Top 10 Oculus Go Games for 2021

Thanks to all the advancements in technology, you will be able to put on a headset and dive into a virtual world. Oculus Go marks a new era for virtual reality. There are over 1.000 apps, movies, and games for the Oculus Go. Here are the top 2021 games for Oculus Go that you might find interesting:

  1. World of Mazes – Episode 1 (Chapters 1 and 2)

World of Mazes gives you a nice view of an adventure game world. The one thing that sets this game apart from other games of this type is that there is a lot of puzzles solving and exploring vast environments. The game has an episodical form, which makes it even more interesting since you will have to wait for the next chapters. It is a beautiful, VR based story with loads of twists.

  1. Bait!

As you can conclude from the name, this game is about fishing. You will have a boss that requests you to fish. There are various lakes in the games, which means that you can find different types of fish as well. As in real life, fishing in the game can be a little bit challenging, but in the case of the game, it is exciting and fun. If you want to experience a game that is relaxing, „Bait“ is the game for you.

  1. Temple Run VR

We were all once addicted to the „Temple Run“ mobile game, but with new technology, come new experiences. If you love action-packed games, with numerous enemies and challenges, this game might be perfect for you. This game offers endless gameplay which makes it exciting every time you play it.

  1. Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR


Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR gives a nice spin on the movie by allowing you to become one of the main characters. You have to fight enemies in order for you to acquire a high score. The graphics are realistic, and the experience is very intense. This game only gets better and better in time, because of it’s evolving story.

  1. Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an online game that has a story mode. It is a card game that allows you to choose cards to eliminate the enemy. You have the choice of making your own hero and playing against other players to try and become the best out there. This game always pushes you to try new ideas and plan strategies. Every game session is different, which means that you will be able to have different experiences every time.

  1. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is an intense game where you will go into a world to explore numerous locations. The in-game music will only help you while trying to survive. The best thing about this game is that you will need to find a way to survive in this surreal world, which pushes you to try new things all the time.


GUNJACK puts you in the middle of space, where you will be able to eliminate enemy waves that come towards you. Space games always bring a lot of fun, but this game is different because it put you in a situation where you have to find the right way to protect yourself from the invaders.

  1. Shooting Showdown 2 VR


Shooting Showdown 2 VR is probably all you will want to find in an action game. You have to test your skills and compete against other players in a great shooting range. This game will make you have a good time with it’s an interesting and fun approach.

  1. Cosmos Warfare

Cosmos Warfare brings the battle to your doorstep and everyone is looking your way. It is an FPS game, where you have to join other ship in order to destroy the enemies. The point of this game is for you to stay alive for as long as possible. The game was designed to offer a lot of fun, and the best part about it would be that the game always pushes the boundaries which will only intensify your experience.

  1. Land’s End

Land’s End is a game in which you can explore a variety of landscapes, unlock mysteries, and figure out what happened to an ancient civilization. Every land is different and you never know what will happen next. This makes the game more intense, since you will need to be careful and protect yourself from many dangers. If you love to explore vast worlds and interact with them, Land’s End would be the perfect game for you.

~ Conclusion ~

– These games will bring you experiences like nothing else. If you want to search for more game, you can visit Salty Truth, where you will be able to find the top 100 Oculus Go games available.

10 Tips for Bass Fishing

There are many types of bass. You can fish for different species of bass in freshwater and saltwater. Bass is the most sought after species during kayak fishing. As Kayaknv states, you can get either hardshell fishing kayak or inflatable fishing kayak, load up all the essential gear and head out to a hotspot that is known to be a treasure trove of bass. Visit OSHAUN to learn more about kayak fishing and fishing kayaks.

Here are 10 tips for bass fishing that can almost make you a pro.

  1. You should use shredded worms. The plastic worms you carry will be torn up as you work with them. Save those bits and pieces. Bass loves to target wounded preys. Shredded worms are more useful in shallower waters.
  2. Always try to use red baits. Get red hooks or at least a pink head. The color red implies to bass that prey is injured. It is fooled and hence drawn to the bait.
  3. You should not cast the bait all the way through to go the maximum distance. Cover around half the maximum distance. Imagine a false or check swing when you are playing baseball. This enables the lure to skitter at the surface of the water and you can also get access to docks or other structures.

    Img source:
  4. Always use a sharp hook. You must sharpen the hooks before you embark on your fishing expedition. Sharpen a hook using a file every time you catch bass. Sharpening a hook takes barely half a minute. Many species of bass have tough and boney jaws. The hook has to be sharp enough for effective penetration.
  5. Kayak fishing can be about catching just one bass or you may be interested in a day-long expedition. If you intend to catch quite a few, observe what the caught bass spits up. This will tell you the specific color of lure you must use.
  6. You should always face the wind when you are fishing for bass. Most bass species tend to swim along with the current. It is better if the fish gets to the bait before it finds the kayak. If you are facing the wind, the noise of the water slapping the kayak will also be carried farther away from you and the bass swimming towards you.
  7. If you are fishing in spring, paddle to the shallower parts of a river, lake or coastal waters. You should look for coves and other pockets that have natural protection against the wind. This is where bass lays its eggs and will protect them. The adult bass is hungry and also irritated when it sees a potential prey. Luring them with aptly colored bait is easy.

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  8. You must always use seasonal baits. Peach colored baits work better during spring. Silver or chrome colored baits work well during summer.
  9. Do not fish for bass after a storm. Always capitalize on the time just before the storm.
  10. You must tap a bass to irritate it so it bites the hook. The ornery fish does not always bite a hook straight away. It explores different angles and may not always respond immediately unless it is upset.