Tips and Tricks to Using a Shower Head

What plays the most important role in your overall bathing experience ensuring a steady water-flow at the proper temperature? A shower head. Right?

Showerheads make one’s shower easier and comfortable. Rain shower heads can give you the invigorating lushness of rain in the bathroom. But sometimes you may need to fix or modify your shower heads for enhancing the bathing experience.

In this article, we have some tips on using a shower head with the desired water flow and cleaning it to prevent clogging. Just scroll down!

Tips to Using a Shower Head: Major Takeaways!

Choose the Right Spray Pattern

There are different types of available with different patterns of sprays. You have to choose a suitable one. If you’re not the only one to use the shower, go for one that comes with multiple settings. So that the setting can be changed according to the user’s desire. You can also opt for an adjustable spray diameter.

Choose one that head’s spray pattern when you’re planning or designing your bathroom to determine what type of plumbing your shower head requires. If your family has young children, handheld ones will be very useful for them.

Different ones have different spray patterns. For a gentle and natural bathing, waterfall or rain-effect showerheads are widely popular where massage showerheads are equipped with pre-arranged patterns, great for stress relief.

If money is not the problem, go for a multi-head one. Find a convenient one right here.

Consider the Versatility

Searching for one with a wide array of options of use? Well, a handheld one can offer you the desired versatility to use it on different parts of your body.

These are popular among those who want to clean their kids or pets. So, no doubt, handheld showers are more convenient comparing the traditional types. All you need to do is just focus on any particular part of your body and to aim the showerhead. It will allow you to change the direction of water flow without changing your posture.

Remove Flow Restrictors

If you’re not happy with the water flow that your current showerhead provides, there is a trick to increase it manually. Low water pressure can be fixed by removing the flow restrictor equipped inside your showerhead. This is a simple DIY task that can be done using a wrench, needle nose pliers, a flat screwdriver, dry cloth, and Teflon tape.

Firstly, remove it using the wrench. You can avoid scratches by wrapping it with the dry cloth. Now move the filter screen with your nose pliers. As you find the flow restrictor, remove it with the flat screwdriver. Use the Teflon tape if need. As removing is done, reinstall it. Now check if the water flow has increased. If not, consider your existing should be changed.

Change Showerheads on Time

As technology changes, modern showerheads come with more options to satisfy your shower experience. We recommend you to change it as the new model arrives. Its a matter of your personal choice but for some reason, you must have to consider replacing it. The reasons are:

Low Water Pressure

If your shower head needs more water to provide a powerful water flow, consider it should be changed. Replace it with a modern one to get a powerful kick while showering and to save up to 2 gallons of water.

Outdated Style

Has your showerhead installed decades back and you’re running out of money to remodel your bathroom? No worries! Changing it can help you access the advanced options and provide the desired shower experience. Not only the style but the features of your showerhead can also be outdated. Get a latest model of showerheads for maximum output.

Black Dots

Did you ever experience weird black dots on it? This can be caused by black mold which is really complicated to get rid of and responsible for various health issues. We recommend you replace it with stainless steel oe.

Lackluster Features

Do you know modern ones offer a large array of features including multiple spray settings, water conservation, adjustable height, and different massages? If you really want to make your shower time more enjoyable, change the existing one that only offers a “hot” or “cold” feature.

Shower Head Cleaning Tips

They can be cleaned without removing it. This can be done by using a plastic bag, vinegar, and a band. Fill the bag with white vinegar and attach it to the showerhead with the band. Wait for 60 or 120 minutes and then rinse it off.

If you want a deep cleaning, remove the showerhead. Avoid scratches while unscrewing the nuts. Primarily rinse and clean the head. Dissolve all the limescale deposits by soaking it in vinegar overnight. You can use two or three tablespoons of soda to the vinegar. When the clogged are removed, rinse it with clean water.

Then reinstall it. For steady water pressure and restricting harmful bacteria from growing up, clean the head once every month.

Warning: Avoid using bleach and hard brush during the cleaning process because bleach increases the bacteria production and hard brushes cause scratches to the surface.


Hope this article has covered all the major takeaways to using a shower head. Following these tips can make your bathing experience far better.

If you face any problem in installing or cleaning showerheads, calling for a professional is recommended.


How to clean calcium deposits from a showerhead?

Calcium deposits are one of the bigger problems of showerheads that cause low water pressure. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it with the showerhead so that the dirty area is immersed. wait for 3-4 hours and clean the head using a soft piece of cloth.

Does rainfall showerheads worth it?

Yes! Unlike jets heads, the water flows gently and smoothly from the rain showerhead on your head just like natural rainfall. It will give you a feeling of natural rain bath.

Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

Maybe you didn’t know that something like this can happen, but it can. If you’ve noticed mushrooms growing in your bathroom, you don’t need to panic, but you do need to take some action. You shouldn’t ignore something like this because many things can go wrong if you don’t react. If you need to learn more about this topic and how to solve this problem, keep reading this article.

Why are mushrooms growing in bathrooms?


The most common reason for mushrooms to grow in bathrooms is the high moisture. Mushrooms love moist and dark places, so a bathroom is, in fact, an excellent place for them to grow. That still doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to have them in a place where everything should be clean and tidy.

Moisture and high humidity are normal in bathrooms because most of the time, there are no windows in them, and the ventilation is not perfect. And where’s there water there are moisture and humidity. But those things can lead to a bigger problem, mold, infections, etc.

You may still be asking your self, but how did mushrooms get to the bathroom. Mushrooms grow from fungal spores, and those spores are microscopic, and you can’t see them. There are numerous possibilities how they ended up in your bathroom, maybe you’ve carried them, some of your visitors, perhaps they were carried by wind and flown into your bathroom if you have a window, or you’ve brought them in with a plant.

You’re least problem is how they’ve ended there, and your more prominent problem is why they’ve become mushrooms. You should know that not every spore becomes a mushroom; they do need to have the right conditions to grow. And the right conditions for a mushroom are not the right conditions for you.

What are the risks?



The mushroom itself isn’t the biggest problem you have. The mushroom is just a sign that you may be having some other issues, and it’s good that they’ve grown because now you know.

Something that you need to take care of is the moisture, and if you don’t do it, you will probably next have black mold and mildew. It can cause many severe health problems, like chronic fatigue, chronic coughing, headache, eye irritation, asthma, and many more. It is the reason why you should get rid of it and solve this problem before it becomes dangerous.

How to solve the problem?


You need to remove all of the mushrooms that are growing around your bathroom, and you should always wear gloves when you do that. After you’ve done that, you need to disinfectant that area and do it thoroughly. It’s also good to use a fungicide, so you make sure that the mushrooms are not going to grow again. And after you’ve removed them and cleaned the area, you should check your ventilation or fix it if necessary. Proper ventilation will keep humidity on a low level and prevent future incidents.

Top Tips to Sell Your Property in 2020


It is estimated that a person spends nearly $20,000 to sell a home. That includes the cost of repairs, painting costs, staging costs, the commission you need to pay to the real estate agent, moving costs, etc. The more the delay in selling your property, the more you are going to spend. Hence it would be best if you always tried to sell your property as fast as possible but also at a reasonable price. A few ways to sell your house fast are given below:

Understand the property market

Understanding the property market does not mean that you should know everything about the real estate sector; it means you should know what a buyer is looking for. You have a property, and you should find the person who is also in search of such a feature. It would be best if you made sure that the property is ready to be sold, you should ensure that the person visiting is excited about buying your property. To that end, you need to think like a buyer and not as a seller. Look at your property and find as many faults as you can and then rectify them. Make the house look like how you would like it to have been if you were buying it. Add value to the property, and the buyer will buy it.


Do not sell your home as-is. If you are going to sell your house as-is, you will be quoted a meager price by the buyer; it is always better to do some simple renovations that are not too heavy on the pocket but can add value. You should first check the electrical fixtures and wiring, and if anything needs to be repaired or replaced, you should do it immediately. The plumbing system is another which should be taken care of. Houses need to have a lot of natural light filtering in, and if any structures are blocking natural light, they should be removed. Paint all the walls of the house; choose the colors that are pleasing to the eye. These small renovations will have a significant effect on the buyer, and you can even sell your home fast. You can quote a higher price after you make these small changes.


When you set the price, you should not set it too high, or you should not set it too low. You should do your research; find out what the local real estate prices are, and based on the information, you should set the price. If you set a high price, you will not get many buyers, and if you reduce the price because of it, you will still not find any buyers as the buyers will be waiting for you to slash the prices more. If you set a meager price, again, the buyers will be very skeptical and will not want to buy the property, fearing that there would be problems with the property. If you, however, set a price after evaluating the local rates, the chances of more buyers visiting your property are high. You can also take the help of real estate agents. For more information, click here.

Hiring the right real estate agent can save you thousands in the long run. They are able to negotiate the price or find you the best deals and fulfill your expectations. So before you go house hunting, make sure to compare different agents at UpNest and find the one suitable for you. The more you spend looking for representation, the less you will spend looking for houses. And this goes for pricing and time as well.


Every product has a season when it will sell more. For example, air conditioners will sell more in the summer, and a heater will sell more in the winter. Similarly, when it comes to property, timing is everything. Ideally, you should list your property in the summer months because most property deals are closed in the summer. People move to new homes before the school season starts, and hence it is generally believed to be an excellent time to put your house on the market. People tend to visit a lot of homes before deciding on buying and in summer they can do it better rather than in the winter month. Property sells in winter too, but summer is the peak period.


As with every product, even your property needs marketing. Unless someone knows that your property is on the market, how can you expect buyers? In this technological age, it is easy to list your property. Many websites allow a seller to list their properties and many people visit these websites to find out what features are on the market. Another option is to create a Facebook page for your property and then list it in various property groups and forums. Also, you can create a video and put it on Youtube or similar websites. And last but not least, do not forget to put a For Sale sign in your curb.


Staging the home is necessary for you to sell your property fast. If you thought that the renovations, as mentioned earlier, were stepping, then you are wrong. It can be a part of staging but not the whole staging process. The improvement is a necessity, and it helps you to reduce the chances of the buyer asking you to lower the price. But staging helps you sell, and an expert who stages a house does it with minimal expenditure. You can stage a home by removing excess furniture, your personal belongings, and clutter and make the house look more substantial. Adding a mirror at a few crucial places will also provide the same illusion. Getting the windows cleaned and even opening the drapes to let in air and sunlight is not going to cost money, but it will give you good rewards. You can remove an old rug or move it to another place to make the home seem brighter. Folded towels in the bathroom are known to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. Fruit bowls on the kitchen table add to the beauty of the kitchen. Colorful flowers in beautiful vases placed in prominent places around the house add a lot of value.

In conclusion, we can say that though selling a property is a demanding process, you can enjoy it and also sell quickly by using the points mentioned in the article.

What is the Best Women’s Towel Wrap?

There is nothing better than getting out of the shower and being able to dry with a soft cotton towel that absorbs moisture without leaving any excess on your skin. Cotton towel wrap is one of the most prestigious in the textile world because of its excellent quality and durability, which is why in the best baths and beauty salons most of the clothes are made of this material. If you want to have in your bathroom the best women’s towel wraps check this list on

Types of Women Towel Wrap

  • Cotton: Natural fiber par excellence, capable of absorbing about 25% of its weight. Ideally, the towels are 100% cotton and double thread (composed of two strands) so that the quality, absorption, and softness is the best. If the thread is of a single end, it is called American curl; if it has two, we are talking about proper curl.
  • Organic cotton: Towels made with cotton that have been produced without the use of toxic substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • Egyptian cotton: It is considered as the best of the cloth, the textile of the nobility, used in the hotels and spas of high category. They are high-weight towels that have long and fibrous threads (superior to other materials); this means that each Egyptian cotton towel has more absorption loops per square meter. They are durable, soft, and light towels.
  • Bamboo fiber: It is a 100% natural fiber that has antibacterial properties. It is ideal for atopic skin, avoiding allergies. They are breathable, flexible, absorbent, soft like cotton, do not produce static and are very fresh for the summer (they are not recommended for the cold of winter).
  • Percal cotton: It is the most basic form of towel fabric. For its elaboration, a crisscross of a thread across the width and a thread along it is carried out successively throughout the process. Its structure is rectangular; it has great breathability, softness, and resistance.
  • Polyester: It is a synthetic material, which can be combined with other materials such as nylon and cotton. It is lightweight, fast absorption, repels stains, is resistant to mold, and maintains its shape, as it is not stretched or shrinks. By not being affected by sunlight, they are commonly used for outdoor activities.

Bamboo Viscose Spa Wrap

Texeresilk girls’ spa and pool wrap is the best choice for you this year. There are various reasons why we find it brilliant. The size is good for almost anyone. I mean, it is able to be utilized by different people without raising any problems. The fabric used in the construction is ultra-difficult and gentle.

The 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton cloth make sure that you have an extraordinary time after bathe. This is because the materials are breathable and comfortable for that reason maintaining you feeling high-quality. This towel wrap comes with a unique layout which makes it more beautiful and removal clean and handy. The adjustable elastic band makes it more special and unusual.


Discovering the best women’s towel wraps is hard if you don’t have the proper information about towel wraps. There are different factors like the rate, the size and the material are also check while purchasing the towel wrap. So I hope you will like this article and now you will be able to find best towel wrap.

Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling – How To Start a Project

Whether it is about remodeling or your bathroom, living room or bedroom is just under construction, you can easily blend aesthetics and functionality at a relatively low cost. We bring you some tips on how you can renovate or remodel your bathroom for a small amount of money!

Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom renovation is a big home-based business, done once every decade or more.

Besides installing quality pipes and proper layout of the toilets, choosing tiles is crucial as they do not change easily like sanitary ware. Namely, changing the old tiles involve removing or pasting over the previous ones. That reduces space and makes subsequent renovating difficulties. The bathroom work is usually done before moving into a new space. This job is quite expensive, so you should carefully select all the elements and try to avoid any mistakes.

Renovating And Remodelling – What Is The Difference?

You must know the difference between renovation and remodeling. It is distinguished primarily in the volume of work that needs to be done. Therefore, the price you will pay for such work is not nearly the same. Besides, it is necessary to be informed about the possible permits that need to be obtained. Do not forget the neighbors who need to be informed that you are going to perform certain construction works in the coming period. According to 800 Remodeling, this difference must be clearly understood because of the negotiation with the constructors. If you are not familiar with the difference between renovation and remodeling your space – you may be a victim of fraud by some greedy constructors.

Make Some Changes

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Tired of your old bathroom? You want to make some changes, but you’re afraid that it will cost you a lot? That is not always true. If you want to redecorate your bathroom into the oasis of your daily satisfaction and piece, it is possible without the big investments. We bring you some cool ideas that will make your bathroom stylish and it will finally become your favorite room. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or it is just under construction, you can easily combine the aesthetics and functionality. All at a relatively low cost!

Create your Color Palette

One of the simplest tricks for visually expanding bathrooms is to choose neutral colors on the walls. Colors have a great influence on the visual impression of the premises. Therefore, their choice is extremely important. We recommend that you keep smaller bathrooms in one color, rather than creating sections of walls with different colors. If you are not a fan of just one color, contrasting can always be used. But use the contrast color at a much smaller ratio than the dominant one. For example, you can use some of the dark colors if you have some projections or dents from the windows. Natural light, minimalist design, wood elements, and colors – Scandinavians are the forerunners of this trend. Their bathrooms are once again delighting us.

Proper Heating Selection For Maximum Space Savings

Bathrooms require smart space organization, so making a smart choice is one of the key factors. Underfloor heating is ideal for all bathrooms, especially smaller ones, as it is relatively affordable. In addition to providing optimum heat – floor heating does not take up too much space. If you do not want to change the way your bathroom is heated, another way is to choose a classic bathroom radiator.

Dark Walls

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Bathrooms usually combine either two types of tiles or two tile colors. The tile colors are chosen according to the size of the bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, lighter shade tiles should be placed. They will look wider even if a row of tiles is set up in the middle of the wall. Several sizes and colors can be used. For instance, one near the sink, the other on the floor and the third on the wall. Dark tiles should be avoided, as limescale spots are more noticeable on them.

Bathrooms & Tiles = Key Relationship

Choosing the right bathroom tiles can be a key trick for the luxury and spa feel of a bathroom. For example, a stone tiled floor is ideal for a modern and luxurious bathroom look. Besides the floor tiles, wall tiles with the same pattern or in a combination of tiles that imitate wood will have an additional effect.

Many ideas can be realized if we choose practical bathroom accessories and smart bathroom furniture. They can save a lot of space. Regardless of your budget, you can make small changes that will bring your bathroom to a more organized and visually effective state.

Bathroom Renovation – Long Term Investment

You want to renovate your old bathroom and give it a new look? That’s great, but you must be aware that this hard work. When it comes to construction work in an apartment, this is considered one of the most challenging.

What You Must Know Before You Start Renovating Your Bathroom?

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Before you start, we advise you to make a detailed plan and think about whether you want to change your restroom layout. This is very important because once the tiles are installed, moving the sink or boiler will be impossible. Any subsequent correction and re-replacement will cost you a lot. Also, you need to know that the bathroom renovation will not be done only by one maintenance worker. Depending on the type of work you will need to hire several of them – electricians, plumbers, ceramists, painters, etc.

Make A Detailed Plan

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Having a good plan when renovating the bathroom is very important. The contractors must look at the bathroom before performing work. It’s because they have to make an assessment and see what type of work needs to be done. If you already know how you want to arrange the toilet, and whether you want to install additional heating in the bathroom – you can present your plan to the contractors. They will immediately tell you whether such a plan is feasible and at what time. Be careful when choosing sanitary ware you want to buy. Decide whether you want a bathtub or shower, bidet, toilet cup with a low or high-mounting flush, etc. This will be very important when replacing water or sewage pipes. After you have made a plan – you can go shopping.

Removing Old Tiles, Dismantling Installations

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If you want to replace electrical and plumbing installation in your bathroom, keep in mind that all existing sanitary facilities must be dismantled. If you decide to glue new tiles over existing ones, we strongly advise you to replace the installation, as bursting pipes in the wall can cause many problems. The whole job of dismantling and demolishing tiles will not take more than a day.

Changing Water Heaters

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Sanitary hot water systems and facilities are indispensable in any space intended for longer stays. The basic division of hot water systems is usually local and centralized. In households that do not have a centralized water heating system, electric boilers are most commonly used in the bathroom, which can be either storage or flow-through. They differ in the heating water method.

Storage water heaters can store a certain amount of water accumulated in their tanks, while flow water heaters currently heat the water that flows through them. On the other hand, modern technology brought us new and exceptional tankless water heaters. As written on Cosy Household, these water heaters have proven their advantages, especially when it comes to lowing your energy bill. These water heaters can run more than 3 fixtures at the same time.

For instance 2 showers and a kitchen sink. Therefore, if you’re going to change your old water heater, maybe you should consider upgrading.

Laying Tiles

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The installation of ceramic tiles can be done in two ways. One way is to completely remove or tear down old tiles and replace them with new ones. Another way is not to remove the old tiles, and to put new tiles on them with the help of strong adhesive. Regardless of which variant you choose, know that both have proven to be quite good. The whole work of laying the tiles will take about four days, depending on how big your bathroom is. We suggest that you agree with the contractors in detail like whether you want the tiles to go from floor to ceiling because you want to make sure your bathroom will get exactly the look that you envisioned.

Painting the ceiling and sanitary installation

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The last stage of the bathroom renovation is painting the ceiling, but also the parts of the walls that are not covered with tiles. When painting, make sure to protect the tiles from possible paint spraying. After the paint has dried, the sanitary features can be installed in the order that the size of the bathroom allows. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much, as this may cause the tiles to crack.

Modern Bathroom remodeling and design

Our homes are places where we tend to spend most of our time, and that’s one of the main reasons why we’re always giving our best to make them as comfortable and pleasant. When it comes to decorating and remodeling, we tend to focus on our kitchen, living room and bedroom, but what happens when our bathroom needs remodeling as well?

Although it’s not a place where we invite guests at, and we definitely do not spend most of our time there, it still shouldn’t be something that gets left out.

Today we’re giving you a few tips that you can use in order to make your bathroom look really good, so without any further ado, let’s take a look.

Do I need a complete re-work or just a slight upgrade?

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If you were investing a lot in improving how the rest of your house looks, and you’ve never done remodeling of your bathroom, then you might want to consider making a complete overhaul of it as stated by However, if you’ve done a complete overhaul a couple of years ago, you might need to revamp only some parts of it. When it comes to doing something like this, contacting Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, is really advisable if you want the entire procedure to be as professional as possible. Attempting to re-model by yourself has its own benefits, like saving a lot of money and not having to pay for the working hand, but the overall final product might vary a lot in terms of looks and functionality.

Do I need to remodel the walls or just replace some elements?

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Sometimes the entire look of an “old” and “messy” bathroom comes from the walls. If your walls are stained or the tiles are not in a good condition, you might want to consider doing that to freshen up your bathroom, as opposed to doing a complete bathroom remodeling.

Sure, a complete bathroom remodel is fine, but if you don’t have the budget for it, you can’t really invest all of your spare money into something that’s important only for aesthetic purposes. Now, if you have a functionality problem in your bathroom, that’s a completely different case, but most of the time these modifications are done for aesthetic purposes. If you are stuck and not quite sure where to start or what you want your bathroom to look like, you might want to check some remodeling ideas in this article. You can see different solutions, which can inspire you on what to do with your bathroom.

Purchasing new devices

It is worthy to remember that sometimes in order to do a complete overhaul you might have to purchase some new devices as well. This is not solely out of aesthetic purposes, but simply because in your new bathroom some of your old items might not really fit. For example, if you’ve decided to place a wall at the place where your old washing machine was positioned, and now space is significantly reduced, you’ll either have to purchase a smaller device or think of a completely different solution. This is why overhaul always requires a lot of planning, so make sure that you think about this part as well. Professional contractors can help you make this entire process a lot easier, so if you seem to be stuck, feel free to contact them.

Tips to Visit Kilimanjaro That Your Guide Has Forgotten

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and the fourth highest of the Seven Summits (the highest mountains of each continent where Antarctica is included, and the American continent divided into North and South).

The estimated time to reach the peak and return, for most people, is between five and eight days.

By the age of 25, I had never camped or mountaineered in a remotely serious way. That is why when my boyfriend told me that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was one of the things I had to do before I died, I quickly agreed to accompany him, having no idea what was ahead of me.

We went with  Materia Tours, the company run by Ambrose, an extraordinary Tanzanian who offers good prices and even better service. We opted for the Mach Amer trail – seven days of travel. The Materia Tours team handled the essentials, but here are some tips that escaped them and what you should know according to Climbing Kilimanjaro.

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Bathroom Talk

Bring your own toilet paper. Wrap one or two plastic rollers to keep them dry and store them in your backpack – they will not serve much in the camp, tidy up in the tent, during a nine-hour walk!

The next council made me want to laugh when they gave it to me, but it turned out to be money well-spent: giving $160 for a health tent. Mounted just a few feet from the sleeping tents, this little tent will save you from the queue to go to the bathroom or you must walk tens of meters in the middle of the night to the nearest latrine.

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Delicious Moisturizing

It is imperative that you stay hydrated. Very hydrated. After the first day, all your drinking water will come from the courses you are going to pass through. This water should be purified with an iodine tablet. Not really a fan of iodine, I was very grateful to have been reminded of bringing a pack of Nun hydration tablets. Try some brands and flavors before the trip to find out which ones you like best (my favorites are red fruit lemonade). Although I could not confirm that they gave me more energy, the pleasant taste was a great incentive to keep me hydrated.

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And Fun?

This is a little personal, and it depends on the preferences of each person. After reviewing our itinerary, I put some things in the backpack that I used as a form of entertainment at the end of the day: a small diary, a deck of cards, a watercolor kit and my camera with a 50 mm lens. But the truth is that after each day, we never had much spare time to use these things. The hikes were made without haste, and we usually only arrived at camp at five in the afternoon, where hot tea and a snack waited for us. Later, we had dinner, we talked a little with our guides, and by eight o’clock, because of the altitude, most nights, we were already sleeping. I did not use watercolors or letters at all.

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Stay warm

We took a pack of hand warmers that were not used in the traditional way. Since I ended up taking pictures essentially with my mobile phone, the hand warmer helped us save some battery. Keep the phone in the same pocket as the hand warmer in order to keep the battery warm between photos.

A Night at the Top of the Mountain

Breathe, hydrate, and literally take one step at a time. We returned from the summit; we arrived at the camp in the afternoon, ate, prepared the sleeping bags and went to sleep as soon as possible. We woke up at eleven at night. We drank tea, we added some layers to our sleeping bags (I slept with six layers on top and five on the bottom). With flashlights on our heads, we began a long night’s walk toward a ridge we could not see. A few small points of light ahead of us seemed to be miles away, but we kept our heads down, and we continued to take one step at a time. Looking up too much will hurt his neck and make the trip seem endless. We set foot on the summit – the highest point in Africa – as soon as the sun broke and lit the immense landscape in front of us.

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Take care of yourself

Enjoy a good shower, wash your hair twice, and get a well-deserved nap. You have achieved an incredible feat, so reward your aching body with a safari or a beach weekend in Zanzibar.