Coolest Goatee Styles For Men


We would be flawing if we say beard is just facial hair. Beards are a feeling, an emotion, a sense of manhood. Men love beards and women love men with beard, so it is a win win situation. So, this article is to talk about the trendiest beard style, Greatest of All Times- the Goatee. You see what I did there right?
Have you always admired goatee styles but feel skeptical about wearing one? Well, things are changing slowly, with most people coming up or enhancing some styles to make them look outstanding. Today, you look sexy with something unique and not done by everyone else.

Don’t be bothered by the shape of your face, as there are countless options of goatee styles you can consider. Here are common ones. Take a look.

1. Van Dyke style

The style is named after Anthony Van Dyck, a 17th-century artist. It includes having clean-shaven cheeks, a French mustache, and a small goatee connected with a soul patch. If you are a fan of vintage aesthetic art, and want your personality to give similar vibe, this style of beard is just perfect for you.

2. Goatee Beard

The beard is kept longer around the chin. Then, on the other parts of the jaw, the hair is kept short by trimming. If you have a droolworthy jawline, this beard style might add some dazzling effects to your appearance. The style is often embraced by sportsmen and men in music industry.

3. Full Goatee

As the name suggests, a full goatee surrounds the mouth. The soul patch, mustache, and the goatee connect to become one.

4. The Anchor

The sassy style includes having hair in the form of a strip running from the lower lip to the chin. It then connects with that on the jawline.

5. Chin Goatee

It is styled around the chin only. A tuff of hair is allowed to grow around the point of your chin, but not in large quantities.

6. Landing Strip

In this style, a thin line of hair is kept, extending from the lip to the chin. This is definitely a great style for a minimalist. It will give you a simple look while still emphasizing on style.

7. Untrimmed Goatee

Want to look more relaxed and feel more comfortable? Rock with this style if you have long sideburns and a mustache. The goatee is kept untrimmed to create the vibe. Say yes to the rustic touch it gives you to the personality.

8. Stubble style

Suitable for guys who love looking stubble rather than keeping a beard. However, the style is not conspicuous, and you might need to look closely to notice it.

9. Understated Goatee with Soul Patch

It is a perfect style for modern men and can rock with any outfit you prefer. It is also presentable on various occasions. Such beard styles make you look like ready for everything and anything.

10. Straight Edge style

It includes giving the beard sharp edges to make your style look more defined and unique. It may require more care than the regular styles, but it will also, make you stand out from others, without a doubt. Whether you are at a corporate event, or at a mini casual get together, this style is multi-purpose.

11. Short Anchor

Symmetry is vital when creating this goatee. Both sides of your goatee should be trimmed evenly to bring out the style as it should. A short anchor is designed.

12. Rounded Goatee

The edges of your goatee are rounded to achieve a soft and subdued look.

13. Natural Goatee

Like the name of the style, the natural goatee is left looking natural with no sharp edges created around. However, it is kept short and gives you a modern and classy look.

14. Low Chin style

The goatee is kept small and low on the chin.

15. Grey Goatee

Because goatee has no age limit, grey style looks awesome on men with grey hair.

16. Goatee with Moustache and Soul Patch

Ideal if you like keeping your facial hair subtle. The goatee is kept small with a soul patch and mustache for a chic look. It has been a favourite look for men since ages now.

17. Goatee with Beard Subtle

If you want to rock a unique and stylish look regardless of your age, this style will never disappoint you.


18. Extended style

This goatee is not like regular traditional styles. Instead of focusing on your chin area, the goatee extends to the parts of your jawline.

19. Curly Goatee

It is also called hipster goatee. It is suitable for men with curly hair. According to MensHaircuts,  rock in this style if your hair is curled and you have never tried wearing it before for fear of the nature of your hair.

20. Connected Goatee

The sexy goatee has the mustache connecting to the sides of the beard in a connecting and continuous style. The look complements a professional demeanor.

21. Connected Goatee with Soul Patch

Perfect with men with broad chins or wide mouths. The soul patch makes the goatee look excellent on your face in an attractive way.

22. Chinstrap Goatee

Not a fan of hair on your face? Well, there are more people like you as well. For all such men. try this style that makes you feel like you have the perfect amount of hair on your face stylishly.


We hope that after going through this article, you must have definitely looked for your personal favourite style.  Apart from regular grooming, you must also invest some time in caring for your beards. Apply oils and cream which are good for you, use products that help you keep the beard hair shinning and healed. Once you invest your time in that, you understand the needs better. So, get set beard!

Why Eyelash Extensions Are So Popular Among Millennials?

Every woman’s dream is to look perfect, and nowadays, there are so many types of equipment and techniques that have emerged to achieve a beautiful look. The most important and expressive parts of any human face are the eyes. Blessed are those women who have beautiful eyes and thick eyelashes.

But, what about those who have thin eyelashes? How do they add volume to the eyelashes? Simple! They can easily opt to wear eyelash extensions. They are an essential part of the beauty regimen and act as an alternative to mascara. Head over to to buy high-quality eyelash extensions.

Millennials’ obsessions with fake lashes have increased to a great extent. Younger women have embraced this beauty enhancement very fast, and they have adopted the innovation much quicker than was expected. Eyelash extensions allow them to free up some of their time and simplify the beauty regime. Also, it enhances their overall look.

Saying that a growing number of millennials are getting fascinated with eyelash extension will not be an exaggeration. While the older women are yet to follow up on this trend, the younger women have embraced these beauty enhancements wholeheartedly.

It is not a surprise because the younger people are the first to adopt any innovation. Still, what is about these eyelash extensions that have made it so popular among the millennials? This article will discuss why these eyelash extensions are so popular among millennials.

Millennials Have Instantaneous Exposure to The Beauty Trends

Back in the day, people had to read beauty magazines to keep themselves updated with the latest trends. However, with the advancement of technology, people will know about trends as soon as they emerge in the market.

Social media has provided people with an outlet to follow all the beauty trends in real-time. The fashion trends started by celebrities are broadcasted around the globe daily. Such exposure has a significant impact on how the millennials process information about the latest trends.

Millennials Are Confident to Try Out New Trends

It might sound a bit cliche, but the millennials belong to the confident generation. They are not afraid of trying out anything new, and they carry every trend with style.

They have grown up in a more liberal and tolerant society that readily accepts diverse ideas and general preferences. It is something which was not there in the past. Back in the 60s and 70s, people did not accept new trends and ideas like they are doing today.

The millennials of today’s generation love to embrace who they indeed are. That is one of the many reasons why young women do not think twice before wearing eyelash extensions. They can confidently wear the beauty enhancements, and they do not need anyone’s acceptance for that.

Eyelash Extensions Are Easy and Safe to Use

Eyelashes play an essential role in enhancing the beauty of the eyes. But many women are troubled by the fact that their eyelashes are small. They use extensions to make their lashes look thick and beautiful.

Experts believe that these extensions do not harm natural eyelashes and are entirely safe to use. Also, the millennials belong to a busy generation. They readily embrace anything that removes the clutter from their lives.

While the older generation might have applied mascara and other beauty enhancement, millennials view things differently. These extensions allow them to free up their time and simplify their beauty regime. People need not take much time to wear mascara and fake lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Are Waterproof

You cannot wash your face while wearing mascara and other makeup products. However, that is not the case with eyelash extensions. Experts believe that you can wash your face even after wearing an extension without worrying about them falling off.

Apart from this, you can also go for swimming lessons and take a shower. However, you should always clean the eyelashes once a day with an oil-free cleanser and avoid using saltwater on them.

Precautions While Wearing an Extension

Who does not like thick and beautiful eyelashes? Many types of cosmetic products are used to enhance the beauty of your eyes. But nowadays, these extensions are becoming very popular among women.

Eyelash extensions provide an easy way to make eyelashes thick and beautiful. Nowadays, synthetic, mink, and silk style lash extensions are in trend. They are applied to the natural eyelashes to add volume to them.

Many people also steer clear of these extensions because they fear that the process of installing them is quite dangerous. They fear that wearing them might damage their eyes. It is anything but true. However, it would help if you were careful while using them.

1. Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Do not rub your eyes, or it will cause your extensions to fall out. Also, if they are longer than your natural lashes, you can choose to cut them according to your lashes. It will ensure that your extensions do not look artificial.

To pump up the drama more, you can choose to wear waterproof and smudge-proof mascara. With that, you are good to go to a beach and swim with your extensions.

2. Change the Extensions Regularly

These extensions generally last from six to eight weeks. After that, they naturally start to fall out, just like your natural lashes. If you wear them beyond this period, there are chances of developing alopecia. It might damage your natural lashes and will affect their growth. Thus, make sure to get new extensions after every eight weeks.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions will save you from the trouble of sticking false lashes and wearing mascara every time you step out. With the rise in popularity of permanent makeup, eyelash extension is becoming quite popular among millennials.

It is non-invasive, pain-free, and significantly cuts down the makeup time. Also, they are entirely safe to use. Moreover, they are waterproof. Thus, while wearing them, you will not have to worry about stepping out in the rain or going for your swimming lessons.

What’s The Secret Behind The Beauty Of Ukrainian Womens?

There is no such secret behind their beauty; they are naturally beautiful. The flawless combination of their eyes and hair color makes them totally different and is the main reason why they always stand out from the crowd.

They take good care of their general health and appearance, which makes their skin glow so much. Keeping the physical beauty aside, Ukrainian women are beautiful inside out.

The unmatched beauty of Ukrainian women

There’s no doubt that every individual existing on this planet is beautiful in their ways, and we all know that beauty can’t be compared, but there are some womens that have that mesmerizing beauty like no other. Such beautiful angles exist in Ukraine

The Ukrainian womens are not just about a beautiful face, they have a beautiful heart too, and such a legit combination attracts a vast number of men around the globe. Men from the USA and parts of Europe often visit the country in the hope of finding love and a decent wife.

Ukrainian women: The perfect match for you

If you’re looking for a bride, then you must visit Ukraine once. I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely find your perfect match. Ukrainian womens are your dream match.

Some questions might be arising in your heads, like the cultural difference might be a problem? The cultural difference doesn’t affect their relationship with their partners. They adapt to the culture well, and families are always their first priority. They are totally devoted to their families and respect their partner.

How to know whether Ukrainian women like you or not?

There are a number of things Ukrainian women or any other woman does when she likes you. Womens are a little tough to guess. You never know what’s on their minds. To help you out, here are a few signs

  • You can see the love in her eyes- Her eyes will shine bright whenever they see you. The mouth can lie but not the eyes. Her eyes will truly reflect the love. You can feel it in the way she talks to you, the way she sees you, the way she holds you; everything will just be an indication.
  • She will flirt with you- Ukrainian women attempt to flirt with you and try to wow you. You must know the difference between if a woman is flirting or just being friendly. Don’t mix both of them. If you try to do so, you might lose everything. If the woman is making eyes at you, it is a clear indication that she sees you more than just a friend.
  • She’ll be a complete mess around you- She won’t care about being judged by you. She’ll be herself and won’t hesitate to share her feelings with you. She’ll cry about all her problems and share all her waves of laughter with you.
  • She will ask you to assist her– Most of the womens don’t like assistance unless and until they are in great need, but if she likes you, she will always like you to assist her. For example, if she doesn’t like you, even if she’s cold, she would reject your help, but if she likes you, she’ll surely love to feel your warmth. She will always like to have your attention.
  • She will care for you.- She will always be concerned about what you’re doing, where you eat, how your day was, and so much. She won’t like having unwanted people around you and will be concerned about every minute detail of your day. She will always try to surround you with positivity and warmth. She’ll love to be the shoulder on which you can cry.

How to impress Ukrainian women?

Impressing any girl around the world is not an easy task. One wrong move, and you’re out of the league before you even know it. If you’re looking for a nice relationship, then you must put some effort into it. To help you out, we have a few tricks and tips for you.

  • Compliment her- Girls love compliments. Tell her how good she’s looking in that dress, how her face is glowing, everything. These compliments will always stay in her head; believe me, she won’t stop talking about it all day. If she likes you, everything she does is for you, and if you aren’t noticing those small things, she will soon lose interest in you.
  • Ask for her advice- If you ask for her advice, she’ll definitely feel that her opinion matters to you. These things boost up the relationship and help her realize her importance in your life.
  • Be a gentleman- If you want to be her king, make her feel like a queen. Be a gentleman; show her what your mamma taught you. Bring her flowers, take her on dates, open the doors for her, and so much. A real woman doesn’t want your money; she just wants your love and affection, nothing more. And if you give her that, she’s all yours.
  • Ask her about herself– Don’t talk much about yourself. Try to explore her, ask her questions about what she likes, what she wants to be, how her day was, how’s she feeling, and so much. When you ask questions, she gets to know that you’re curious to know about her and you’re concerned about her.
  • Just concentrate on her- Be a one-woman man. Girls love this thing. If you’re expecting loyalty, then you must also offer the same.
  • Socialize with her friends- I don’t know how many of you know about this, but your impression of her friends is what determines your future with her. No kidding. Girls listen a lot to their friends. If they don’t like you, there’s no chance that you’re going to stay.

Sum up

Finding the perfect life partner can be difficult as everyone has flaws. But you can find a partner for yourself who is similar to you in terms of thinking. Hence start your search for a partner who may not be perfect for the world but for you.

What Insecurities Do Hot Women Have?

Every time when you look at a hot girl, then you may think about how happy she must be. If someone looks pretty, then she needs to be happy. When you look at someone who is pretty, then you may think that the reason for her happiness is because of her beauty. She has all the things that other women strive for and spend their years to get and earn this. 

She has the most important quality human beings seek in a mate. So, now, when she has everything, then she is done, and she can relax, and she can enjoy her good future. But, do you think that there is nothing for which they don’t need to be worried?

But, in reality, there are many problems that they have faced in life. There comes the trap of our society; the prettier you are, the prettier you still could be. When a woman looks in the mirror, then the only thing that she notices is to find something which she doesn’t have. There is a difference. When you see a hot woman, then you only notice all the things she has, and on the other hand, the woman will notice all the things that she doesn’t have.

But what is the reason for this? Why do women need to get compliments with insecurities? There can be many theories behind their insecurity, but the most common and obvious reason is the pedestal complex. If you ever put a woman on a stool, then she is bound to get tired and fall off. 

Once people notice some insecurity in a woman, then they start doing this. They will comment on your looks, and they will scrutinize the quality that you have. Most of the people then start comparing the beauty of a woman with the other one. They will create competition. 

There is no doubt that people are making the look so important when no one has anything to do with that. No one can control this. You can’t help how you look, but you can change the way of thinking and beliefs. No woman needs to be judged for her outer look or beauty. But, this society will make this most important quality for a woman. 

This is why women are insecure. You need to understand that looks will not stay with you forever. It will leave one day, and you have to deal with this. But, most women are constantly comparing themselves, and they are doing all the things in order to get better compliments than other women. 

Most of the women knew that she is being judged on her looks first and that if the main reason for her insecurity. All the time, she will think that is she pretty? Do you think the outer look can change the quality and effect of her story?

If she is pretty, then it will be interesting. Women know this, and this is why they constantly wonder how people will describe their looks in their next story. Women always think that how people will describe them on their looks, and this is why, if they think they are not perfect, then they will try different clothes and jewelry to make them attractive. You can check the Bestbrides because they have the best kind of fashionable and trendy stocks. 

When she is hot and beautiful, then people will tell them stories about other women who are prettier. Does that make her less pretty? If you love someone or judge someone because of her outer look, then what you will do when her breasts start to sag and wrinkles start to show? Most of the women are insecure because they think that at a certain age, they have to face this kind of judgment. The most dangerous thing is that you can’t control the changes because it is natural. 

When other people judge your entire life based on a single adjective, then you begin to think that’s all to define you. This can work as insecurity because all other works will come later, and first, they will define you by your looks. 

On the other hand, every woman knows the fact that the outer looks are a temporary look. No matter how much they will take care, but eventually, they will lose this, and the feeling is horrible. When people realize this thing, then naturally, they will come into the insecure zone, and they will try to find out what will happen when they lose this. 

In recent times, you will notice that you have to say so much about someone’s outer look, but you don’t have time to look deeper. People are busy to judge your beauty with the other one, and everyone knows that these are the thing on which no one has any control. Bad skin, braces will always haunt women, and this is why they want to do all of those things in order to look beautiful.

If they have scars from the former years, then also they tried to hide this from the world. This is why people are not observing properly. Their judgemental statement is the main reason for the insecurity of a woman. 

Hence, after analyzing the reasons, it can be concluded that people should not be judgemental about the outer look of a woman. These things are happening for a long time, and this is why women in our society are insecure to come out as they are.

Tips for Traveling with Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great addition to your collection of hair accessories. Whether you’re investing in clip-in or more permanently secured extensions, you’ll love the versatility in styling that they can offer.

Your extensions are also a great addition to your planned looks when you’re traveling. When you’re traveling for business, you don’t really have the time to fuss over your hairstyles. They will give you the ability to create some really easy yet professional-looking hairstyles in almost no time at all. The same holds true for traveling for pleasure. They will have you ready for relaxation poolside or for a fun-filled evening with friends, without worry.

These tips for traveling with your hair extensions will help to keep them looking their very best for many more trips, no matter where your adventures may take you.

1. Wash and dry according to instructions

Hair extensions are fairly low-maintenance, but they do require a bit of hands-on attention to keep them in good shape. According to EHHairExtensions, you should always pay attention to the wash and dry care instructions that accompany your extensions. This may include instructions to use specific hair care and styling products in order to keep them in good shape. Clip-in extensions should also be allowed to dry completely before they are stored away for the night.


2. Take care when swimming

Human hair extensions are designed to behave just like your natural hair when they are in place. Most people won’t be able to detect that you are wearing them. However, unlike your natural hair, extensions don’t have the ability to protect themselves against the effects of chlorine and saltwater. It’s best to keep your hair up and out of the way when you’re taking a dip or keep your hair covered with a swimming cap.

If you do happen to get them wet when you’re swimming, be sure to rinse them clean as soon as you are able.

3. On the go brushing


One of the best travel tips you can get when you’re wearing extensions is to travel with a hairbrush. Keeping your them tangle-free can help to keep them from getting damaged when you’re moving through airports, trains, and planes.

4. Don’t forget the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a girl’s best friend, particularly when you’re on the go. Your natural hair can look dull and oily when you’ve had a long day traveling. Dry shampoo can be sprayed onto your roots and combed through, to refresh and revitalize your hair until you can get to your destination and a hot shower.

5. Pull your hair up


One of the best things about hair extensions is that they can allow you so much more hairstyling versatility. When you’re traveling or spending time in meetings and walking around convention centers, the last thing that you want to worry about is your hair.

With the added length and volume that extensions can offer, you’ll be able to easily sweep your hair back and up into a ponytail or style it into a high bun that’ll keep it neat and tidy when you’re on the move.

Remember that extensions can allow you to create the hairstyles that you love, even if your natural hair is just a bit too short and thin for these dreamy styles. Take care of them, and you’ll find that they’re an easy addition to your busy lifestyle.


Technology Trends that are Changing the Face of the Beauty Sector


The beauty sector is not what it used to be. Like many other industries, technology is creating sweeping changes that are altering the way beauty brands operate. For one, L’Oreal decided that they now want to be the number one beauty tech company instead of the number one beauty firm in the world.

Women still have similar beauty concerns as they did several decades ago but technology has made today’s consumer much more demanding.

5 Tech Trends that are Shaping the Beauty Sector


Let’s take a look at how technology is changing beauty as we know it.

1.Augmented reality apps make buying new products easier

Advancements in image recognition and face tracking now give consumers the opportunity to try on a new shade of lipstick or eye shadow before they buy it. While apps will never be a substitute for trying a beauty product in real life, consumers are certainly using these apps more and more, which speaks to their popularity.

2. Artificial intelligence is personalising cosmetics


According to Academy Face and Body, consumers are demanding a more personalised experience when it comes to their hair and skin. Why spend hours trying to find the right shade of foundation or perfect face moisturiser when technology can do the job for you. Lancome is one brand that is using AI to provide their consumers with a more personalised experience. First, your facial skin tone is scanned, after which a proprietary algorithm is used to create the perfect shade of foundation for you.

3. Use 3D technology to create a brand new look

With the rising popularity of AR filters, many makeup brands are using 3D technology to help consumers try out completely different looks. 3D Technology is giving consumers the opportunity to be more playful without having to make any drastic changes. It also makes it easier for brands to increase product engagement rates.

4. Augmented reality is personalising skin care


It’s easier to treat specific skin concerns than ever before. Augmented reality has become one of the most popular ways to diagnose specific skin concerns, with the HiMirror being a prime example of how this technology is being used in the beauty sector. The mirror will scan your face for wrinkles, enlarged pores and check brightness levels before providing you with a rating and product recommendations.

5. Printed makeup will soon be a reality

Robots are fast replacing the need for human interaction or intervention in many spaces, including the beauty sector. For example, the Opté wand is a product that is capable of scanning your skin and applying small amounts of makeup to the areas that need it the most. The wand has a built-in camera, a microprocessor and a micro printer to get the job done. Imagine being able to download a makeup look that you really love and print it directly onto your face? This reality is not far off.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and the beauty sector is one industry that is taking full advantage of these exciting changes.


What are peptides? Everything you need to know about them


Peptides are widely used in skin-care products and other cosmetics as well. They are especially popular in the beauty industry, and there are numerous benefits that they can provide us with.

In this article, we are going to cover peptides, what they are, how they can help us, and everything else that you need to know about them. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What are peptides?

Peptides are basically naturally occurring biological molecules. According to peptides can be found in all living organisms, and they play a very big role in all manner of biological activity. Just like the proteins, the peptides are formed, or should we say synthesized, naturally from transcription of the genetic code, DNA. We are not going to go full scientific mode in this text, so let’s take a more practical approach and talk about their use in skin care products.

Science has proven that by implementing peptides in their formulas, when it comes to beauty products, they can help manage the wrinkles in your skin and also slow down the effects and signs of aging. This sounds great already, but we are sure that most of you are wondering how exactly this works. Well, here’s how.

Img source:

Our skin is comprised mostly of collagen. And collagen is a protein comprised of the longer segments of the amino acids, arranged like a chain. It provides a couple of things for our skin, such as:

  • Foundation and thickness
  • Smoother, tighter skin

As we age, the collagen in our bodies is getting depleted, which will result in losing all of the benefits that we just mentioned above. And, our smooth and young skin will become much thinner, and wrinkles will also appear. The main role of the peptides in situations such as this one is to inform the skin that it is losing collagen and that it needs to generate more. So, when you apply peptides on your skin by using a beauty product, you send a “message” to your skin that it needs to start generating more collagen. This is one of the best ways that you can “trick” your skin in remaining younger looking forever. Make sure to check out peptides UK if you are interested in supplementing with them and preserving your young look.

Often, we say that the outside beauty is what attracts, and the inside beauty is what keeps someone close to you. If you are someone who cares about their outside look, especially their skin, implementing skin-care products that use peptides is extremely helpful. There is nothing wrong with caring about how you look and preserving that young and beautiful skin. Some people are “forced” to look good at all times, simply because it is their job.

Img source:

So, if you are someone who is involved in modeling or marketing certain beauty products, you certainly do not want to have wrinkles on your face, or signs of your skin aging on the rest of your body. There are almost no side effects of using any of the peptide-rich skin care products, so you should consider implementing them in your lifestyle if that’s what you care about.

Things you have to know about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most common method nowadays. Laser hair removal treatment usually takes 3-5 times, some friends with very thick hair may need more treatment to achieve long-term hair removal effect.

Hair will go through a growth period, degenerative period, and the resting period. In general, a hair follicle in the growth phase has a better response to laser treatment. It is due to the rapid division of hair follicle cell and melanin in the growth phase. Therefore, the laser energy can be absorbed well. The melanin in the hair follicle of the degenerative period and resting period is less. As a result, people should wait for its transformation when the growing period and then take hair removal treatment again.

image source:

Hair follicles and sweat glands are two separate structures. Hair grows out of the follicle, and sweat glands are next to the follicle, which is not the same thing. Laser hair removal is only applied to hair follicles with melanocyte granules, but not to sweat glands without melanocyte granules. The laser does not harm sweat glands, so it does not affect human metabolism and sweating.

Generally speaking, the hair clearance rate can reach 90% after repeated laser or strong light treatment. Of course, its efficacy is affected by many factors. When the hair is growing again for a period of time, it grows to be a small, microfluidic fluff which is more natural but does not affect the aesthetics.

The human skin is a relatively light-permeable structure. Clinical trials have found that, in the face of powerful lasers, the skin is a transparent piece of cellophane. The laser can thus penetrate the skin very smoothly and reach deep into the hair follicles. Because hair follicle has a lot of melanin, so it can absorb a lot of laser energy preferentially and convert eventually heat energy, making hair follicle temperature rises and achieving the purpose that destroys hair follicle function.

image source:

The effect of depilation is closely related to the position, color, thickness and skin type of hair. It is generally that that whiteness of the skin is, the blacker and strong the hair is, but the better the depilation effect will be. Keep the hair removal area dry and clean after laser hair removal. Avoid bright light irradiation stimulation, do a good job in sunscreen. Do not use hot water scald wash depilate place, otherwise, the skin is easy to be stimulated and appear local redness and infection.

There is a special condition needed to be mentioned. Dark-skinned people should choose laser hair treatment carefully, and because of the amount of melanin in the skin, they absorb a portion of the laser power, which may cause a localized pigmentation or discoloration of the skin. If a person who has a darker skin is selected for laser depilation, it is preferable to select an instrument with longer pulse width. In addition, photosensitive skin is not suitable for laser hair removal, because light sensitivity, laser hair removal is easy to develop photosensitive dermatitis, which affects the cosmetic effect.