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5 Popular Board Games to Play During Coronavirus Quarantine

It looks like we are going to be at our home for the time being. The coronavirus pandemic caused a high percentage of people to work from home, practice social distance, and self-quarantine. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have some fun in the process. There a lot of fun things that you can do from the comfort of your home.

This is the perfect time to dust off some of the board games that you have enjoyed but you didn’t have enough time to play them. Therefore, we’ve decided to present you with some of the most popular board games you can play during the coronavirus quarantine. Just to mention that we are going to avoid talking about Clue or Monopoly since they are highly popular and everyone knows about them. Let us begin.


The first entry on this list of ours is Bananagrams. This is a fruit-themed word building-game that can serve as a great alternative to Scrabble, which is highly popular. Every player is trying to complete words faster than its opponents. The tile comes in a fabric made banana aces. This is a highly entertaining game that you can play with your family and friends.


Waterdeep is a board game that comes from the makers of Dungeons & Dragons. After you understand all of the rules, the experience of playing this game is going to be seriously rewarding. During this game, the players are using agents who are collecting resources in order to complete quests. The more quests you complete and the resources you have, the higher are the chances you are going to win. Whoever has the most points is a winner at the end of the game. Its fantasy-style design is exceptional and we certainly believe that you are going to enjoy playing this board game.


Telestrations can be described as a combination of Pictionary and Telephone board games. The players are writing what they are seeing around in a circle until the final description or drawing comes different than the results of every other player.


Catan is one of the most popular board games of our time. It is a slightly more involved board game than Monopoly or Risk. This game was previously known as Settlers or Settlers of Catan. This game is so popular that it even reached people who aren’t board game enthusiasts. Moreover, this game has a lot of expansion packs, just in case if you get bored with the original.

Anyhow, in this game, the players become settlers and they are trying to build their settlements and trade resources they picked up in the process. The bigger your settlement is, the more points you are going to earn. The first one to reach certain numbers is a winner.

Tickets to Ride

Science fiction and fantasy board games are not preferred by many people. Therefore, we are presenting you with Tickets to Ride. This is a board game that revolves around something as simple as the trains. Every player has its own and each of them tries to create a train route across the map of the United States, by collecting cards of the same color. The bigger you train routes are at the end of the game, you have more chance of winning.

How to Equip Your Recreation Room?

Having a recreation room in your home is a great way to have fun with your family and friends. It can also be a great way for you to release stress after a busy day. To make sure that you get the most enjoyment from the space it’s important to have a wide mix of games available. To help you decide which ones you should include, we did a lot of research into the various options.

Card Games

Card games are one of the most popular playing formats, as they are very easy to set-up. There are also multiple categories available for you to choose from. To make sure that you have a well-equipped room, you might want to choose a wide mix of card games. For example, you might want to have some that are designed to be funny and lighthearted. This will allow you to play them with friends and family members. Then, you might want to choose some that are more serious and challenging. These can be a great way to test yourself in a smaller group. Finally, you might want to pick some that you can play by yourself. If you are serious about card games, you might want to consider getting a felt table. This will make it easier for you to pick up the cards.

Board Games

Another popular gaming style, table games are designed to make it easy for groups to play together. They also contain all the parts necessary to construct the game. As with card games, selecting a range of game types is key. For example, you might want to choose a range of genres and various complexity levels. You might also want to think about how long each game session will take and the number of people that can play. You should be able to find this information on the box. Once you’ve got the board games, you will need to think about where you can play them. This means that you will need to get a table large enough for everyone to sit around.

Video Games


You might also want to include a range of video game options in your recreational room. This will allow you to escape into a virtual world. With a range of titles available, you can be sure to find a gaming genre that will suit you. In addition, you can purchase multiple controllers, so that you can play with your friends. However, this can be an expensive option, often requiring you to purchase and install a TV and gaming system. You might also need to think about where everyone will sit while playing. For this reason, you might want to install a couch or beanbag.



If you are looking for a more active game, you might want to try darts. This will allow you to test your aim and improve your concentration. However, it’s important to think carefully about where you place the dartboard. If your throws go wide, they could end up stuck in the wall or floor, so you want to make sure that they can’t do any major damage.

Pinball Machine

A pinball machine can make a great addition to your recreational room. While it’s a fun and challenging experience, it also looks very cool and is sure to impress your friends and family. In addition, many machines feature the ability to record high scores, allowing you to challenge other people. In addition, some of these machines come additional features, like flashing lights and sound effects.

Air Hockey Table

You might also want to include an air hockey table. In this game, you will be able to experience the exhilaration of an air hockey game at home. You will be given a paddle, which you can use to control the puck, trying to get it into your opponent’s goal. This is a very fast-paced game, making it the perfect way to keep children and teenagers entertained. In addition, most of these games come with a cover, which you can place over the table when it’s not in use. This will allow you to use it to play card or board games. You can learn more about these tables on sites like

Pool Table

Many people also include a pool table in their recreational room. This is another popular game that people of all ages can enjoy. While a full-sized table might be too large, you will often be able to find a miniature version. You might also be able to use this table for other purposes. For example, the felt surface can be perfect for hosting card games.


One of the most popular recreational room games on the market is Foosball. This iconic game allows you to replicate the excitement of playing soccer in miniature. Each table is set-up with small players on poles. By pulling and twisting the pole, you will be able to control the movement of your team. The aim is to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal.  Because it’s so easy to understand, it will be suitable for people of all ages, allowing you to have fun with the whole family. You will have to make sure that you choose a high-quality table. This will ensure that you get it doesn’t get damaged if accidentally knocked during a heated game. You might also want to make sure to consider where you put the table. There should be plenty of space around the table, to make sure that everyone can move freely during play. Visit Air Hockey Geek and check some great foosball tables, which will turn your room in the real playground.


Your recreational room should be one of the favorite areas in your house, filled with fun and laughter. As we’ve seen, there are multiple types of games that you can include in this space. This will allow you to make sure that there is something to keep everyone entertained, allowing you to spend quality time with your friends and family. So, make sure to select some of these items when you are equipping your recreational room and create a happy space today.

Some of the most helpful websites have been included below:

How To Find The Perfect Board Game To Play With A Larger Group

If you want to pass your free time, then playing board games is an excellent way to deal with your leisure time. You will also inculcate the competitive spirit when you play any of them with your friends or a gaming group of up to 6 players. Anything more tends to be party oriented and is a completely different ballgame to consider. To help you picking 6-player board games, check out for honest reviews and suggestions you are sure to enjoy!

It completely depends upon person to person which kind of board game they want to play. Some tips are mentioned that might help you and your friends and family while picking up the best one for your gang.

1) Cost:

Image source:

You will need to purchase the board game according to your budget. You must analyze the cost of each one before making your purchase. You can get them from extremely expensive to extremely cheap rates. You have to decide the one you find budget-friendly

2) Age :

It is quite obvious that you have to get an easy and simple board game for kids and for adults, it depends upon the choices. Kids won’t understand the tricky techniques of complex ones.

You should smartly select the board games for every age group. When you buy any of them, check the age recommendation for better use.

3)  Easy v/s difficult:

Image source:

Some people prefer to go-ahead for the games which are much simpler and easier as they do not want to entangle between the tricky steps. However, on the contrary, there are people who are always up in building a complex block of economic strategies.

4)  Mechanics v/s theme:

Some people will be more than happy with the abstract games with all the rules and regulations along with a focus on the mechanics. While, on the other hand, there exist some people who just want a strong theme, and that would help them in grasping the mechanics.

5) Small v/s large gatherings:

Image source:

You need to decide whether you want to buy a board game for your nuclear family members or you want it for some huge gatherings at your place. The recommended number of players is always mentioned in the instructions. Therefore, always check the number of players before purchasing it.

6) Direct competition v/s indirect competition:

There is a countless variety of board games, and these are based on two concepts, that is, direct and indirect attack. Some people like the indirect way more fun and easier rather than the direct attack concept. The direct competition is a bit more aggressive, such as chess. It depends upon the choice of the players.

7) Competitive v/s cooperative:

Image source:

Some board games are entirely based on defeating the opponent, whereas, some work on the basis of teamwork where each player fights together for a common goal. It is all about reading the room and finding your interest.

8) Time duration :

Also, make sure that for how long you want to play. Because there are such ones available in the market that would stretch up to a countless number of hours. Check the approximate time duration of any species you are willing to purchase. If you think that you do not have too much free time, then go for a short term game.


It is always good to invest in an exciting and entertaining board game. It also makes your bond stronger with the valuable people of your life. Some of the popular ones are Monopoly, Cosmic Encounter, Sequence Game, Codenames and a lot more. I hope you get your perfect board game soon.

What Are The Benefits of Playing Board Games with Little Kids

Some parents still think that playing board games with their little kids is just a boring choir with a single purpose to keep them occupied. But that’s probably because they still live in the world of Candyland and Chutes & Ladders. The world of board games has greatly evolved since we were kids, and modern game boards offer numerous benefits on several levels. For example, you can check out ʽlogic rootsʼ to get acquainted with a list of health benefits you probably didn’t even know about. Nevertheless, most of the benefits will be harvested by your kids, which will enhance their skills and prepare them for the life ahead. 

Training The Brain From an Early Age

It’s good to continue to exercise your brain when you’re older, but starting out young provides us with a foundation on which we build upon. And one of the best ways to keep your kids’ minds active and flexible is precisely through board games. According to, today’s kids are getting started with chess at earlier and earlier ages which helps their brains grow at a faster rate. But that doesn’t mean you should pressure your young ones into playing chess in an attempt to turn them into prodigies – you need to introduce it slowly as a fun and engaging experience.

Handling Math Down The Road

Almost every board game includes some basic arithmetic, whether it’s tallying up scores or adding pips on dice. There are also the ones that go further from these basic skills to more complex stuff like keeping track of modifiers or evaluating probabilities. This means that the world of board games provides quite a wide range of mathematical problems and solutions which will provide your kids with practice and improve their skills through interesting and engaging gameplay. You just need to have patience and let the kids do the math and figure out things themselves. 

Accepting Consequences And Thinking Ahead

At an early age, kids are not aware that each their action has consequences which can be positive or negative for both, them and others. This cause-and-effect must be learned from experience, and board games offer them a perfect closed environment where they can develop the mindset which will help them embrace it. That’s why its good to talk about the decisions they make through the game play and trace back the end results to the initial decision step by step. That will also make them think ahead and consider their actions more carefully – they’ll figure out that capturing your opponent’s pawn is useless if that will allow them to take your queen in the next move. Their ability to think ahead while playing board games will teach them to think ahead in life, too. They should gradually pass on to more complex games which require more long-term strategies. 

Building Relevant Criteria

The real world is full of tough choices so after your kids have understood that each action has consequences, they’ll soon enough realize that the choice is not so easy to make. Many board games require us to choose between options that are equally rewarding or punishing, so by playing them your kids will learn how to balance reward and risk. In other words, they’ll build relevant criteria for their choices, enabling them to handle tough decisions later in life more easily.

Learning to be Patient

You know how kids just can’t resist talking when somebody is already involved in a conversation, jumping in the middle of the sentence? No matter how hard we try to explain that they have to wait, they don’t seem to get it. Well, board games can definitely teach them to wait for their turn. Board games are a powerful tool to turn your kids into people of high character because they teach them to be patient. Every kid will have to embrace patience because board game rules simply function that way – there is a time to act, and a time to wait. No matter if it’s grabbing the dice, moving bits around the board, or drawing cards, they’ll have to wait for their turn. That way they’ll learn that there’s an appropriate time for everything. 

Board games are a lot more than fun evenings around the table – besides the fact that they’ll train the cognitive skills of your kids,  they also represent a closed environment full of life experience which will teach them to be patient, make their own choices, and accept the consequences. 






How To Get The Most Out Of A Scrabble Words Cheat

Though online video games are quite popular for teenagers and people of any age, the card and board games still didn’t fade away and these are still enjoyed all over the world. The card and board games present a nice social experience, as you gather up with your friends in a pleasant yet competitive atmosphere and enjoy the game for numerous hours. Saying this, the game knows to be quite competitive and at times it can get quite heated up. Some people tend to go for certain cheat options, while others don’t see it as a fair thing to do.

Without discussing if using a words cheat is right or not, we will just present you the benefits of scrabble cheat word finder and how to get most out of it. For those that don’t know, Scrabble is a board word game that consists of 15×15 board and letter tiles that you need to use to get the adequate words winning the game once you reach the most points out of all. With this in mind, using the words finder can be of a huge benefit, as it saves you from thinking and figuring out different options because the algorithm does that for you!

How To Use The Scrabble Words Cheat

  1. Well, first of all, a scrabble cheat word finder will save you from spelling mistakes or getting all wired up in your analytical thinking. Still, for people that want to improve their knowledge and skills, it might be best to go without it. This service is pretty easy-to-use and the algorithm only requires that you put letter info and you will get numerous word options ranging from the shortest to the longest one.


  1. Most of the words cheat services offer you the ability to put in a maximum of 12 letters, with 2 additional wildcards. This is more than enough to cover any possible situation, and the algorithm is sure to provide you the bonus points if used correctly.


  1. Now, as there are numerous word finder options ranging from two letters, three letters, words starting with a letter, words ending with a letter, etc. it is wise to know which algorithm should you use in a certain situation. First of all, you should be using the algorithm to create parallel and perpendicular words that you can put instead of the one you had in mind (and doesn’t fit the board). The algorithms usually offer the two-letter words of this kind so you will find yourself in a win-win situation.


  1. Along with that, you should be using the power of suffixes and prefixes of a word that your friend put on the board. By making that word longer you will be able to get more points and eventually win the game. Thus, use the algorithm by searching for the words that end or start with a group of certain letters. The can be of great aid in this case.


  1. Last but not least know the value of letters and save some for later. For example, the letter U is high-valued but you shouldn’t use it ASAP and you should rather save it for once a Q letter can be put in as well, getting the most out of both and acquiring those bonus points.


Though we could discuss how ethical or fair is the scrabble cheat word finder, we will not and we can just agree that it is fine as long as you are not actually harming anyone else, and you don’t mind that you will be missing out on knowledge or skill development that this game can offer you.

Check Out the Best Board Games for Couples

Even though when you think of board games, you probably imagine a big group of friends, sitting in someone’s living room, having a great time, right? But who says playing it with just your significant other can’t be as much fun, or even more?

Today there are so many great options if you are looking for a game to play with your partner. But to save you the trouble of looking for them we are gonna present you 5 of the best board games for couples!

1. Stars Wars: Rebellion

Do you two happen to be fans of Star Wars? Then we have a perfect present for you. This is an asymmetrical strategy game, where you are in control of the whole war, you and your babe pick your sides and let the game begin. If you are playing on the side of the Empire, your goal is to locate the Rebel base and demolish it. On the other hand, if you choose the Rebels your strategy will be completely different, you will want to avoid confrontation and build alliances. This game is pretty intense and a longer play, so if you are looking for something light maybe this one is not for you.

image source:

2. Arkham Horror: The Card Game

This next one is great if you and your bae get your thrills from horror movies. Another plus of this game is that you don’t fight against each other, but you work as a team to win it all. You choose the scenario of the game, and you pick what investigators you want. You each get a deck of cards with items, weapons, skills, and your character. The decisions you make affect the game a great deal so it can end in different ways. It has a beautiful design and amazing storytelling.

3. Azul

Now a more abstract game. A stunning release which has the objective to match the same tiles. It is fun, pretty easy to learn, the only thing that might take a bit more time is getting used to the scoring combinations. Overall a great choice if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are more into abstract games.

image source:

4. Patchwork

A game that is perfect for any couple! The objective is to make the most beautiful quilt. This one starts with a 9×9 canvas and five buttons that are actually money and victory points. Then you have 33 patches to pick from, all different shapes, colours, and prices. Making a quilt won’t be as easy as you think! This is a great choice if you are looking for a shorter, lighter game. It’s great for beginners and very addictive.

5. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures

Another one where you can work on your teamwork skills as you try to beat the game together. It starts out by Sherlock Holmes himself giving you a case to solve. Every case will contain a booklet with the description of the case, London locations, a questionnaire as well as a solution that Sherlock Holmes came up with that you can compare to your one at the end of the game. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures is an amazing mystery and investigation game for two. The set up is easy, and it’s not too hard to learn. Although if you don’t feel like reading too much, this might not be the right one for you.