channels (even in 2020) still don’t come close to the raw marketing power of SMS online – Tim Silvia – 160.com.au

Unfortunately, too many marketers and some business owners are attracted to shiny new things which means they are more likely to jump on a new trend then actually look to channels that can actually deliver results.

What is the latest marketing funnel? Should we use webinars? Push notifications? Spreading your dollar thinner and thinner with each new marketing experiment.

Smart marketers don’t care about what’s “new” their only concern, “what’s working”.

What is Bulk SMS?


Bulk SMS is simply sending text messages from an online platform – this is NOT an online marketing channel.

Even though bulk SMS uses the internet to push out the text message it is still received as if it came from a mobile and is treated as an offline marketing channel.

This is important, since bulk SMS is an offline marketing channel you do not have to worry about the typical online barriers like SPAM algorithms, ranking updates, reputation scores, strict ad policies, etc.

Why SMS Online Is Growing


Virtually everyone now has a mobile phone which means marketers and businesses are able to reach consumers wherever they are.

The problem for most marketers is that they are still using the same online strategies in the mobile world (i.e. push ads, email marketing, PPC etc.).

The difference between SMS and traditional online advertising is that people prioritize their text messages over all other mediums.

When a person receives a push notification, they click away from it, if they see an email they’ll get around to it (if at all) but when they receive a text message they read it almost right away.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 great reasons why you should be using SMS online inside your business.

1. Bulk SMS Gives You More Control


With other marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, Email, Publishing sites etc. you don’t really control the platform and there are restrictions on your messaging, images and even products and services that you want to sell.

With Bulk SMS you control everything with no restrictions at all.

2. Super-Fast Response Rates

It’s not uncommon to see up to 97% of people opening your bulk SMS messages, that’s huge! Not only that but when I was working for an affiliate company we would routinely see 3-5x earnings per click (EPC), up to 6x ROI over our email marketing program and up to 25% click through rates.


3. Rapid Response Times

On average it takes a person 4 minutes for a person to open their text message compared to 48 hours for email. Not only that but there is a lot less competition inside the SMS inbox vs. the email inbox.

4. Bulk SMS Can work in almost any area of your business

SMS online can be used in almost any area of your business for example, you can use SMS for:

  • Product fulfilment for information products
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Traffic monetization
  • Content distribution
  • Drive back end sales (repeat sales)
  • Product and event launches
  • List building
  • Appointment reminders
  • Two-Factor Authorization (Security)

Basically, any part of your business communication channel can benefit from having online text messaging.

5. Generate Quality Sales Leads

This is probably one of the best reasons to use SMS online if you rely on generating fresh customer leads because it allows you to attract highly-qualified leads that email or cold calling cannot match.

People are reluctant to give away their personal mobile number, it is a greater risk for them to do so.

This is a good thing if you are a marketer because it means that if they do give you their personal mobile number then chances are they are much closer to making a buying decision and ready to see and offer or be contacted by a sales person.

When I worked in sales I had an incredibly tough time trying to convert email leads into sales, at best I would be able put them on my call list to contact them in 6 months.

As a sales person 6 months is an eternity, we need to close deals today.

SMS leads on the other hand were a lot easier to convert into appointments and ultimately sales.


Getting bulksms SMS leads is actually very straightforward all you need is a short code, keyword and an offer for example:

Text 50 to 12345 and get 50% off all of our Summer Season shoes!

  1. ‘50’ is the keyword
  2. ‘12345’ is the short code and;
  3. The offer is the 50% off deal.

Whenever someone texts 50 to 12345 they are automatically added to a contact list for you to follow up on and generate sales from for as long as they are on the list.

One of the keys to getting a lot of bulk SMS leads is making sure you promote the offer in as many places as you can for example:

  • Email newsletters
  • Floating sticky bars
  • Home page
  • Exit pop
  • Blog posts and articles etc.
  • Social media pages


SMS was born in the early 90’s but is still 100% relevant due to the fact that we’re living in the mobile age which makes bulk SMS one of the greatest business opportunities available especially when you combine the open and click through rates, responsiveness and the fact that you can use it in virtually any area of your business this direct marketing channel should absolutely be integrated into your overarching communication strategy.

Text-to-Give | Bulk SMS Tips for Nonprofits and Fundraisers

How does text-to-give fundraising work?


“Donation text” is intended for those who want to donate directly from their phones using a special app or a browser. This opportunity doesn’t require much effort, it is enough to send a special word, after which the required amount will be transferred to the specified address.

One of the functions allows you to go to a donation page accessible from mobile phones. Users are able to make transactions in the opened tab. This is the easiest and most convenient way for those donators who want to transfer some money at any time of the day because there is no need to turn on a computer and use additional programs.

You should know that the majority of people all over the globe absolutely live on their mobile phones. In fact,  5 billion users worldwide own smartphones, and  SMS texting is the most frequently used function —97% of mobile phone users open an SMS folder at least once a day.

Also, according to Nonprofits Source, SMS giving donations increased more than 200% over the last few years. A whopping 51% of people who visit a nonprofit’s sites do it on a mobile phone — and 25% of donors complete donations there too.

Without doubts, you should consider combining peoples’ collective obsession with messaging with peoples’  desire to be kind? The answer are SMS-to-give donations. It’s an effective approach to empower the audience to donate.

3 Text-to-Give Fundraising Best Practices and Tips


If you decided to use SNS texts to give platforms some new opportunities, and you want it to work correctly, you need to do some preliminary settings. With their help, non-profit organizations will be able to raise funds without additional actions by users. Getting started with this service is pretty easy.

To quickly collect the required amounts, it’s enough to choose a suitable platform, which will have the following functions:

  1. Simple and intuitive interface. Convenient navigation and fast loading of all functions will allow users to easily perform the necessary actions. The ability to choose the desired amount and provide personal information is also an undeniable advantage.
  2. Fast data processing and accounting of funds. It is worth using the maximum number of payment systems for carrying out transactions. You can also offer users to send a donation text.
  3. Secure processing of transactions. The platform must provide secure processing of payments, for which text messages are used. For this, there are both server solutions and apps compatible with the selected product. For user’s peace of mind, this information should be publicly available.
  4. Fast transfers. Donations must be delivered to the company account as quickly as possible, delays are unacceptable.
  5. Support service that will provide quick solutions to emerging issues. In some cases, technical problems can hinder donating by text, so you should try to avoid it or provide a quick solution to the problem.
  6. Transparency of pricing policy. Users should know what additional fees they have to pay. This could be transaction processing, settings, or customer support.

You should determine what role text donations will play in your company’s work; whether they are part of a fundraising strategy or a one-time thing.

1.  Create specific fundraising campaigns


It is important to create a unique donation campaign. You can change the settings of your site and create a convenient form for online fees so that the process of uploading information takes as little time as possible. Also, the forms should be easy to navigate when viewing from mobile devices. The minimum number of fields required for filling and big font are the keys to success. You shouldn’t use too many design elements to get the highest conversion possible.

Customize your donation form so that mobile users can see your logo and the donated amount on one page. Use special functions to show how much money has already been donated and how much of it is left to achieve the desired result. This will be a kind of incentive for users to deposit the maximum amount.

2. Use SMS Keywords to help grow your campaign


The use of text donation services should be as simple as possible. The codes the users enter and the number to which money is transferred should be as short and simple as possible to remember them best. If these combinations are too complex, the donator will ditch the process in favour of simpler set of characters offered by other companies. You can select words that match your chosen goal.

3. Measure, track, and evaluate your Bulk SMS campaign

Don’t forget about gratitude, because users should feel their usefulness when making transfers. You can also set up sending mass thank you messages and the amount of each donator’s contribution to your goal.

You must always analyze the results of your campaigns, which allows you to assess its quality and the chosen method of fundraising. You can also share these observations with your users.

When measuring the effectiveness of the results, remember to find out which functions performed best. This will allow you to choose the most effective strategy during the transfer of texts.


Final Thoughts

Collecting donations using text to give campaigns a boost allows you to attract the maximum number of donators. You can combine your chosen strategy with other fundraising methods. Certain segmentation may reduce the effectiveness of your campaign, so the chosen techniques should be used carefully.

Donation texts are powerful enough to help raise the needed money, but it is often overlooked. This is the fastest way to start a charity project. Users don’t need receipt, and to make a transfer, they don’t need to use additional devices other than their own phone. So it’s possible to attract the maximum number of people who are ready to share money for a good cause.

You can try different fundraising methods and choose the one that works best for you. To try and configure donations by texting, use a service similar to what is available on https://bsg.world/products/rent-platform/.

Bulk SMS: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It Now

One thing that separates pro marketers from amateurs is that the pros carefully select the marketing channels they’re going to use and ensure that they’re fully integrated into a coherent marketing mix that is designed to hit various KPI’s.

It doesn’t matter how many marketers I talk to when I ask them about SMS I hear nothing but crickets.

Yes, even though bulk SMS delivers 98% open rates, that doesn’t seem to even “click” for them, according to smspapa.com.au.

I get it. SMS (short message service) is not the sexiest marketing tool out there, far from it.


Look at Facebook, you can use images, videos, carousels, etc. you can get super granular on who you want to target and once you get enough conversions you don’t even need to target anymore your pixel just goes out there brings in fresh new customers – it’s amazing.

The downside of course are the ad policies, they’re incredibly strict and are designed to satisfy the political correctness crowd – I’ll save that rant for another article.

In this article, I want to share with you exactly why I think Bulk SMS MUST be a part of your existing marketing mix moving forward.

1. SMS Is Not Saturated

One thing that we marketers are always on the lookout for are channels that are underexploited.

This simply means finding a place to advertise that has super low competition with a large audience reach.

SMS is one of those channels.

The great thing about SMS is that when send a text message to a mobile phone your only competition is grandma asking Shirly if she’s coming over for a family dinner on Sunday evening.

In terms of direct competitive threats, you will find virtually none.

And when they read your text there are no distractions, with ads, landing pages, and even emails there are links and flashing images all over the place tempting the recipient to go down a rabbit hole – with an SMS message it’s just characters and maybe a link.

2. Bulk SMS Isn’t SPAM


One of the main reasons why business owners haven’t taken to SMS messaging is because they think their customers will complain about being spammed but if you follow the rules of SMS this will never happen.

The rule with bulk SMS is to always get permission so people know that they are going to receive SMS messages from you.

Never just slam all of you customer mobile numbers into your online SMS contacts book and start sending text messages.

3. SMS Is Cheap

People love email because it’s “free” it’s not.  Email subscriptions can be incredibly expensive especially when you get into the thousands of subscribers.

The problem with email subscriptions is that you pay based on the number of subscribers you have whether they’re active or not.

For example, most of your emails will likely end up in the spam folder if you’re using it to send promotions which means most of the subscribers will not see it which means they will not unsubscribe which means your list will continue to grow which means your monthly subscriptions costs will continue to grow.

With SMS you only pay when you send an SMS AND that SMS is received by the recipient, if it is not delivered then that money goes back into your online SMS account.

4. SMS Is Cheap

Yes, I’m repeating point no. 3.

Have you noticed that your paid advertising always seems to go up in price? The reason for this is that more and more businesses are using paid advertising channels each and every year which naturally drives up the pricing because there is only so many impressions they can sell.

This is bad news for small businesses with tight marketing budgets.

SMS on the other hand has actually reduced in price over the years because there are more bulk SMS providers entering into the market all of the time making this a fantastically cheap way to reach customers for only a few pennies per SMS.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk Is Using SMS

Recently Gary Vee was videoed talking to a small group about SMS as a way to reach customers and followers. Not only does he recommend SMS but he has invested his own money into two bulk SMS companies.

Gary mentioned that he is getting a big fat 98% open rate along with 90% engagement rate.

Show me another social media platform that is delivering anything close to those numbers.

You can’t.

Because it doesn’t exist.

As far as I’m aware there are no paid or free marketing channels offering anything close to these kinds of numbers.

If you are astute then you’d be asking yourself, why are these numbers so important?

This brings me to my next point.

6. SMS Has Huge Open Rates

Why is it that marketers obsess over the perfect subject line, the perfect clickbait YouTube title and image, the perfect paid ad headline, etc.

Why do they spend sometimes up to 80% of their attention into this part of the campaign?

Because they need to get those open rates.

They need people to watch the video, see the promotion, etc.

If they don’t get the click then they don’t get the money.

While a lot of marketers will say that the offer is the most important part of a marketing campaign, I disagree, I think the open rate is most important because if the campaign doesn’t get opened there’s no money…zip.


Give me high open rates and a mediocre offer and I’ll make money all day long, give me high open rates and an excellent offer and I’ll retire rich.

Bulk SMS gives you a massive 98% open rate without A/B split testing, without digging around for the perfect headline, without any work at all you will get higher open rates than the most advanced Brainiac marketers on the planet just because you’re using SMS.

This allows complete marketing noobs to outperform their bigger competitors who have teams of marketing specialists.

All you need to do is put together an offer and click send and you can be sure that you’re going to have close 100% of your subscriber list open and read your message.