A Complete Guide to Designing Your Very First Pop up Banner

After giving it quite some thought, you have finally decided to run one display advertising campaign. It is one smart move from your side. Now, you have no idea how you will design the banner ads for a positive response. Well, going through this article will help you to change the perception for betterment.

An overview of pop up banners and their utility

When it comes to advertising and promotions, pop up banners are extremely popular today. They are simple for you to assemble, and as their name indicates, the stands need to be popped up, and you are good to go. They use a system that is retractable by nature where you need to pull the banner from its base. A telescopic pole needs to be put in place, and the banner is ready. Moreover, the flat base and the banner’s pole help you get strong anti-swing support for the banner.

Pop up banners are durable, and their vinyl print is designed to last for a long time. The base of the stand is strong and gives you extra support. The frame of the stand is light enough for you to carry it to any spot without hassles.

Another great advantage of these banners is they occupy very little space. This means you are effectively able to set them up anywhere. Use them in a small shop or trade exhibition without any woes at all. You no longer have to worry about floor space for optimizing the sales of your business. These banners are high and narrow. They attract the visibility of your targeted audience and are cost-effective for both small scales and large companies.

The design of the banner is important

The setting up the pop up banner is not enough. You need to ensure it is designed professionally and correctly. When it comes to your banner, you must correctly ensure your business message is given to your targeted audience. The colors and the font layout you use should perfectly complement your business and its specific needs at the time of the campaign.

Paying attention to minute details

Now, when it comes to getting the attention of your targeted audience, you need to focus on the overall design of your banner with skilled experts in the field. There are specific components you need to be aware of when it comes to getting the desired response. Note, the goal of your advertising campaign will determine its overall design. You must contact credible and experienced professionals in the field with proven track records regarding the design of your banner.

All the banner designing tips are well tested out by the leading advertisers globally. You will get some of the step-by-step guidelines that you can easily implement while creating a real-life banner for your use. As available all over the internet, some examples will further help you make the right choice after getting all sorts of ideas possible. You will get sturdy and eye-catching pop up banners for any advertising campaign that you may need. You can check a pop up banner from Bannerbuzz if you are interested.

The essential parts of banner designing:

This might be your very first experience designing a banner for a small or big show. Well, you are scared and skeptical because you are clueless about the steps to address. Let’s say that every banner has 6 essential parts to it, which should be there on the body. So, focusing on these points will help you to create the perfect banner in the end.

  1. Let’s start with the size of the banner. Going for a too big or too small of a banner will do you no good. You need that perfect size, which is not too inconvenient but also enough to grab people’s attention from far-off distances. So, focusing on the size of the banner is a must.
  2. Once you have settled for the size, now it is time to focus on the background. Always remember that background is likely to be the main base. Try to create a subtle background with light colors or very basic or light pictures. The main focus needs to be the message on it.
  3. The perfect headline is indeed what makes your banner completely different from the rest. The headline must be made in such a manner so that people can get an idea of your business by just reading the headline and don’t have to go for the entire body.
  4. Once you have targeted and crafted the attractive headline, it is time to move towards the sub-text. Use simple words and smaller sentences to create attractive text. Don’t just jam in too many words as people don’t have time to read through the entire paragraphs. So, smaller sentences can win the deal.
  5. You cannot create a successful banner without CTA. Call to Action is one way to nudge your customers to give you a call and improve your business. Ask them to give you a call or send an email and provide all kinds of contact details to find you.
  6. Lastly, it is about the product image. Just like words, images are surely going to attract a massive crowd. So, choose the perfect picture to go with the banner and your business line.

Follow these simple steps listed above, and creating a banner won’t be a pain anymore. Invest a few minutes in research and take the help of online banner templates for some great results. Make sure that your banner syncs in with the goal of the advertising campaign you have in mind. Moreover, when it comes to the banner placement, make sure the spot is prominent where the traffic flow is high.

In this way, you can make the most of your pop-up banner in your advertising campaign. It is a powerful and cost-effective way to generate lead conversions for your business or campaigns and get the desired response from your targeted audience with success!

The Best Real Estate Facebook ad Templates in PSD for Optimum Marketing of your Real Estate Business

Real estate owners have taken the digital quite seriously and are learning newer ways to market their business online and generate revenues. In the last decade, more than 60 percent of global realtors have moved online and sought solace in online Real estate marketing through digital advertising. Most of them have hit the jackpot using Facebook video ads and have continued their marketing endeavors using the social media platform. The extensive use of Facebook video ads is evident if you study marketing techniques followed by realtors worldwide. Hence the competition in video marketing has become stiffer, and it demands more precision from real estate businesses. They must ensure that they properly make use of the Facebook ad templates for formatting their content and designing it optimally. We have assimilated the best Facebook ad templates in PSD that can assist you in boosting your online marketing game.

Guidelines for making an intriguing Facebook video ad about real estate business

Social media can work as a boon if used to your advantage, or it can turn out to be a bane if mishandled when it comes to real estate marketing. People are almost always online browsing through the content here and there, which provides a perfect place for realtors to promote their content. You need to learn to make the most effective Facebook video ads that can boost your online presence and make you properly visible to your target audience. Here is a quick guideline to ensure the same.

Have a predefined purpose behind the ad

You must know beforehand why it is necessary for your business to make this video ad and post it on Facebook. You have to ascertain the specific reason behind your ad, which would drive your creativity and content forward in a positive direction. Having no idea of your purpose makes you clueless about your content, and you will make a haphazard mess for your ad.

Provide specific technicalities

Facebook video ads are associated with a number of technical aspects such as formatting, sizing, and layout requirements. You need to prepare a checklist of all the technical aspects that would enhance your content viewing on Facebook and ascertain all the boxes are ticked.

Choose an editable template for a real estate ad

You have the option of going with a Facebook ad template that you can edit and customize with your creative content and design visions. The ad template would function as a reference for formatting your content. Creating your Facebook ad with the help of templates can prove to be pretty useful when it comes to real estate marketing.

Select the content that you would want to view yourself

Once you have formatted the template and made the video ready for your viewers in the desired format, you need to present it online in a productive manner. Write all the details that you want to share with your audience that will help them become your potential clients in the future. Make sure the content is interesting as well so that your clients are engaged in them.

Use proper designs

Your Facebook ad designs play a vital part in engaging your Facebook audience and keeping them hooked. Keeping a boring and usual layout would not help your cause and will turn away your viewers within the first 10 seconds. You need a lucrative design that can keep them hooked for the entirety of the ad. The overall look has to be refined in view of your real estate business and its target audience before posted out for public viewing.

The best Facebook ad templates for real estate marketing

1. Real estate Facebook banner ad

Facebook ad banners are specifically suited for online business campaigns and other marketing activities in social media. Choose the right kind of banner ad that would suit your campaign the best and go with it. The only aspect to consider while making your Facebook banner ad concerning your real estate business is the end result that you want to achieve through its usage on social media and its estimated impact on your target audience. You can also check out some of the latest iPhone mockups on, which could be very useful when creating ads.

2. Custom real estate Facebook ad

Custom-fit Facebook ad templates are the most used templates in the world of online real estate marketing. All that needs to be done is ascertaining that the content is unique yet relevant to the requirements of your business. The custom layout can really help you convey your business propaganda smoothly to a larger part of the online audience and would hence present your brand as per your vision. Keeping all the qualities of a good Facebook ad, real estate custom ad has the ability.

3. Facebook Video ad templates

You can find a large number of video templates suitable for making your Facebook ad according to your content. It might appear to be a tricky task to select the right video template for your Facebook ad, but you need to highlight the aspects you want to put out there and select the template that accentuates them in the best possible manner. Facebook Video templates provide you the liberty to go visual and use video clips of your listings or things related to your business in the right way. You can choose video makers like Invideo to create Facebook video ad templates.

Ad templates without sound

There are multiple Facebook video ad templates available that allow ads without sound to be edited and posted. The benefit of posting ads that do not require sound is twofold. Firstly, it increases the viewability of your ad as people outside their comfort zones who are unable to watch videos with sound can also make sense of your ad without the aid of sound. Secondly, it allows you to use captions for making the video interpretable, which also enhances the SEO score of your ad provided you use the right captions. The power of captioned videos is immense and is very crucial in making your video ad SEO friendly and easily accessible.