5 Reasons you Should Consider a Career in Massage Therapy

It’s almost the end of 2020 and it’s pretty safe to say that we as people reached a point in our societies where almost anything can be turned into a well-earning profession. Honestly, people are slowly becoming more open-minded and more and more individuals are getting their chance to shine by doing what they love to do.

A few decades ago someone would laugh at you if you mentioned that one day professionally playing video games or managing an Instagram account can earn you a living, but nowadays these two things are on top of the list money-wise.

What we’re trying to say is that you no longer have to “settle” for only the most commercial professions, and you most certainly don’t need to become a doctor or a lawyer to get paid well. In case you ever considered a career in massage therapy, this is the right article for you. Let’s take a look.

Why Massage Therapy?

They say those who help others feel better are the happiest people in life. It’s true. By providing Massage Therapy Service you’ll be able to earn enough for a comfortable living, and you’ll feel good because you’re helping others. Many athletes and “regular people” need massage therapy because they suffered an injury, or they simply need someone to reduce their pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, etc… Not only that you’re helping others, but by investing your time and effort in learning massage therapy you’ll learn how to help yourself as well, contributing to your health and overall happiness.

1. One of the fastest things you can become a pro at

Although it’s a very delicate job and it’s considered to be a part of medicine, massage therapies became so popular in 2020 allowing you to reap information out of many different sources, learning how to become a professional in just under a year. Unlike other businesses that take an entire decade to finally call themselves “professional”, this can be learned a lot more easily. And, with every new session, you’re becoming better and better at it, until you perfectly know how to treat every spot of the human body. While we’re at reliable sources, feel free to use check out

2. Great pay and you can work at home

We all know massage therapists earn well and that’s our second reason why you should consider a career in this field. You can work at home until you collect enough money to open up your place. This is when you can also spike up your price a bit, which will contribute even further to your financial situation. If you ensure your one-time customers that you’re good at what you’re doing they can easily become regulars, booking sessions two or three times per week at your massage therapy center. This means earning a lot and more practice, making you even better at what you’re doing. Those clients can recommend you to their friends and family members, and that’s how you create an entire network of regulars.

3. The only investment you need to start is learning

Since we already mentioned you can work from home until the pandemic ends, the third reason you should consider a career in massage therapy is the fact your only investment is you learning something that will serve you for life. Unlike other businesses where you have to buy expensive machines, materials, equipment, licenses, and whatnot, to become a massage therapist you need a few months of practice and a few months of theory learning. Investing in yourself, instead of investing in “things” and equipment.

4. If your business doesn’t work out you can find a job easily

The number four reason is having the ability to quit your business and find a job at a company as an employee in case things don’t work out. No matter what happens, the time and money you invested in learning will be of huge use. If your business doesn’t work out and you find it difficult to attract customers, work a year or two at a company, earn enough experience and with the funds you gathered start your own business with your place.

5. Everything you learn is practical and will help you throughout life

Imagine being able to “fix” any pain in any part of the body without paying for it every time. Well, you can’t exactly massage yourself on all parts of your body, but you’ll know quite a lot about the causes of pain and other important things that can be prevented for longer and happier life. Not to mention you can always help your loved ones and others around you.

In these modern times when most people spend their entire day in front of a computer, knowing how to stop the pain in their lower back, neck or shoulders is priceless. The same thing is relevant to you. If you know the right methods of dealing with all this you can be a perfectly happy and healthy individual even when you get older, which is what a lot of people dream of.

Possible downsides of becoming a massage therapist

It’s not a secret many businesses faced difficulties due to the global covid-19 pandemic, especially those that require you to be in contact with other people. Well, unfortunately, out of all businesses that require you to be in contact with others, providing massage therapy service is one that’s probably the most dangerous. This means that depending on the country you live in, you may or may not be able to proceed to work as a massage therapist until the entire global pandemic is over. Thankfully, every country is tirelessly working on a vaccine, so we hope all this will end soon.

Another possible downside to this profession is not being able to find your own space to work. This means you’ll have to rent a “saloon” or a “center” where you can treat your customers. It will cost unless you’re planning to work at home and turn one of your areas into a professional working environment, which by the way is what a lot of massage therapists did during the pandemic.


In case you ever wondered what the advantages of being a massage therapist are, we covered it all in today’s article. If you recently lost your job due to the pandemic or you’re just looking to put some effort in a “side-hustle”, feel free to check everything we wrote above. Being a massage therapist is amazing both in terms of living a happier and healthier life and earning well in an “easy” and convenient way. Best of luck with your future career. Stay safe.

9 Focus Tips for a Quiet Mind While Practicing Yoga

The number of people practicing yoga has been on a metric rise over the last couple of decades, becoming one of the most popular mind and body practices in the world, and for a good reason too!

The word ‘Yoga’ is originally derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj,’ which means ‘to unite.’ While it’s common to join yoga classes where you can meet and ‘unite’ with other people, the term originally meant ‘uniting oneself’ or finding harmony between the mind, body, and soul. However, all of this is far easier said than done, as yoga is a skill that takes many years to master.

To get the most benefit out of yoga, it’s important to quiet your mind, remove all distractions from the space, and focus on your breath, your body, and the posture you’re holding. This is a difficult task for beginners and even for some of the most veteran yoga enthusiasts.

But fear not, in this article, we bring you nine tips on how to stay focused and keep a quiet mind while you’re practicing yoga so you can get the most out of your next session. Let’s get into it.

Meditate beforehand

As we have already mentioned, yoga is all about maintaining a calm mind and finding peace. This is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to do, especially as we are constantly distracted and bombarded with stressful situations in our daily lives.

If you go into a yoga session in a highly stressed or anxious state, the chances are you’re not going to have a particularly nice time. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do a short meditation before you begin, recentering yourself and calming your mind down before you start.

Concentrate on your breathing

If you find yourself getting distracted, it helps to calm your mind and regain your focus by turning your attention towards your breath. This meditative technique is great for relaxing your mind and body and can help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Focus your breath and try to make it flow into the movements you’re doing, helping you to tune out from external distractions and be more present at the moment.

Don’t worry if you get distracted

If you find yourself becoming distracted from the session and unable to focus on your breath, don’t worry! Let yourself off the hook and realize that not every session is going to be a perfect one. It’s completely fine to feel hurried or restless sometimes. We are all human beings, after all.

One of the worst things you can do is to get on your own back and put more pressure on yourself because you’re ‘not relaxed enough’ or ‘not present in the moment.’ This will only compound the issues, and you’ll likely leave the session feeling worse than when you started.

Take it slow, remove the pressure, and ease into it. There’s no rush.

Put your phone away

Put your phone on silent mode, turn it off, or better yet, put it in a completely different room. The last thing you want is to get distracted from your yoga session with the sound of a vibrating phone or an annoying ringtone.

Whatever the message or call is, it can wait. Enjoy this time as it’s for you, and only you.

Wear comfortable clothing

As you already know, it’s very important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. This is even more relevant when it comes to yoga. You’re putting your booty in uncomfortable positions and maintaining awkward postures for long periods of time. This is why it’s crucial you wear clothes that have a good range of movement and let your skin breathe when you get a bit sweaty.

One tip that most people aren’t’ aware of is that wearing headbands helps you focus more when you’re in the middle of an intense session. There are lots of companies producing headbands for yoga, we can suggest wearing Suddora Headbands which could help you concentrate during your yoga session.
When you’re doing yoga, it’s unlikely you’ll have a towel around to wipe the sweat away, which is when your headband comes in handy.

It’s also great for keeping the sweat out of your eyes and your hair out of your face, letting you focus on your yoga session, and keeping your mind quiet at the moment.

Close your eyes

Here’s a simple tip if you want to focus more when doing yoga; close your eyes. This is especially helpful if you’re in the middle of a busy class and you can feel yourself comparing yourself to other people.

Even if you’re not in a class full of people, it helps to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Visualize your movements and try to calm your mind.

Relax into it and enjoy the experience

Yoga is similar to meditation in many ways. The more you try, the harder it becomes. If you’re always panicking and worrying about whether or not you’re doing the pose correctly, or if you’re too concerned about how you look rather than listening to your body, you’re doing it wrong.

Yoga is supposed to be a spiritual practice, but you need to keep in mind that you’re doing it for fun, and it shouldn’t be taken so seriously as to cause you more stress. Relax into it, and try to enjoy the experience as much as you can.

Schedule time for yoga and nothing else

This is a big one. Schedule time into your diary for yoga and make sure that you have nothing else to do other than that. These days we are all master multi-taskers, and while that’s great for your job, it offers very little when it comes to yoga.

Schedule an hour in your day and let people know you aren’t going to be available during that time. That way, you can feel better and relax about turning your phone off and ignoring the world for a little while.

If you try and cram a yoga session into a busy day while you’ve got a million things on your mind and an important meeting shortly afterward, you’re not going to get the full benefit.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Last but not least, try not to push yourself too hard. If you’re new to yoga, join a beginner class and take it easy. There’s no use in jumping into an expert class or following an advanced course on YouTube before you’re ready for it.

Yoga takes many years to master, and even then, there’s still so much to learn. If you push yourself too hard, it’s going to detract from the experience and make it uncomfortable, which means that you’ll be less likely to come back to the next session.

Take small steps and focus on your form. Breathe, quiet your mind, and try to enjoy the session as much as you can.


Fit Students Are More Successful In Studying

Learning institutions should be wholesome places where kids go to be the best they could ever be. Schools need to do their best to ensure that the resources they have tap into each child’s potential. This means exposing them to different learning environments.

Fitness is an essential part of every child’s development as they go through their education. Obesity has become a rampant problem because kids are not as active as they should be.


A student has the responsibility of optimizing his or her performance in school. It can be done through a variety of tricks, based on the ability and preferences of a student. 123Helpme, for instance, provides assistance with homework in order to improve on your performance. Fitness is another option that enables the student to optimize performance.

The relationship between fitness and improved academic performance is not direct. It means that spending hours in the gym does not automatically result in better grades. However, there are advantages of fitness that will help you to achieve better grades and actualize your potential.

Let’s dive in!

Cognitive Skills


Learning is a subtle exercise that is reliant on the state of mind of a student. This means that if a kid is not feeling active, it’s very unlikely that they’ll participate in class. Fitness plays a huge role in ensuring the students’ brains are always ready for new information.

As you know, immersing knowledge takes a lot of effort. A young student might not know why they cannot seem to understand certain concepts. Exercise helps the student to improve his or her cognitive skills that will translate into better performance in class. Some of the cognitive skills developed during a workout include

    • Concentration and attention– the body is more alert while the mind can concentrate on the task at hand because of workout. Fitness exercises eliminate fatigue and sluggishness that causes a person to lose concentration. A student who pays attention in class will perform better during tests. Such a student is also able to grasp complex issues and will, therefore,produce captivating school work.
    • Memory- the mind has a sufficient supply of energy and nutrients to boost memory. A student who exercises can concentrate in class, grasp more ideas, and remember more when the situation requires. The memory will help the student during tests and in the field when he or she is required to apply the knowledge.
    • Verbal ability- physical fitness has been proven to help students to improve on their psychomotor ability. Lifting weights, walking, stretching the muscles, and other movements involved in fitness regimes enable the student to coordinate movements and physical activities better. The potential of the student will be greatly improved.  

Academic Behavior

There is a lot that goes into the academic performance of a student. Academic behavior takes a huge percentage of all the factors that matter. Success in academic work can be attributed to certain behaviors. For instance, the ability of a student to develop a routine, remain dedicated to school work, and focus on academics are all behaviors that will result in better performance. Here are academic behaviors that will improve as a result of fitness.

  • Consistent attendance – Attending class is critical because there is a lot that the teacher will say in class that might not appear in the notes. Missing a class’; especially when the teacher is introducing a new topic. Since fitness requires continued discipline, taking part in physical activities will teach the kids about consistency. Inconsistency in-class attendance is a very bad thing because it ultimately affects students’ performance. When a child is able to endure physical stress during fitness sessions, it prepares their brain for classroom discipline. The student is able to follow up on school work and in the process will perform better.
  • Homework completion – a large percentage of students complete their homework the next morning, just a few minutes before the teacher walks in. This is a very bad trait that should not be left uncorrected. Procrastination is a problem that can be carried forward to adulthood and its best when kids learn how to overcome it from a young age. Fitness requires planning so that the student has time to work-out and still study. The student will complete his or her homework and exercises because he or she has the energy and motivation. It translates into better academic performance.
  • Focus – this is a struggle many students experience and some don’t even know why they can’t seem to keep still and focus. Fitness requires choices and focus on the task at hand and that is how you teach your kids to concentrate in class. This behavior will be witnessed in academic work where the student pays more attention to classwork and assignments, resulting in improved performance. Every kid has those moments where everything else other than the task at hand seems more interesting and appealing. However, through regular exercise, they get the discipline required to stay focused.
  • Creativity – every child has a creative child, but many go without discovering this piece of them because of improper learning methods. Introducing fitness ensures that students’ brains are more creative and sharp. This can be attributed to a sufficient supply of food and oxygen to the body. It also results from a host-body that is active and interacting with fast-moving trend mills or running around the tracks. Working-out also releases hormones that are associated with excitement. It is this excitement that will boost your creative spirit. A creative student will deliver captivating work that earns him or her top grade.
Student studying

Fitness requires a lot of discipline and personal initiative. Learning institutions should encourage all students to take part in physical activities. These are the qualities required to improve your academic performance and education potential. By working out, you will attain higher academic performance with ease, and, therefore, get into your desired profession. Everything you do in school prepares you for your life as an adult. Make sure you exercise even when you don’t feel like it.

The Best Workouts to Make Your Clothes Fit Like Stephen James

In order to really look good in his clothes, a man has to have a physique that fits it well. There are many ways to pull this off, but they don’t last for long. In order to have a modern look, you need to start by getting in shape. This starts by creating a workout routine combined with strength and cardio workouts. Once you start these you won’t have to try hiding any of your body that may be a problem and focus on areas that are now an asset.

Clothes are able to show off different areas of the body in a different way, so you need to keep in mind the style of your clothes. A good example includes wearing a partial suit would be great if your core was flat as a board or where a nice pair of pants would show off your behind. Check out Siksilk to find the latest suit options.

To help give you an idea of what exercises to do in order to achieve a great look in men’s training tops, we’ve gathered 5 that are sure to turn heads during your next outing.

For a Suit, you should slam a medicine ball


If you plan to wear a suit on a regular basis you want to be sure to look good all of the time. The main reason is that hiding a midsection that is round is hard to do. But when you have a suit that fits around a flat midsection then you will have a look that is more professional and your suit won’t look sloppy.

Besides performing the normal midsection exercises like planks or crunches, you should have a core routine that will take your ab workout up a notch. This is when slamming a medicine ball comes into play. When you slam a medicine ball you are working your core directly in order to carve the midsection as your heart rate also increases. Because of both cardio and strength training, the amount of effort can be maximized in order to obtain a lean look at a much faster rate than you would with just strength training.

This workout is perfect for all skill levels and is easy to get started.

Conduct Reverse Plate Curls to Look Good in Short Sleeve Shirts


Having great-looking triceps and biceps is what a lot of guys strive for. However, if you don’t plan to be at the beach a lot, then they won’t be visible as often as you would like. What you will be showing a lot of is your forearm as you wear short sleeve shirts. The thing with the triceps and biceps is that they can be neglected pretty easily, which is why a difference can be noticed in no time.

What makes plate curls so great is their ability to stress the forearms as the biceps get worked. Just by substituting dumbbells for a plate will make you push yourself a lot more so you can maintain a good grip.

Conduct Hip Thrusts with Barbells for a Nice Butt in Your Pants


Although many people prefer lunges or squats for getting their “butt” in shape so they can look good in pants, another way is to conduct hip thrusts with a barbell. Although styles for men are relaxed as compared to what women wear, there is no change to the rule that a pair of pants will always be a great look when they have a nice butt that fits them nicely.

Trying to make an impact can seem troublesome, however. The main reason is that you’ll need to perform a lot of them just to get where you want to be. Using weight is a great way to get your butt sculpted, but make sure that you start light so that you don’t risk any injury to the knees, hips, or back.

Luckily, there is a way that will allow you to get the same great results and is also very effective. It’s known as hip thrusts and they are conducted by using a barbell. This workout works the glutes a lot better as compared to lunges or squats. It’s good to use a weight that is a little heavy, but where you have no problem lifting.

Conduct an Upright Row Exercise to Fit into Fitted Shirts


No matter what you like to relax in, having a shirt that fits is the ideal result especially when you plan to hit the town.

With an upright row, it requires you to conduct a move that will strengthen the lats, shoulders, and back. The great part is that this exercise allows you to focus on these three muscle groups simultaneously.

Conduct Calf Raises to Look Good in Shorts

Regardless of preferring to wear long pants or styling some shorts, some days it just seems more practical to go with shorts. So if you want to be able to revive your favorite shorts, then you are going to have to start conducting calf raises. When your calves are weak, your appearance will look scrawny and could cause injury to occur. Having poor strength in your calves can have a negative impact on stride and can cause your Achilles to rupture.

Because the calf includes two types of muscle, you can conduct both sitting and standing calf raises in order for you to obtain great results.

Benefits of Regular Thai Massages

If you have been looking for alternatives methods to relieve the chronic pain in your legs, your back, and your neck because the regular massages you have been getting haven’t been enough, a Thai massage is an answer to your problem.

If you have never heard about this type of massages, do not be confused when you find out how different they are than the ones you are used to. You won’t have to take off your clothes at all, there is no use of massage oils and you won’t have to get on the table so the masseuse can work on you. They are performed while you are fully clothed and often done on the floor with a couple of yoga mats beneath you.

However, do not expect the same relaxing and slow motions that you are used to from those regular massages routines you have been following. Thai’s have implemented a lot of stretching and pulling techniques which should enhance the flexibility of your extremities, your ankles, your back, and your neck. It will also reduce any tension you have between your muscles or your tendons. Some people refer to it as the lazy person’s yoga, because a practitioner is doing all the stretches for you just like you would with yoga.

The practitioner or therapist will use his/her arms, knees and legs to hold you down and move your body parts to stretch them and will also provide you with deep muscle pressure which helps with blood pressure and will also relieve the tension.

Can you get hurt?

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No, with a professionally trained therapist, you cannot get hurt with such a massage because the stretching done is completely normal for the human body, you are just still not used to such doing such motion. Keep in mind that if you are not a very active person and have a nine-to-five office desk job, there is a good chance that you will feel a bit of pain while the therapist is working on certain parts of your body. The level of discomfort you will feel depends completely on how much your body is familiar with the movements they will practice on you.

If you are having difficulty sitting through the discomfort or the pain, feel free to tell the professional that you are not able to handle so much stretching. They won’t have any problem with reducing the intensity and pressure they put on your body.

Benefits of Thai Massages

Now that you are more familiar with how these massages work, you are probably are wondering why you should consider them over other types of massages. What is so different with this type when compared to the others? Will it be that much better so it can help you? It is believed that Thai is actually much more effective than other types of massages, but if you are not convinced, what will it hurt to just try it once?

Here are some of the benefits you can experience after Thai.

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· It can lower your stress

While stress is not always a bad thing, as it is an emotion that can help us handle complicated situations, too much stress can be dangerous for both our physical and emotional state. If you are constantly pushing yourself to do better and to achieve more and more, you are constantly under stress. After a while, the stress will start having more and more negative effects on you while you are losing out on all the positive sides of it. Sometimes, stress can lead to some serious mental problems such as depression or severe anxiety and may even lead to other physical diseases.

With the help of Thai massages, their stretching, and deep muscle compressions, you will finally feel relaxed after a long time. Just a few years ago there was a study which proved that Thai can significantly reduce the level of stress. So, instead of sitting at home watching TV hoping that you will feel better, why not visit a Thai parlor and try it out at least once? If you are unsure where you can find such a boutique studio anywhere in Palo Alto or Los Altos, you should visit

· You will feel more energetic

Have you been working these last couple of weeks too much while getting only a few hours of sleep every day? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up tired already in the morning? This happens to everyone, especially after long weeks of constant work. Your energy level standards have dropped down considerably, so you will have to do something about this fatigue you feel constantly.

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Instead of visiting a regular Swedish massage this time around, we recommend that you try Thai. A lot of people believe that after their Thai sessions they feel like their physical energy has been increased and has helped with their fatigue too. Such a massage will stimulate you both physically and mentally which can help you get better sleep during the nights. Better sleep will always equal more energy throughout the day.

· No more headaches

Another problem that a lot of people face after too much work is migraines or headaches. Professionally trained therapists have been trained to use their skills and techniques to increase the blood flow from your body to your mind. This increase in blood flow will help up clear your mind and you will suddenly lose most of the headaches you have been experiencing.

Most athletes get Thai massages

Believe it or not, but a lot of athletes are convinced to get such a treatment because it will help them with fatigue after long and tiring matches. If you have ever watched a soccer (football) match, you probably have noticed how a player always visits their specialized therapists after hurting himself. This is because the therapists are trained to use pressure and stretching to help keep the blood flow back in the arms or legs.

Why Wearing the Right Size Bra is Crucial for You?

As a woman, your relationship with the bra starts right from the time when your mother realizes that you need one. And it goes on till the time you breathe your last. In the initial stages, it is vital to choose the right kind of undergarment so that the formation of the breast is correct and most importantly, it is because you will get a proper shape, which will last for a lifetime.

Wearing the right kind of bra will not only prevent your breasts from sagging. It also has certain medical values that will be beneficial as you grow.

In this article, let us find out more about the same in the following sub-topics, namely,

  • Importance of wearing the right bra.
  • Tips for wearing it the right way.

So, let us take one sub-topic at a time. 

Importance of wearing the right bra

Check out why wearing these proper undergarments matter a lot. It is because-

  • A great looking back

Wearing the right kind of bra will enhance or accentuate the silhouette of your body from all sides. You must have come across women that have their breasts bulging out from the sides and in the front. It not only looks ugly but damages your overall personality and appeal. 

Also, it is vital to wear a size that is to some extent flexible since your breasts change in size depending on the monthly periods when hormonal changes take place, with weight gain and weight loss, and while you are pregnant. So, you must not wear one that will not accommodate these changes even if it is to a certain extent.

  • The right bra will do away with pain

Many women suffer from breast pain that may be due to hormonal changes (cyclical breast changes due to menstruation) or solely for being fat or for having certain diseases of the breasts like fibrocystic breast disorder.

These cause pain in the breasts. However, if you are wearing the right kind of bra, the pain can be managed to a great extent. Also, for fibrocystic changes, wearing a well-fitting bra is vital as it prevents cysts from increasing in size or causing pain. 

  • Prevents sagging

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why you must wear the right fitting bra is to prevent your breasts from sagging. It not only gives them the right room for movement but also prevents sagging. Most importantly, itis suggested that you wear a different bra while you are exercising and not the ones that you wear under your T-shirt or other dresses.

Alternatively, you can also approach experts that will help you in choosing the right kind of bra and even with the correct size. You can seek the assistance of professionals at for better advice and tips. 

Over some time, if you do not make sure that the breasts do not sag, the shape will become bad and will lose its look.

Experts believe that you must check your bra size every 6 months to a year to find out whether there has been any change in the size of the breasts and whether or not you need to change your undergarments. 

Coming to the second part of the article, let us find out how you can select the right bra size. 

Tips for wearing it the right way

Wearing your bra the right way does not require you to know a lot about fashion or be a fashionista in any way. There are a few simple rules or rather tips that you can follow to get the best fit. And these are explained in the points that follow-

  • Few important points to keep in mind while selecting the right fitting bra include the following-
    • Under band- Make sure you check whether or not only 2 fingers pass through it. There should not be more room than that.
    • Cup size- Not all cup sizes are the same. Most importantly, cup size also differs from one company to another. 
    • Center front- It should snugly fit against the sternum.
    • Side wires- Must be fitting closely to the ribcage and not dig into the tissues of the breast.
    • Straps- Must be adjustable and before you settle for one, try this out. 
    • Body type- You must buy one that will complement your body type.
    • New sizes- You can also try out sizes that you have not tried before.

The same size may not be for all designs and material

Most of the women you come across have a wrong notion that since you have a particular cup size, the same applied to all type of material and brands. However, this is not the case. If you have measured wearing a lace bra on, you may not fit into the same size if you are wearing a bra that is made up of cotton. 

Also, the sizes are not the same for all brands. Whenever you go to a store to buy one, you must seek the assistance of the one assisting you with the same before you settle for one.

  • Stick to the brand that suits you best

Although, the cup size might differ from time to time, make sure you stick to the same brand that caters to your size and fit. In this way, you know if there is any change in your size; it will not be too much of a difference.

  • Try out cross fitting sizes

Many brands make bras that are available in cross sizes. It means that in case you do not find the size of the bra at the moment, you can always try out a cross size. In this case, there is no marked difference in the size except that the cup size might be a little big or a little small but not small enough to look odd.

In a nutshell, wearing the right size bra is not just about looking good, but it enhances your personality, complements your body silhouette, and helps you to love the body that you have.

Best Exercises to do with Dumbbells

When it comes to fitness and building your body, if you have a pair of dumbbells, you will be surprised with the results that you can achieve. There are so many exercises that can be done with just two dumbbells, so if you want to learn how to sculpt your body without having to purchase entire gym gear sets, feel free to read until the end. Let’s take a look.

Bicep Curls

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One of the signature and most popular exercises that everyone knows about are the bicep curls. There are many variations that you can do to target different parts of your biceps such as the hammer grip bicep curls etc. If your dumbbells are not too light, you will be able to make a lot of progress even with regular curls.

If you quickly get stronger and curls become easy to do, you’ll have to perform different variations of the exercise to continue seeing results. Arnold curls or “Bicep 21’s” are both amazing exercises that are done with lighter dumbbells but isolate and work the muscle just like they should.

Lateral Raises

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If you want to build your shoulder muscles properly and have that well-shaped physique, you should implement this exercise in your workout routine. It’s a fairly easy exercise to learn and perform, but there aren’t as many variations of it compared to the bicep curls. Unfortunately, when you get strong enough and your dumbbells become easy, you’ll have to grab a new pair.


Img source:

Who said that you can’t work your legs without a barbell? Lunges are one of the best exercises when it comes to building up your legs, and you should try these if having a strong lower body is your goal. According to, lunges can be done with lighter dumbbells for a start, then move up to heavier ones when you finally get the form right. It’s a pretty easy exercise to learn, just make sure that you keep your back straight and put all the weight on your quads instead of your knees. Never skip leg day!

Dumbbell Press

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The dumbbell press is another should exercise, and combined with the later raises it will give you amazing results in your upper body area. If you want to have rock-solid shoulders, you have to do the dumbbell press. There aren’t many variations of this exercise, but you can choose to do it while standing up or sitting on a gym bench. It’s completely up to you, although you can lift more weight while sitting and having your back against the bench. Click here to know more about different gym benches to level up your dumbbell exercises.

Triceps extensions

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Let’s not forget one of the most important muscles in the body. The triceps is a muscle that is responsible for any “pushing” motion that you’re performing, and those are pretty common in life, whether you’re pushing a cart or your car when it doesn’t start, even shooting a basketball requires a strong triceps!

Extensions can be done while sitting or standing, the movement is very simple and can be learned immediately. You simply contract the triceps and push the dumbbells forward, just make sure your hand is in the right position so that the muscle gets completely isolated.