Priyanka Chopra’s Romantic History

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are happier than ever! The two married in December 2018. But who did Priyanka date before Nick? Here’s a look back at her relationship history.

Before fame, Priyanka was linked to the Bollywood actor. However, things didn’t last long. Their relationship ended in 2000 when she won Miss World.

It’s a very big thing for India to have a Miss World from India. Aseem reportedly tried making a movie about Priyanka. Priyanka was not pleased about this. He insisted the movie wasn’t about her. However, he soon distanced himself from the project.

Priyanka was in “Andaaz” with Akshay in 2003. Although Kumar was married, rumors swirled about them. The actors later did three more films together. Relationship or not, their on-screen chemistry was undeniable.

“They had this amazing romance which was happening and you know, being the only girl on set is always fun.”

Priyanka and Harman starred in “Love Story 2050” in 2008. Sparks flew, and they reportedly began dating. However, the relationship was short-lived. The film tanked at the box office. It’s believed this is what led to their breakup. They starred in the 2012 movie “Teri Meri Kahaani.” Rumors swirled that they were dating. However, neither ever confirmed their relationship. After filming, the two reportedly moved on. Shahid later married Mira Rajput in 2015. Priyanka finally found love with the JoBro member. The two first met in 2017.

They were at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. Nick didn’t waste any time. He reportedly got on one knee when he saw Priyanka. He asked where she had been all his life. From there, they began texting. They soon walked the Met Gala red carpet together. Ralph Lauren had invited them both as guests. We know each other, so we were just like, “Hey, you know what, let’s go together!” And I was like, ok, let’s go together.

Now, they always grace red carpets together. In May 2018, dating rumors began circulating. By July, they were engaged. Jonas reportedly took Chopra to Tiffany and Co.There, she selected the ring of her dreams. Talk about romantic! The two were married in December 2018. They had a multi-day celebration in Jodhpur, India. The guest list included Sophie Turner and fellow JoBros. Priyanka was even in a Jonas Brothers video. Priyanka finally met her match. And they couldn’t be more adorable together!

Bollywood Is Making a Forrest Gump Remake

Forrest Gump, the classic movie from 1994 that is adored by so many people is getting a new version in Bollywood. The movie, starring Tom Hanks was a big hit in its time and turned out to be a blockbuster which was very unexpected for a movie of that type. The starting budget for it was $55 million but it ended up making over $700 million in theaters. Based on Winston Groom’s book from 1986 by the same name it made many people fall in love with it.

Forrest Gump received great review and even won 6 Oscars, one of them being for Best Picture. It was also competing with heavy hitters like Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption, which many people thought should have gotten the awards instead of Forrest Gump. Another honor that Forrest Gump has is that it was chosen as one of the movies for preservation in the US Library of Congress in 2011, something less than 1000 movies have been given the chance.

Even when we consider the great success of the original movie, no one was really expecting to hear the news that it was going to be remade by the Hindi-language film industry from India, Bollywood. Many people might not be aware but India makes around 2000 movies a year which is much more than any other country. Bollywood creates a large part of those. Their next move is to recreate the famous Forrest Gump.


The Bollywood version will be called Lal Singh Chadha and will have a very respected actor will have the leading role – Aamir Khan, who has a long list of movie roles already. The director of the movie will be Advait Chandan that has already collaborated with the lead actor Aamir Khan on a movie in 2017. Today it is very important to buy off the rights before making a new version, unlike in the 90s when it was a lot easier to rip off the movie without getting in trouble for it.

Many other movies from the same time period as Forrest Gump already have remakes from Bollywood. Some of them are Mrs. Doubtfire, A Few Good Men, Reservoir Dogs and The Silence of the Lambs.

Chuck Russell Believes Vidyut Jammwal Might Be the New Dwayne Johnson

Even though Vidyut Jammwal is new to Bollywood, he has already won the hearts of many in a very short period of time, especially among the ladies. You might have seen him in movies such as Commando series, Baadshaho and Force, and Junglee.

According to MyNation, here’s what Vidyut himself had to say about his career so far: “Somebody recently asked me how difficult is it for outsiders. I am tired of listening to this question.

Yes, it is difficult, but if you have talent, there will be somebody who will find you out. I came to Mumbai to be a hero, an action hero. I became one the moment Commando released. The film may not have earned a 100-crores but it made me a hero. Everybody in the world, when I travel, people who are action junkies, who love action, they now recognize me, they love me.” He added, “I work on myself even harder now because I have the infrastructure now. I have used my success to better myself and I am working very hard on it. You will not see a single movie where I falter. The producer can falter, the director can falter but I will not falter. I will not give less than 150 percent. That’s what happens when you are an outsider.”

When asked about working with Chuck Russell, he said: “Chuck Russell is very cool with animals, he understands animals so well and knows how to make cinema with them. I was very proud when he told me that he thinks I could be the next big thing in the world. He has said the same thing to Dwayne Johnson The Rock, who is the biggest action star. For me, everything seemed right. There was somebody who believed in me. I am so proud to be a part of this project.”

And when it comes to his movie Junglee, here’s Vidyut’s comment: “After many years, we are getting a film with animal-human bonding. What I learned about animals from this movie is, if they feel safe, secure, if they don’t think you are attacking them, then they will not harm you. It’s not difficult working with animals if you know how to conduct yourself. This film is different from whatever I have done to date. This is a film which you can watch with your family and kids.”

Finally, the actor described what it was like working with animals: “With humans, you can say, wow what a nice shirt you are wearing and he will be happy, tell a girl that she has lost weight and she’ll be happy. For animals, it doesn’t work if you go tell them hey you are looking beautiful today. It makes no difference to them.


Animals are different. They feel you, they understand you even more than you can think. They are more human than us and more sensible than we think. Yes, of course, you need to train yourself, but you also need to apply your common sense while dealing with them. This movie educates people about animals. The elephant is the primary character of the movie. Elephant corridors have been made into human homes, hence they cross the line and come to residential areas. Otherwise, they will never come.”

Junglee was released on March 29, so don’t miss to see it.