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Make your own brochure: 7 essential tips

Are you looking for an eye-catcher with content? Make sure your brochure stands out by using flashy images, a luxurious finish or sturdy cover. Sell ​​your product or service partly due to the powerful appearance of your brochure. Whether you create a magazine, dissertation, club magazine or program booklet, every application is a true work of art. From the inside and the outside!

1. What is a brochure?


A brochure is a booklet and always consists of a multiple of four pages. The purpose of a brochure is almost always to sell or inform. The outside of the brochure says everything about your company. Get a real page turner and hold the attention of your audience with attractive photos and content that you don’t want to miss. You can use sites like MyCreativeShop to get your message into a brochure and help create engagement with potential and existing customers.

2. As a reference work

Another advantage is the space. You can use as much information as you want. In addition, a brochure is also super useful as a reference work.

3.Applications for brochures: from price catalog to staff magazine


And so there are dozens of applications that you can use a brochure for. Do you want a sporty-looking club magazine, a sleek product brochure or an inviting program booklet? Everything is possible! Whether you sell adventurous vacations or financial services, want to make your reader enthusiastic for an exhibition or hip festival, you can go anywhere with a bound booklet.

4. How do you make a brochure? 


Just like a striking shop window or colorful poster, you also want a brochure that catches the eye. The cover is the calling card of your magazine and does not invite you to read or not. The most important element on the cover; an image that pops off the leaf! Equally important are catchy texts and a fun, readable font. Simplicity graces the art, so omit too many bells and whistles. If possible, choose the cheapest brochure printing service.

5. The content of your brochure


Your brochure must be read. And that is why you have to seduce the reader. Stimulate your audience with a smashing cover to open your brochure. Put yourself in your target group and inspire your readers, convince potential customers and win their trust. Nobody likes to read large pieces of text. Make sure there are frames, powerful subheadings and appropriate illustrations (for example, infographics). Place photos in high resolution, which are best reflected in your brochure.

6. Infinite variations


Thank in advance well what your goal is and how you achieve that with the appearance of your brochure. Want to print a book with a luxurious look? For example, choose a glued brochure with a sturdy cover, finished with a matte or glossy laminate. Want to bet that your book will fly off the shelves and quickly find its way to your target audience? Or would you prefer a brochure that looks like a magazine? Then take a stapled brochure with self-cover (made from the same paper as the inside). Whether your creation slides through the letterbox or ends up at your client’s desk: the (eye) staples, glued back or wire-o keep the pages perfectly in place.

7. You are unique


Of course we can give you a hundred tips for creating the ideal brochure. But in the end it is about who you are and what message your company has to convey. So stay close to yourself and dare to experiment. Which brochures will you use to build your success?