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Will Coronavirus Change the Cryptocurrency World


The world is currently facing a mutual opponent. People around the world are isolated because of the coronavirus. Many people have died in the last 4 months, many of them are affected, but many of them are also cured. We need to mention the last thing because it is necessary to fulfill our days with a dose of positivity.

Anyway, the entire world is wondering for how long the entire crisis will last. However, we believe that even the biggest experts in this field can’t give you that answer. It is hard to predict how things are going to function in the world.

Still, one of the things that we can say for sure is that the economy is going to change in the future. Many companies are shot down because of the crisis. They did not have the opportunity to make a profit because the streets are empty. This has especially affected small and medium-sized businesses. Still, it also influences big companies.

One of the things that bother people is – will coronavirus change the cryptocurrency world? Well, the answer to this question we need to analyze. However, the precise answer does not exist. We can only work with the pieces of data that we currently have.

Are There Signs of Changes?

The shortest answer that we can give you is “Yes, the signs are already visible.” They are visible in every field of economy and the cryptocurrency industry has not been skipped.

The influence that the pandemic has on cryptocurrency is bad. You can easily see that when you look at the price of different cryptocurrencies. For instance, the most popular crypto Bitcoin has suffered a huge fall. The middle of March was the biggest problem of all. In only one week, the value of BTC failed or 5 thousand dollars. This is a huge amount of money, doesn’t it? The current value of Bitcoin is around 6.9 thousand dollars. In the last 25h, the value of Bitcoins went down for 5.73%. Even if you are the biggest fan of cryptocurrency, you need to be honest and say that things are not good for this industry.

However, we need to stop being negative for a moment. Did someone in the world expect that something like this is going to happen? The value of Bitcoin and other popular currencies had a slow but perspective raise of value in the last couple of months. This only means that people were satisfied with this payment method.

Yet, no one expected something like this will happen. This includes everyone from doctors to economy experts. Because of that, people started to be paranoid. They started to sell their Bitcoin for a lesser price. Despite that, many businesses that were working with BTC stopped working. The transactions do not exist and that is the reason why we have this sort of situation.

However, this doesn’t mean that this is going to continue in the future. Keep in mind that the crisis is not going to last forever. Look at China and you will see a good example of that. The crisis there lasted for around 4 months. Fortunately, things are better now and that is going to happen soon with the entire world.

At that moment, the economies are going to continue to function in the same way before. Indeed, we do not want to say that people will easily get back to normal. However, when there are good conditions, the achievement of these goals is going to be closer. That is the reason why people in this industry think that BTC and other virtual currencies are going to survive and continue in the same manner as before the crisis. You can also here some optimistic opinions of people. They believe that, if BTC survives the crisis (it obviously will), it will become stronger than ever before. People will start looking for additional ways to earn money, and the cryptocurrency world is going to one of the places where they will make investments.

However, is this the right moment to invest in BTC? It might be, but we suggest people be more patient. The crisis in America has just begun and it will probably last longer comparing to Europe. Keep in mind that most of the investors are from the US. This can potentially mean that the value of the cryptocurrencies is going to fall more. That’s why we suggest you wait for a couple of weeks more and see how things are going to move.

Still, recognizing a good opportunity is a tough challenge. That’s why we recommend you network with other investors and learn more about this industry. Education pays off always. You can visit BitcoinsLifeStyle and find out more about Bitcoin.

Will Crypto Conferences Be Organized Once Again?

We also do not have a precise answer to this question. However, we do know that all these conferences had a positive influence on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They were a good tool to promote them and people started to invest their money because of them. Still, because of the travel restrictions, the Coronavirus messed up the plans of the investors.

For instance, have you heard about the Token2049 conference? This one was planned to be organized in the middle of March. It was planned to be organized in Hong Kong. However, the pandemic started there in December and it had to be canceled because of that.

A good example of how Coronavirus affected Crypto Conferences is Hong Kong Blockchain Week as well. This event was also planned for March. Still, for now, they plan to organize this educational festival for September. Is that going to be acceptable for potential visitors is something we will see soon.

Conclusion: Don’t Rush!

Before we say goodbye to our readers, we need to say one valuable advice. The crisis is a period when people make some wrong moves. They start to be afraid and they are looking for ways to earn more money. It is understandable why we have this scenario. A lot of people bankrupt, others lost their jobs, etc.

However, if you possess BTC currently, we do not recommend you sell it. If you are patient enough, this might be a long-term solution for your financial problems. It is important to follow the changes in the cryptocurrency world and see what is going to happen.

Don’t rush!

5 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing – 2020 Beginner’s Guide

Ever since the internet came out, people started thinking about ways that they can make money while using it. Some came up with an idea of online shops, others ran surveys or mined Bitcoin. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making a living online, and one of them is E-Mail Marketing.

When it comes to marketing, we can’t neglect that the entire industry completely changed when people got introduced to the internet. Long gone are the times when someone called you on your landline to talk about a certain product, and you no longer see people knocking on your door talking about a free promotion tryout.

With an internet connection, people can advertise through their computers, without wasting nearly as much time as some of the previously-mentioned methods required, and they can reach a hundred times more people than what they could before.

There are numerous types of online marketing, but one of the most popular ones that’s still very effective up to this day is E-Mail marketing. If you are a beginner in this industry, and you’re looking to hone your skills, feel free to stick with us until the end and we promise to teach you a thing or two. Let’s take a look.

1. Selling Sponsor Ads

Before we begin, you should know that the most important thing in E-Mail promoting is making a solid, quality list of E-Mail addresses of real users, and then improving and expanding it each day. To an agent of this kind, this is the most valuable weapon in the arsenal. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the first method for today’s list.

If you have a well-done list of E-Mail addresses, and you manage to prove this to your sponsor, in each one of your mails that you send, you can add a short paragraph that can contain a link which will lead to the website of your sponsor. It’s even better if the content of the mail that you’re sending is similar to the product that you are trying to promote, just to keep things less obvious.

Not that there is anything wrong with sponsoring, but you don’t want to let your e-mail receivers know that you are sending them a mail strictly for that reason.

2. Advertise your products

The first and most obvious thing to do is to use the list that you’ve made to promote your products or services. You don’t have to send the same mail all the time, but you can notify your customers about certain actions, promotions, price decreases or bundles that you came up with lately.

You should know that the line between being a good marketer and being annoying is slim with this advertising method, so try to be careful with the content and the frequency. You can even send links to videos and other types of reports that will make the people subscribed to your list feel privileged, that’s always a great way of gaining trust and forming relationships. Anyways, advertising your products is probably the best way of earning, but it might be just a tad more difficult without using something like the famous klaviyo expert made available to you by this website.

3. Utilizing the “Thank You” page

If you’ve ever signed for a newsletter before, chances are that you were immediately redirected to a page that said something in the lines of “Thank you for subscribing, we are glad to make you a part of our team”. If so, you already know what a Thank You page is, and now it’s time to use yours to maximize profit.

Whenever someone gets redirected to a Thank You page, it can be either your page, or a page that’s on another’s company website. If it is on your page, and you have some advertisement going on, you immediately get revenue from that, and if it is another company’s page, for example, you’ll get paid for bringing some traffic to their site.

4. Promotions and Price Reductions

If a company knows that you have a well-built list of e-mails that you can use for a great purpose, they’ll ask you to make promotions for some of their products or services, and this can earn you some nice money if you do it right.

The promotions need to look as real as you can make them, and a very common trick that agents use is letting those who are subscribed to the newsletter think that they are the only ones getting the promotion, which in some cases is true, but not every time. It can be even more effective if you talk with the company and agree on adding a time-limited offer, just to make people buy faster.

There are tons of tricks that you can do, so feel free to use your creativity and marketing skills to come up with interesting promotional ideas.

5. Use something called a tripwire

The term tripwire is used to describe something that happens very frequently in the world of e-mail marketing. When someone signs up for your newsletter, you immediately pitch a promotional offer for them, but it should not exceed the price range of $10-$40, because it won’t be a tripwire if it does.

Even if the customer ends up unsubscribing immediately because of the offer, it doesn’t matter because of two reasons. One, you tried your chances of pitching something that might’ve worked, and two, they would’ve unsubscribed anyway after you send the first promotional mail. This helps you know immediately if a customer will stay or not.

If they end up buying the tripwire, however, according to statistics, that customer is about ten times more likely to purchase other things from you, and you might be very close to a long-term, long-lasting relationship with them.


E-Mail marketing is one of the most effective and powerful tools these days, and if you get good at it, you can collaborate with many successful companies as their main advertising agent. There are many methods and tricks that you can utilize to increase revenue, and they are not very hard to do, although a bit of practice will be more than welcome. Slowly building a quality list of e-mails is what matters the most if you are trying to become better at this profession.


How Long Does it Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin in 2020

Mining is hard work, in both real lives and in the online community. Cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely make their way into the market and becoming more mainstream with every year that passes by. The number of people that are investing in this business is rapidly increasing but most of them think of this as an easy and quick way of acquiring assets. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that. With different cryptocurrencies available on the market is can be very hard to pick one, so, it may be better to stick to the one that is the most popular: bitcoin. Let’s dive into the world of mining and see how much time you will need to invest in order to dig just one bitcoin.

How does mining work?

When mining occurs every bitcoin place that is doing the mining adds a new block to the so-called Blockchain; for every unit that is being created, the one who has made it will get a prize. In order for the new unit of the Blockchain to be created some work needs to be done; in essence, this process relies on the correct solution of the complex maths problems and it works on the principle first comes first served. From this, you can already guess that for this job you will need a machine that is quite powerful. Bear in mind that as every mining product this is a process with an expiration date, meaning that there is no infinite amount of bitcoins that can be dugout. New bitcoins will not be in-game in this century as some assume.

How fast can it go?

Some estimates are that there is a bitcoin dug out every ten minutes. New units have a specific, so-called, price that can be lowered since there are more and more miners. With the technology available it would be absurd to try to mine with your home computer no matter how strong you made it be. Computers use electrical power which has to be paid, so using a lot of machinery can lead to additional expenses that might not be covered with what you are digging. Since the whole process relies on doing mathematical problems that require computing power, more power means more speed; unfortunately, your PC cannot compare to the heavy machinery backed by some big companies so the odds are that you will take months and even years to dig a unit.

Due to this, many have decided to join forces and share the workload amongst themselves but also the profit. Even though this would mean lower income, they will be more frequent and in the end, they will add up. It has been estimated that by doing so you can get more than digging alone since this allows you to compete with some serious machines that are out there.

If you are wondering where to start this new job of yours, why not pick the best one available there.  offers everything a new miner can ever want and need; easy to access platform and tracking your success in real-time.

Don’t forget to take into consideration that you will need to invest in your equipment and use a lot of electricity since the hardware will work all the time to provide the desired outcome. Cheaper the energy and better hash rate will grant you a better outcome. Also, when picking equipment, sometimes it is better to be counterintuitive, and choose cheap, replaceable parts rather than expensive ones; pick the ones that can sustain a lot of wear and tear, and if not most important warranty is always a plus. When picking hardware, it may be better to get GPU rather than ASICs since they are less expensive, available and use way less energy while working.

Should I try alternatives?

When hardware is hard to get by, and it keeps breaking and using additional resources you might think about other options, such as cloud mining. But, in order to reduce the cost of individual mining, you would perhaps like to reconsider this as an option since it can reduce the money usage and increase overall income.

In order to do this, you will need to become a part of an organization and this one can come along with some costs, since you cannot just become a part of mining community without making a tribute, most of them have some sort of a membership that has to be paid every month. So, take this into consideration when changing the way you earn your bitcoins. It can be a rocky road but don’t give up at the very start and give it some time to work it out. In order to make a viable comparison of the income when you did regular mining and this new source, give it a year or so. After this period of time, you can make a proper decision whether to continue with this type or get your assets together and go back to the hardware building.

This can also be a good transition if you want to build a more powerful machine, you can use a year to slowly mine and invest in improving your equipment. Its simple better equipment, more power, more income. Another positive side of this way of getting coins is that, even though it is not as profitable, it is not as risky, and you can start and stop anytime.


Mining is a hardworking and mindful process that has to be thought through before entering into it. It is always good to know who to accompany since the chances of you succeeding alone if you don’t possess a monstrosity of equipment is low and very slow. Good thing is that you can pick and choose how will you do it and give a test run with cloud mining before using hardware. It is always good to go with the pool and become a part of a bigger organization since it will be easier and more profitable in the end.




Winklevoss Net Worth 2020 – How Much Money the Most Famous Twins and Cryptocurrencies Investors Make

If you’ve ever been interested in cryptocurrency trading, or just wanted to know more about the industry, it’s almost impossible that you didn’t find the Winklevoss twins at some point. If you type “greatest cryptocurrency investors” in your internet search engine, these two guys will definitely appear on that list.

However, apart from trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, the Winklevoss brothers are known as highly successful entrepreneurs and first Bitcoin billionaires. We hope this is a sufficient amount of information to keep you interested in continuing to read our article today. If so, below you will be able to find some very interesting information about the most famous identical twin brothers such as details from their childhood, career and of course net worth. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Early Life

As we said, the Winklevoss twins are probably the most famous and successful identical twins in the world. Brothers named Cameron and Tyler were born on August 21, 1981, in Southampton, New York, United States. Yet, for most of her childhood, the twins spent in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their father, Howard Winklevoss, is a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, while their mother name is Carol Winklevoss.

It is important to note that the brothers attended Greenwich Country Day School, as well as the Brunswick School. Subsequently, Tyler and Cameron enrolled at Harvard University, where they graduated in 2004 with a degree in economics. This probably later affected their smart investment and cryptocurrency trading.


The Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss gained the most popularity thanks to investing in the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, before the advent of BTC, the twins had some ideas for starting a business. If you’ve ever heard of ConnectU, it was their social networking idea that is very similar to today’s Facebook. This social network was launched in 2002, and was originally called HavardConnect. However, the name was changed to ConnectU later.

This case is very interesting because the Winklevoss brothers contacted Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, to work with them on this project. However, Zuckerberg stole their idea and started the most popular social network in the world today. The culmination of this legal problem came in 2008 when the Facebook CEO had to pay them $65 million in compensation.

Later, they cleverly used this money and invested in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Cameron and Tyler are now considered one of the largest cryptocurrency investors in the world and first Bitcoin billionaires. Interestingly, the brothers participated in the Beijing Olympics the same year, where they finished 6th in the men’s pair rowing finals.

Winklevoss Net Worth

According to recent estimates, the Winklevoss twins have a reserve of around 115,000 Bitcoins. This means that their wealth is multi-billionaire. Also, their net worth in 2020 is roughly $1.35 billion. In this way, justice is somehow satisfied after the ConnectU case.

Where Is the Cryptocurrency Industry Headed In 2019?

Since the first cryptocurrency appeared in January 2009, this new industry has taken a very interesting path. From very little value at a price that literally didn’t interest anyone to nearly $20,000, Bitcoin has evolved and influenced many other areas such as finance, trading, or technology industries. Bitcoin also initiated the creation of numerous other cryptocurrencies called altcoins.

Today, we can talk about the various advantages, features, disadvantages and many other things about BTC and other digital assets. However, what is most interesting to anyone involved in the cryptocurrency market and whole game, is where the cryptocurrency industry is headed in 2019? It is very important to make a good strategy when trading cryptocurrencies and to anticipate further developments in the industry. Therefore, today we have decided to answer the above question.

Also, if you still haven’t become part of this really big industry, we suggest checking out BitcoinBillionaire. Here you can get all the help you need, advanced statistics, graphics, and all the other tools and tips that can help you succeed in the cryptocurrency industry and make money. Now, without further ado, if you’re ready, let’s check out where the cryptocurrency industry was headed in 2019.

Institutional Investors Affect the Entire Game

As we said, BTC is the first cryptocurrency which has had a truly amazing journey in the past decade. From almost insignificant value to almost a whopping $20,000 at the end of 2017, Bitcoin has undoubtedly influenced the growth of the market, the increase in the number of transactions, and, therefore the attraction of more users and individual investors. However, after the all-time high value, BTC value ​​dropped significantly, as low as $3,000 at one point. Although the current value is pretty good (about $7800 at the time of this writing), it can be said this is much below the ATH value.

The decline in value caused one phenomenon, which caused a decrease in the number of individual investors. It is the appearance of institutional investors that caused fewer transactions and individual investors to leave the market. Did this affect BTC and other cryptocurrencies? It certainly affected and is still affecting because this process isn’t over and new institutional players are constantly entering. However, has the industry lost value? Well, we have to admit that it’s not case, because institutional investors are strong enough to keep a cryptocurrency industry great. First of all, we are thinking of projects that have begun to develop in 2019 and that will undoubtedly continue to impact this large industry. One of them is Nasdaq, and the emergence of similar projects will undoubtedly increase the value of the market and the entire industry.

Stable Coins Are a Very Important Part of The Industry

Wondering what stable coins are? Well, these are digital coins that are linked to the price of FIAT currencies such as the dollar. A typical example of stable coin is Tether whose value has been equal to $1 for a long time. The role of stable coins is first and foremost to provide security in the event of decreasing collateral prices of leading digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

However, how can stable coins become dominant when Bitcoin and other altcoins are more valuable and more people are interested in trading these currencies? Analysts have made every effort to provide answers to this question, and there are two main reasons. First of all, apart from Tether, there are other stable coins (e.g. Facebook’s Libra) that strengthen this part of the market but also the market cap of stable coins. The second reason is the stability of these tokens. Other cryptocurrencies that are decentralized have one thing in common, which is instability. On the other hand, stable coins are stable, as their name implies. Stability is exactly what big investors are looking for, so it is very possible for stable coins to dominate the market in the coming period.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) Approval

Approving Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ETFs would be a very significant thing in 2019. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet, primarily because of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). This organization hasn’t yet approved any of the Bitcoin ETF applications, and in the previous period, several of them were either rejected or delayed. For example, this situation has hit the VanEck fund, which is one of the most popular funds.

According to many experts, this approval would mean a lot to the industry, but above all to investors. If an ETF for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were approved in the United States and Great Britain (greatest markets), it would mean safer trading compared to current system the industry has to offer, but also direct selling and buying. In general, the Bitcoin ETF would bring many benefits to the entire industry.

Things About the Cryptocurrency Industry Known So Far

What is of particular interest to all cryptocurrency traders are the latest price forecasts for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, XRP, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, no one can tell you with certainty, but there are some platforms that can help you trade, and provide you with advanced tools and statistics so you can more easily judge whether or not you’ll be able to make a profit.

However, what is certain is that the benefits brought to us by the crypto revolution are still continuing to apply. For example, revolutionary and advanced blockchain technology is entering an increasing number of other industries. In addition, Bitcoin as the original cryptocurrency designed to bring about a revolution in finance has somewhat succeeded doing so. Unfortunately, we still don’t have sufficient acceptance of this digital coin or other altcoins as an official means of payment, but the number of places where you can pay using cryptocurrencies should grow in the coming years, which is encouraging for all cryptocurrency traders and those who own these digital assets.


Bitcoin – The Valuable Cryptocurrency And Its Trading Statistics

You have probably heard of bitcoin, open-source software, or digital cryptocurrency, the value of which can only be exchanged in virtual space. The cost and value of the invention of an anonymous developer or group of developers under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto are particularly interesting, even revolutionary. Especially considering that bitcoin is not subject to the powers of central banking systems.

Bitcoin = Anonymity, Autonomy, Decentralization and Independence

Bitcoin development is aimed at anonymity, autonomy, decentralization and independence from world governments, banks, corruption, malpractice and even ideological systems. What particularly catches our attention is the fact that the apparent value of cryptocurrency is not in financial terms. Bitcoin is revolutionary and innovative. Therefore the greatest value of digital money lies primarily in its transaction system.

The Revolutionary Bitcoin System

This currency is not printable and the total amount of money that can be created is limited to just 21 million bitcoins. As interest in bitcoin skyrocketed, so did the value of cryptocurrency soaring through the end of 2017. Let’s just mention that on December 17, 2017, bitcoin had the highest value ever achieved, but in just one year in December 2018, with turbulent exchange rate fluctuations, its value declined dramatically.

Although the price index varies, its actuality does not decline. This is supported by the fact that more and more people are interested in buying bitcoin, and that some countries have introduced this cryptocurrency as legal means of payment. Perhaps the discussion about bitcoin pricing today is not so important, but that is why the system that manages bitcoin is revolutionary.

It also hides the highest value of this cryptocurrency. Before presenting the true value of bitcoin, let’s explain in a simplified way how it works.

Why Is This Cryptocurrency Valued And Valuable?

Digital money itself does not have any particular innovative value, but it does have a system by which it is distributed. A successful and reliable bitcoin transfer is possible due to P2P or blockchain technology. To put it simply, it is a financial ledger that records the amount of money in virtual accounts as well as the entire history of bitcoin transfers online.

We can also interpret this transaction history as a chain of all transactions ever made, with a total sum of 21 million bitcoins in the future. We say in the future because the final or the total number of bitcoins made – has not yet been reached. A transaction or a block cannot be modified or deleted, which means that no criminal financial action can be taken. Very revolutionary, isn’t it? However, this is not the only level of revolution.

The next level of innovation is the decentralization of transaction records. There is no single central registry, but the entire blockchain file is stored on the node drives (or users, ie miners). Each new transaction is instantaneously recorded and updated with each of the users (nodes), and there is no “central authority”.

Application Of Digital Money In Different Countries Of The World

Bitcoin is a deflationary currency in the market. Besides digital payment, it is also used for other purposes. One such has been recognized in the facilitated international distribution of funds. Its good side is particularly emphasized in the case of migrants who can transact in this cryptocurrency in foreign countries. All can be done without the additional, high costs of international transaction services.

Another common purpose of bitcoin is to invest. Funding and buying bitcoin has become a major investment. Let’s just take, for example, that in 2017 the value of bitcoin doubled four times. Buying bitcoin at a low price and selling at a high has made a profit for many people on the stock market, which is another example of using this cryptocurrency.

What is the Open Interest Chart?

Anyone who has already entered the bitcoin trade seriously enough – knows that keeping track of statistics means managing information. In this sense, the term “open interest” is often referred to.

And what exactly is it? Bitcoin open interest represents actual open positions on BTC / USD trading pairs. This data is recorded from 2018. If open interest reaches more than 100,000 bitcoins – higher volatility in the price of this cryptocurrency may be observed.

Longs vs Shorts Interests

Longs and shorts data are provided to help users understand better the amounts of long and short positions that are open in valuing USD. Statistics are of the utmost importance here because they show users real-time data. According to – this kind of data is sometimes crucial to determine the values and predict the next steps in the bitcoin market.

Bitcoin As A Legitimate Cryptocurrency

The value of bitcoin currency varies and is interpreted differently from country to country. While some countries are more than determined to accept bitcoin as a legitimate digital payment currency in the country, there are also countries that, due to their inability to tax, avoid accepting bitcoin as a legitimate means of online payment.

In the US, the Internal Revenue Service treats all prominent digital currencies, including bitcoin, as property, not currency. In other words, every taxpayer who sells or buys bitcoin must report the value of the bitcoins used in the annual tax return. This tax regulation is also subject to miners who make a profit by “digging out” missing pieces of code in the blockchain. Unlike America, the European Court of Justice recognizes and treats bitcoin as a currency.

Although not subject to value-added tax, bitcoin is taxed otherwise. In Britain, the tax administration treats bitcoin as a foreign currency, where each case regarding this cryptocurrency is considered based on individual facts and circumstances.

In addition to these countries, it is also worth noting that the use of bitcoin will lead Sweden to the first cashless nation. However, in less developed countries or countries hit by financial crises, such as Venezuela and India, bitcoin is a means of legitimately paying for goods and services.

The Strongest Value Of Bitcoin

As we explained earlier, the greatest value and importance of bitcoin lies in its transaction protection system – the blockchain system. With bitcoin, for the first time, we have a system where corruption and other financial malpractices are not possible. That gave many people an idea to think more broadly. If it is possible to implement a system of protection and transparent presentation of the flow of money online, then maybe it is possible to apply this system in other spheres of ownership. In other words, the advent of bitcoin may be the first revolutionary achievement since the advent of the internet.

Its importance is primarily recognized in the blockchain system. This system provides security based on the interest of system participants in managing without fraud. Why? Because that’s the only way they can benefit from the system. Blockchain is even recognized as a system that is far better quality and more efficient than VAT. Once a block in a blockchain is printed, no further manipulation is possible.


The revolution made by bitcoin in the virtual space is very likely to spread more and more to other social forms and structures. That is why it is very important to follow the flows and technological innovations, to acquire knowledge and to improve. It is only a matter of time before the virtual guarantee of the Internet will be the only valid and secure system of social organization.





Why Is Bitcoin Going Up?

Bitcoin got on the market in the year of 2009. If you invested $1000 in this cryptocurrency at that point, these days your trading portfolio would be showing close to $40mil in profit. No other investment would take you to that private jet-plane. However, the history of this currency might make you even further in the past. Some attempts to create online currencies happened even before the Bitcoin got on the market. Bit Gold, so as B-Money, were formulated, but there was no time, energy, and effort made to have them fully developed. In the year 2009 mining process started, and the first transaction was recorded. During that first year, Bitcoin was only mined and not traded. It was impossible to assign a specific value to this currency. Next year, the first transaction happened by someone selling 10,000 of them for two pizzas. Oh well, he made a mistake. Just by keeping them until today, the owner would be net-worth over $100mil. A large portion of that money would be highly taxable. However, not all world citizens are allowed to trade this currency due to their citizenship restriction. Some traders are going that far to the point of giving up their current citizenship to buy crypto. Ever since then, Bitcoin had ups and downs, so as any other currency, but unlike other currencies (especially paper currencies), Bitcoin went up to the sky in the year of 2017.

We all heard about Bitcoin and traders becoming rich overnight. Some of us invested in Bitcoin just by purchasing this cryptocurrency at the right moment and keeping it up to the point when the currency reached its maximum value on the market. Since the moment when we started getting involved in currency trading and our adrenalin went up in our veins, we have done everything we could on our end to make money as soon as possible. Hours and days spent on Youtube channels, with rich showmen presenting themselves as successful traders. Some of us invested money in online education and paid courses. Fibonacci is playing a significant role in our life these days. Many great classes are available on the market, but selecting the right one that suits us might not be an easy job. We are looking into getting the best value for our Dollars. Using several different sources combined might give us the best results in our learning journey. Learning currency trading is a never-ending story. Often in life, we learn on our mistakes, so as on mistakes of others. The bottom line is – schooling in online trading does help. Understanding major market moves and taking the right position at the right time will take our home budget to another level. 

You have decided to trade Bitcoin and now what?

Paper currencies are becoming less popular for online traders these days in comparison to cryptocurrencies. Trading paper currencies online might require paying close attention to world news. “War for oil” did show us how the liberation of certain countries might have an impact on the price of oil in our gas tank, so as on investment in “oil currency” online. Low wage labor in certain countries such as China created a dumping price on imported products in the United States and resulted in some economic sanctions on “Made in China” products, especially on products that ruined US manufacturing. Anti-dumping duty went up to 100% or even more so that US manufacturers can protect their position on the market and keep their standard of living. Chinese yuan was held on a deficient level for a while. These are all political things that have an impact on paper currency pairs. Trading cryptocurrency is much more comfortable. It takes less of politics and more of mathematics. That is one of the reasons why traders are heading towards a crypto direction. The next step is selecting the right broker and trading platform. Very précised trading platforms as definitely needed for accurate and fast trading. US Trading Association placed BitcoinStorm on the top position of all trading softwares due to laser-accurate performance and advance programming that results in being ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds. Being ahead of others makes this platform the most consistent app in the world. Simplicity is an additional benefit of trading on this platform so that anyone can trade with very little or no experience. 

Bitcoin is ready to move up again

Currencies can go up and down, but they can also go sideways. When the money is going sideways – it means that it is trying to determine direction. It might be the best time for taking the position on the market before that significant move does happen. Currency defended reliable price support of close to $7,700. Closely tracked 100-week MA (moving average) support is showing very strong ground these days. Investors see a current dip as the running train up the hill on which they are planning to jump on right away. In turbulent markets, the best thing to do it to go “long” within a specific time-frame. This cryptocurrency reached double-value at a certain point, so we are waiting for that significant move to take us to the same position since the ground floor already got tested several times.

Get familiar with tax laws on profit

Investing in currency trading and earning high rewards has been seen as pure profit with very little or no write-offs. As soon as you see that your investing in currency trading is showing results – it might be useful to get ahold of your local tax person. Taxes on currency trading made a profit are different in every country and getting a second passport might be useful in certain situations. After all – we are trading to make ourselves more productive, not anyone else. Profit-making with Bitcoin has great potential in the near future, and you would like to take your piece of pie as well. 


Bitcoin Price Prediction In 2020

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency market for a while, you probably know that the most popular virtual coin is BTC or Bitcoin. Also, you probably know that this cryptocurrency is the most valuable and has had the highest recorded value almost two years ago, in December of 2017 when you could sell one BTC for $19,783. Since then, Bitcoin has been on the decline, with the lowest value in the past two years recorded in early 2019.

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However, it is noted that the value of this cryptocurrency is returning to a high level, which may be an indication that next year will be very important when it comes to BTC. A lot of experts have expressed their opinion on the rise and fall of Bitcoin in 2020, so at the moment it is quite interesting and uncertain how things will look like in the future. While no one can predict with certainty, there are some patterns that have been repeated over the years regarding Bitcoin. If you are trading this cryptocurrency, the best solution is to use the detailed statistics and help provided by experts on sites like This site is specialized in cryptocurrency trading and helps users to better understand market trends and invest more securely. However, currently, the most important question is what is the forecast for the price of Bitcoin in 2020? Well, keep reading and check the opinions of trade and finance experts.

News on the BTC market that may affect the price

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Just over a month ago, on September 23, 2019, the long-awaited platform called Bakkt was officially launched, intended to bring a new revolution in the virtual coin’s market. It should provide security and transparency in the BTC business for all institutional and merchant investors. This means that Bitcoin would be more implemented in the traditional financial system and payment methods, and thus return the value closer to the highest recorded.

In addition, the technologies used by BTC can significantly affect the adoption of this cryptocurrency as a widespread and official payment method. For example, currently, the most widespread payment system is Visa. The main advantage is the speed and low cost of transfers. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is lagging behind traditional payment systems when it comes to these features. This could be changed using Lightning Network technology, which is in the process of development and should significantly shorten the time for BTC payments.

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The price of BTC next year can be significantly affected by Bitcoin block halving. Miners are known to receive a reward for their work. They receive 50 BTC for each mined block. However, the reward is reduced in half to every 210,000 blocks. This means that the next halving will occur during May 2020 and that then the value of one block will be 6.25 BTC. This simply means that demand will at some point be higher than supply and that BTC value will increase.

All of these things can significantly make 2020 perhaps the most important year for all cryptocurrency traders, especially those trading in Bitcoin. Although the current price is below $9500 at the time of writing, this doesn’t mean that the price will fall even lower, but rather that this is a good time to buy extra BTC. This investment may pay off in the coming months because according to expert analysis, Bitcoin is expected to reach perhaps the highest value ever recorded in 2020. Therefore, think carefully and make smart moves.