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Reasons why you should invest in Cryptocurrency

Before taking a look at the reasons you should invest in cryptocurrency, lets first have a brief reminder of what they actually are. Today, cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon known to most people. While some people might not understand it to the full extent, most banks, companies, governments, and people know its importance.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is designed to work as a way of exchange that uses cryptography in order to make secure transactions, control the creation of additional units, as well as verify the transfer of your asset. They use a decentralized control, as opposed to centralized digital currencies and central banking systems.

In 2017, Bitcoin burst into the scene and started growing in price at a very fast rate. Trading this currency has become a worldwide trend and the number of people deciding to invest in them has exceeded 500 million. However, you might ask yourself, should I invest in this currency? Here is a list of five reasons for considering:
  1. Your money will always stay yours – the important thing about the success of Bitcoin is the technological control it has. Thanks to innovation like these, electronic transfers can be made in a faster and safer way. Blockchain will encrypt the data, which will prevent access to if from all internal sources at every stage of the processing. The parts that contain the data are stored in a decentralized way, which basically means that the information cannot be deleted or copied. Think about what happens if your money is stored in a bank. That bank could claim bankruptcy and you will lose all your money. However, if you invest in cryptocurrencies, your money is yours forever.


2. No government involved – Blockchain offers a new approach of asset handling, from now on, there will be no          “middlemen”, such as governments or banks. They have no control over the circulation of the digital assets  and           there is no way they can access the data related to the transactions done with Bitcoin. One of the main reasons             to invest in these currencies is probably the integrity and safety of virtual money.
  1. Blockchain has an important role – although it does allow anonymous transactions, Bitcoin is built on the concept of being transparent. What that means is that the details of the transactions are all stored in the Blockchain and it can be viewed when needed. This particular feature can be valuable when public transactions are done.


  1. Investment is simple as never before – today, every person that has Internet access can invest in Bitcoin. Here is what you will need, a plastic card to purchase cryptocurrencies online, you will need to create a cryptocurrency wallet, find a place to invest in cryptocurrency, create a purchase offer or find requests that are ready to answer, and as soon as you make a purchase and pay for the virtual money, the coins will be transferred into your wallet.


  1. The forecasts are promising – as a real or potential investor, you should focus on long-term profitability. If you analyze every shift in the cryptocurrencies, it will probably drive you crazy. Hence, you could panic and sell the money for a lower price that you actually purchased it for, resulting in a major loss. So, why should you invest in it? Cryptocurrency fluctuations are unavoidable. It happens all the time and that is why making short-term predictions is harder than making the long-term one. Bitcoin and other popular virtual currencies are likely to grow in the next 2-5 years. Hence, if you are looking for a long term investment with the chance of getting a serious profit, choose the long-term plan.

One of the factors which is important if you are even thinking about entering this market is to follow what’s going on. The market is ever-changing and following cryptocurrency news on a daily basis is crucial for you to make right decisions.

Initial Coin Offering – What You Need To Know


Cryptocurrency is one of the investing areas in the current World. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of cryptocurrency. One may wish to invest in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where he/she can buy some cryptocurrency. This business is very profitable though very risky for people who don’t know how to deal with the market since they can land into scammers and finally end up losing their capital. An ICO has emerged recently as a concept of crowdfunding projects in the industries that deal with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. ICO is sometimes referred to as “Crowdsale” when a company chooses to release its own cryptocurrency with a main purpose of funding. The company sells a certain amount of crypto-tokens to its intended audience in exchange for Bitcoin, but still, the exchange can be done for fiat money. Through this, the company is able to get capital that it can use in funding its projects while the audiences get their crypto-tokens in return which they have complete ownership.

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Mastercoin was the first project to ever launch an ICO. In 2013, it was able to secure $5 million worth of Bitcoins after selling their tokens. Other companies later followed this trend that would help them fund their business. In 2014, Ethereum which is a was able to raise over $18 million using ICO, and also Waves in 2016 still was able to raise $16 million from the ICO, and this helped them run their companies.

Launching an ICO is very easy, and everyone can do it at their own will as long as there is a tech set up. This has led to a lot of scamming since there is no regulation that can stop someone from thinking that the idea is great. Developing software in the current world is very easy, and everyone can develop one and launch an ICO. After launching the ICO he/she can table the idea and if one is not careful money can be absconded from you. When getting into a new ICO one need to do thorough research so as to avoid been scammed.

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Bitcoin evolution works best for people who wish to invest in Bitcoin. People who invest in Bitcoin usually forecast and predict the future market, and through this, they are able to make a good sum amount of money for themselves. Bitcoin evolution is an innovative Bitcoin trading application which has the ability to utilize the application for mining cryptocurrency.

For one to be able to carry out Bitcoin evolution, there is a specific feature one need to observe in the Bitcoin evolution software. Those key features are;

  • An award-winning software
  • Flawless functionality
  • An excellent technology

An award-winning software is that software that is well updated performs efficiently and it is less complicated. People should find software that makes their work easy and can operate in it without any problem. If the software has won an award, this makes it find to use in trading of Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin Evolution software needs to be flawless in its performance. This feature helps the user in avoiding loss of some of his/her currencies. The application has the ability to work on an average of 99.4% precision.

Excellent technology has been used in developing this software. Its speed is ranked to be faster than any other application by at least 0.01 seconds. This might appear to be small, but in the trading industry, it means a lot.

BITCOIN PROFIT – All you need to know


Bitcoin is a digitalized online currency that records transactions and taking care of them, producing new coins by calculating mathematical answers to problems, and it functions independently. Established in 2009, Bitcoin was mainly designed to ease and quicken online undertakings, and it has recently gained a lot of celebrity in the digital sector.

Bitcoin has a price, and this price keeps changing (mostly increasing) in the current capital market an with time it grows further. Initially, when Bitcoin was emerging, people bought them at lower prices and later, years later after the value of Bitcoin shot up, they now are millionaires if not billionaires. Bitcoin is a dominant, valuable form of currency in the future online platform. The value of Bitcoin keeps on increasing. Bitcoin is a very unique means of trading as it allows almost anyone to win, however, this is not to say that with bitcoin there are no risks. This is why there are strategies in place to help you calculate your risks when using bitcoin.


Bitcoin has attributes that allow it to operate like money and make it a vital payment means. That is, it is nearly easy to move Bitcoin to other people or businesses, even for international activities. However, other forms of Bitcoin make it less enticing for everyday activity, including security issues and elusive.

In order to keep its validity and value in the economy, Bitcoin has its strategies, to make sure that the future of bitcoin remains afloat. These strategies are mainly based on supply and demand which simply means when the supply is above demand then the bitcoin rate grows too. The same case when demand and supply are equal then the value of Bitcoin also never changes. Below are the reasons why one should choose bitcoin profit over any other form;

1. Secure

With bitcoin, most online platforms will never ask you about your details other than your preferred username and address. This is so because bitcoin operates solely from banks and any governmental institutions.

2. Fastens transactions

The use of bitcoin ensures there are fewer intermediaries like the bank or government to withhold the withdrawal of your cash as long as the online stores authorize it. Fast to make deposits and first to make withdraws.

3. Privacy

With Bitcoin, sellers don’t need a lot of your private details hence keeping you safe from hackers an scammers. People want to stay private and to know that their details are secure an safe. That’s why many people chose Bitcoin.

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4. Low Changeable Fees

Apart from maintaining your details secure, Bitcoin transactions fee is very minimal as compared to other forms. They charge almost nothing hence saving your money. Most people tend to use this Bitcoin in online shops for this reason.

5. Promotions

The most important of using Bitcoin in online trade is it comes with a lot of promotions an bonuses. Once you make a specific first deposit, you get a said bonus and the promotion increases with an increase in sediment.

6. Anytime Anywhere

Bitcoin has no boundaries, one can trade using bitcoin anytime everywhere because it is always on all day any day throughout the year.

Why You Should Use Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time, and Bitcoin was even at $20.000 at some point! There have been many controversies surrounding Cryptocurrencies in the past and while some of them were real, they continue to be a viable option for companies around the world to transfer money faster, easier, safer, and with fewer fees involved.

Bitcoin transactions, as well as Ethereum, have been used by many companies and have proven to work. There’s no doubt that Cryptocurrencies will have a future in our world at some point; it’s only logical as so many things are becoming digitalized.

Think about the first time in history when people traded goods. This was the first form of early “transactions”- people would trade milk for leather. Fast forward a few thousand years and we keep our money digitalized in bank accounts. It’s only natural to speculate that a new form of money will appear. And that came in the form of Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are a touchy subject with many labeling them a fraud, and many praising them for what they can achieve.

So this begs the question, why should you use Cryptocurrencies?

In this short informative article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Cryptocurrencies, how they could be used, and what they can be used for.

1. Cryptocurrencies Will SAVE You Lots of Money

A well-known fact is that Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, but what does this mean to the average person? This means that they are not tied to any bank, or financial institution, and do not require you to pay expensive fees for each transaction. United States merchants have paid more than $100 billion in fees closely related to credit, card processing, and feed set by financial institutions.

Cryptocurrencies eliminate the use of banks and such institutions as they are decentralized. Meaning you can send money to WHOMEVER you like, pay for WHATEVER you want, and not get ripped off by banks.

This is why more and more businesses are using Cryptocurrencies as a way to transfer large sums of money.

2. Transaction Processing is SUPER Fast

Transferring money from PayPal to your credit card can sometimes take 24 hours to process. The Ethereum network takes only a couple of minutes to process, depending on the sum of course. Cryptocurrency transactions happen in real time and they offer high transaction speeds.

3. They are used Worldwide

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, and many more, are widely used around the world. You can purchase goods, materials, services, without needing to pay for the huge foreign transaction fees and exchange rates.

4. Cryptocurrencies are Safe

Cryptocurrencies work very simply; you eighter have them, or you don’t. What does this mean exactly? This means that you cannot spend more than your own. As soon as a transaction is made, it is being added to the blockchain and confirmed via miners. Cryptocurrencies are verified by the blockchain system and both parties approve the transaction. This eliminates fraud, chargebacks, and disputes. When paying with Cryptocurrencies, you cannot be scammed.

5. They are Being Integrated Very Fast into our Society

Many widely renowned banks such as Bank of America, Western Union, PNC, and many more, have joined forces to use the Ripple payment protocol in order to move huge sums of money.

On January 1st, 2019, a sum of around 1 billion Ripple XRP coins were transferred, which equivalates of around $400 million dollars. Are you curious as to how much was paid in transfer fees? The result shocked the world as only 0.0005 Ripple XRP was lost in that transaction- That equivalates to around $0.0001597 by the current price of Ripple XRP which is 32 cents.


What is Bitcoin Futures?

The world of cryptocurrency trade, generally introduced in this 21st century, is indeed a truly exciting world. Cryptocurrency simply refers to digital money. Bitcoin falls in this category. Interestingly, like other assets, Bitcoin boasts of a futures market.

But what is a futures market? In a futures market, a buyer accepts to buy a security. This is done through a contract that states the time and price at which the security will get sold. Reflecting on this, one expert on cryptocurrency trade recently declared that selling futures contracts is a great way to short bitcoin. Yet, what are some benefits of trading in bitcoin futures?

Bitcoin futures enjoy the luxury of allowing traders to predict the future price of bitcoin. This is referred to as speculation. But just how do they do this? It’s fairly simple. The ordinary trader simply gets to bet based on the current price of bitcoin and many end up profiting massively on their speculation.

Certainly, the bitcoin futures business is big business. Illustrating this, at a recent launch of bitcoin futures in the US, the event was greeted with euphoric excitement. Amazingly, the price of bitcoin shot to a whopping US dollars 17,382.64 in just one day! Indeed, this was an all-time high.

High Prices of Bitcoin are Perilous

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Is it such a good thing, in investment terms, that the price of bitcoin should soar so high? Initially, one would say yes. In reality, though, this is far from good. How? Simple. This state of things could be highly perilous for the value of bitcoin in the final analysis. In the end, bitcoin prices might fall sharply.

What are other benefits of bitcoin futures? Some of these are listed below:

  • It provides a central market for traders to speculate, basing on current bitcoin prices and fortunes.
  • It offers transparency to traders
  • It provides a place for centralized clearing of trade.
  • It offers deep liquidity to traders.
  • It affords an opportunity for efficient discovery of price.
  • It affords new investors a choice to bet against the cryptocurrency bitcoin.
  • It gives traders room to settle their contracts in dollars. The extra effect is that their liquidity is greatly boosted.
  • It gives investors a chance to trade in cryptocurrency even though they actually do not own any cryptocurrency. Eventually, this protects traders from any fluctuations in the real-time market. For check some other trading solutions. check

Great Lessons in Bitcoin Futures Trade

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Undoubtedly, crypto futures today exist as a new market. Yet, is the trade in cryptocurrency futures really so new and peculiar to this 21st century? We might immediately think: Yes. Surprisingly, the answer is, again, no!

Way back in 1750 B.C in ancient Mesopotamia, this kind of trade actually happened! How? As we know, around this time, the fabled King Hammurabi of Babylon introduced a code of laws in his country. Inside the famous Hammurabi Laws was a requirement for his people to trade in goods for a specified price and at a future day.

A key component of the bitcoin futures dealing is what is called a futures contract. A futures contract is a deal to sell or buy assets at a set price on a decided date in the future. Under such a contract, one party usually buys either bonds or stocks or other commodities bitcoin, oil or gold. These are delivered only later. The other party to the contract, on the other hand, accepts to deliver the assets as arranged.

Interestingly, an important requirement of the bitcoin futures contracts is that they must be traded on exchanges that are standardized such as the CBoE or CME. Ultimately, the arrival of bitcoin futures in the world of business has had one major effect: It has encouraged traders to invest in digital currency. The ripple effect is that today the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has joined the ranks of mainstream finance options for millions of people around the world.

In conclusion? The choice is ultimately yours. What is certain is that the trade in bitcoin futures is certainly here to stay; for posterity.

Bitcoin Revolution Is Only Just Beginning

Bitcoin emergency as one of the best investment ventures wasn’t a major surprise, was it? With the populace doing everything within their means to make sure that they had a stake in the new found darling, no one thought of how the future of Bitcoin was going to be. Us investors with sharp entrepreneurial minds any opportunity that presents itself will never go unploughed to gauge whether it’s worth giving a shot or not. This is precisely the case with Bitcoin. Investors from different walks of life have genuinely given up every resource and valuable thing to have a test and feel of Bitcoin bubble. As you go through this write-up you will get to notice where everything started going south in this once famed avenue of creating wealth and minting money to necessitate a revolution with a vivid elaboration of the phrase Bitcoin’s Revolution has only started…


Bitcoin Prices

Having once been a hit and up there, the prices of Bitcoin considerably fell. This, therefore, meant that for the new holders of Bitcoins, for them to get back a recoup of initial investment they had to sell at a loss or wait for the possible buoyancy! With the fall of Mt Gox, Bitcoin prices, popularity, and confidence in it as a viable investment option considerably fall below per. With the spelled doom, therefore, it meant the beneficiaries of the Bitcoin trading were the pioneers and those that had the patience to wait for the stabilizing of the markets trends in the future.

Lack of consumer protectionist policies in place

Being a means of exchange that is not back up by any government of financial entity, Bitcoin security threat is becoming one of the major concern to facilitate a revolution. A consumer of the coin is not guaranteed the top class security that he or she requires for the investment of such magnitude. Rampant cases of theft and loss of the coins have been immeasurably alarming with no functional systems put in place to monitor and secure the transactions parse.

With all this, a Bitcoin revolution cannot and will never cease from happening!


Fewer profits mining Bitcoins

Mining, a process of bitcoin creation is one of the significant players fueling the revolutions of Bitcoins. Just like production is key in the maintenance of any flow of goods and services in a market set up so is the case with the Bitcoins. The slump in prices has had a significant role to play in the whole process of production and mining. With the increasing demand and entry of new investors in the market, there should be a relative and steady increase in production to satisfy the need there is. Those that have taken a swipe at this once lucrative venture of mining the Bitcoins are no longer working up to the delivery of this vital service because of the turned sour process of doing it. What does this therefore mean? Revolution in Bitcoin trading is an unstoppable affair if the current trends are anything to go by. You can also check for more options on bitcoin trading.

Adoption rates

What do you think will happen in the case where the adoption rate is below par? Will this affect the Bitcoin as a means of transactional exchange or not? The answer here is simple, and because there are many such related to the transaction with other options apart from Bitcoins, then it means a revolution has to occur to bring Bitcoins back to its feet. Adoption and acceptance by everyone is a unique feature for any currency or a means of exchange to successfully penetrate.

Trends and Seasonality


Bitcoin as a trend currency, if this is the perfect phrase to be used, which means that it’s possible that the coin is either here to stay or vanish altogether! Depending on how things will turn out (a revolution) greatly determines what the future holds for all the Bitcoin fraternity. Far from the fact that no legal systems are put in place either in support for or against this type of currency its also worth noting that the said governments or the financial institutions are holding conversations about how this currency can be of use to them. This means that the whole concept of Bitcoin as a medium of trading can be altered if the trends are anything to by.

Everything you need to know about Ripple

A world of digital currency is getting wider and wider as many new enthusiasts are joining the world of cryptocurrency. Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, now get ready for Ripple. It’s gaining popularity as a payment settlement, money transfer system, and currency exchange. Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, Ripple is developed by an official company, Ripple company, which has certain goals. Their offices are in Australia, Luxemburg, and the UK.

While Bitcoin is Blockchain-based and can be mined, this one isn’t designed to be mined. XRP tokens have been pre-mined, at the amount of 100 billion, and 38 billion is currently available. So, the amount is fixed and already generated.

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Maybe you can’t mine Ripple, but you can buy this cryptocurrency and store it in the wallet. XRP tokens can be used only once. That means, as tokens are being used and no new ones are being generated, the stocks will eventually dry up which explains the Ripple price increase. The only way to get tokens is by buying them, or exchanging other currency, like Bitcoin, for Ripple. So, if you mine Bitcoin, and exchange it for Ripple, you technically got Ripple by mining.

There’s been some controversy concerning the centralization, or decentralization, of the Ripple. Some say that it is centralized, while the company claims to be decentralized. They have even faced some lawsuits that are probably going to interfere with the rising popularity of this currency.

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Ripple claims that XRP is more transactional, functional and decentralized than both, Bitcoin and Ethereum. David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple Inc., stated on the company’s website that the setup of XRP’s validators makes the ledger more resistant to bad acting than Bitcoin.

XRP transactions are significantly faster than that of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin transaction can last up to 10 minutes, XRP transaction takes around 5 seconds.

Ripple currently works with the biggest financial institutions in the world and its plan is to power the whole financial sector by allowing us to make instant transactions at just a fraction of current cost. Ripple can easily process around 1500 transactions in a second, whereas Bitcoin can handle around 7. What makes Ripple even more trustworthy is the fact that a huge number of banks are currently working with Ripple on implementing their technology.

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Since December 2017, XRP has seen a decline of 40 percent and is down 89 percent from its peak.

Even though it is expected that the price of XRP will rise, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are still not so fond of the idea that a bank or a company regulates the cryptocurrency.

XRP is a long-term investment. With the prices rising, it definitely seems as a smart investment at the moment. More investors are becoming aware of it, and its trends and an increase in price is expected. Just in the first half of 2017, the price of XRP surged up to 4000%.

Best Bitcoin Resources


You might be new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and you have a hard time finding a place where to learn about it. We are going to tell you about the Best Bitcoin Resources that will help solve that problem.

In today’s age of information, you can find the answer to almost any question online. Same as cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, there are a lot of resources online that explain the question of “what’s a Bitcoin?” There are learning resources, documentaries, video presentations, news websites, podcasts, forums and more all of them useful and reliable sources of information about Bitcoin.

1.    What Is Bitcoin? (Video)

This is an official 1minute video from which is a community funded resource websites about all things Bitcoin.

2.    Coin Desk (Website)

Coin Desk is your typical wall street, stock market bog but for Bitcoin only. The lovely people at Coin Desk provide reliable information, and the website focuses on news, prices, charts, and analysis regarding the price of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

3.    Bitcoin Wiki

Bitcoin Wiki is the Wikipedia of Blockchain and Bitcoin. When visiting the site, when you click on ‘Getting Started’ you will get a step by step guide to Bitcoin. There is an FAQ section which answers all the question regarding Bitcoin.

4.    Bitcoin Podcasts

Podcasts have seen a real growth in recent time. So it’s only fair that Bitcoin has its own talk show. Regarding Bitcoin podcasts, the ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’ podcasts covers the entire Blockchain industry. They have a Q&A podcast where they answer the questions submitted by the viewers, and they hold a solid relationship with their viewers.

Another great podcast is ‘The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast’ that covers topics like Bitcoin, Fintech, and Blockchain. The great thing about these guys is that they interview the best people in the business on their podcasts. It offers a real relationship between the industries main people and those who are simply interested in investing, and that’s why it makes them one of the Best Bitcoin Resources out there.

5.    Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five

Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five is an amazing article about Bitcoin. The author, Nik Gustodio, uses an apple to explain the blockchain and how it works with very simple and everyday metaphors.

6.    Why Blockchain Matters More Than You Think (Video)

While not exactly a Bitcoin video, this video focuses more on the blockchain. It’s a very well made informative video on the most exciting implications of blockchain and the impact it could have on our lives. It distances itself away from Bitcoin and focuses more on Ethereum(another blockchain based cryptocurrency); however, it is an outstanding source of information.

7.    The Original Bitcoin Whitepaper

If you are interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and you want to be more than just a follower of the technology, than reading the original Bitcoin whitepaper is something you should read. It’s the first time Bitcoin and Blockchain were introduced to us after the 2008 financial crisis.

8.    How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood (Video)

This is a video where the creator’s break down the technology behind the Bitcoin network. It is a well technology-focused video and it explains the algorithm, mining, and cryptography, it explains how everything works together in making the network secure and how decentralization works and what it means.

9.    Blockchain 101- A Visual Demo (Video)

This is a video by Anders Brownworth and it’s a detailed video about how the Blockchain works but made in a way that you can visually see the key pieces of what the Blockchain is.

10.    Jameson Lopp’s Bitcoin Resource

The Jameson Lopp’s Bitcoin Resouce is a website that holds hundreds of link to resources regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain. It includes trading resources, wallets, exchanges, data tracking sites, online course, blogs, forums and it displays recommended Twitter accounts to very informative experts in the field.

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