Bugatti Veyron

Dubai Devel Sixteen-New Street Legal Beast

When Bugatti Veyron appeared more than 10 years ago, the world was astonished by the fact that this supercar has an incredible 1000 horsepower. After it, some supercars appeared, and they undoubtedly marked the last decade if we talk about the world of car racing. First of all, we mean incredible machines such as Ferrari

La Voiture Noire – The Most Expensive Car in The World Is Still Just A “Shell”

La Voiture Noire, the latest Bugatti model, is still two and a half years from competition. According to some sources, it is based on Bugatti Veyron and even has the same engine. The car was displayed on the Geneva Motor Show, but Tim Bravo, Bugatti’s Head of Communications, admits that is still far away from