How Brexit is Affecting the Tourism in Europe

There is almost no person that doesn’t like to travel. Unfortunately, nowadays, people are prevented from doing so due to everything going on. In addition to all that, the citizens of Great Britain are now facing even more problems when they want to leave their country, and it is because of Brexit, and what it means for UK citizens – travel related. It is a term that refers to the UK’s exit from the European Union, and that made many things difficult, including the trip to these countries. Fortunately, traveling is still possible, but with some changes, and if you are interested and want to visit Spain, check out, and find out everything one may need for such a vacation. And for those interested in the changes that Brexit brings when it comes to tourism, continue reading, as this text will answer many of your questions.

1. Passport regulations are not the same

Passport is one thing that is crucial for any trip outside the country, and checking on time, whether it is expired or not, is one of the usual things we do, but for Brits who want to go to some other EU country, that’s not all. Namely, after leaving the EU, Brits lost the benefit of traveling with no passport and now must follow the same procedure as for any other non-EU country. What this means is that the document must be valid for a period of at least six months, and also, it cannot be older than ten years. If it is expiring soon or if it is older than this period, then what you need is to get the new one. It has a dark blue color, and the other significant difference is the fact that it doesn’t say the “European Union” on the first page. Among all that, it’s always necessary to check visa and passport regulations before the trip to avoid any inconveniences that may occur.

2. Longer border check

Getting in time to the airport has always been a must, but with Brexit, that arriving at the airport time is also changing, and you will need to keep in mind to get there even earlier. There will be some new procedures, like for when you board, checking for a return ticket or even the amount of money you are carrying, and each of them takes extra time. The first one is important to confirm that the 90-day limit period will not be breached, and the second one is significant because it can prove that you are not going to illegally work if you have enough of it for the duration of your visit. These checks will not occur for UK citizens traveling to Ireland.

3. Different staying period

Among all other things, staying in some countries of the European Union is now a little different. Brits can stay in any of them (Schengen countries included) for up to ninety days in a period no longer than 180 days, without any specific permission or visa. To put it simply, this means that after 90 days, you must go back to the UK for no less than 180 before being qualified to travel to any other destination that is a part of the Schengen. A few countries have different regulations, so attending them is not restricted to 90 days, and those countries are Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Croatia. Of course, visiting for more than ninety days is possible, and you can ask for a visa if you have a legitimate reason, like a work permit or if you study abroad.

4. Traveling with a pet has different rules

Every responsible owner who wants to travel with their dog has a pet passport, as well as a vaccination paper, and these were all the necessary documents for taking pets to the European Union until now. It changed, and what’s required is the animal health certificate, and without that document, the trip is not possible. For those who are planning to obtain the AHC, you should know that it could take more than a month to get it. Arranging the relevant vaccinations take time, so it is crucial to prepare everything on time. It needs to be valid for at least 4 months and received up to 10 days before the trip. The other important thing is that using AHC is possible for only one trip, and for every next voyage, you will need to get the new one. Rabies vaccination and the microchip are also a must, and if you are planning to take your pet to Malta, Norway, Finland, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland, it will need treatment against tapeworms.

5. Using mobile phone

There is no more guarantee for charges-free roaming in the EU, so if you do not want to have some unexpected costs, the best solution is to verify with the mobile operator. The plan of the United Kingdom and EU is to co-operate and make the roaming free of fees, but it is in negotiating phase. The government is finding ways to protect their customers, and one of them is a limitation of charging on a monthly level. It is £45, and if you require more data, you must opt in to use them. Besides that, the customers are getting the message when they approach 80% and 100% of the mobile data usage. The mobile providers tell that they will not increase those costs, but it is much better to check it before the trip.

The bottom line

This text lists only some of the changes that are taking place after Brexit. There may be more of them, so it is important to keep informed. Travels fulfill a person and make life better. People who travel more often are full of energy, in a better mood, and much happier than those who dedicate their entire lives to work. Therefore, we hope that the epidemic will be over soon, as well as that the consequences of Brexit will not be tremendous, and that travel will soon be normalized.

Dominic Raab Net Worth 2021 and everything you did not know about him?

Who is the man to replace Boris Johnson while he is fighting with coronavirus?

Downing Street No. 10 announces that Raab will now replace Johnson as prime minister “when necessary.” Boris Johnson is still at the head of the government, but his substitution is Dominic Rabb.

British diplomacy chief Dominic Raab, a member of the Conservative Party’s new Guard of Politicians, will officially replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he battles a coronavirus at the St Thomas’ Hospital intensive care unit.

A confident Eurosceptic, a third-day black belt in karate and an amateur boxer, Raab, 46, succeeded Johnson as Foreign Minister.

Dominic Raab is “solid and sharp-witted. He is not a person you can intimidate,” said his former boss, former British Brexit minister David Davis. “He’s loyal and disciplined,” he states.

It is representative of a new generation of conservatives who have entered parliament in the last ten years.

Raab is the son of a Jewish refugee from the Czech Republic who arrived in Britain in 1938. Dominic’s father died of cancer when he was just 12, and his mother raised him in the Anglican faith.

He studied law at the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

As a young lawyer specializing in international law, he took a job at the law firm Linklaters and later joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he tackled terrorism at sea, said in reports.

His biography also states that in 2003 “he was appointed to the diplomatic team of British lawyers who investigated the war crimes of Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague.”

In 2003, he was appointed to the diplomatic team of British attorneys who investigated the war crimes of Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Charles Taylor in The Hague.

Between 2006 and 2008, he was Cabinet Chief David Davis, then the Conservative shadow interior minister.

He was first elected to the British Parliament in 2010. Five years after, he first entered the executive branch, when he became the Deputy Minister of Justice in the government of James Cameron.

A year later, on the crucial eve of the Brexit referendum, he had already become an activist in the EU exit campaign.

He returns to government in 2017 first as Justice Minister and then Housing. Teresa May appointed him Minister for Brexit following the resignation of David Davis in 2018. Still, Rab did not hesitate to leave the office for three months after being dissatisfied with the Brexit agreement that May had made with Brussels.

After Theresa May’s resignation, he ran for president of the Conservative Party, but dropped in the second round, or finished sixth. He then endorsed the later winner, Johnson, who retaliated by appointing him, the foreign minister.

He is also married to two sons, Peter and Joshua.

Dominic Raab Net Worth

Dominic Raab boasts a political career of more than 15 years, and all his income comes from here. He has held various senior positions for essential government institutions. It is worth more than $ 11 million is considered.

The Scary Part Of Big Data And Data Science

These scientists have become one of the most prominent problem solvers in this digital error. Combining advanced statistics, math and computer science, they are experts in such management, mining, and visualization. It is safe to say that they are conversant with statistics analysis, statistics or modeling, and engineering.

Without it, big data could still be an impossible task to solve since it refers to structured and unstructured one that inundates an organization daily. The size of big data usually is not the matter in this kind of  science, but what an organization is planning to do with this is what matters.

It is also important to mention that any person interested in becoming a data scientist can do so by adopting a suitable learning path online. They are on a constant high demand because organizations today rely so much on technology; hence, volumes of data need to be broken down and put into good use. Wondering what this science can do, here is an in look with the best examples to showcase the real power of big data and its science;

Electoral processes

Cambridge Analytica was a British political consulting firm that combined data science-driven strategies during elective operations. The organization collected material on voters including internet activities, voters’ behavior online, demographics, and other sources both private and public. This information which existed in the form of big data was broken down by special scientists and used to influence voters psychologically.

Although it is was shut down in 2018, reports have it that Cambridge Analytica acquired information from millions of voters on Facebook users without their consent. It is said that it was the most aggressive invasion of privacy that Facebook had to oppose the operations of the organization.

Other than collecting info on Facebook, Cambridge Analytica was also responsible for the development of the Cruz Crew app. The app tracked the physical location and contacts, and it goes down in history as one of the presidential campaign apps that invaded many personal data.


When it was voted that the UK gets to leave the EU, no one could believe it. However, the truth is, data science proved the opinion polls wrong, but how did they do it? According to reports, Benedict Cumberbatch had single-handedly changed the history of the UK through data science.

Although it was expected that more votes would favor the UK to stay part of the EU, Benedict proved the opinion polls wrong. He used information collected from social media users to serve various kinds of adverts that had psychological impacts. These adverts were dished out to different consumers concerning their stand on the Brexit matter.

The voters who supported the UK to maintain in the EU, for example, received ads and messages like Turkey going to join the EU with its vast population of 76 million people. Such information quickly influenced people to reconsider their stand on the matter with the national resources in mind.

The 2016 US elections

The psychological power of big data and data science is also evident in the 2016 US elections. According to sources, the Cambridge Analytics had their hand is the electoral process that shocked the world. It is, however, not known by most that  analysts from both teams were working to expose the candidates on free media and cable TV.

Data scientists managed to serve political campaigns to the public after conducting emotional research about their opinion concerning various matters. This made it easy for the candidates to brainwash the public quickly by manipulating their psychology.

How to become a data scientist

There are different ways that someone can become a professional. Traditionally, you can enroll in a  school and take a couple of years to complete the course. Alternatively, you can decide to take up the course online and enjoy a self-paced learning path method if you visit here.

Data science is composed of various sections, and no one is restricted to learn everything. In a real school, however, this can be impossible because you will be required to specialize at some point. Not that it is a bad thing but compared to using various learning paths, you stand a better chance of becoming an expert faster.

Power of data science and big data in the business world

The power of data science and big data are not only felt in the political arena. Manufactures, retailers, and professionals today are spending a lot of money for these services because they need it to;

Identifying threats

As long as you are using technology in your profession or organization, you are under constant risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. With the continuous exchange of statistics with your system, a regular person cannot detect even when they have been hacked. Data scientists tend to have a third eye for analyzing big data and can quickly point out essential in your systems.

Using statistics, significant methodology, path, and networking, a data scientist can create a system that will predict any unusual activity. These include things like fraud and generate an alert in good time for a swift response. Without such scientist in your organizational team, you are at risk of losing so much to the relentless hackers.

Deliver relevant products to the right consumers

Data science goes deep into analyzing market behavior. From information received in your daily activities, you can find out which product sells best in which area. Scientists, therefore, are capable of breaking down the market for you and even allow you to make the right kind of product available to the right market.

This will save you lots of time and money because you will be able to channel your production and supply as demanded by the market. You will also be in an excellent position to come up with new products as needed by consumers.


If you have ever fancied having the power of influence in your hands, then this is the kind, of course, that is suitable for you. The best part is, you can become one even if you have no background in this course. All thanks to the online courses that are tailored for passionate people.

Is it the right time to get a mortgage in the UK or wait until after Brexit?

With the recent Brexit events happening with the United Kingdom, there is no denying that a bit of uncertainty is involved around any decisions that should be made regarding the property market.

Currently, there is a date on which the United Kingdom is supposed to leave the European Union, and it is scheduled to happen on the 31st of October. A lot of people are taking this into consideration when it comes to making mortgages, simply because nobody knows what’s going to happen with the property market after the Brexit finally happens.

Today’s article will be focused entirely on this, so if you are not sure what to think of the United Kingdom leaving Brexit later this year, we are here to provide you with a little bit of clarity on the given topic. Feel free to continue reading until the end and visit for more info.


Current Brexit Events – Warning

Most MPs repeatedly voted against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal, so the results are not legally binding. There are a lot of business leaders, influencers and financial experts that are a little bit concerned about some of the potential consequences should the UK decide to leave without making a deal with the EU.

Back into September 2018, the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, publicly warned a lot of people that if such change is to happen where the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without making a deal, could send the prices of the houses down by more than thirty percent, and there are no doubts that this concerned the masses.

His opinion was backed up by many other financial and real-estate experts, which furtherly increased the concern of many people.

Are UK house prices crumbling down?

Since the Brexit vote, almost all of the house prices really stagnated for a while, following the referendum that took place back in June 2016. In 2018 the prices dropped from a peak 232.000 pounds to 228.000 with Brexit looming even closer. This was just the first dip that happened, with the following one shocking a lot of people even more.

Img source:

The latest ONS house price index reported that the average UK house price dropped to 220.000 pounds, and this has been the lowest one reported yet.

There are a lot of different opinions on the entire thing, and we don’t really know for sure what is going to be the outcome of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, especially if it happens without making a deal, so one of the best ways to be in touch is to always follow the market prices and analyze the latest graphs. A lot of companies which are specialized in this topic are also stating that currently, nothing is really clear about the situation, and what’s going to happen with the UK house prices cannot be predicted yet due to the “messiness” of the entire situation.



Is Your Business Brexit Ready?

As Brexit is now delayed until Halloween 2019, many businesses are becoming increasingly frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding it. While it’s certainly not ideal, why not turn the delay into an advantage?

You can take the additional time to ensure your business is Brexit ready, regardless of how it plays out. Below, we’ll look at how your business can best prepare in order to survive Brexit with minimal damage.

Preparing for changes in EU trade

One of the biggest concerns businesses have regarding Brexit, is the potential trade implications. As the UK will lose its free trade status with the EU, it’s likely going to cause significant delays and increased costs to imports and exports throughout Europe. So, if your business wants to prepare for this, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, researching alternative trade options can help. Either searching for UK-Based suppliers or looking further afield internationally and developing new trade relationships is a good idea. However, if you’re set on remaining with your existing suppliers, stockpiling could be an alternative option.

Img source:

Focus on your supply chain

It’s a good idea to talk to your supply chain to see what they’ll be doing to prepare for Brexit. If just one supplier fails to plan ahead, it could cause issues for the entire supply chain. This, in turn, will be devastating for your business as just one issue can lead to delayed orders which will significantly affect customer satisfaction. So, don’t wait until after Brexit to talk to your supply chain, do it now so you can adequately prepare.

Making sure you’re financially prepared

Whatever the Brexit outcome, there could be huge delays and complications both in trade and in your supply chain. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re financially prepared. You can check out loan providers such as Liberis for financial funding.

Img source:

If you can, you’ll want to start saving money you can use as an emergency fund when Brexit finally happens. That way, any delays and increased costs are unlikely to affect the business. Take a look at your list of clients too and how likely it is they’ll be affected by Brexit. If your clients struggle financially, you will too!

These are just some of the way’s businesses can start getting ready for Brexit. While the delay may be frustrating, it does give you the opportunity to spend more time preparing, potentially reducing the negative effects Brexit will have on your business.


Rhetoric Remain a Potent Political Weapon?

Anti-immigrant rhetoric paved the way for the victory of Trump as President of the United States. From the moment he went out to announce his candidacy for the presidency, he enveloped all cable news channels because of his hatred against Mexicans.

The same thing happened earlier in the UK when Brexit won despite polls suggesting otherwise. The anti-immigration rhetoric fanned by Brexit leaders made people decide to vote to leave even if there are overwhelming reasons to stay.

However, in both instances, it has been clear that voting for leaders and policies based on immigration alone are not going to work. When Trump won, he barely had any policy that uplifted the lives of those whom he promised to deliver change to. Until now, there is no clear path towards Brexit.

Img source:

People made impulsive decisions because of the anti-immigration sentiments they heard even if there are other issues they care about.

The good thing though is that things are starting to turn around. In 2018, the Democrats took control of Congress for the first time in a long time despite the anti-immigration fear that Trump stoked. In France, anti-immigration rhetoric was not enough for Le Pen to win over Macron. It does not mean that this rhetoric is over, but it is not as potent a political weapon as it used to be.

It is not enough to focus on immigration alone

There are various concerns in a country and to make decisions based on immigration policies alone is not enough. Politicians need to focus on kitchen table issues that everyone feels concerned about. Even if right-wing leaders keep fanning the flame of hatred towards immigrants, it will not be enough in the end. When people have nothing to eat because they got fired from their job, they will not think of immigration policies first. When seniors do not receive adequate healthcare, they will also not worry about immigrants working in various jobs available in a country. Therefore, using immigrants as a political tool will only work to a certain extent.

Img source:

Immigrants proved their worth

Another reason why anti-immigration rhetoric will not prevail is that immigrants continue to show that they are capable of integrating into society. People realize that they extend help to the country especially in enhancing the economy. When immigrants are not around to work specific jobs, some services people enjoy will not be available anymore. Therefore, branding all immigrants as criminals and stealing jobs will not work.

Do not be afraid

Given these reasons, you cannot allow yourself to feel discouraged by the loud voices against immigrants. You are not doing anything wrong. As long as you go through legal channels and you receive a visa to stay within a country, you have nothing to fear.

If you still feel confused about the process and you do not know where to begin, you can ask for help. You will then receive information on how to process your visa and secure its approval.

Exodus! Skilled Trades & Nurses Queue Up to Leave Brexit Britain for Australia

A recent poll by the UK’s #1 Australia Visa Consultancy, Lets Go Global confirms politicians worst nightmare, that tens of thousands of highly skilled British born Nationals are looking at every possible way to leave the UK, citing Brexit uncertainty as their Number One reason.

Steve Hadley, Senior Associate with Lets Go Global went on record to say “we’ve seen a huge 300% increase in inquiries, mostly from key workers and skilled UK tradespeople like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics. We’ve also seen a huge surge from those in Financial Services yet finance skills are not as wanted down under as trades and those in the medical profession.”

The United Kingdom is in crisis and a recent study by Lets Go Global Australian Migration found that most enquirers were from swing voters around Brexit, some pro remainers, some pro-Brexit. “It’s not the issue of Brexit itself says Hadley, it’s the indecision that’s changing their outlook.”

“These are hardworking UK Citizens, simply fed up with the debacle going on in British Politics.”

It’s no surprise that Australia tops the list of preferred destinations, with almost year-round sunshine, a great education system, amazing work-life balance, and World class healthcare. With only 25 million people on a landmass bigger than Europe, it’s no wonder disillusioned UK workers are dreaming of a new life down under.

Cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney feature consistently in the Economist’s Most Liveable City Report and have done on and off for over a decade.

When you combine this with exceptional pay scales for Trades and Nurses there’s simply no comparison with the United Kingdom. In accordance with these events, have noticed a marked increase in UK business inquiring about office space for rent in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Img source:

However, Hadley cautions that it’s certainly not an easy process. Australia isn’t open for all and theirs is one of the strictest immigration systems in the World.

Emigrating to Australia is now only an option for those with the right skills, qualifications, and experience that can fill critical skills shortages across the vast Country. It’s a long, complicated and significant legal process. “We’re still amazed when potential clients think their UK passport gives them an automatic right to move to Australia.”

And for those in demand the benefits are vast, holders of the much coveted 189 and 190 skilled migration visa classes are granted:

  • The right to live and work in Australia
  • Skilled Migration does not require holders to have a job first
  • Free education for Children
  • Access to Medicare
  • Access to Financial Services

… and best of all, these visas are designed to convert into Australian Citizen after four years, enabling these new Citizens to hold Dual UK and Australian Citizenship.

Donald Trump And Theresa May Meeting


It seems that Trump is somehow managing to address any internal and foreign issue not only of the US but also pretty much of the entire world. In the last few days, he talked about Brexit, Boris Johnson as PM, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, EU, trade war and so many other things.

As we all know, Theresa May presented a Brexit plan, but soon after that, Mr. Trump stated how that would probably significantly impact the trade deal that the UK has with the US. It didn’t take long for POTUS to slightly alter the tune, or at least it seems like he is changing it, as he said how he and Mrs. May had “probably never developed a better relationship.” All that from his first UK visit as president.

On the other hand, according to May, Brexit gives the opportunity for both the US and the UK to create jobs for their people and she wishes for the two countries to sign a free trade deal. We could also hear Trump commenting plans for their long-time allies to exit the EU and on that occasion, he stated how it as “a much different deal than the people voted on,” and that he advised Mrs. May to do it completely differently.

The news regarding this interview came while Trump’s were at a dinner with the British Prime Minister. Just to clear few things up, Sarah Sanders, White House spokeswoman commented that the president “likes and respects Prime Minister May very much.” She continued by saying that he “never said anything bad about her.”

POTUS stated how he advised Mrs. May on Brexit but that she didn’t agree and took a different approach. Just like always, he used this opportunity to say how EU wasn’t fair in their trade with the US and that they already have enough problems with them, implying that he does want to make a good deal with Brits.

According to political analysts, it seems that Trump’s interview suggests that it will be hard for the UK to get good deals with the US and at the same time to comply with the rules that are imposed by the EU. The main goal of Mrs. May is to be good with all sides but is that truly possible.