7 Most Popular Baseball (MLB) Websites 2020

Every person who is a sports fan knows how important it is to follow everything about your favorite team and the past games online. When we browse the internet, we don’t want to spend too much time looking for the information we need, and not many websites can take pride in providing all the info their readers need. If you like baseball and if you are following the major league, then you probably know a thing or two about the quality of the websites that share baseball-related info.
If you are looking for a site that will provide you with all the MLB related things you could ask for, we are here to help you! Check out our list of the most popular baseball websites for 2020 and see which one of these offers the things you want to know.


As you assumed, this is the site that is on top of our list. This is the official website of the major league, and here you can read pretty much everything starting from statistics, interviews, you can see the schedule for the next games, and you will be able to watch the most interesting videos from the league.

The average time people spend on this site is almost 3 minutes, and that is a lot! More than 40 percent of people who’ve once visited this website come back to it and the site itself has almost 38,000,000 unique visitors.


Just like the name of the site suggests, here you can see all about the history of baseball, including the scores, records, awards and you can even learn more about the rookies. It is a neat website that is easy to find our way around, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the things you want to learn.

The bounce rate is over the top and more than 55 percent of the visitors will open it again. This tells a lot about the quality of it. The average visit duration is about 6 seconds, but that is only because you can easily find anything you need here.


Here we have something different, and this is the best site if you want to learn things about your favorite team before they become public. As the name of the website says, it is all about the trade rumors, and here you won’t have to just roam the pages without knowing what you are reading. The menu is neatly made so you can easily find the team you want to know more about and just check the latest rumors.

It has an amazing 65 percent bounce rate and more than 3,000,000 unique visitors. It is just a clean site that gives you all the info you want to know without too much fuss and excessive data.


On totalsportek, you can see the schedule for all the matches that are going to be shown on TV, and you will be able to get all the info about the channels and the time. In addition, this is a great website you can visit when you want to watch the MLB streams for free.

It is a well-rounded site that offers its users the possibility to find out more not just about baseball, but also about NFL, NHL, F1, and football. If you are a sports fan, then this is the site you want to visit instead of opening 10 different ones to read all the things you want.


This page is on its way to becoming one of the top 3 sites for MLB. Currently, it is ranked on number 14 of the top sites, but every week more and more people are visiting it. With more than one and a half million unique visitors, we can safely say that if features great content.

Here you can see all the statistics not only for the major league but also for the minor one. Almost everything is neatly shown in graphs, so you can follow the development of your favorite team. Plus, you can get some additional projections and what the experts suggest it will happen.


Visitors spend more than 11 minutes browsing the pages of this site and it has a bounce rate of almost 30 percent. It is a clean website that features all the latest information for the major league, they frequently post updates plus you will get the community stats for every month.

You can even create your own account, and choose the topics you want to follow. Just like most of the other baseball sites, here you can read more about the upcoming games, check out the schedule, and connect with like-minded people in the forum.


With almost one million unique visitors, this is one of the most popular pages all around the world. Even though it is mostly focused on its American visitors, here you can read the latest updates about the upcoming drafts, statistics, and overall information.

This page does not feature only major league statistics, but here you can also find info about the minor league, college data as well as high school-related news. When you open it, you can see the neatly packed news, and you don’t have to spend too much time roaming the site to find what you are looking for.

Other websites you might be interested in include,, and All of these pages have more than half a million unique visitors and that tells a lot about the quality of their content. If you are looking to choose your favorite page, you need to know what you are looking for.

There are websites that focus only on the news and the big games, others will give you well-rounded information on the statistics, scheduled and game analytics, or you can choose a place where you will be able to watch the most interesting videos, short clips or follow the live-stream of every game. Do you have a site that you visit every time you want to get baseball-related news? Did we mention it on this list?

All you need for Baseball

Playing sports is definitely one of the best ways that you can spend your time. You get to enjoy a fun activity outdoors while getting your body in shape and staying healthy at the same time. Sports can be played with friends, alone, or whichever way you want. Although all sports are amazing and we totally support all of them, today we are going to focus on Baseball.

Baseball is a sport that provides the player that amazing feeling of freedom while also making choices. It’s both fun and competitive, and those two are good enough reasons why baseball is so popular nowadays. During a baseball game there are nine different positions that players play on the field and the batter from the opposing team, and all positions can get Louisville Slugger baseball equipment here that will have them ready to play their best.
In this sport, there are a few different positions that a player can take the role of. Some require certain equipment in order to function fully.

In this article, we’re discussing everything you need in order to fully enjoy the experience of Baseball, so without further ado, let’s dive into the content.

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What do I need to start playing Baseball?

Unlike basketball, where the only mandatory thing needed is the ball, baseball is a bit different and requires a few other gear parts. First and most obvious is the baseball glove that you see people who play baseball wearing. There is a very big chance that you saw this on TV or even in some cartoons, and it is pretty iconic.

There are tons of different baseball gloves that you can choose from as many companies and manufacturers are making them available for anyone to buy. It is very important to choose a glove that will perfectly fit your hand and make it easier for you to catch the ball which will be moving very fast towards your direction. For those of you that might confuse this with the standard baseball gloves, we’re talking about a “Mitt” that the “Catcher” uses. The Mitt is a lot larger than the standard baseball gloves that hitters would use for example so they don’t bruise their hands while swinging with the bat. And while we’re talking about a bat, let’s take a look at them as well.

Definitely one of the most mandatory things, if not the most important one, is the baseball bat. The baseball bat is what you’re going to hit the ball with, so it needs to be well made and of high quality. Quickplay Sport USA is a great source for all kinds of baseball gear, including bats and many other accessories as well. So, if you’re currently looking to improve your game, they are definitely the choice to go with. Their products are amazing and they put a lot of love and effort into making them. There are different types of bats out there, and these guys have them all! You can choose from training bats to real ones that are made both out of wood and steel.

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Finally, baseballs are what you need in order to play. There are many different kinds of baseballs and they all serve a different purpose. For example, if you’re trying to improve your hitting strength, you need to use a weighted baseball that is designed for training purposes. Again, you can find those exact same baseballs at Quickplay Sport USA, so make sure to grab a few and improve your arsenal. And, if you’re someone who is relatively new to this and your hit is still not that strong, you can get some baseballs that are lighter and easier to hit.