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The Beginning of Black Adam Shooting Has Been Announced

For the last five years, it has been official that Dwayne The Rock Johnson will be playing Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe. Ever since Shazam! got released in March this year, and got good reviews, the need for the spinoff with Black Adam has been growing, so it is expected that the movie will start shooting soon. For some fans not soon enough, but keep in mind that it was just a few months since Shazam! was released in theatres. The Rock revealed when the spinoff will start shooting, and that would be in the summer of 2020, which is less than a year from now.

This revelation began with Johnson admiring a sculpture of how it was imagined he would look like as Black Adam, which a fan shared. Johnson took notice of the fact that the whole project has been with him for more than 10 years so far, since the time when it was believed that Peter Segal will direct the movie. The Rock took it to Twitter to announce that the beginning of the shooting will start in July 2020.

As some of you may know, both Dwayne Johnson and producer Hiram Garcia announced that the goal was to get the spinoff to kick off production by the end of 2020. Because of this, we believe that no one expected it to be sooner. But it seems that the movie’s timetable started accelerating.


By the time production starts, it will be 13 years since the Rock has been connected to the Kahndaqian anti-hero Black Adam. At the time the wider DCEU first started coming together, which was after Man of Steel was released, and just before Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Johnson was asked to choose between playing Shazam and playing Black Adam. We all know who he picked, and it is believed to be a good choice, but he has yet to prove it.

At first, Shazam! movie was differently imagined. Until January 2017, the plot of the first movie was supposed to present a fight between Shazam and Black Adam, but the DCEU changed its mind, announcing that Black Adam will have his own movie, where he would debut. There is a scene in Shazam! where The Wizard is talking about how the Seven Deadly Sins were unleashed upon the world by his previous champion, known as Teth-Adam, thousands of years ago. So it was kind of a teaser for our anti-hero.

It is still unknown when the long-awaited clash between Shazam and Black Adam will happen, but according to Zachary Levi, who plays Billy Batson, it won’t be until Shazam! 3. We will wait as long as it takes.

There are not official Black Adam plot details, but it is believed that the story will explore Black Adam’s origins and what made him an anti-hero. However, there were some rumors about Hawkman, Stargirl, and Atom Smasher being in the movie.

The script was written by Adam Sztykiel. And if the production begins when announced, the release date could be reserved for 2021, although 2022 seems more logical. Stay tuned for more updates.

Dwayne Johnson wanted Jason Momoa as his brother in the new “Fast and Furious” spinoff

Both of these famous actors lived in Honolulu for a time, are around 6’4″ tall, and have starred in hugely successful franchises. Both are also ripped as hell, as well as strong. They could have also been staring right next to each other in the “Hobs and Shaw” movie that is set to come this year.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wanted to share the screen with his colleague Jason Momoa. More precisely, he wanted Momoa to be his brother on the screen. The Rock posted the following on his Instagram page: “I and Momoa tried hard to get him in this movie to play my brother, but his schedule was too packed”.

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The film is set to feature “Fast and Furious” characters Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, who are played by Johnson and Jason Statham. The blockbuster will also star Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby, and Helen Mirren. Furthermore, a veteran New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis will play the brother of Hobbs, alongside John Tui, known so far for “Power Rangers”, “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, and “Sione’s Wedding”. More members from the Hobbs family will be played by WWE star Roman Reigns and former American football linebacker Josh Mauga.

A lil’ HOBBS & SHAW exclusive. THE HOBBS BROTHERS. In Samoa 🇼🇸 we have a word that means everything to us – AIGA – which means FAMILY. My name is Luke Hobbs and these are my four brothers. My family. My aiga. They all live in Samoa where they own and operate “Hobbs Customs” – a former illegal chop shop, now a legit business where they build and deliver vintage custom cars all over the world. In Samoa we have another saying which is “Ou te le tau to’atasi ae matou te tau fa’atasi” which means, When you fight one, you fight us ALL. Biggest showdown the Fast & Furious Universe has ever seen is coming this summer. HOBBS & SHAW AUGUST 2ND #JoshMauga #CliffCurtis #RomanReigns #JohnTui #BigBrownBaldTattooedMan @hhgarcia41 📸

2.8m Likes, 11k Comments – @therock on Instagram: “A lil’ HOBBS & SHAW exclusive. THE HOBBS BROTHERS. In Samoa 🇼🇸 we have a word that means…”

Johnson posted this on his Instagram as well: “In Samoa, we have a word that means everything to us – AIGA – which means FAMILY. My name is Luke Hobbs and these are my four brothers.” This was under the picture of himself, Curtis, Mauga, Reigns, and Tui.

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Johnson and Momoa will have another shot to share the screen, as they are both a part of the DC Extended Universe, where The Rock will portray Black Adam, while Momoa has already appeared twice as Aquaman.

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Dwayne Johnson is optimistic about Momoa still appearing as his brother, and says, he will try it for the “Next Hobbs movie for sure.” “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” opens August 2.

Black Adam Will Be In Shazam! Sequel And Here Is What Dwayne Johnson Had To Say About It


It looks like there will be some changes on a Shazam! sequel. Shazam!’s screenwriter, Henry Gayden, will be returning to work on the sequel. Dwayne Johnson was asked by Variety about sequel plans, and here is what he answered: „Umm…talking about it right now, but you know just as the producers and the guys at Warner Bros. like to do, just kinda wait and let the movie continue to roll out. It got an amazing reception I was very happy with the success. I had a little bit to do with it as a producer, I was just responsible for spitting the brands of Black Adam and Shazam! and I’m happy they went on to success.“

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Sequel’s production is expected to begin next year, and Johnson wants to get Black Adam up and running. It looks like Johnson wouldn’t want any crossovers to happen, so he is focused on getting his movie done. This doesn’t come as a surprise since it is known that he wanted to separate the DC Comics brand.
It is still unknown who will direct Black Adam, while Shazam! 2 will be directed by David F. Sandberg.

Zachary Levi Insinuates Possibility Of Not Facing Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam


Shazam! star Zachary Levi was asked about the possibility of Dwayne The Rock Johnson being featured in future Shazam! sequels, and replied: „Oh man, I hope so! I don’t have a crystal ball.“

Levi talked about some of an early draft of Shazam! He revealed that Johnson was supposed to play a supervillain Black Adam, but it didn’t happen then.

Levi explained: „Dwayne [Johnson], many years ago now, was announced that he was going to be Black Adam and they were developing the script of Shazam! with the character of Black Adam in it. But over those years of developing it, they realized there’s not enough time to tell two full origin stories, which is what they would have to do, particularly if it’s The Rock playing the character.“

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Shazam! tells a story of young Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel, becoming an adult-aged hero played by Zachary Levi. This change comes from Batson saying magic word Shazam, which helps him gain the superhuman power of six ancient gods. In 1945, Shazam’s arch-nemesis, known as Black Adam was introduced. Shazam! will be in cinemas on Friday.

Levi said: „In a very wise choice, everyone was like ‘let’s just split them’, and then Black Adam can maybe have a standalone and have his own origin. Which would be cool for a lot of reasons, not least of which that supervillains don’t really get their own standalone. They’re usually fighting the good guys in their movies. So yeah, if we ever get down to it, I would love that. I would love to fight Black Adam. That seems to be the iconic fight.“

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In September 2014, there were some speculations about Dwayne The Rock Johnson playing Black Adam. Although Black Adam is the supervillain, he has been recently portrayed as an anti-hero. In 2017 Johnson’s DC movie was announced to become a standalone movie, and Johnson said that Black Adam is „the most ruthless villain/anti-hero of all time“. There hasn’t been much talk about it. Since Johnson is very busy, it is most likely that Black Adam won’t happen soon, but until it does, fans are looking forward to seeing Shazam!

Here is what Mark Strong, who plays Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in Shazam!, had to say about the upcoming movie: „It would be a no-brainer to have a character who’s as light and funny as this [joining the Justice League]… can you imagine?“

Will Dwayne Johnson Ever Play Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe?

Rumors have been swirling that Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam back in 2014. Eventually, the DC Extended Universe contorted and changed Black Adam’s role. So, the director of Shazam!,David F. Sandberg decided not to feature The Rock’s character as the primary antagonist in the film. In fact, Black Adam will appear in his own solo film, where he would be portrayed as an anti-hero rather than a straight-up villain.

Even though we all hoped that we would see a cameo of Black Adam, at least in the after-credits scene, it has been confirmed that Black Adam won’t appear in the Shazam! film at all. So, we can’t all help but wonder whether The Rock will ever play the fictional supervillain and occasional antihero.

When it was first reported that we will see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, the DC Extended Universe had only one film, Man of Steel. As time went by, the universe has expanded. Hence, there were many films, including Wonder Woman, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Aquaman. Likewise, the DCEU has announced many upcoming projects, such as Matt Reeves’ solo Batman film, Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.
Each one of these projects has been discussed by Warner Bros.

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Brass, but there haven’t been any talks about the Black Adam movie. On the other hand, The Rock claimed that the movie will happen and that it’s still in the scripting stage. Thus, it was supposed that as the release Shazam! comes closer, we will know more both about the film and Black Adam as a villain.

Nevertheless, Shazam! doesn’t seem to have anything with Black Adam.
The upcoming two projects for DC are the solo Batman film and The Suicide Squad, which are scheduled for release in 2021. So, it means that Black Adam movie will either happen in 2022 or never. Even though The Rock once mentioned that Black Adam might happen in late 2019, that seems to be highly unlikely.

On the other hand, The Rock is an incredibly popular actor who has been lining project after project. He finished filming Disney’s Jungle Cruise and Hobbs & Shaw and now he is getting ready for a movie based on Hawaiian King Kamehameha and an original project titled Red Notice. Additionally, he works on various TV projects, such as HBO’s Ballers and NBC’s Titan Games.

The Rock is undoubtedly very busy with plenty of projects on his place. However, we would all love to see him playing Black Adam. DC announced many projects in the last couple of years, but there was no sign of Black Adam. Until further notice, we will keep wondering whether we will ever see The Rock brings Black Adam to life.